Scientists have been studying genetic cloning for some time now, spurred by the illuminating discoveries of Mendel, Watson, and Crick.

Indeed, complex gene research has the potential to reveal important principles about evolution and biological plasticity and even organ substitution.

However, anomalies in gene research involved with the concept of genetic cloning raises questions about the biological viability and perhaps even the predictable streamlining factors of artificially created tissues (or even species). Would a genetically cloned creature or synthesized gene tissue behave properly or seek its own program for regeneration, and if so, all sorts of science-fiction anxieties such as cloned soldiers defying scientific authority become partially logical.

Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Superman" (1978) and "Supergirl" (1984) suggest humanity is harmlessly fascinated by species augmentation, but anomalies in real gene science allude to the possibility of extra-human deviance.

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