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sampuna's different view

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“bungai terong”

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lantang senang belama

#1 Nov 5, 2012
I noticed a forumer from US keep posting ideas which I can see is 360 degree different from what I personally belief and uphold.

That's not a problem and to each,his own ideas. Perhaps my dear forumer,you haven't experienced living with a diverse group before, and in a nation that has gone through the darkest chapter of its own history, scarred by racism. Killings? there were,especially the 13th may 1969 of Malaysian history. Read about it online.The latest one being Kampung Rawa clashes.

Hence, as a nation,we have grown to value peace more than ever. We have come to recognize the danger of mistrust and being bias that could lead to senseless killings -that in the end would bring no good to the nation.

Growing up in such a nation,it is not a wonder that for every violent issue,I would remind fellow Buddhists of the wonderful compassionate part of the Dhamma. After all,doesn't Buddhism end in Paramam Sukham?(Supreme Happiness) Be it the nama rupa level or paratma dhamma level, factors that leads to happiness should be harnessed for a life full of blessing,exactly as taught by the Buddha in various layman specific Suttas ie Sigala Sutta, Parabhava Sutta,Dhammika Sutta & Manggala Sutta.

The difference now is I'm in a Muslim majority nation while the Myanmar in a Buddhist majority nation.Religion is the tool to bring out peace in the face of such atrocities.I am a minority so are the Rohingyas.

How did i,a minority live in peace in Muslim majority nation?Simple : the leaders have hasten national unity.And Myanmar being a Buddhist nation,I believe,should do even better in that for there's so much room for metta & karuna in our sublime religion.I hope for more peace in Rakhine,more trust between religious groups,less of calling each other names.

“bungai terong”

Since: Mar 08

lantang senang belama

#2 Nov 5, 2012
as much as this particular US based forumer would like to paint an ugly picture of 'muslims',one Bangladeshi Muslim facebooker by the name of Zakir Hossain wrote a poem entitled PLEASE FORGIVE US ! OH.. BUDDHA !! after the attack on Bangladeshi Buddhists. Try to look it out on facebook.Here's the last few lines:

The painful tragedy

Articled by Newspaper-Columnists

Furnished and decorated in Poetry

Painting, Music and drama.

In social-networks, and friend’s blogs

In the conscious-society of Bangladesh

As well as in the world.

We deeply shocked!

We beg your pardon!

We express apology to

Our Buddhist friends in Bangladesh

And around the world!

Please excuse us!

Oh! Our Buddhist friends!

Please forgive us! Please forgive us!

Peace is an eternal priority

In every religion.

Don’t worry!! Our Buddhist friends!

Billions of conscious citizens

Are with you!

We are united and committed

To protect communal-harmony

From fundamentalists hyena.

We are ready to face them!

Our oath! Our promise!

“Buddham, Saranam, Gachchami”

“Dhammam, Saranam, Gachchami”

“Sangham, Saranam, Gachchami”

Oh, Lord! Oh, Almighty!

Please forgive us!!

We pray for peaceful Bangladesh!

Let the peace messages of Lord Buddha

Move towards heart to heart,

Nation to Nation, around the world!

Please forgive us!

Please forgive us!

Please forgive us!

Hampton, VA

#3 Nov 5, 2012
sampuna wrote:
Perhaps my dear forumer,you haven't experienced living with a diverse group before,
The Us also called a " melting pot" . For you to say that I "haven't experienced living with a diverse group before " just show how clueless you are. My experience with many different groups is that people just want to get on with their lives and make a living. They are not out to traumatize the general population with atrocities like we see Muslims did to various host countries . So people of different races treat each other with respects. The Muslims made up less than 1 percent of the population. So it is not enough for them to carry out the attrocities what they carried out in other countries where they haven risen to 4 percent or more. So right now they behave in the US. Besides, US have been warned by politicians and people in the Netherlands , Britian, France, etc...

Sampuna, Buddhist minority or immigrants everywhere can live in peace with others because they don't gangrape, bomb, destroy cities in host country, murder, gang rob people in masses in countries which they are the minority. They do not demand self rule in other people's land. When it comes to Muslim minority, you can look at France , Sweden, and Burma to see the riots and atrocities they inflicted on the general population in areas which they are concentrated.

The problem can only be solved when they admit their actions and stop inverting the story to malign the people in the host countries through propaganda. Right now they are pressuring the host country to change while they themselves are getting away scathless with the crisis they inflicted on people of the country that hosted them. How do you expect reconciliation to come when they are trying to escape responsibility and maligning the victims. No one speaks up to tell the Muslims that their actions towards people in various host countries need to change .

United States

#4 Nov 5, 2012
That poor Muslim will probably end up killed by fundis similar to the attacks on Sufis and other liberal Muslims.
the vegan society

Goodman, MO

#5 Nov 5, 2012
I'd like to squeeze in here, so, excusie me, but here is a tasty quote for the juicy taste buds.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

And therefore warming you up for sampuna's tasty meals, and sampuna's loaded food disha on Thanksgiving and or tasty festival day.

"As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."
Pythagoras 582 BC – c. 496 BC often revered as a great mathematician, mystic and scientist.
the vegan society

Goodman, MO

#6 Nov 5, 2012
I love 'forum topix', unlike the other web sites and the web owners of them that censor out unwanted truthful opinions, here on 'forum topix' we all are given the opprotunity to voice our views without discrimination.
And I'm lovin it and forum topix, therefore I would like to detictate this poem in response to the other poem.


Big business flourishing, money making money
Capitalist society, buy more than you need
Pay a fourth for product, three quarters for the package
Cheers for a society built up on man's greed

Open another burger shop to keep the people happy
Never mind the slaughterhouse, give yourself a treat
Destroy rain forests, kill more cattle, people will not mind it
Cheers for a society built up on man's greed

Sponsor a clean up activity to keep the people blinded
Make them think you care for Earth, publicity you need
Give kids toys, show your clown, this will attract more families
Cheers for a society built up on man's greed

And here is another poem.

Animal Liberation Human Liberation

The parallel is obvious for those with eyes to see
For all feel the same suffering, all the same misery
The segregation of priviledged from those considered tools
The state miseducation that makes all citizens fools

Taught that dogs and cats should be treated well as pets
While in the cold laboratories same animals meet their deaths
With painful experimentation for more products to consume
A cheap way to make profits sends animals to their doom

Consider factory farms with the animals crammed inside
With no access to daylight, from human eyes they hide
No real animal welfare, this would increase the costs
They’re treated as a commodity, as just profit or loss

Consider circus animals or animals in the zoo
Slaves for your entertainment, suffer just to please you
In solitude they stay in their prison cage for months
With violence they are trained to perform unnatural stunts

Consider the tradition of killing just for fun
Where birds are shot out of the sky for the pleasure of one
A dead corpse in a showcase for one to see and boast
No matter pointless killing is murder to the most

Violence to animals leads to violence to human beings
A culture of death does not have eyes for seeing
An all inclusive world makes it better for every being

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