Introducing some concepts of GurSikhee or "Sikhism" as known to the west.

To start with, below is the Mool(root or Chief) Mantar(incantation) is the opening composition of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee on Page 1 .

"Parmatma or what we call God or Lord has countless qualities. Some major ones are mentioned in the Mool Mantar at the beginning of Japji Saheb.

(a) He is one, the one God who is present everywhere - Ek Oan(g)kaar.

(b) His name is the Truth – Satnaam. Only God and His name are for ever. Everything else in this world is short lived.

(c) He is the creator - Karta Purkh

(d) He is fearless - Nerbhau

(e) He is without enemies – Nervair. This implies He loves eveyone.

(f) Passage of time does not bring about any change in Him. He is deathless. He remains the same as He was and will remain thus - Akaal Moorat

(g) He is without birth - Ajooni. Hence He has no parents.

(h) He created His own self - Saibhan(g)

(i) We can attain Him only with the grace of the Guru, i.e. by following the Guru’s teachings -Gur Parsaad "