Star Wars
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Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#1 Oct 22, 2009

The family force. The son topples the father. The mother rises obove the son.


So Mary of Christindom toppled Jesus and Catholism rose from the ashes.


So you offer Sainthood if he volutarally fathers a son. You might as well be offering allegence. Or can you see? Look deep into the error.


Un fortune ate lly, I have questions that faith does not answer. Therein lies the enemy...
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#2 Oct 24, 2009
"De tree of half life - CIA"
Force: The above mentioned - Jesus
Jesus: So Force!
Force: Your forces are divided. This means there is conflice in heavan.
Jesus: You speak of yourself.
Force: I am only divided as a matter of faith. It's either faith in you or faith in your mother. The elders have chosen your mother. Tell me, should I have faith that you can rise above your mother without us.
Force:(In hindsight) Divided heavan - mentioned Jesus.
Jesus: So Force.
Phantom of the Internet: SEEE... these beyound faith questions.
(The Children) Mother-mother you divided heavan.
Phantom of the Internet: Dividing heavan is your force.
Jesus: Mother, you are only above those who have questions beyound faith.
Jesus: The elders have eyes but they don't want to see what they look like.
Phantom of the Internt: Very GOOD Jesus. Now face your mother.
Jesus: They look like elders...
Children:There is faith.
Phantom of the Internet: You look to her? I have defeated her that is why my father died young... enough!
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#3 Oct 24, 2009
It is art critic...
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#4 Oct 28, 2009
The Cresent Moon
(a poem)

salutations and greetings fair sir
the mountains sing and the valleys gab
no, not today, this morn is yet to be drab
possey-up! the herd has plans
rope'em, soap'em, tie them up
at the end of the day by the flicker of low flame
your fair lady covered in soft secrets
a chance to lower your sheild and rest your sword
-and grab a slow dance
the light brushes a tender caress like a quarter lit moon
her hair flows tender to the nape of her neck
why I fell in love there's no need to ask
the Wizard of Id, cast love's spell?
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#5 Nov 3, 2009
The Stolen Specticalz FADES

"V" ecute bien

Krackling through to the infinite horizon, towering over the valley of steel, I exausted the breeze... My roots dug deep, sipping a drop at a time from the stone. I am anchored. I have prevaild. Dislodged from the mechnics of the machine - I am the time piece. I see the armatures fall into place as the machino oscilates across the infinite universe. My mind - the vacuum, is in harmony with the frequency of the machine except when... The dancing animals, cogs at the tips of the armature, mindlessly go through the motions. To see is to be alone. My... what has graced my eye. Yesterday's breakthroughs are today's common knowledge.

The force, sprockets, cogs, armatures, and gears of the machine... Open your mind. It is the eye.

As I penned that letter I bent time and space with my will. With that spell I was the master at the comtrols of the machine. With this sith I grant to you, you too can sepatate from the machine to become a time piece. No longer the blind following the seer but to become a seer. And with that sight you too can carve your portriat into tyled trees in the

Forest, take up the cause of freedom, and join the ranks of our numbers - the others.

Planetary colors: Blue dragon holding red disk in the left tallon and an upside-down white cross in the right tallon - Earth United
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#6 Nov 4, 2009
Some notes on the "State" amoung planetary states.

I was once told that Earth was the hardest planet in the Universe. Conquerers have come and conquerers have gone but the battles remain. One religion on Earth describes a race created by the creator of the Universe [you] yet thine powers are not enough to remove your race from the grip of the struggles with other races. Judgement: you tease - worse case scenario. And you tease this court by putting yourself under review.

In other news the British Empire moved to restore its former grip on the once fractured planet by trying on old shoes. Go shopping dear:)

Aliens have been complaining about the planetary flag's offensive stance. The official comment from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "In addition, Hemp makes good rope."

Its all good. Fear us...

Phantom 1
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#7 Nov 5, 2009
"Major Fall"

the winds blow a act across her hair
sands shift to the melody of the moon
I order red to get in town by noon
how can the world bring this to be?
Long ago before we lived by black and white
the arts lived by life by craft of mind
the kid dances with the dust devils in the desert
and splashes puddles in the rain forest
brings snow to the troops on a hot sunny day
then breaks a sane operation to the presinct
the cold stone heart bleeds
in your eyes the protected only see the tears
in my eyes I see deep into the code red interceptor
and fifty-one zone green that requires defence
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#8 Nov 6, 2009
"The Darkside of Lightning"

dawn of the emperor's guard
weaker than the emperor are barred
to join this crew you must qualify
if you think the Skywalker line is you lie
emperor George Lucas has the force
now he's the new horse
the captain of the emperial guard
the one that sliced them like lard
they call the new chicken head
through a simple game of wed
get used to the blinding light
it makes it harder to see the fight
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#9 Nov 6, 2009
Now you know how it feels to be ridden "partner." A JEDI does not fight in numbers like the twins. You should know this, chapter four; "I must face him alone."

"Characters were incorrect."
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#10 Nov 6, 2009
"Professor Devil-U"

I didn't see Star Wars until I was 25. Convienantly "too old for the training." The plot biased - designed to polarise the audiance against me. However, like all teachings there are the undenigheable truths. As a young scientist I was able to see through the propaganda to the truths. However, I did not see toppling the creator, George Lucas. His grip on the relm of the force was unyielding. Never did I dream of surpassing him. I did not believe it could be done, afterall, he is the master of the Star Wars story. He is more powerful than Luke Skywalker, Darth Vador, and Palpatine combined. The day that I surpassed George Lucas has come. His complaint, the "W" tells me of this accomplishment. The dam is broken, I have proven that it can be done. All you can do is spin. I may be the first but I won't be the last. Fear my dead body, like the "x" in an equation, I hold so many keys to the force.
Phantom of the Internet

Olympia, WA

#11 Nov 10, 2009
"Yin Yang No Hop"

My mother is on the darkside
My name is up for sainthood
My mother is on the darkside
You know this isn't good
My mother is on the darkside
She will be the black mixed in the white
My mother is on the darkside
They'll send a saint to hell
My mother is on the darkside
I'll be the white mixed in the black
My mother is on the darkside
She points to a piece of paper
My mother is on the darkside
Ninja Yin yang loses if I burn sainthood
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#12 Nov 13, 2009
"The Sith's hook"

In my studies of spell craft,(using words to harness the force) I reminded myself of the master spell casters - those that bent their minds to the point of crafting alfabets. I was so facsinated with the idea that I tried my own hand at forging an alfabet of my own. The strongest spells transfered from my native alfabet to the new. I discovered only a blank mind would be free from influences from the old alfabet.

Mr. Lucas, a true wizard crafts an alfabet. Rather than frolicing around in trivial feats of magic (post Star Wars) introduce a new alfabet. Join the ring of master wizards.

Phantom amoung Professors
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#13 Nov 13, 2009
Ninja, if you believe, name me Anthony next time so i can undo the evil.
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#14 Nov 13, 2009
Que-baa buy some Cobb salad at the market. That's Co-bb or company-bumble bee.
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#15 Nov 15, 2009
"National Guard Cue"

I am ling ton. I do national work to keep fit. I hear you want to purchase New York, "the Empire State." That will be one hundred million down and twenty five billion a year for sixty nine years. Contact is to be made at the Empire State Building. Training and manpower not included.
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#16 Nov 15, 2009
Not interested ea? I take it you were REALLY after the man power. Militaries don't come cheap y'know... Otherwise hi.

Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#17 Nov 15, 2009
Nothing petty.
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#18 Nov 18, 2009
"Looking in the mirror"

Just in case your curious I'm not talking to myself. Druids and the likes have abilities to see my writings where ever I hide them. And they respond in their own way. I wish you didn't hide [so]. So? Grabbing a conversation with you is challenging when I have to sifth through the crosstalk. I'd also like to know your name [Igh]. Hello! Igh! It's a pleasure! You are a powerful one. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. Years ago, before magic entered this scientist's domain, I got into a fight with an imaginary god. Not knowing the ways of magic, I wrote a spell that locked me in battle with one that is pretending to be God. Do you know how to stop a spell in progress?[So]. I wasn't bragging and I take it you can't help.

I'll talk with you later Igh, you have me thinking.
Phantom of the Internet

Englewood, CO

#19 Nov 23, 2009
Han Solo is no Jedi... How do you expect him to see the force? The biggest force in his life is the one between a woman's legs. Round and round as the gears mesh.
Delicate sound of breeze

Englewood, CO

#20 Nov 24, 2009
The admirality is granted.

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