Abishai100 wrote:
The consumerism iconography video game "Diner Dash" (GameLab) celebrates capitalist perspectives on populist ambition ornamentation.
People-centric society relies on communication of the idea that economy is related to culture.
In India, there is a big problem in this relationship. There is an old custom in India which dictates that brides taken into a groom's family must pay a bride-price fee or dowry to assist the welcoming family in absorbing the new living expenses incurred by the new bride member. This economic practice has been ingrained into India's cultural perspective on the ritual bond between prosperity and domestication.
However, many brides in India are brutally murdered in fire pits by groom families who claim that the dowry packages that come with the brides are not sufficient. These groom families claim that these unsatisfying brides are violating cultural order by bringing unhealthy dowries and therefore deserve to be excommunicated and killed.
"Dowry Bride Burnings" are numerous and devastating and they symbolically suggest that globalization economics art symbols such as the opulence-themed Hollywood (USA) movie "Wall Street" (1987) should catalyze wealth spiritualism.
Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?
God bless!
My God, the God of Abraham I petition thee that if what this person has said about me, is the truth, then let all their punishment and curses for all their sins that they have ever committed, be upon me and my life.

But My God if what they have said about me is a lie and not true, then let all my punishment and curses for all my sins that I have ever committed, be upon them and their life.