The Ancient Greeks went to war against the mighty city of Troy because the Trojans had kidnapped the fair Greek princess Helen.

Helen became the mythical "Helen of Troy," the haunted face "that launched 1,000 ships."

What are men willing to do for the love of a woman? The Greek demon-deity avatar Medusa turns men to stone if they dare to stare into her poisonous eyes for vanity.

What does Medusa tell us about the dangers of obsession?

Today, you can buy synthetic pheromones (human attraction bio-chemicals) on the Internet to attract the opposite sex. Is the consumer-savvy Viagra age a sign of continuing love obsession?

I've played classical piano and dabbled in romanticized chalk art and I've discovered for myself that romance and love are somehow connected to self-image idealization. While the ominous story of Narcissus (a man who stared at his own image for so long he became haunted) tells us to be wary of vanity, perhaps art tells us that expressing anxieties about vanity helps us work out emotional fears regarding humility.

These allegory considerations reflect the new age symbol marketability of pursuit-focus Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Supergirl" (1984) and "Cherry 2000" (1987).

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!