Atheism requires as much faith as rel...

Atheism requires as much faith as religion?

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Atheism requires as much faith as religion? bearvspuma : The only problem with this rationalization is that ita s assuming all athiests are so because theya re intelligent in the ways of science and reasoning and all people that believe in a form of god are unintelligent.

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#152607 Feb 8, 2013
Eagle12 wrote:
<quoted text>
"In short"
Short on humor,
Short on good recants,
Short on smart quips,
Short on interpersonal skills,
Short on respect,
Short in physical stature.
Just all around short.
Gimpy short.
You may find solace in the fact that you are so short on proof of god, that you are practically invisible.

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#152608 Feb 8, 2013
Langoliers wrote:
Ok so quoting Merriam-Webster is a lie? LOL. You'll have to do better then that.
Dictionaries are fantastic tools, as long as you know how to use them. I won't be exampling the words - "religion" or "faith" - since they do not apply to atheism, as you'll see.

I'm going to look at the word meaning for - atheism - since that's what is in dispute here. I'll be using the Merriam-Webster definitions, too, like you did, no?

Let's look....

Definition of ATHEISM
1 archaic : ungodliness, wickedness
2 a : a disbelief in the existence of deity b : the doctrine that there is no deity

Origin of ATHEISM
Middle French athéisme, from athée atheist, from Greek atheos godless, from a-+ theos god

You said you used Merriam-Webster for the definitions you supplied? This is what you supplied.

Langoliers wrote: Atheism
Belief that there is no Deity or Deities.
Imagine that. The definition you supplied, and that you said came from Merriam-Webster doesn't match. Let's look at this word from Merriam Webster.

You might be unaware of what it means.

Definition of DECEITFUL
: having a tendency or disposition to deceive:
a : not honest <a deceitful child>
b : deceptive, misleading <deceitful advertising>

Synonyms: crooked, fraudulent, defrauding, dishonest, double-dealing, false

^^^ That^^^ is^^^what^^^deceitful^^^means^ ^^.

Anyway, let's continue. Did you notice that the word from Merriam-Webster used the word - disbelief - in defining atheism? Disbelief is key to understanding what atheism means, and is used in defining atheism in Merriam-Webster for obvious reasons. We should look at that word in more depth.

Definition of DISBELIEF
: the act of disbelieving : mental rejection of something as untrue

Examples of DISBELIEF
She stared at him in utter disbelief.
<their story explaining their absence was met with frank disbelief>

Synonyms: incredulity, nonbelief, unbelief

Related Words: discredit, distrust, doubt, mistrust, skepticism, suspicion, uncertainty; denial, rejection, repudiation, unfaith

Notice it uses "nonbelief" and "unbelief" as synonyms, and also related words are "rejection" and "unfaith". Huh ... nonbelief and unfaith are related to - disbelief. That rules out religion or faith being a component of - atheism.

I figured we should probably look at the root meaning for the prefix - dis. This will clarify - disbelief - even further, and, what the fnck, I've got 4000 characters to burn here.

Plus, you said :
Langoliers wrote:
LOL. You'll have to do better then that.
*Then*, I guess I must, yes?


dis-/ not, not any / disbelief, discomfort, discredit, disrepair, disrespect
^^^Look^^^ at^^^ that^^^.

It means - not, not any. So, when you combine the prefix "dis", with "belief", you get, in an actual meaning, not metaphorical, allegorical, simile or parable.....


BTW the root meaning for "a" is not, without.

So, atheism means - NOT THEISM, WITHOUT THEISM.

One last definition from Merriam-Webster - the dictionary that you prefer.
I think it and "deceitful" applies to you in this instance.

Using Merriam-Webster to define the word, it's clear - atheism - isn't a belief, faith, or religion.

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#152609 Feb 9, 2013
You know Daffy I have a great idea for you and Dave.

How about instead of complaining and calling atheists rude,sadists or whatever bumbling you muster, you instead come up with better arguments? Oh and an effort to not always make a jackass out of yourself might help as well.

For all you two complain about us you sure can't get enough of us so hey step up your game eh?
Eagle12 wrote:
<quoted text>
"In short," yep that's what I'm talking about, you being short.

Howell, MI

#152610 Feb 9, 2013
i no longer have actual faith in my religion I believe it like the guy who wrongly asked god to give him powers simon..

because I have physical tangible reproducible proof..

prayer doesn't work but doing stuff to or for people that way God prolongs your life span to fulfill his prophecies is a complete reality..

prayer was never meant to work the bible said do not pray because God already knows what you want..

Howell, MI

#152611 Feb 9, 2013
if something bad happens prayer should not work because he already answered it from it happening in the first place..

Howell, MI

#152612 Feb 9, 2013
god is blackmailable through actions..

chess for instance blackmails god into prolonging your life span until you checkmate someone..

which is what the catholics used to take other people over in the name of their religion..

which was against their religion but since they blackmailed god with chess games it ain't matter..

Howell, MI

#152613 Feb 9, 2013
if it's not true then i renounce my faith because it's been reporduceable and true..

but it is true..

i'm worse than peter popoff because my miracles actually work..

Howell, MI

#152614 Feb 9, 2013
and may not even be based on God .. but other realities I just gave god the credit for the hell of it..

Howell, MI

#152615 Feb 9, 2013
so if god doesn't exist I still know how to do miracles..

Howell, MI

#152616 Feb 9, 2013
I have atheistic miracles..!!

Howell, MI

#152617 Feb 9, 2013
which i will use to purposely reincarnate myself..

Howell, MI

#152618 Feb 9, 2013
no seriously though is messed up that I can do miracles without even believing in God because I found a science behind it I guess..

Howell, MI

#152619 Feb 9, 2013
it's easier than the secret..

it requires less effort..

Howell, MI

#152620 Feb 9, 2013
don't that scare anyone that I know how to do miracles without even worrying about if God is real or not??

Howell, MI

#152621 Feb 9, 2013
it may or may not e God who cares it works..

Howell, MI

#152622 Feb 9, 2013
better and more garaunteed than prayer and more biblically validated than prayer i can validate the whole bible with 3 verses..

Howell, MI

#152623 Feb 9, 2013
it's so true that even if it wasn't true it would still be true..

Howell, MI

#152624 Feb 9, 2013
if prayer worked would that prove god if that says yes then god is real ..

but if prayer working doesn't prove god then neither does this..

Poole, UK

#152625 Feb 9, 2013
Despite the odd f**k up like you, we do OK.
Dave Nelson wrote:
<quoted text>
Hasn't seemed to work very well.


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#152626 Feb 9, 2013
Thinking wrote:
Despite the odd f**k up like you, we do OK.
<quoted text>
Dave's OK.

Just sayin

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