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No one else can say otherwise? That is basically saying those who do "believe in God" are better? Hardly.

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#6231 Nov 19, 2012
The Making of an Atheist

“Sigmund Freud famously dismissed belief in God as a psychological projection caused by wishful thinking. Today many of the “new atheists”—including Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens—make a similar claim, insisting that believers are delusional. Faith is a kind of cognitive disease, according to them. And they are doing all they can to rid the world of all religious belief and practice.

Christian apologists, from Dinesh D’Souza to Ravi Zacharias, have been quick to respond to the new atheists, revealing holes in their arguments and showing why theistic belief, and the Christian worldview in particular, is reasonable. In fact, the evidence for God is overwhelming, confirming the Apostle Paul’s point in Romans 1 that the reality of God is “clearly seen, being understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse”(Rom. 1:20, NIV).

So if the evidence for God is so plain to see, then why are there atheists? That is the question that prompted The Making of an Atheist. The answer I propose turns the tables on the new atheists, as I show that unbelief is a psychological projection, a cognitive disorder arising from willful resistance to the evidence for God. In short, it is atheists who are the delusional ones.

Unlike Dawkins and his ilk, I give an account as to how the delusion occurs, showing that atheistic rejection of God is precipitated by immoral indulgences, usually combined with some deep psychological disturbances, such as a broken relationship with one’s father. I also show how atheists suffer from what I call “paradigm-induced blindness,” as their worldview inhibits their ability to recognize the reality of God manifest in creation. These and other factors I discuss are among the various dimensions of sin’s corrupting influence on the mind.”

[RIGHT:“... unbelief is a psychological projection, a cognitive disorder arising from willful resistance to the evidence for God. In short, it is atheists who are the delusional ones.”]

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#6232 Nov 19, 2012
Category Archives: Fake Science

Century of Slander

“The first species, Homo primigenius, or the ape-man, the ancestor of all the others,
probably arose in the tropical regions of the old world from anthropoid apes. Of these
no fossil remains are as yet known to us, but they were probably akin to the gorilla
and orang of the present day. The three following woolly-haired species, and of them
the Papuan Negro mentioned next are, among living races, the nearest to Homo primigenius.
– Ernst Haeckel, Pedigree of Man, Freethought Publishing, 1883.

Indigenous peoples, especially the natives of Terra del Fuego, Papua and Australia, should hire some sharp lawyers and go after evolutionary biologists — maybe even after Darwin’s estate or Haeckel’s. You see, not only have evolutionists been heaping baseless slander on these people for over a century, they published countless science books full of slander like that, made a living off it, and furthered their careers by it.”

[“ fossil remains are as yet known to us ...”]

[Fake science, more fake Haekel.]

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#6233 Nov 19, 2012
[We will look at these examples of scientific misconduct among some of our scientists that SUPPOSEDLY are “respectable”]:

"Isaac Newton may have adjusted calculations to fit observations."
"Gregor Mendel's results with pea plants were cleaner than what is observed experimentally, indicating that he might have changed the data."
"Robert Millikan, in a research paper describing the charge of an electron, failed to mention that he eliminated some data points."
[Citations: Columbia University]
If these folks would have published today their research may have been pulled and they would have lost all credibility.
Scientific misconduct can be considered the willful ignorance of data, evidence of falsifying, skewing of data or deliberate misrepresentation of data. Scientific misconduct can also be considered the misuse of human subjects (which there are strict guidelines in place that govern the use of).”

[“If these folks would have published today their research may have been pulled and they would have lost all credibility.”- as verified by Columbia University.........which just goes to show – the old scientists (Darwin; others) are just as fake as many today.o not have the credibility some might think - lol.]

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#6234 Nov 19, 2012
From: Alliance for Human Research Protection

[The following individuals currently serve on AHRP's Board of Directors:
David Cohen, Ph.D.
Karen Effrem, M.D.
Michael Goodyear, M.D., Ph.D
Meryl Nass, M.D.
John H. Noble, Jr., Ph.D.
Sally Rogow, Ed.D.
Vera Hassner Sharav, M.L.S.
Huguette Streuli, M.L.S.]

Fraudulent Science: What's Retracted, What's Not
Saturday, 28 April 2012

Even if retracted, published clinical trial reports that misrepresent findings, withhold negative data, or make false, or unsubstantiated claims have done irreparable damage. AHRP calls upon all medical journals to adopt a publication policy requiring submission of the sponsor's formal Clinical Study Report to accompany articles about clinical trial findings.

Critics who deplore the commercialization of medical research have raised concerns about scientific fraud and misconduct that are undermining the integrity of the medical-scientific literature, and thepractice of "evidence-based medicine"--- which relies on published journal reports. Recent analyses of retractions of published peer-reviewed journal reports provide supportive evidence for those critics.

Retractions from journals are not routine occurrences--journal editors are extremely reluctant to retract articles, a tacit acknowledgment of their own gate-keeping failure--and fear of reprisals from the sponsors of those retracted trial reports. Many journals don’t even have retraction policies, and the ones that do publish critical notices of retraction long after the original paper appeared—without providing explicit information as to why they are being retracted.

Judging by analyses showing that the number of retractions during the past ten years has skyrocketed, it is reasonable to conclude that the self-regulating peer review system suffers from serious underlying defects.

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#6235 Nov 19, 2012
The earth's shape is a spheroid

Although the earth's shape is technically an ellipsoid, its major and minor axes do not vary greatly. In fact, its shape is so close to a sphere that it is often called a spheroid rather than an ellipsoid.

Although a spheroid best represents the earth's shape, the earth is sometimes treated as a sphere to make mathematical calculations easier.

[The Bible teaches the earth is a sphere too, but the Bible doesn't waste as much time babbling on and on about it as scientists do. The Bible keeps things direct and to the point, not wasting time with endless chatter about these small matters.]

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#6236 Nov 19, 2012
KJV wrote:
<quoted text>
It's nice that you feel the need to help your other friends through the piles of anti atheist articles and facts. One would think that they would know on there own by now just how to scroll.
Well I guess you know the crowd you hang with better then me. LOL
At least I don't need to tell Christians how to use their computers.
And you think you're the bright ones!
What do you call a room full of Atheist?
Atheist minorities always have to help one another, lol.

Being as they don't like my posts, why do they read them and spend hours typing all kinds of comments about them? Do they think I care? Apparently they think I read all that crap they post, lol.

I pick 2 or 3 of their short posts, reply to them, and ignore the others. It works best that way. I don't plan to waste my time "ploughing through" (as my dear friend Khatru would say) their long whining posts. I don't know them, and I've already learned long ago they have no credibility.


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#6237 Nov 19, 2012
Sometimes, at the end of the day, in irreverance to atheists, I feel it only fitting to re-post the "Atheist Prayer" - ENJOY:

Our Powers are within,
Whatever be their name.
What they have done, what still may come,
This Earth can yet be as Heaven.
Live then this day, and without dread,
And forgive your own trespasses
As you forgive those who trespass against you.
And be not led into temptation,
But flee away from evil,
For Time is the Healer,
With power to restore me,
Forever and ever, Amen.

Also found within the text at the above link:

“Can an atheist pray? Why not? I don't believe in God - at least not the God as described by the majority of theists - but I DO believe that there is plenty of evidence that we human beings can summon up powers to help us in difficult times. I don't venture to guess whether these powers are within us or outside us, but I don't think it matters what their source is, they are there. And we can benefit from them.

Those who believe in God summon up these powers by calling upon God in prayer. Those who do not believe in God use other methods - meditation, visualization, altered states of consciousness, whatever. They work for the believer, and because they sometimes work, the believer's faith is strengthened, because the prayers are answered. They work just as well for the non-believer.

I guess what I am saying is that one doesn't have to give up one's access to these powers just because one has given up belief in God. They are still there. I use them, all the time. Whereas I used to address a prayer: "Dear God, please..." I now simply place myself in a meditative state, relax, and put my feelings into words (sometimes only mentally) addressed to whoever or whatever may be listening. Even if it is only some part of my inner self, something happens to bring me peace, self-assurance, confidence. My fears are calmed, my sorrows are soothed, and I am reminded of my unassailable right to my tiny place in the universe, and that somehow everything will turn out all right in the end, or, if it doesn't, it won't really matter.”

[LMAO – a prayer “addressed to whoever or whatever may be listening”]

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#6238 Nov 19, 2012
Scrolled right past all that off topic spam as usual.

“Citizen_Patriot_ Voter_Atheist!”

Since: May 09


#6239 Nov 19, 2012
Givemeliberty wrote:
Scrolled right past all that off topic spam as usual.
Me too, it's not worth slowing down for.

“I Am No One Else”

Since: Apr 12


#6240 Nov 19, 2012
Someone wake me up when Derek starts thinking.

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#6241 Nov 19, 2012
Aerobatty wrote:
<quoted text>Christmas is for kids.

And retailers.

Might be time for you to grow up.
So being grown up one should not believe in or celebrate Christmas?

Let me remind you if some numbers dealing with grown ups!

2.3% what a joke your religion is!

You claim all humans are born atheist.
Ok that means at one time you had 100% of the human population. The current percentage of the world population is at 2.3%.

That means that 97.7% of your congregation has left your faith!!

WTF is wrong with you guys?
Do you realize how many people that is?

Man your not just losing them at that rate there running from you! LMFAO

United States

#6242 Nov 19, 2012
Aerobatty wrote:
<quoted text>Christmas is for kids.

And retailers.

Might be time for you to grow up.

Oh and this my Grinchy little one.

A survey published in the 2005 Encyclopedia Britannica stated that 2.3% of the world's population consists of individuals who profess "atheism, skepticism, disbelief, or irreligion, including the militantly antireligious." In regards to the 2.3% figure just mentioned, the 2005 survey cited by Encyclopedia Britannica survey did not include Buddhist in regards to the 2.3% figure and Buddhism can be theistic or atheistic."


"Another survey attributed to Britannica shows the population of atheists at around 2.4% of the world's population.[citation needed] It is difficult to determine whether atheism is growing or not"

Wikipedia :

"2005 poll by AP/Ipsos surveyed ten countries. Of the developed nations, people in the United States were most sure of the existence of God or a higher power (2% atheist, 4% agnostic)"

Wikipedia :

"According to one estimate, atheists make up about 2.3% of the world's population"

"In 2007, a Pew Forum survey found that the atheist population in the United States was 1.6% of the American population."

"Global atheism is shrinking and demographic changes in the United States and the world are expected to shrink the influence of American secularism.
In 2012, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary reported that globally every day there are 800 less atheists per day, 1,100 less non-religious (agnostic) people per day and 83,000 more people professing to be Christians per day.
In 2011, the American Spectator declared concerning research published in the International Bulletin of

Missionary Research:
The report estimates about 80,000 new Christians every day, 79,000 new Muslims every day, and 300 fewer atheists every day. These atheists are presumably disproportionately represented in the West, while religion is thriving in the Global South, where charismatic Christianity is exploding."

United States

#6244 Nov 19, 2012
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>ok. Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

I didnt read your spam :)
We know!

Kids usually learn to read in first grade.
You'll get there some day.

See Spot Run!

Run Spot Run.

United States

#6245 Nov 19, 2012
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>Excellent. Thank you kindly for that, now bookmarked.

Too bad, Derek. It looks like your church isn't just bleeding, it's bleeding out. I couldn't be more encouraged.

And it's no great feat to extrapolate the arc of that trajectory from Reagan through Obama to a future where the church is irrelevant in the public arena. That would mean more than just politically irrelevant. It includes them having no say over what people are decent or how anybody ought to behave. I'm tired of being successfully defined as untrustworthy and morally unfit because Jesus says so.
Hmmm look at these numbers!

2.3% of all atheist retrain their believes
The rest wake up.

United States

#6246 Nov 19, 2012
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>Derek demonstrates the monumental hatred and ignorance which appears to be prerequisite if you're going to become one of the many self-appointed ambassadors for his divinity of doubt.

While we value science and learning, Derek eschews it in favour of superstitious mumbo jumbo.

Poor Derek, a life destroyed by ju-ju.
You atheist do this all the time it's expected! Nothing new. You're all to dense to try and come up with a be ploy
So you just use the same old tired one!

I wonder do you actually retype these messages or cut and past from old post?

I cut and past the same responses to your same stupid questions. I have them all set aside because you're all so predictable and have nothing new!

United States

#6247 Nov 19, 2012
Aerobatty wrote:
<quoted text>They've blown up a few abortion clinics.
Oh and don't forget we started WWII

United States

#6248 Nov 19, 2012
MrDesoto1 wrote:
<quoted text>Not to mention a few Black Churches during their biblically justified segregation years of the 50's and 60's.
And we've burn men to death for acting the way you do! LOL

Anyone got a match?

United States

#6249 Nov 19, 2012
KittenKoder wrote:
<quoted text>That's the same as saying you make it up as you go, exactly the same thing actually.

When something is left to interpretation it is inherently nothing more than fables, and cannot be asserted as fact. You actually degrade your bible more by saying that it needs interpretation, because you are also admitting you chose your particular christian religion just because you liked it, and that the book is not based on fact but it is nothing more than a means to an end.
More word twisting by mother "Can't add anything real"

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#6250 Nov 19, 2012
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>Christian hypocrisy wasn't a factor in my apostasy simply because it wasn't apparent from within. It was the bible itself combined with the failure of the god to deliver on its promises that led me to realize that Jehovah-Jesus was a mythological character, and to correct my mistake.

Your hypocrisy is now quite apparent, and serves as a continual reminder of the damage that your faith does to people, and that I made a good decision to extricate myself from it. Just look at you.
Good to hear of it.
I'm glad you left the club.
I'm sure with people the likes of you some day you just might retain 3%
Of atheists.

United States

#6251 Nov 19, 2012
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>This is why you get mocked. Where is the hypocrisy there? It is un-American to use the government to promote religion.

derek4 wrote, "“But more often than naught, atheists focus much of the holiday humbug towards any public displays of Christmas and nativity scenes.""

Wrong again. Feel free to put Santa, Frosty, Rudolph and the elves all over your personal property and businesses. Just keep it off of our common property.

Please note that the word "public" has several meanings.

[1] One means out in the open and seen by others, as in the phrase "out in public" or "public nudity." In this sense, public displays are fine.

[2] Another refers to the government, such as "public sector"and "public property." It is in this last sense that "public displays" are illegal.

[3] For completeness sake, we might note that another refers to the people collectively, as in "public parking," "the public domain," or "public opinion." One special usage in this category means supported by taxes and contributions rather than through advertising, such as "public television."

Your thinking is not rigorous enough. Plus, you need a better dictionary. That's the wrong "naught." The phrase is "more often than not."
BS. You're so full of it! LOL

Are you still waiting on the great pumpkin?

You know what 100,000 Atheist at the bottom of the ocean is?

A good start!

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