Don't dictate beliefs

Don't dictate beliefs

There are 11177 comments on the The Star Press story from Sep 5, 2012, titled Don't dictate beliefs. In it, The Star Press reports that:

No one else can say otherwise? That is basically saying those who do "believe in God" are better? Hardly.

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“Life may be sweeter for this”

Since: Nov 08


#6215 Nov 19, 2012
derek4 wrote:
Who cares what you think, really?
One reason I post from sources I link to (instead of just offering my own opinions) is because ...
you can't conceive, organize or articulate an opinion.
derek4 wrote:
the material I find offers a variety of opinions that represent the points I wish to make, or a different point than am making, in which case I explain along with the link.
When you comment on the content of the post, you indicate that you don't generally understand it:

"Did you even read this before you recopied it?... I'm convinced that you're illiterate."
derek4 wrote:
All of it's just blah, blah, blah on a page, which I skim and skip.
Of course you do, Ginger. Good dog!:

“Life may be sweeter for this”

Since: Nov 08


#6216 Nov 19, 2012
derek4 wrote:
From an atheist:
“Many Atheists are Hypocrites about Morality”
“During the Q&A following my talk at UCSD, a young Christian woman asked,“Without God, how can you have any morality?”
The mostly skeptical audience laughed, as if it was a stupid question. Geez, not that again.
Well, it’s not a stupid question. Is a very good, important, difficult question.
I reminded the audience that many atheistic philosophers agree with the assumption of her question. They agree that without God there are no objective moral facts. In fact, one-third of philosophers think there are no objective moral facts. That’s no laughing matter.”
And here's a perfect example of you not understanding what you posted. There is no connection between the nonexistence of objective morality in the universe, and humanist morality, which is the most evolved moral code in the known universe. All ethical systems are anthropogenic, and philosophers understand that.

And the statement that, "many atheistic philosophers agree with the assumption of her question" is an obvious lie. I doubt that even most Christian philosophers agree with that.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

Since: Nov 08


#6217 Nov 19, 2012
derek4 wrote:
The Bitter Fruits of Atheism “Not only does atheistic evolution devalue human life, it also ...
"Kill them all, God will recognize his own." - Cistercian church leader Arnald-Amalric, 1208, when asked by the Crusaders what to do with the citizens of Beziers who were a mixture of Catholics and Cathars

From :

"Amalric’s infamous quotation was updated during the Vietnam War, when the saying “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” became popular among American special forces troops. This “witticism” was put on unofficial military patches, pins and t-shirts that are now sold as “collectibles” on eBay (see photo). More recently, American troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan updated the saying again in the form:“Kill ‘em all. Let Allah sort ‘em out."

Isn't Christian respect for life a beautiful thing! You come by it honestly, though. Your god is a genocidal psychopath. Just ask the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites, Midianites, Ammonites, Horims, Canaanites, Moabites, Philistines, the people of Og, the people of Ai, the people of Makkedah, the people of Libnah, the people of Sodom, the people of Gomorrah, the people of Gezer, the people of Eglon, the people of Hebron, the people of Goshen, the people of Hormah, the people of Gaza, the people of Askelon, the people of Ekron, the people of Bethshemesh, all the hosts of Sisera, and virtually all life on earth at the time of Noah.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

Since: Nov 08


#6218 Nov 19, 2012
derek4 wrote:
Can The Atheist Be Moral?[hahahaha]
“Having the benefit of the Bible and the ten commandments as a guide, I struggle to see where the atheist might get his morality
Dude. Your commandment to not steal? You stole it from the Jews.

Christian ethics are inadequate. The first forty percent of your Ten Commandments is dedicated to feeding your god's enormous ego. They're all about him and his endless need.

And ours make your look even more ridiculous. Your Ten Commandments don't even mention such ethical ideals as justice, compassion, tolerance, helping the weak and disadvantaged, egalitarianism, democracy, freedom, integrity, or courage. Instead, one is dedicated to honoring your parents.

GTFOOH with your shabby "ethics." Obedience under threat of eternal torture isn't ethical behavior anyway.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

Since: Nov 08


#6219 Nov 19, 2012
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Your posts are full of judgment and lacking in compassion. Yes, you have been busted for being a false christian.
How's he a false Christian? He embodies the philosophy that I'm most accustomed to reading from a Christian. He's just more outspoken than most. They know that they are despised. They expect it. It's a point of pride with them :

Matthew 5:11 "Blessed are you when men revile you"

Brecht, Belgium

#6220 Nov 19, 2012
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
You didn't make a language mistake (with the word "carol"). The troll did.He lied to you. Don't ever take his word for anything.
Yeah I know, I really should've looked up the definition myself, stupid mistake.

Still I think I'm done answering his spam posts. I was under the mistaken impression that people that post on a forum want to debate others, silly me, but since Derek has kindly corrected this view I can now safely put his posts into the tl;dr category.

It's interesting to see how upset he gets about me teaching children though. I mean, that really sets him off. I don't personally get why me being an atheist makes me unqualified to teach adolescents Dutch grammar, but I'm sure Derek has an explanation for that. I'm also sure it makes perfect sense, in his head.

I'd rather forgotten how angry and spiteful these christians are. I don't get why though, I mean they believe they are the special, chosen people, shouldn't that make them happy?

United States

#6221 Nov 19, 2012
derek4 wrote:
Let's see what this brainy atheist says about Christmas:

“I'm a bad atheist”

“I have never been religious. Not even when I was young and going to church every Sunday. It just never clicked. I guess I viewed the stories, from the bible, as fairy tales or just a story. It has really just been recently that I would even say that I am an atheist. But really, I have always been atheist, just considered myself as non religious.

I guess I am a bad atheist. I celebrate Christmas. Christmas has just been a time to celebrate family, the home, the traditions. I have my family over every Christmas Eve, we open presents on Christmas morning. It is low keyed celebration. I don't put the tree up until a week before Christmas. There are a few lights outside. I don't exhaust myself trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Something for the kids, parents, spouse. This might be more because of my years in retail, than religion.

I feel it more of a time of year to reflect on all people, the events, the love of mankind.”

[An airhead hypocritical atheist who doesn't believe in God, but celebrates Christmas. Why should Christmas to an atheist be a “time of year to reflect on all people, the events, the love of mankind”?- why?- because Jesus and the Bible represent those things? The Jesus and Bible he / she does not believe in?]

You know Derek you would make a good carpenter because you hit the nail right on the head every time.

And then you have Bobby "Skippy" who takes his patents to church every week and is to weak in the knees that he can't tell his parents that they're nut for worshiping their " Ski pixie " then later in the day he drive Downtown to hook up with 16 year old little boys.

What a Creep!

United States

#6222 Nov 19, 2012
Givemeliberty wrote:
I see more off topic spam from our spambot loser.

Fair warning get your scroll wheel ready.
It's nice that you feel the need to help your other friends through the piles of anti atheist articles and facts. One would think that they would know on there own by now just how to scroll.
Well I guess you know the crowd you hang with better then me. LOL

At least I don't need to tell Christians how to use their computers.

And you think you're the bright ones!

What do you call a room full of Atheist?


Since: Mar 11

Scottsburg, IN

#6223 Nov 19, 2012
No just reiterating what everyone does with his repetitive off topic spam. Hell the reject who has already admitted to going to nursing homes to date patients posts the same nonsense over and over.

Guess what? Not a single spam copy and paste of his shows a shred of proof for deities so they in no way shape or form negate atheism. That being said there is no reason to read a single one. The granny licker can't even word his own opinion!


What do you call a room full of theists?

A combined 100 IQ

KJV wrote:
<quoted text>
It's nice that you feel the need to help your other friends through the piles of anti atheist articles and facts. One would think that they would know on there own by now just how to scroll.
Well I guess you know the crowd you hang with better then me. LOL
At least I don't need to tell Christians how to use their computers.
And you think you're the bright ones!
What do you call a room full of Atheist?

Since: Nov 11

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#6224 Nov 19, 2012
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Your posts are full of judgment and lacking in compassion. Yes, you have been busted for being a false christian.
So you recognize that you're in need of compassion. Good, that's a start in the right direction.

Since: Nov 11

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#6225 Nov 19, 2012
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Our lives are not meaningless. We each give ourselves meaning to our lives as we see fit.
Keep trying to convince yourself, lol. Say it long enough and you'll believe it.

Since: Nov 11

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#6226 Nov 19, 2012
Khatru wrote:
<quoted text>
It's a sorry state of affairs when the best argument you have is mythology.
So you admit the best argument you have is Darwin's mythology and fraudulent science. I can see why you would see yourself in a sorry state of affairs. Thanks for admitting it.

Since: Nov 11

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#6227 Nov 19, 2012
Allegiance to God or to one man-made religion?

“It is estimated that 25 percent of the Bible is predictive in nature. Some prophecies have been fulfilled and some appear to be future to their time and, perhaps, to our time as well. To interpret the prophecies in the Bible one must do so with fear and trembling. We live in completely different times, rapidly changing culture, and in a modern technological civilization. Are biblical prophecies intended to give clues to future events?


While there is no evidence from Scripture that Iran will strike a nuclear blow to Israel or the US, Scripture implies that the end times conditions are present in the 21st century. Israel has been brought back into the “promised land” and is a sovereign state. Jerusalem remains the center of prophecy and modern controversy. An Iranian nuclear attack on Israel would set the world on a course closely related to biblical descriptions of the events of the end times.

The Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel describes a dictator called Gog (often associated with Russia) who will form a military coalition with Iran, Sudan, Libya, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian countries in “the last days”(Ezekiel 38:16). Could this be a reference to modern day events in the Middle East? While it is impossible to say for sure, the biblical prophecies refer to wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, and famines. All of which are common news features today.

The passages generally associated with this event are: Zechariah 14:2-4 2I will gather all the nations to fight against Jerusalem. The city will be taken, the houses looted, and the women raped. Half the population will be taken into captivity, and the rest will be left among the ruins of the city. 3 Then the LORD will go out to fight against those nations, as he has fought in times past. 4 On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. And the Mount of Olives will split apart, making a wide valley running from east to west. Half the mountain will move toward the north and half toward the south.(Living Bible Translation)

Rev 16:12-17 12 Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great Euphrates River, and it dried up so that the kings from the east could march their armies toward the west without hindrance. 13 And I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs leap from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits who work miracles and go out to all the rulers of the world to gather them for battle against the Lord on that great judgment day of God the Almighty. 15 “Look, I will come as unexpectedly as a thief! Blessed are all who are watching for me, who keep their clothing ready so they will not have to walk around naked and ashamed.” 16 And the demonic spirits gathered all the rulers and their armies to a place with the Hebrew name Armageddon. 17 Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air. And a mighty shout came from the throne in the Temple, saying,“It is finished!”(LBT)

[50 years ago, few in America would have thought Israel would be at the forefront of today's news. But they should have, because the Bible told us over 2000 years ago.]

Since: Nov 11

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#6228 Nov 19, 2012
Geopolitics and Bible Prophecy

“What does the world’s largest natural gas company, a tiny Jewish nation in the Middle East, and an ancient Bible prophecy all have in common? We’re not quite sure yet, but recent headlines indicate there’s something awry off Israel’s coast.

...“Russia will lead a coalition of nations into the mountains of Israel for the purposes of “spoil and plunder”(Ezekiel 38:12 NASV). God draws the invaders into Israel, but He uses the wealth of Israel to do it.

This leaves us with a very important question: What does Israel have that Russia wants? God only knows what this future plunder will be, but there are many plunder-worthy things Israel has that Russia would like to own.

First, Israel is a strategic gem in the Middle East. Situated along the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, Israel has access to two very important waterways. Throughout history, anyone controlling the tiny strip of land, formerly known as the Levant, controlled the region. Israeli Ports such as Haifa and Eilat would instantly give Russia access to the world’s most important oil-rich waterways.

Secondly, Israel is of inestimable worth politically. Sacred to three of the world’s most influential religions, Israel has been the coveted prize of countless zealots, armies, and empires. Securing Jerusalem for Islam would give Russia endless clout in the Muslim world. Russia’s Iranian pals would shower endless praise on the great Slavic conquerors.”

Since: Nov 11

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#6229 Nov 19, 2012
“Atheists are quick to point out that throughout history large numbers of people were killed in the name of Religion; but they fail to mention the countless millions who were killed by leaders who were driven by a hatred for God and Religion.

Joseph Stalin, Atheist: 20 million plus dead
Mao-Tse-Tung, Atheist: 40 million plus dead
Pol Pot, Atheist: 2 million dead
Kim-Il-Sung, Atheist: 5 million dead
Fidel Castro, Atheist: 1 million dead

“The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, published by Harvard University Press, is the work of eleven scholars that ignited a continental firestorm when it first hit bookstores in France in 1997. The authors estimate the century’s death toll at the hands of Communist governments (excluding wars) at 100 million people.”

Since: Nov 11

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#6230 Nov 19, 2012
MADALYN MURRAY O’HAIR (Atheist leader)

(From Playboy Interview)

PLAYBOY: How many lovers have you had, if you don’t mind our asking?

MURRAY:… I’ve had five affairs, all of them real wingdings.

PLAYBOY: Would you call yourself an advocate of free love?

MURRAY: I’d describe myself as a sexual libertarian — but I’m not a libertine.“To each his own” is my motto. If anybody wants to engage in any kind of sexual activity with any consenting partner, that is their business. I don’t feel that I can sit in judgment on them, or that society can sit in judgment on them. And my sex life is peculiarly my own. I will engage in sexual activity with a consenting male any time and any place I d–n well please.”

[LOL – right, Madalyn, just do it on the porch or in the road – how about the supermarket aisle? Way to go at raising your kids, Madalyn – no wonder you lost one of them – what would he want with a momma who just does every man in town?]

Since: Nov 11

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#6231 Nov 19, 2012
The Making of an Atheist

“Sigmund Freud famously dismissed belief in God as a psychological projection caused by wishful thinking. Today many of the “new atheists”—including Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens—make a similar claim, insisting that believers are delusional. Faith is a kind of cognitive disease, according to them. And they are doing all they can to rid the world of all religious belief and practice.

Christian apologists, from Dinesh D’Souza to Ravi Zacharias, have been quick to respond to the new atheists, revealing holes in their arguments and showing why theistic belief, and the Christian worldview in particular, is reasonable. In fact, the evidence for God is overwhelming, confirming the Apostle Paul’s point in Romans 1 that the reality of God is “clearly seen, being understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse”(Rom. 1:20, NIV).

So if the evidence for God is so plain to see, then why are there atheists? That is the question that prompted The Making of an Atheist. The answer I propose turns the tables on the new atheists, as I show that unbelief is a psychological projection, a cognitive disorder arising from willful resistance to the evidence for God. In short, it is atheists who are the delusional ones.

Unlike Dawkins and his ilk, I give an account as to how the delusion occurs, showing that atheistic rejection of God is precipitated by immoral indulgences, usually combined with some deep psychological disturbances, such as a broken relationship with one’s father. I also show how atheists suffer from what I call “paradigm-induced blindness,” as their worldview inhibits their ability to recognize the reality of God manifest in creation. These and other factors I discuss are among the various dimensions of sin’s corrupting influence on the mind.”

[RIGHT:“... unbelief is a psychological projection, a cognitive disorder arising from willful resistance to the evidence for God. In short, it is atheists who are the delusional ones.”]

Since: Nov 11

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#6232 Nov 19, 2012
Category Archives: Fake Science

Century of Slander

“The first species, Homo primigenius, or the ape-man, the ancestor of all the others,
probably arose in the tropical regions of the old world from anthropoid apes. Of these
no fossil remains are as yet known to us, but they were probably akin to the gorilla
and orang of the present day. The three following woolly-haired species, and of them
the Papuan Negro mentioned next are, among living races, the nearest to Homo primigenius.
– Ernst Haeckel, Pedigree of Man, Freethought Publishing, 1883.

Indigenous peoples, especially the natives of Terra del Fuego, Papua and Australia, should hire some sharp lawyers and go after evolutionary biologists — maybe even after Darwin’s estate or Haeckel’s. You see, not only have evolutionists been heaping baseless slander on these people for over a century, they published countless science books full of slander like that, made a living off it, and furthered their careers by it.”

[“ fossil remains are as yet known to us ...”]

[Fake science, more fake Haekel.]

Since: Nov 11

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#6233 Nov 19, 2012
[We will look at these examples of scientific misconduct among some of our scientists that SUPPOSEDLY are “respectable”]:

"Isaac Newton may have adjusted calculations to fit observations."
"Gregor Mendel's results with pea plants were cleaner than what is observed experimentally, indicating that he might have changed the data."
"Robert Millikan, in a research paper describing the charge of an electron, failed to mention that he eliminated some data points."
[Citations: Columbia University]
If these folks would have published today their research may have been pulled and they would have lost all credibility.
Scientific misconduct can be considered the willful ignorance of data, evidence of falsifying, skewing of data or deliberate misrepresentation of data. Scientific misconduct can also be considered the misuse of human subjects (which there are strict guidelines in place that govern the use of).”

[“If these folks would have published today their research may have been pulled and they would have lost all credibility.”- as verified by Columbia University.........which just goes to show – the old scientists (Darwin; others) are just as fake as many today.o not have the credibility some might think - lol.]

Since: Nov 11

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#6234 Nov 19, 2012
From: Alliance for Human Research Protection

[The following individuals currently serve on AHRP's Board of Directors:
David Cohen, Ph.D.
Karen Effrem, M.D.
Michael Goodyear, M.D., Ph.D
Meryl Nass, M.D.
John H. Noble, Jr., Ph.D.
Sally Rogow, Ed.D.
Vera Hassner Sharav, M.L.S.
Huguette Streuli, M.L.S.]

Fraudulent Science: What's Retracted, What's Not
Saturday, 28 April 2012

Even if retracted, published clinical trial reports that misrepresent findings, withhold negative data, or make false, or unsubstantiated claims have done irreparable damage. AHRP calls upon all medical journals to adopt a publication policy requiring submission of the sponsor's formal Clinical Study Report to accompany articles about clinical trial findings.

Critics who deplore the commercialization of medical research have raised concerns about scientific fraud and misconduct that are undermining the integrity of the medical-scientific literature, and thepractice of "evidence-based medicine"--- which relies on published journal reports. Recent analyses of retractions of published peer-reviewed journal reports provide supportive evidence for those critics.

Retractions from journals are not routine occurrences--journal editors are extremely reluctant to retract articles, a tacit acknowledgment of their own gate-keeping failure--and fear of reprisals from the sponsors of those retracted trial reports. Many journals don’t even have retraction policies, and the ones that do publish critical notices of retraction long after the original paper appeared—without providing explicit information as to why they are being retracted.

Judging by analyses showing that the number of retractions during the past ten years has skyrocketed, it is reasonable to conclude that the self-regulating peer review system suffers from serious underlying defects.

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