Homosexuality, Like Short Tempers, Is...

Homosexuality, Like Short Tempers, Is Merely a Character Flaw

There are 2048 comments on the www.queerty.com story from Sep 22, 2009, titled Homosexuality, Like Short Tempers, Is Merely a Character Flaw. In it, www.queerty.com reports that:

Thems be the words of New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who's making a sport out of faith-based bigotry. The leader of America's second largest Roman Catholic diocese, who took the post in April, wasted no time jumping into the gay marriage debate. The man trafficking in flawed science is one of those "smiling bigots" you've been hearing so much about. In fact, New York magazine just dubbed him "The Archbishop of Charm" in a new piece that puts the Washington Post's lauding profile of NOM's Brian Brown to shame.

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Since: Jan 07

Phoenix AZ

#1 Sep 22, 2009
And Archbishops know all about character flaws from personal experience.

Richmond, VA

#2 Sep 22, 2009
Sexual orientation, unlike religious beliefs, is not a character trait. It is an immutable mental trait. But of course it is Godly and correct to condemn an entire group of legal citizens simply because of their sexual orientation. Yes, VERY Godly indeed. Because someones sexual orientation alone makes them a bad person. Riggggght. And of course, the Bible validates this belief. Because God hates all homosexuals.

Hmmmmm, I wonder, can someone point out to me where it says love Gods children except for those that aren't straight? Or where it says being gay in itself is a sin? Oh wait, it ISN'T in the Bible. That's right. Well, I guess we know why the Roman Catholic church is losing members in droves. Transparent hateful bigotry FTW!!!!!111!!!!!*gagging*.

Richmond, VA

#3 Sep 22, 2009
It is funny, he says that people are born gay, and that it is genetic. It is in our nature to be gay and have gay sex, and live with same-sex partners because that is who we are attracted to, and so on. Yet, we CANNOT do this because it is a "flaw". Like, we are gay yet we cannot actually BE gay. So what is it? How can someone honestly say that you are gay, but you cannot act on being gay? Do they realize how much of a contradiction that is? That is basically saying someone should deny or live as someone they AREN'T created to be. I truly wonder how if someone believes people were born to be gay/lesbian, God actually wants them to essentially not be gay/lesbian, even though this is the way He created. I mean, really? Obtuse much?

And how flippant he is about it makes my quite mad. Like, gay/lesbian people cannot help it, they were born to be destined to go to hell *rolls eyes*. There are no other options in his mind. We are bad people, simply because of our sexual orientation and how we are created. If people cannot see the ridiculousness of this argument, then I don't know what I can say to you. Because I certainly don't think God would create Hell bound people just for the heck of it.

Richmond, VA

#4 Sep 22, 2009
And really, are people who allowed as much rampant child molestation as the Catholic church did actually viable when talking about others' character? I think not. The man is basically an archaic fat guy with Nazi like beliefs. No WONDER people are leaving the Catholic church.

“Choose wisely!”

Since: Jul 07

Los Angeles

#5 Sep 22, 2009
1. His credentials on sex, sexuality and/or sexual orientation are what precisely? What is his PhD in? OH - Theology!!

2. This coming from an Archbishop? About the mote in your eye, my dear Archbishop.

3. How many molestors were you aware of? Are you not, by definition of Criminal Law, an accessory? How are you not serving time?

4. Given the 1st Amendment - by what right do you preach to any American CITIZEN who is not a member of YOUR Church. My Rabbi, my INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF RABBI'S - has no problem with my being homosexual, being a lay leader, being honored with reading the Torah! You have no authority here and indeed, over most of the nation.

Begone before a house falls on you!


Since: Jan 08

Bangkok, Thailand

#6 Sep 22, 2009
In the not to near future we will look back on people of his ilk in the same light as the Nazis and the KKK: bigots of the past.

Richmond, VA

#7 Sep 22, 2009
Also, what he just said is God is not perfect. If he believes that being gay/lesbian is a flaw, but at the same time he believes it is genetic and inborn, that means God created flawed people with a 100% inherently sinful nature. I don't think God is a spiteful or hateful God and would make people who are 100% sinful because it is His plan. And also, how does he expect someone to not be gay, if they are created genetically to be gay? It is like saying don't act on being a woman. It isn't an act, it is who someone is as a person. Like the only option he gives gay people is either be something you aren't created to be, and if God creates all that means gay people are a part of His divine plan, or basically die, because you are going to hell for the way you were created. Not too Godly, I don't think.

Alpharetta, GA

#8 Sep 22, 2009
Well, Dolan is obvously trying to out-mormon the mormons to see who can be the stupidest
The serpent was right

Fogelsville, PA

#10 Sep 22, 2009
Based on the dwindling numbers.... Being Catholic is just like getting mad, after you start to think about it, you get over it.

“Proud to be Mahu”

Since: Sep 07

Sacramento, CA

#11 Sep 22, 2009
Really, someone who is supposed to be chaste is making judgements on sexuality? Is it me or is that like someone from Oklahoma, who's never left the state, being a analyst for a surfing competition? Just STFU already, you guys have no room to throw moral stones.

“A Militant Homosexual”

Since: Jan 07

West Hollywood, California

#12 Sep 22, 2009
Christianity, like willful ignorance, is merely a form of sociopathic behavior bordering on mental illness.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Archbishop!

Since: Dec 08

Toronto, ON, Canada

#13 Sep 22, 2009
Actually, I don't think short tempers are a character flaw. Why does hot-temperedness seem to occur more frequently in some geographical areas - the Mediterranean, for example. Maybe it is genetically wired, at least in part.

United States

#14 Sep 22, 2009
WTF? Is that Archbishop a moron or what?! U can`t compare short tempers w/Homosexuality. Freakin`Idiot!
HappilyCelibatei nChrist

Miami, FL

#15 Sep 22, 2009
I think he's being too kind.

“Son of Abraham”

Since: Aug 07

Natural Deviant

#16 Sep 22, 2009
You know religion is a farce when an Archbishop tries to tell us God f*cks up so much. I guess, according to Archie, God just doesn't have the hang of creation yet...

Richmond, VA

#17 Sep 22, 2009
HappilyCelibateinChrist wrote:
I think he's being too kind.
Of course. You think all gay/lesbian people deserve to be hated and treated like lepers, denied every single right possible, and rejected from the church, because gay people CHOOSE to reject God. At the very least, even though he is a hateful POS, he believes gay/lesbian people deserve respect, some legal rights, and isn't a choice. At least he has some semblance of human decency and respect for his fellow man. Unlike you, but you are the example of someone who needs to validate your personal hate by hating the same thing you truly are and hate to be.

Richmond, VA

#18 Sep 22, 2009
HappilyCelibateinChrist wrote:
I think he's being too kind.
Oh, and he said being a homosexual is genetic. So essentially, he is saying God created homosexuals. Meaning, homosexuals are a part of His overall divine plan, because God doesn't make mistakes, true? Agree or disagree with him? Because I know some of you bigots definitely want to fight tooth and nail with anyone who says it isn't a choice, although all scientific studies show it isn't. So, do you agree, do you think people are born to be gay? I will be patiently waiting for your answer.
bfgc f hf

San Leandro, CA

#19 Sep 22, 2009
Like he would have a clue. McMike is right, either God is also clueless, "It" doesn't exist, or "It" doesn't make mistakes. If it doesn't make mistakes, then some people need to get a grip on reality and leave people alone, get out of religions that bind, torture and kill the mind or the body and learn to get over themselves.

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#20 Sep 22, 2009
Flaw?....Heterosexuality is only 'natural' because it's common and socially acceptable.

That could be an unknown flaw.

Homosexuality is just another thing people do. It's not a flaw. It just is.

Richmond, VA

#21 Sep 22, 2009
McMike wrote:
You know religion is a farce when an Archbishop tries to tell us God f*cks up so much. I guess, according to Archie, God just doesn't have the hang of creation yet...
Hahahaha. Exactly. What he pretty much has just said is God makes mistakes in His creation, he says being gay is genetic, and gay/lesbian people have been around forever and homosexuality is rampant in nature. Very interesting. I wonder how God can create something that He considers so sinful, without any opportunity to change, that He creates people 100% inherently sinful and hell bound. That certainly isn't the type of God I thought people like Tim Dolan preached about, a spiteful, hateful God. I wonder how much longer he will contradict himself.

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