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Sad fact

Schaumburg, IL

#21 Jan 5, 2009
Is that when people(like Easy) get it into their head that everything has to be black and white, that there never can be a middle ground in which a realisitc compromise can be arrived at.

So they poke fun at the people whose culture they profess to understand. If anyone does not agree with their point of view, then they under the pretext of education, beat down the very thought of intergrating the cultures in a way that compliments both.

Anyone on either side who dares try is damned before begining.

And as for assuming that I align myself with the mentality of the western culture belief of saving a group through force or that I come from a wealthy, spoiled background certainly does not know or even begin to understand who I am and what my belief systems are based on.

I am not missing the point at all. Read the posts and decide for yourself whether or not I am.

And in the meantime, I repeat myself. Don't hate. It just wastes time and produces nothing. If you truely think yourself educated and in line with a broad way of thought process, then why are you not creatively looking for a solution rather than compounding or magnifying minute problems?
some common sense

Lititz, PA

#22 Jan 6, 2009
Reading it again wrote:
"If they look to "our courts and laws" to solve their problems, how can they argue that any of their exemptions are necessary?"
Hey Easy, Last time I looked, it was their court system too. They are American citizens. Just in case you forgot.(again)

Yes it is their America too.. but they want to be exempt from many of it's requirements (such as higher education, child labor laws, the draft, jury duty). Their reasoning is that they are separate and apart from the world. If they start using lawsuits and courts in order to get something then they can no longer claim to be separate and apart.
If you don't want to abide by the government's statutes... then you can't have the government fight your battles for you.

Who Started it

Athens, PA

#23 Jan 7, 2009

Who went out there and nailed the Amish and dragged them into the court system?
I am sure they didn't wake up one day and say "Hey, let's pick a fight with government and see where it leads."
Your arguement doesn't hold water......

Philadelphia, PA

#24 Jan 7, 2009
Who Started it wrote:
Who went out there and nailed the Amish and dragged them into the court system?
I am sure they didn't wake up one day and say "Hey, let's pick a fight with government and see where it leads."
Your arguement doesn't hold water......
From my perspective, that's precisely what they did! This is so blatantly "of their choosing" it's pathetic!

This particular sect is especially prone to schisms. Schisms among the Amish come about because they can't agree on what the ordnung should be. That tells us one thing, that it's (the ordnuung) not set in stone.

So that would suggest that some minute adjustments could be made, right?

Let's face it, complying with code doesn't require them to shave off their beards and move in with Paris Hilton, now does it?


Watertown, NY

#25 Jan 19, 2009
For all of you out of state residents, I am currently a member of northern New York. And I actually am in Greg And Molly's daily. I am always greated with smiles from the friendly staff. And I completely agree with Mr. Caron. Greg and Molly's is bought and paid for with hard earned money. It is Mr. Caron's property and he has the right to do whatever what he may wish with it.
The "Shed" out back of the store is always stocked with food and provides shelter. It has also been there for going on a few years. Mr. Caron didn't ask Mr. Yoder for anything ASAP.
As for the shopping carts, Greg and Molly's is a quaint general store in a small town. It is not a P&C, Hannafords, or a Wal*Mart. There is no need for shopping carts or much room either.
Coincidently as it seems I was in Greg And Molly's earlier today where I happened to run into atleast 10 Amish men, women, and their children. Whom were all over the store making it difficult to get what I needed. As they do not use electrcity they seemed very familiar with changing the cable channels in the dining area, in which they sit and wait for their public transport bus. They also seemed very familiar with indoor plumbing as they were in and out of the restrooms.
I was under the impression Mr. Caron asked the Amish to clean up after their horses for 4 years. Hence the bucket and the shovel that was beside the garage.
And also the Amish that are trying to fight getting building permits in, I believe Morristown? They are in New York, Everyone else follows New York laws, If you would like to be accepted and treated fairly, Shouldnt you abide by the laws? What makes them so special that they can be excluded? These building permits are for their safety, for their children's saftey. What parent in their right mind would put their family in jeporady?
I have also heard at the age of 16 an Amish can decide if they would like to leave the family and live as anyone else would. Such as Christian, Catholic, Etc. So how about.. my 15 year old sister who's birthday is coming up in a month, Can she decide she wants to be Amish? Can she not pay attention to the laws, pay taxes, or have to listen to a board member of the town she lives in when it comes to inspections and building codes?
Maybe Mr. Caron should not have put the sign up i n his window, Maybe it was asking for publicity. But last I knew, I was free to do what I wished on my own property. This is Mr. Caron's property, He is not asking the Amish to not come into the store. He is simply asking they not be in the paved parking area. Where there are always vehicles coming and going. The horses are actually much safer out back out of traffics way, where they will not be hit or in the way of delivery trucks. Especially when the Amish leave their horses there for hours on end.
This is not a discrimination issue. It is very civil. If the Amish had a problem with it they would stop coming into the store everyday, Wouldnt they?

Altoona, PA

#26 Jan 20, 2009
Hey Caron
Your a jerk.Close your store if you dont want anyones business.Amish are cool they aint no different then any one else

United States

#27 Jan 20, 2009
BObo wrote:
Hey Caron
Your a jerk.Close your store if you dont want anyones business.Amish are cool they aint no different then any one else
Greg Caron has filled your head with lies.

Watch the documentary "First Amendment" and see Caron on the movie. You'll hear the truth about his lies!
troutman down the road

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#28 Feb 20, 2009
You jackasses don't get it,... G&M have pissed off many hard working non-Amish folks in this area as well-- cursing at a 10 year old boy and mother for a beef G had with the husbands employer, this is an example of a real story. I share a property line with a “Yoder” family, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for their CHOICE of life-style. If I asked Mr. Yoder to pick up dog shit in my yard, I’d think there would be a brigade of Amish on the way,…. G&M are ass-wipes of this area; I will never buy their cheap gas or whored shit.

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