Falun Gong kill my dad, cause mom dis...

Falun Gong kill my dad, cause mom disable

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#1 Jul 15, 2012
My name is Wang Daozhi, 48, living on Mingguang Road Shuanghe Town Huaying City, Sichuan Province. I once had an intact and happy family. But since my parents were obsessed in Falun Gong, my home was not like a home any longer.

Because of my father Wang Yiqian’s firm believe in Li Hongzhi’s fallacies of eliminating karma, he refused any medical treatment and medicine, and died of an attack of myocardial infarction in 2001 at the age of 68. My mother who is 5 years younger than my father also got a series of complications of diabetes for refusing medical treatment and medicine. As she delayed the best treatment time, she has not been able to take care of herself since 2005.

One day in June 1997, when my father, who had retired, was taking a walk on Binhe Road Shuanghe Town Huaying City, he met Mr. Peng, who was a Falun Gong practioners. Mr. Peng told him that practicing Falun Gong not only could improve the health, eliminate diseases andcalamities but the whole family would get benefit from one’s own practice as well. My father had a slight heart disease at that time, so on the off chance he began practicing Falun Gong following Mr. Peng team. Later, my father instigated my mother to practice with him following other Falun Gong practioners’ advices.

At the very beginning, my parents practiced on time at 6 o’clock every morning at Zhonggulou practicing point in the central part of the street which is not far from our home. Since it was close to the riverside and there were a lot of trees, the air is very fresh. Everybody thought there is a good gas field. After a period of regular exercise, my father felt somehow easier and the feeling of a bit chest distress before seemed disappeared.(In fact it was because of regular exercise coupled with positive psychological hint. His slight heart disease didn’t get well at all.) Then my father thought that it was Falun Gong curing his disease, so sprenad the "magic"power here and there as an experience at the "Meeting of Exchanging Gains in Learning Falun Gong".

Since then, my father worshiped the master even more. He strengthened his belief in Falun Gong. By learning the Law again and again, my father was more desirable for achieving the so-called Consummation by eliminating karma. My mother was uncultured in fact. She practiced with my father every day and believed what my father although she didn’t feel any change in her body. It was just at that time, my elder sister Wang Daorong’s dauther Yang Li suddenly improved greatly in her study. My father owed it the Falun Gong, which strongly convinced my uncultured mother.

Since: Aug 11

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#2 Jul 15, 2012
After that, my parents specially spared a room at home for their practice. In the practicing room, they practiced Falun Gong, learned the Law and listened to the tape recorders around the clock. Since long-time meditation and hard press, my father once hurted his feet, swollen for more than 2 months. But my father didn’t care at all. He just focused on his practice, waiting for his eliminating karma and achieving Consummation. After his feet got well without any medicine, he believed more in eliminating karma and had never taken any medicine or had an injection, let alone go to the hospital to have a body check.

My parents seemed as if they were possessed by the devil at that time. They ballyhooed everywhere that they would become "Buddhists"in the heaven later and they would live "the most free"life as the immortal. Since then they didn’t do the housework like shopping and making meals They neither helped me to look after my child nor keep my wool shop. They became silent and didn’t chat with the family members They told me what was called "getting rid of attachment". We were in a fog and wry.

In July 1999, China banned Falun Gong according the law. My wife and I immediately mobilized dozens of relatives and friends to persuade my parents to give up Falun Gong.. But they didn’t follow us. They said that the master told them our country had made a wrong decision, so they would stick to it until the day when they achieve theConsummation. My wife and I were strongly against their practicing, but my obsessive parents were deaf to our advices. They kept on practicing as usual.

Between 2000 and the first half of 2001, under the agitation of Li Hongzhi’s new scripture, my parents deeply believed what the master preached about "Law corrects the world". They thought they would achieve Consummation with the day "Law corrects the world"approaching. To achieve the Consummation earlier, they went to Chongqing, Chengdu in Sichuan Province and other places to look for the so-called practitioners with "higher level", hoping them would help them to improve more quickly..

On Sep. 6th 2001 early, my father went to the teahouse opposite to our home early in the morning as usual to promote the Law towards the customers there, in spite of his fatigue because of practicing Gong all the night the day before.

Everyone was drinking tea and playing chess at the time, so nobody listened to his unreliable words. He became very upset and suddenly died of acute myocardial infarction in the teahouse.
My father’s death made our family quite sad. We never expected that my mother was very cold on it. Just like a person unconcerned, she comforted us with the master’s words, "Your father has got to the Falun world successfully."

The more unexpected to us was that a series of miserable things happened to my mother as well.

In early 2004, my mother was examined out to have rather serious diabetes. Though we were all very surprised, my mother told us faintly that he had known it long before. She strictly followed the master’s words- "no injection nor medicine"- to eliminate karma. With our persistence, she agreed to prescribe some medicine without being hospitalized,. However, later I discovered that she took some medicine in our presence but threw the medicine secretly in our absence. She firmly believed that practicing would surely eliminate karma while taking medicine could only increase karma.

On the morning of Sep. 9th 2004, my mother got a serious pain on her waist. But she clenched her teeth and stuck to the meditation on her practicing bed, with sweat dripping down her neck. When my wife and I discovered that we immediately sent her to the Xinqiao Hospital of Chongqing No.3 Military Medical University to take a body check. My mother was diagnosed as serious osteoporosis, lumbar intervertebral expansion and diseases in marrow for long-time practicing and malnutrition.

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#3 Jul 15, 2012
Though my mother was terribly aching that day she strongly against to be treated with medicine in hospital. In spite of her disagreement, we forced her to take medical treatment in the hospital for 16 days. She was not allowed to leave the hospital until she got a little better.

After coming back, my mother kicked up a shine with me for her having injection and taking medicine in hospital. She went on practicing at home with door closed. Unexpectedly, her tarsal was wounded for meditating too hard on Jan. 14th 2005. Then we had to send her to the People’s Hospital of Huaying City to make an operation and forced her to change into a metal tarsal. The treatment didn’t change my mother’s belief of practicing the so-called Falun Dafa.

It didn’t take long before a more serious thing happened.

In May 2006 and June 2007, my mother fell off the practicing bed twice. Her feet were fractured and she was forced to change into artificial limb. On June 30th 2008, her heart was found to have some problems after taking heart colorultrasound in the People’s Hospital of Guang’an City. On July 14th she was found to have lumbar lateral curvature, L3 lumbar vertebra podetium compression fracturesand other diseases in General Hospital of Guangneng Group in Huaying Mountain Sichuan Province, which was caused by long-time practicing on the bed. My mother thought those things very normal. She believed those were tests arranged by the master, so she endured all the pains and kept on practicing.

At about 10 o’clock on Oct. 5th 2010, when my mother just walked out from the practicing room, she fell off the stairs and rolled to the turning platform of the ground floor because her legs were numb for sitting too long. It caused her right humerus broke and left thighbone fractured. Though she had no life danger because of emergent treatment, she became a disabled person thoroughly who could not take care of herself daily.

The ache and the fact of disability make my mother very painful. In such circumstances we can’t bear to hurt her, even though she is as obstinate as a mule. She didn’t know that we were very painful in heart. We hate Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong. It cheated my mother but she hadn’t been aware of that. She is still expecting the coming of Consummation. We hoped that my mother would come to realize it earlier.

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