We saw Shen Yun at the Overture center in Madison ( a few weeks after they performed in Chicago).. the seats were great, if I sneezed too hard, I would have really ticked off two violas and a cello. The costumes were great, the score (every year they write a new show) was great, Chinese inspired if not purely authentic.

Note: I should not get seats so close to the orchestra , kept watching them instead of the dancers.

And about the dancing... 40 or so performers, half of whom were cute young Chinese girls ... that need a lot more work and better choreography. Just not all that special. Actually it was kind of less than average with a rare exception or two. Maybe two numbers out of 18 (or so) that lived up to the hype. The company has been around for 6 years, in it's current incarnation (yeah, I went there), so you think that would be long enough, but they must have a lot of turnover.

The opera singer soloists, two tenors and a soprano were not even "average". One of the tenors voice actually cracked in the middle of the song, the other wasn't much better. The soprano was about a 1/4 tone flat most of the time. Disappointing to say the least. But they only had a total of four songs, between them, mostly used as filler while the dancers were changing costumes, so it was tolerable.

The subject matter was a sampling of Chinese dance/culture/spirituality through 5000 years, but they chose to promote the dangerously wacky Falun Gong cult that has metamorphosed into the Falun Dafa cult,(as it's leader decided he wasn't the second coming of Jesus, but really the second coming of Buddha), as an example of the modern spirituality that is being suppressed by the government. But frankly, it needs to be suppressed.(Think David Koresh, Jim Jones, etc.)

So overall... if you can get cheap seats, and lower your expectations and sift through the propaganda...it's okay.