What is Wrong with the Nazarene Church
Isaac Kalumbila


#61 May 4, 2012
I think many are the times that the Church has come out of the Box. The Church is you and their is no leadership which can intertain sin. Sin is sin and one is above God. When you say Nazarene Church has a problem, you are that problem and no one else.
Let God Be God man be man./
Isaac Kalumbila


#62 May 4, 2012
I think many are the times that the Church has come out of the Box. The Church is you and their is no leadership which can entertain sin. Sin is sin and no one is above God. When you say Nazarene Church has a problem, you are that problem and no one else.
Let God Be God man be man./
angry NPK from Texas

United States

#63 May 19, 2012
My father was(is) a Nazarene preacher. I am now 43 and still have problems from growing up in that church. The Nazarenes are the least Jesus like people i have ever known! My father mentally and physically abused me and my brothers. My middle brother who is now in mental institution was sexually abused by are male sunday school teacher. My parents did nothing about it but cover it up. For the sake up the church i guess who the hell knows. I get very angry when i think about these things from my childhood. I would never go back to a Nazarene Curch!

Skyland, NC

#64 Jul 31, 2012
I have seen most of that in Baptist churches.
You have just not been to the churches that I have been to.
I heard about a church where some people gave money to the
building fund and others bought a bond and got interest on their
money. I can't remember whether it was baptist or presbyterian.
I have seen everything in my life time that you mentioned and I have only gone to Presbyterian and Baptist churches. If those are your only complaints, that pastor is very wise.
I knew a song leader that counselled a woman alone and that
woman's husband shot him. He survived but he has a hole in his
back and it was a messy court trial with the man getting off.
The song leader never touched the woman but she lead her husband to believe that he had. That is why Billy Graham always had staff check his hotel rooms thoroughly before he went into them to make sure no women were hiding in closets or bathrooms and could falsely accuse him

Skyland, NC

#65 Jul 31, 2012
I am sorry. same thing has happened in other churches

Troy, OH

#66 Sep 28, 2012
romney is diametrically opposed to the teachings of wesley and bresee as it concerns the 47%. but will nazarenes be honest enough to acknowledge it. what has happened to social justice?

Troy, OH

#67 Sep 28, 2012
simply loving god and others as one does self apparently is not enough anymore! why would anyone with any sense even want enter any church? doctrine has overtaken the simple gospel.

Colorado Springs, CO

#68 Sep 29, 2012
ruth wrote:
I am sorry. same thing has happened in other churches
Ruth who??

Are you the Ruth I know in the Asheville Naz Church?

Phoenix, AZ

#69 Oct 21, 2012
Kilroy wrote:
<quoted text>Please do not go to Latter day saints. they are a cult. Why would God wait 1800 years before adding to the Bible.
Ur exactly right on here!!!!!
Brian Tapscott

Adel, GA

#70 Dec 17, 2012
Dont Know Much wrote:
I have been a lifelong Baptist. Recently, I started attending a Nazarene church and loved the preaching and praise and worship music as my church had became too watered down with no spirit led worship. Now I have big questions. Maybe someone can help me, I refuse to discuss this with the pastor because he seems to take offense and always blame things on the devil.
Here are things I am noticing and would like to know if this is a Nazarene way of doing things or is it just the church I'm attending? Please read the following carefully:
1. That nowhere in the bible does it say that you cannot drink although I think Christians should not. This is a pastor's direct quote. To me, I feel holy spirit conviction that this is wrong. He confuses the message with 'no drunkards shall enter heaven, wine is a mocker, etc. etc.' Really, it sends mixed messages and I am afraid that some former alcoholics in the church that are still very tempted, may see this as a green light to go drink.
2. The pastor does not lay his hands upon any females, although I did see him do it to an elderly woman once during altar call when he prays with them. Most times, he does not pray with the women. Women pray with the women. He will not counsel anyone without his wife present.
3. There is a 'lottery' I will call it going around the church. There has been a building fund set up, the church will not borrow the money to build on, so someone came up with this idea to have everyone draw an envelope and in this envelope is a pledge to give whatever amount stated on the paper to the building fund.
I am 5th generation Nazarene and the son of a Nazarene minister of 40 years. The Nazarene church as a whole has a awesome world wide ministry we have missionaries is 200 plus countries and very good support organization. I understand your frustration with the local church. Unfortunately, certain individuals taking control over the church does happen especially in smaller congregations. I have experienced this first hand and know the damage it can cause even lead to the church closing its doors. The best thing you can do is to pray. Remember, you are the church of Christ not the building and certainly not the people you attend with if you are feeling uncomfortable around them. Its ok to look elsewhere for others that want your worship. As far as drinking goes. This is my opinion. I was raised by straight laced Nazarene parents. My mother was a PK herself of a nazarene minister
her brother was a nazarene minister. In fact, I am a decendant of Uncle Buddy Robinson so Nazarene tradition is in my blood. However, I came to realized that my relationship with God is mine and mine alone to discover. I beleive the basis for the drinking issue is one of showing your witness to others you come in direct contact with. It would be hard for a Minister or a elder of the church to witnes with a beer in his hand or sitting at social event and talk about God. So it was common practice for me if i wanted to drink. Would be at home alone or out of town, the key is moderation and self control. If you are consumed by needing a drink then avoidance is a must. That I believe is the reason for the Nazarene stance. You have to remember the first Nazarene manual was writtne in the early 1900's and many of the things in the first edition have not been ammended. Alcohol was a huge issue in the early 1900's as well so I believe the stance is mainly about avoiding those things that hinder your personal relationship with God and those things that can harm your witness and the illegallity as well as well as the biblical point All thing permissible but not beneficial 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 might help you find your personal ground. Best thing to do is pray about those things that you take issue with. God will open your eyes to the truth he has for you as an individual.
Bryan D Merrill

Dumas, TX

#71 Jan 24, 2013
More great discussions like this at NAZNET dot COM.

Columbus, IN

#72 Mar 17, 2013
I attended a Baptist Church when I was a child but now I attend a Nazerence church with my husband and children. I read through some of these comments and an very surprised because me and my family felt welcome from the first day. The pastor and everyone are nice! If we miss someone calls to ensure we are ok or if we miss a few we receive a We Miss You card. I saw a post about a lesbian pastor I can say my pastor is against being gay and abortion. The people of the church look out for one another and do anything to help. My children love it and it has been a great ft for us. Sounds like a lot f people have/had personal issues with people that were Nazerene and are basing negative comments on those individuals.
hi there

Euless, TX

#73 Apr 15, 2013
Church of the Nazarene Rocks !!:)
Rev Paul Myers

Oak Ridge, TN

#74 May 20, 2013
I came from the Free Will Baptist church when I become a Nazarne and understand much of what you are saying. I must admit, that was in 1970's and the Baptists were the ones that your are describing in your comments in my personal experience, especially in regards to a clear and obvious separation on how men are to minister to women, but that was a different time. I have addressed your questions below ...
1. That nowhere in the bible does ...
You have asked a very contemporary question here. There is a lively discussion right now on a ministers' topic board where they are openly discussing this very issue. The key here it they are "openingly" having this discussion. That alone is a step forward. It is only when we address issues such as these in an open and frank discussion that we establish the basis for our beliefs. This one falls under the collective christian conscience; over time, we have discovered that avoidance is the best policy.
2. The pastor does not lay his hands ... I agree with you on this issue, with the exception of counseling. The threat of false accusations of impropriety requires another to be present during counseling sessions; sad but true.
3. There is a 'lottery'... We see churches in all denominations who hesitate when it comes to borrowing money; "neither a lender or barrower be." But it was Jesus who called out the one who buried his talent in fear of using it; you could have invested it and at least earned interest on it! Yes, I also disagree with the building lottery.
5. You can miss church ... I preached on this Sunday. How hard is it to put a webcam on the pulpit and take a picture of the congregation on Sunday morning? It is relatively inexpensive as well. So you take a still picture and on Monday you review the photo to determine who was not present. You should never overlook a missing person this way.
6. The custodian that ... In the world you left this would have fallen under the deacons, in the Nazarene world it is the board of Trustees. I agree with you expectation; the board member should have been willing to step up to get this job done. The church is not a business, but there is the business of the church. You and I have no basis to know all the details, but if you lead the charge, you pick up the pieces.
I am a witness that my pastor ... Again last Sunday, keeping count of what we do for others is the last thing we should be doing. 7 x 70 is a whole bunch of forgiving!
I feel that the church is starting to be over ... This is not new unfortunately. It is the weakness of the human nature that causes this to happen.
I am not a member and I am thinking ... The business of the church has the same demands and limitations as any small business. In times of economic downturn, the same pressures apply. Faith walking is always a challenge and can lead to the people of God stepping in to take corrective action to release God of the burden of providing. Is this wrong? Yes.
We in the Church of the Nazarene have our statement of belief, the Articles of Faith, and then we have local folk theology that interprets those individual Articles in their own way. This is also not unique to the Nazarenes as all denominations have this as well. The impact of folk theology can become a problem when the local minister and/or board departs from their commitment to the presence, power, and ability to the Holy Spirit to lead them into God's will. That takes time and patience; which can be the last thing some folks want to depend on.
The Church of Jesus Christ is a dynamic environment that is in constant change. The cops in my town wear police uniforms and carry guns. The first century centurions wore leather mini skirts and carried a sword or spear ... and sandals. The first century Christians sold all they had and gave it to the church; a willing form of income redistribution. Today the church should continue to share the needs within the faith community.
Paul Myers
Michael Gallagher

San Diego, CA

#75 May 31, 2013
After nine years of employment at plnu, I found the majority of nazarenes to be dishonest and duplicitous. Unless you are one of them you are disposable. Ask them about the term OTN.
Other than nazarene. A term used in their circles.
I find the denomination repulsive.

Dishonesty, Duplicty and Cowardice are never Impulsive.

Albuquerque, NM

#76 Aug 23, 2013
The Nazarene has some cultic doctrines - they ordain unqualified (education wise) men; they believe that they can be "entirely sanctified," which means not sinning willfully, and they have laymen who are allowed to "pastor," when at best they are only suited to possibly lead a Bible study.

Albuquerque, NM

#77 Sep 3, 2013
The doctrine of the Nazarene Church is cultic - they believe they are "entirely sanctified," free from the ability to willfully sin. If you know any of them intimately, you know that's an outright lie. Other Christians do not share that false doctrine, which should say something.

Bettendorf, IA

#78 Sep 3, 2013

I am the last one to defend the COTN, but you make statements which you do not substantiate. What qualifies someone "education wise" and what is your basis for this determination? And are the women they ordain equally unqualified? Secondly, you state "if you know any of them intimately, that is an outright lie." Is that like some of the statements I have heard in the past, such as if you know Blacks, Asians, Jews, Hispanics, Muslims, and so on? And,your position about not sinning willfully, it does not make sense. They state that you have the to abstain from sinning willfully? And your point is? By definition, if it is willful (a choice) then you can abstain from it. If you cannot abstain from the sin, then it would not be willful, would it?
Brother Norm

Sebastian, FL

#79 Nov 3, 2013
I would suggest that you study "Hort and Westcott" .When the blind lead the blind they both fall in the ditch.
Pastor CG wrote:
mike that is hog wash i preach from the NKJV and i can and the to say thr king james bible is the only bible that comes from God is ridiculus every bible written is a translation from greek and hebrew some translations make it easier for people to understand yes the 2011 NIV edition has been changed some what to pander to th homosexual agenda but if you will look into the different types of theology you will see that there are many theologies i read the NIV 1985 and also the NKJV so condemn me if you like God doesnt care which translation you read as long as you understand he is the one and only JUDGE and he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins

South Portland, ME

#80 Jan 1, 2014
In response to your comment:
1. Jesus turned water into wine. We've been taught that alcohol is a sin when the Bible clearly states that drunkedness is the real sin. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to convict others for things they must change or give up and pray for others in the process.
2. A Pastor doesn't have to lay hands on the opposite gender; not required.
3. Giving should always come from the heart. We can give extra in an envelope or simply pass. Since we have the choice to participate or not, there is no problem here.
4. When parishoners are concerned with pulpit practices, they should share these concerns with the church leadership.
5. It is so sad when regular attendees don't realize that visitors need to be welcomed, reassured, and contacted. The church needs to do a better job of making visitors feel welcomed.
6. Only the leadership should know about personnel issues. The board and the pastor should handle these sensitive matters and not talk about hirings and firings publicly. Members who want insider information can always run for a seat on the board but that should never be a motivation for taking on that responsibility.

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