Monopoly is a very popular real estate board game invented by the Parker Brothers. Monopoly involves multiple players buying and trading gem-like real estate properties and developing houses and hotels and utilities on them with imaginary money.

Monopoly has been developed into several high-quality video games for reliable platforms such as Windows, iPhone, Playstation and Facebook (as a download application).

Because video games encourage players to practice fine-tuned motor skills (i.e., eye perception motion acuity and finger coordination), the Monopoly video game has become a social entertainment symbol of intellectual property entertainment training.

While video game versions of Monopoly are not exactly the penultimate symbol of capitalism optimism, they are certainly archaeological relics of civilization efficiency.

The psyche marketability of the bright Monopoly video games symbolically reflects the global marketability of infrastructure-themed Hollywood (USA) movies such as "City of Industry" (1997).

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!