Hospice Care or Murder?
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#127 Feb 4, 2013
Nettiebelle wrote:
<quoted text>That is true, Jazy.
My mother had to be hospitalized because she became so dehydrated due to not eating or accepting any fluids. Mother did have a Living Will, and the doctors said they were going to honor it.
So, she stayed two days and was sent home and, yes, Hospice was recommended and they were so wonderful.
Mother, while in the hospital, had already gone into a coma-like state, but she could hear you but not respond.
After coming home, she passed away ten days later.
Yes, we offered her food and liquids, and sometimes she would take a few sips, sometimes the liquid would come out of the corners of her mouth; she refused to swallow, and then ultimately didn't even have the strength to swallow.
Hospice is a wonderful originazation. They all put it out every day, thats love for your brother. Love ya and keep you and your mom in my thoughts.


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You can't get there from here.

#128 Feb 4, 2013
frank wrote:
<quoted text>
Naah, she didn't accuse me of being white until a few weeks ago when I began to disagree with her communist/liberal idealogy and started talking about the importance of personal responsibility and so forth, lol, then she immediately accused me of being white and a "fundy"...as if all blacks support liberalism and need hand-outs or something, lol. Sorry cookie, but Herman Cain's my hero! Sure, we're a minority but we do exist, ya know? And there's more of us than alot of people realize.
But anyways, she's truly nuts. Went so far the other week as to tell me that she "knows black culture" and I'm " not it".
This is probaly the first time that I've ever found myself hating someone on an anonymous internet forum or chat-room. I honestly despise cookie.
I agree, if there is a poster child for stereotyping, she's got it hands down...


“Third Eye”

Since: Nov 10

You can't get there from here.

#129 Feb 4, 2013
FreeChic wrote:
I'd like to know why my thread was hyjacked and the subject changed to abortion. I'm beginning to see though, Cookie Parker and the other know-it-all babbling back and forth idiots sit at the computer all day everyday stalking this site and take over every thread in this forum. Its obvious that the conversation going on here is an on-going one which has spilled over from other threads. There's nothing but a bunch of ratchet jaws here. Senseless ratchet jaws!
They all get hijacked eventually...sometimes it may take a whole page!!!

Spring Lake, NC

#130 Feb 4, 2013
FreeChic wrote:
<quoted text>
Your problem is, you don't trust in God, you trust in your government. Well, there's free cheese in a mouse trap!
Lol, nice.

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#133 Feb 7, 2013
frank wrote:
<quoted text>
Since when is telling the truth "racist" or "pro rich".
Lol, really---you're nuts.
As a black man, I'm well-aware of the many problems that face my community, and the fact of the matter is that a problem can't be addressed until it's aknowledged...and aknowledging cultural problems isn't "racist"--it's actually neccessary. We need to stop playing the blame-game and look at ourselves.
Sure, some problems were caused by oppression and politics and so forth..but many problems can be addressed by us and only by us--poor blacks don't need white liberal messiahs to come save them. Many of us have done well and we know best how to address these issues. They are not your pets to be rescued.
Acknowledging problems is NOT racist. you won't find me calling you a racist for that. Your attitude that the black community CHOOSES to be poor is racist.

Feeling like you dropped the ball on that one, aren't you?

Since: Sep 08

La Salle, IL

#134 Feb 7, 2013
frank wrote:
I'm not "pro-rich". No, I'm pro-personal responsibilty, I'm pro-hard work, I'm pro-truth, I'm pro-common sense.
And PRO denying what the root cause of the problems are in the sections of population where blacks live. They are not intermingled in our society, even now.

There's no ability to get work if the powers to be won't come to your neighborhood and build and the police refuse to protect the community. Whine all you want. You lack the historical and political perspective of the black community...and as such, do not represent what it is all about. Do you think Mitt Romney got where he is today because he did it all on his own? ROFLMAO!

Lawson, MO

#135 Feb 7, 2013
Apparently the Health Savings Account (HSA) is the best solution to the problem.

Money is put into the account from birth for use on health issues of your own choice. As it is the US Gov spends trillions every year on healthcare, and now will decide if you live or die. You will need permission from Obama to get healthcare.

Tulsa, OK

#136 Feb 17, 2013
FreeChic wrote:
I believe my terminally ill relative was hastened to an early death by hospice. She had terminal cancer and was recieving treatments. She had fallen and broken her arm and was admitted to the hospital where she could be right there to get her treatments. While there they decided to stop the treatments, and told the family there was nothing else they could do and to set up hospice care.
We went to see her while she was at the hospital and she looked good. She was not yet in the actual dying stage! And I she did not want to die! She had good color, she carried a conversation, she greated me like she always did, she had a nice glow and a brightness in her eyes. She was eating and drinking. And up until the day she fall she was still going out, she was not bed fast, infact they were coming back from a long tip when she fell. She was even able to stay home by herself and she did not have anyone taking care of her but her husband and she also did things for herself.
The family set up hospice and it started immediately when they got her home. She went to what I decided above to a coma in 2 days! We were told that they were keeping her heavily medicated because if they tried to do anything to her, like turn her, she cried in pain. The pain was from the broken arm! She may have had some pain from cancer but it had not progessed to the point that it could kill her and it was not in any vital parts of her body! They were keeping her sedated and food and water were being withheld from her.
When I got home I started googling and I found hundreds of stories just like what I saw with her. This can not be coincidence! I found out that what was being done to her is called terminal sedation and it is being misused in this way to hasten patients to their deaths. This is murder.
Please listen to me and educate yourself about this, so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones. After seeing this happen to her and not having the power to stop it I have decided to make this my cause. I only wish to make people aware that these things are happening and that our elderly, terminally ill, and disabled are the victims. They are being treated worse than a horse with a broken leg.
Infact, if someone did this to an animal it would be all over the news and the book would be thrown at them, but yet you don't hear anything about this. The last time a story was published was the Terri Shiavo case. Its exactly the same. And it is happening on a wide-spread basis.
The only way it can be stopped is to make people aware. Please go to the website www.hospicepatients.org and read the info there and you can read a book there free called, "Stealth Euthanasia". Do some googling. Use key words "Hospice kills people" "hospice horror stories" "hospice third way killings" and you find other peoples stories and they are all nearly exact.
I believe you. I saw my mother Kavorkianed in a local hospital. Easy to do with the aged. No one really asks questions. I was in shock at the time, and didn't have a chance to think this over until AFTER the fact. By then, it was too late.

Anyway, I have been reading the sensible material on the website you posted and it has given me much pause to reflect on the Living Will, and DNR they try to push off on you. I believe I shall carefully have to talk all this over with my close family members myself and not be signing anything provided by a hospital or drs ofc, and assign a trusted health care proxy from my own family members to make needed decisions if I am unable to.

Bottom line...in the website, it spells it all out without bias, and shows that there are indeed caring hospices, while others are greed and money motivated. Be careful, be educated, and informed!

Bonney Lake, WA

#138 Mar 29, 2015
this is BS a hospice nurse was stealing pills and when my brother went to the hospital she had them give morphine according to the amount of pills she was ordering and not the amount he was taking. This amounted to immediate 30 mgs per hr from the get go. I was told he was 12 to 24 hrs away from death and I found him almost in a coma with things that looked like rotten chicken growing in his mouth from lack of food and water. I told on her made them change to fentanyl and two months later hes at home with me. ALIVE. Now they are retaliating. God help us.

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