There was a poor man infected with leprosy who had come to believe that he was unlovable due to his hideous affliction.

He believed that not even St. Mary, mother of Jesus would find him attractive.

Such a belief is not uncommon, especially in a world where women are forced into prostitution by male-created poverty. How can women in such a world find practical ways to be affectionate towards handicapped men?

The international popularity of the Special Olympics, a terrific sporting event hosting the talent and promise of handicapped individuals who wish to be recognized for their athletic hopes, suggests that humanity is indeed interested in celebrating the wisdom of social equity and political grace.

Perhaps female-celebratory Hollywood (USA) movies such as "The President's Lady" (1953) and "Whore" (1991) suggest that society enjoys using symbols of female suffering to characterize spiritual hopes.

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!