Holy Crimes of the Week

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#260 Dec 5, 2010

Virginia: Pastor J.P. Hale sentenced to six years in prison for indecent liberties with a child.

Pennsylvania: Father Robert Timchak sentenced to six years in prison for possession of child pornography.

North Carolina: Rev. Walter Donald Bradshaw arrested for the rape of an 11 year-old girl.

South Carolina: Pastor David K. Love arrested for the murder of a parishioner.

New York: Rabbi Milton Balkany convicted of extorting $3.5M from an investment fund.

Missouri: Pastor Terry McDowell arrested for the rape of a girl he was babysitting.

Washington: Pastor Steven Welty sentenced to 26 years to life in prison on six counts of child rape and incest. His youngest victim was four years old.

Massachusetts: Father Keith LeBlanc charged with stealing $83K from his parish to pay his online porn bill.

British Columbia: Hindu priest Karam Vir charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

Virginia: Pastor Dennis Erb charged with child molestation.

Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill charged with investment fraud. From prison. Where he's serving 20 years for the same crime.

Georgia: Pastor Brian Gray charged with child molestation and burglary.

Utah: Pastor Aaron Witcher charged with eight counts of rape of underage girls.

Pennsylvania: Father Francis J. Drabiska resigns after confessing to robbing parish of undisclosed amount.

New Brunswick: Court agrees to Catholic diocese's request to shield amounts paid to victims of priest molestation.

This Week's Winner
Kenya: Pastor Marcus Ondiegi has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for the rape and HIV infection of an 11 year-old orphan girl. Ondiegi had told the child's grandmother that unless he was allowed to pray over the child for one week, evil spirits would make her insane. Instead he raped the child nightly until she escaped.

Los Angeles, CA

#261 Dec 5, 2010

Alabama: Pastor Carl Lloyd arrested for sodomizing a child.

New York: Rabbi Yehuda Kolko arrested for violating order of protection against 12 year-old boy he's accused of molesting.

Japan: Buddhist priest Nobuaki Matsumoto busted for hiring middle-school age prostitute.

Florida: Pastor Daniel Richard Robida charged with unlawful sexual acts with a child.

Ireland: Father Raymond Brady charged with molesting ten boys.

Missouri: Pastor Travis Ray Smith on trial for felony statutory rape and child molestation.

Britain: Imam Hafiz Rahman found guilty of child molestation.

Wisconsin: Father Robert Chukwu agrees to repay half of $180K he's accused of embezzling from his parish.

Virginia: Pastor Irwin Baldwin sentenced to 90 years in prison for soliciting sex from who he thought was a 13 year-old girl. Baldwin is 82.

Britain: Father David Pearce charged with sexual assault on a child. Pearce is already in prison for similar charges.

New Hampshire: Pastor Timothy Dillmuth found guilty of failing to report child molestation.

Alaska: Pastor Shawn Justice found guilty on eight felony counts of sexual abuse of a child.

Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill found guilty of swindling $40K in a church mortgage scam. McGill was found guilty of a similar crime last year.

Manitoba: Orthodox Archbishop Kenneth William Storheim charged with two counts of sexual assault on unnamed persons.

Indiana: Pastor Robert McFadden sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse of a 16 year-old girl.

Pennsylvania: Father Geraldo Pinero suspended after feds raid his rectory to break up his online Ponzi schemes.

This Week's Winner
Texas: Father John M. Fiala has been charged with hiring a hit man to murder the 12 year-old boy who has accused the priest of raping him at gunpoint. Police say Fiala offered $5000 to an informant to murder the child. In a separate pending lawsuit the boy contends that Fiala's diocese had attempted to cover up his accusations of molestation.

Los Angeles, CA

#262 Dec 5, 2010

Colorado: Pastor Joshua Amoroso charged with sexual assault of a 14 year-old girl.

Germany: Report implicates more than 250 priests and staffers in child abuse scandal at school in archdiocese once headed by the Pope.

Kentucky: Pastor Currie Pat Clark charged with 296 counts of sodomy of a 12 year-old boy.

Georgia: Pastor Brian Richard Gray charged with 58 counts of child molestation, statutory rape, and sexual assault of a 15 year-old girl.

New Jersey: Newspaper reveals documents proving Archbishop John Myers shielded at least four pedophile priests from prosecution.

Michigan: Pastor Curtis Burkhardt charged with exposing his erection to an 11 year-old girl at a campground. Burkhardt has a previous conviction for the same crime with a 3 year-old.

Australia: Father Brian Spillane found guilty on nine counts of molesting preteen girls. Spillane faces four more trials on 135 similar charges.

Oklahoma: Pastor Baron Hopgood charged with fraud in $200K check-kiting scheme.

Ontario: Father William Marshall charged with two counts of sexual assault. Marshall faces similar charges in several other cases.

Ohio: Pastor David Thompson sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling more than $1M from his church.

Britain: Father John Shannon convicted on 16 counts of producing child pornography.

Texas: Pastor Terry Nesmith on trial for molesting 9 year-old girl.

Australia: Father Kevin Philips pleads guilty to multiple counts of child molestation.

This Week's winner:
New York: An unnamed Hasidic rabbi and his son have fled to Israel after being accused of sexually molesting at least four underage female relatives. At least two of the alleged victims are the rabbi's daughters, once of whom says her father has been molesting her since the age of five. Two of the rabbi's other sons were arrested in New York and charged with the sexual abuse and rape of their sisters. One of the arrested sons, age 15, is accused of molesting his 8 year-old sister. Police note that the rabbi and the escaped son were driven to the driven to the airport by the rabbi's wife, who is his first cousin. The two have fourteen children and all names are being withheld to protect the victims.

Houston, TX

#263 Dec 6, 2010
That's pretty good considering there are what? 6-7 billion people on this planet...

Now how about posting all the unholy crimes?


#264 Dec 6, 2010
It's not meant to be a comprehensive list...
Unbelievers are under represented in prison populations.
I think we know why.
OKAY wrote:
That's pretty good considering there are what? 6-7 billion people on this planet...
Now how about posting all the unholy crimes?

Los Angeles, CA

#265 Dec 12, 2010

Indiana: Father Byron Canada sentenced to 11 years in prison in $2.7M real estate scam.

Arkansas: Pastor Robert Burnham resigns after bust in prostitution sting.

Indiana: Pastor Vaughn Reeves sentenced to 54 years in prison for embezzling over $13M from church construction investors.

New York: Rabbi Victor Koltun charged two counts of murder in the killings of a police officer and the officer's nephew.

Wisconsin: Father Thomas Marr pleads guilty to embezzling over $600K from parishioners.

Indiana: Pastor Jerry Hillenburg sued for sexual harassment by church preschool teacher.

Illinois: Father Donald McQuire loses appeal over conviction for molesting four boys.

Netherlands: New reports reveals almost 2000 accusations of sexual molestation covered up by Dutch Catholic Church.

Illinois: Pastor James French charged with sexual abuse of underage girl.

Missouri: Pastor Glenn Baldridge sentenced to five years probation for $100K check forgery scheme.

New York: Sister Marie Thornton arrested for embezzling $850K from Iona College, where she was CFO. Thornton reportedly blew the money in Atlantic City.

California: Will Lynch pleads not guilty to beating the Jesuit priest he claims molested him and and his brother when they were seven and five years old. Lynch wants a public trial since the priest cannot be charged under the statue of limitations.

Illinois: Archdiocese of Chicago sued for covering up the sexual abuse of a high school freshman. In 2007 Father Daniel McCormack pleaded guilty to molesting multiple boys and is serving five years in prison.

This Week's Winner
Pennsylvania: Herbert and Catherine Schaible have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment for relying on the power of prayer rather than seek medical treatment for their two year-old son, who died of a common bacterial infection that would have been easily cured by antibiotics. The Schaibles, who say they and none of their six children have never been treated by doctors, face up to ten years in prison.

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#266 Dec 19, 2010

New York: Monsignor Charles Kavanagh has been defrocked after being found guilty of child molestation by a three-priest Catholic tribunal. He is the highest-ranked New York priest so judged and has not faced criminal charges.

Oklahoma: Pastor Baron Hopgood arrested for embezzlement.

Ireland: Father Oliver O'Grady charged with possessing thousands of child porn images.

Ohio: Pastor Mark Griggs charged with more than 100 felony counts of possessing and distributing child porn.

Britain: Monsignor Michael Smith arrested for child molestation.

Colorado: Pastor Loren Ankarlo pleads guilty to multi-million dollar securities fraud.

Ontario: Father Donald Grecco found guilty on 24 counts of molesting altar boys.

Missouri: Father Gerald Howard indicted on three counts of forcible sodomy of a child. Howard was previously convicted of similar crimes in New Jersey under a different name.

Ohio: Pastor Robert Jones fails to appear at his trial for brandishing a gun at a drive-thru bank teller.

Ireland: Father Tony Walsh likely to have molested hundreds, according to a new report.

Britain: Vicar Dominic Stone convicted of possessing child porn.

Nevada: Pastor Joshua De Los Santos arrested for assaulting a member of a "competing" church for not being holy enough.

Tennessee: Pastor David Hoschar indicted for possessing child porn.

This Week's Winner
Georgia: Bishop Eddie Long, who is already facing lawsuits from four young men who accuse him of sexual coercion, has been linked to a massive mortgage fraud operation being run from his church. According to CBS Atlanta, thousands may have lost their homes after paying $1500 during church seminars held by a company that promised to lower their house payments. CBS reports that the seminars are still being held.

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#267 Dec 26, 2010

Here's what the most pious among us were doing to celebrate the holy holiday:

Texas: Pastor Earl Post arrested for stalking a teenage girl.

New York: Rabbi Victor Koltun pleads not guilty to ordering the murders of two men. Koltun was previously sentenced to five years for mail fraud.

Connecticut: Pastor David Pomales and his children arrested in church brawl.

Bangladesh: Imam Afsar Ali arrested in connection with the death of a woman who was publicly caned for adultery.

Kansas: Pastor Mark Holick arrested for attempting to force gospel tracts upon Muslims exiting a mosque.

Italy: Court upholds the seizure of $30M in Vatican assets used to launder money for the mafia. The Vatican claims it's all a "misunderstanding."

Texas: Pastor Sandra McGriff arrested for burglary after cops apprehended her stealing two fur coats from the home of a church member. Police also found three purses and a laptop in McGriff's Jaguar.

California: Father Joseph McCabe denied bail pending extradition to Ireland on numerous counts of child molestation.

Texas: Pastor Ivory McDaniels charged with multiple counts of sexual assaults on female minors.

Ireland: Report shows Dublin Archdiocese transferred Father Tony Walsh to cover up numerous sexual assaults on boys and girls. The church never reported Walsh to the police.

Iowa: Pastor Timothy Parker sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual assault on a child.

Bolivia: Father Jose Ochua sentenced to 22 years in prison for sexually abusing at least 19 children in an orphanage.

This Week's Winners
Ireland: A newly released report shows that five Catholic priests formed an informal molesters network in which they enabled one another's crimes by providing rooms in which to commit the attacks and by organizing group excursions with their victims. The report is the first to show that the five accused priests all knew each other and worked together.

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#268 Dec 29, 2010
In the midst of a campaign to see him nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Belgium's revered Father Francois Houtart has confessed to child molestation.


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#269 Dec 29, 2010
Texas Pastor Sandy McGriff from the post up there ^^^^ was caught breaking into a congregant's home to steal her fur coats. Apparently, in addition to thief, she's also a liar... and a prostitute.... and a fraudster.

&fe ature=player_embedded

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#270 Jan 2, 2011
Monsters of the cloth.


Los Angeles, CA

#271 Jan 7, 2011
A longtime priest at one of the country's largest and most prominent conservative Anglican churches has been fired for repeatedly using a church computer to surf for pornography, an official at the Fairfax City church said.


“ Soon: too late to protest”

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#272 Jan 9, 2011
this crazy witch hunt wrote:
<quoted text>
To generalize "mothers" as you've just tried to do is a lie.
Many mothers have/are "raised/raising holy hell".
Let's not forget them...
Many mothers have taken their children out of public schools altogether.
Many mothers "deprogram" and teach within their homes after school. I am one of those...
I've also "cleaned out" a couple schools of many corrupt people using legal channels.
Many mothers have been very vocal about "children being left behind" and the abysmal "teaching" that goes on in many "schools".
Many children haven't been destroyed by drugs, gangs, or violence.
Many children live happy, wholesome lives.
Many children go to college.
Many mothers have been voting against and been very vocal about "illegal" immigration and the the diseases, crime, job loss, etc that goes with it.
Many mother care very much.
Thank God for them. Unfortunately, most mothers don't do anything, and some don't even care.
Just as the Catholic church moved priests around, Protestant churches cover up crimes against children too.

Also, some churches aren't even Christian.
Is your church helping to reward violence against children by insuring with Guide One Ins.? If your minister has excuses, or claims not to know about this, then the synod, etc. is protecting child abusers.
Synods and other organizations are taking the lion's share of donations. Have you ever investigated the number of organizations that claim to be Christian while they exist mainly to enrich themselves? Cut them off or get out of those churches.

Is your church only sending out 1 or 2 token missionaries, just to look good, while keeping almost all of your donations for your entertainment, or doing very little to help others with your free labor?
Churches should be cheap buildings on a little bit of land, because most of the money was used to save souls and lives.

Churches are failures because the leaders aren't even Christians. They're politicians and professional money-makers.
They exist to glorify themselves, not the Lord.
(next post)

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#273 Jan 9, 2011
(formerly Protestant Protest. net)

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#274 Jan 16, 2011

Nevada: Pastor Otis Holland arrested for molesting a seven year-old girl. Holland was arrested last year on similar charges.

New York: Pastor Jason LaPierre arrested for embezzling over $400,000 from a credit union.

Ontario: Father James Boudreau arrested for sexual assault on a child.

Belgium: Father Eric Dejaeger accused of molesting multiple children in Canada. He has already served five years in prison for the same crime.

California: Pastor Dino Cardelli charged with intimidating a victim prior to his trial for child rape.

Missouri: Pastor David Love pleads not guilty to murdering the husband of his mistress.

Minnesota: Pastor William Neal Matthews charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person.

Britain: Father Paul Shannon pleads guilty to 16 counts of producing child pornography.

Michigan: Rev. Sarah Jane Samuelson charged with serving alcohol to over 100 minors attending a party she hosted in her home.

Florida: Pastor Gordon Libby charged with kidnapping a 14 year-old from a Walmart and then masturbating in the victim's presence. Libby is the founder of the clergy recruitment firm Pastors4U.

Britain: Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan charged with rape of a 12 year-old boy.

New Jersey: Pastor Enoc Sotelo charged with 17 felony counts of defrauding immigrants in a green card scam.

Massachusetts: Father Donald Provost sued for sexual assault of an eight year-old boy. The Worcester Catholic Diocese and ten other unidentified individuals are named in the suit. Provost has been previously convicted of photographing a ten year-old boy in a public locker room.

Wisconsin: Pastor Lewis Givens charged with sexually assaulting a mentally challenged nine year-old girl.

This Week's Winner
Minnesota: The Catholic Diocese of New Ulm is being sued for covering up the crimes of Father Francis Markey, who was twice arrested for child molestation. Markey was suspended three times after accusations of sexual assaults on children and all three times he was later reinstated as a priest. The lawsuit also names the treatment facilities to which the Catholic Church referred Markey, as well as the Diocese of Clogher in Ireland, where he once worked.

“ Soon: too late to protest”

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#275 Jan 19, 2011
Thank you, Hmm, for posting these things.
People need to get out of fantasyland and see organized religion for the scam it is.
I've found that Baptists are the worst of Protestant churches, but they work to sound the most religious.
What set the fight against child abuse back was a court case in which the Baptists committed hundreds of felonies to win. Not one person was prosecuted.
So, child abuse continues because the legal system is made up of career criminals.
Parents have truly failed their children.
To fight for them,(next post)

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#276 Jan 19, 2011
The company behind all the crimes is Guide One Ins. which insures over 43,000 churches, because ministers don‘t care.

“Citizen_Patriot_ Voter_Atheist!”

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#277 Jan 19, 2011
OKAY wrote:
That's pretty good considering there are what? 6-7 billion people on this planet...
Now how about posting all the unholy crimes?
All those other criminals are not representing themselves as emissaries of a god, are they? Are they spiritual leaders of their communities? Have children been taught to do as they say? Do they speak for god?

The emissaries of a god really should be the last ones sticking it to a toddler, wouldn't you think?
James J Read

Christchurch, New Zealand

#278 Jan 24, 2011
What a terrible indictment is provided by this list of unsavory " born again " Christians. That these misfits often condemn Catholic clergy for immorality is a gall, when one sees them committing similar ofences. To me the difference is that the Catholic Church can kick out immoral clergy, whilst nobody has authority to kick out a pastor off an independent congregation, who is answerable to nobody.

Los Angeles, CA

#279 Jan 30, 2011
A South Carolina woman says that God told her to murder her nephew's dog because it chewed on her bible.


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