God and the Problem of Evil
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feces for jesus

New York, NY

#41 Apr 9, 2010
bible teacher wrote:
<quoted text>What? I posted God is Holy. Where did I get that from? Well lets see...
Isaiah 6:3- And one called to another and said: Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!
Revelations 4:8- "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!"
I am not just posting nonsense, I post what is written in scripture. I can read for myself, I don't someone to help with that. Well like scripture declares, God is Holy.
Logically I know how to read. Dude are you all there?

words from a book must make it so
bible teacher

San Gabriel, CA

#42 Apr 9, 2010
feces for jesus wrote:
<quoted text>
words from a book must make it so
And what makes what or who you believe so?


“Search For Truth”

Since: May 08

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#43 Apr 10, 2010
JesusLovesU wrote:
<quoted text>
Being rational and judging for myself are NOT in the Bible.
Then you should never be allowed to vote my friend.

Since: Dec 09

Upland, CA

#44 Apr 10, 2010
JESUSis wrote:
<quoted text>
God didn't create morality for Adam. Indeed, if this story is to be authoritative on this issue, it seems that morality (the requirement to do good and avoid evil) is something that has an objective reality even for God. Remember what God said after Adam ate the fruit: Now that man knows the difference between good and evil he is almost like us. Man is like God in his ability to discern good from evil. According to this story, God discerns what is good because God is good at that sort of discernment.

East Lansing, MI

#45 Apr 11, 2010
Alphabet wrote:
<quoted text>
Then you should never be allowed to vote my friend.
I votes according ter what that der Bible says ter do.

San Antonio, TX

#46 Apr 16, 2010
Alphabet wrote:
<quoted text>
Again your first quote is a must for http://www.fstdt.com/
So if I present you a book that reveals you that was inspired by God, would you believe it?
There is no book like the Holy Bible, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Tell me any book written that is over 2000 years old, predicts the future through prophecy (which God gave to prove to you he is God, and he sure didn't have to give it) in which all events are unfolding exactly as described, with yet more events left to unfold here in the near future. You might inquire: "how do you know it wasn't changed in 2000 years?", check out the dead sea scrolls which verified every word was exact in it's translation to the KJV with the exception of spelling for a couple of words.

Science has only confirmed that the Bible is true. History has confirmed that the bible is true. Prophecy has confirmed that the Bible is true. What more do you need? There comes a day when unbelievers will be cast into the lake of fire. I pray you develope a relationship with Jesus and any others who don't have a relationship with Him. He truly is the author of life and salvation.
Mario A Magana

Orange, CA

#47 Mar 17, 2013
JesusLovesU wrote:
God created everything so that would include morality. So if God created morality nothing that God does or anything God condones can ever be evil.
So God says slavery is OK. God created morality. God does not lie. Therefore slavery is OK. The fact that many people even most people disagree just shows how far away our society is from God.
God also says for a rapist and his victim to marry, and says that women are subserviant to men. If God says so that's enough for me. He created morality so we should trust in him and his judgement.
GOD never says slavery is ok. However, since there were times when people had to learn that if they were slaves to sin they would become slaves of other people too, that is why GOD allowed that there would be slaves. Nevertheless, GOD always set laws to make slavery just another way of a man to live (if they had lost it all because of sin) <Exodus 22: 15-30> Also our LORD has never said that women are less than men. They are equal to men, that is why they were formed out of our rib, to be our complementing part. Our LORD has never said that women should be treated as less than men. However, our LORD has definitely made known the fact that men and women are different in nature, even though we are equal in value before the eyes of GOD we must not be confused by acts of unrighteousness, because it is Love the reason why we are alive. we must live in complete sincere love, and not seeking to dominate someone or something because there is only ONE WHO dominates everything, and that is our Loving GOD, we must live so that all our thoughts, words, and actions may show a perfect love worthy of thanksgiving to our CREATOR, bringing Glory to our LORD JESUSCHRIST
Mario A Magana

Orange, CA

#48 Mar 17, 2013
Reality Check wrote:
<quoted text>
Adam did no wrong. If there was no such thing as sin then there is no way that Adam could have known that something was wrong. Even if God said "do not eat the apple" without sin Adam didn't know that disobeying was wrong. Nor would he know that a talking snake could lie to him. In this story God set up Adam to fail by not equipping him with the ability to truly understand that what he was doing was wrong. Therefore to punish him for it would be illogical. A perfect God would not be illogical so therefore a perfect God would not have set up these rules nor the punishment in such a manner.
But of course you will not get this. To you it is already fact, no need to actually consider it. Just keep trucking along with blinders on.
GOD is Great in Love and Power, Adam did do wrong: he disobeyed the only commandment GOD had to set for us humans at that point in life, when we didn't even have to work, but our CREATOR would provide for all our needs in this beautiful garden GOD has given us all to share in love. Then after disobeying GOD, he didn't accept his fault but started blaming others for his misfortune (something sinners do always even nowadays) Adam knew that GOD, WHO had created everything around him and even him and had even brought him a perfect partner (woman) when he asked for her with a pure heart loved him, and would never say anything wrong to him. Adam knew that GOD didn't want him to eat that fruit, because then he would die <Genesis 2:15-17 The Holy Bible>. is doing something that you know for sure will kill you even debatable with those of a healthy mind? of course not, but Eve and Adam opened their hearts to the lies of evil that made eating the forbidden fruit seem not so bad. Made it some type of gray instead of black and white if you will, so they fell for the lies that sounded pleasant to their flesh (mind and body) that is why death exists in this beautiful paradise. Not only because what Adam and Eve did, but because even after our LORD JESUSCHRIST has come to show us The True Way of Living Free for a human, some still arrogantly keep disobeying GOD, and trying to get things their own way without regards for others, or sometimes even their own bodies. It has been foretold by GOD that one day all those sinners will destroy themselves with their own sins, and they will realize how wrong they were in denying the existence of GOD so they could blindly please their flesh (becoming slaves of sin) it is actually not too hard to see it all unfolding in this world, if you have eyes to see. GOD is perfect in Love, and we must always follow The Loving Commandments of GOD, because The GOD of Christianity is no human philosophy, but IS THE CREATOR of everything in Heaven and Earth revealing HIMSELF to us, so that we may find salvation from the destruction and eternal death of sin, through our LORD JESUSCHRIST not only here on Earth do the truly righteous humans (those who pray for guidance of THE HOLY SPIRIT always, and do not seek to do evil ever, those who will not even kill animals, for they know that it is cruel, and their body works much better with raw fruits and vegetables instead) they find joy always (even through difficulties) but they will inherit eternity in THE HOLY PRESENCE of THE CREATOR

Since: Jul 12

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#49 Mar 20, 2013
Thinking wrote:
I don't know how you can prove "your" god's intention regarding morals. Do as I say, not as I do, and all that...
It's called sovereignty. He can do whatever He pleases. You cannot.

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