Amish location in Canada, Ontario


#23 Sep 21, 2008
Wheres all the amish up here i am interested to at least talk with them.
Jake Siemens

Edmonton, Canada

#24 Nov 3, 2008
Hi: There is now a small amish colony that have settled in Manitoba, near a small town called Gladstone. I have been there and seen the horses and buggies. They only moved in there about 2 years ago
Maria wrote:
I'm a student from Spain, Catalonia. I'm 17 and I'm coming to Canada on July 7th.
I'm doing a kind of research work about the amish bc last summer I visited Canada and I saw amish people with their "buggys". I was fascinated.
I would like to know if anybody knows where I could find a place where Amish live in Ontario, Canada....I know they don't like to be visited so I only want to know for try it.
It is very important for me...
(I'm sorry if I've commited mistakes in this comment, I'm not english):D

Goderich, Canada

#25 Dec 21, 2008
Hi Jake. Those Amish you talk about are actually a break away group of Old Order Gorrie Mennonites. They hail from near Holyrood Ontario and are led by a notorious pedophile and sexual deviant named Enos Bauman. What he has done out there is akin to a cult. He truly is a warped bastard. Hope this gives you some insight. Take care. You can E-mail me at [email protected] for more follow up.
michael h

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Jan 12, 2009
Hi Jake :) Yes, Jesus did teach (not us :)) some very powerful things
about "first birth" and "second birth" and "THESE are my mother
brothers sister" and "to the CONTRARY, blessed is he that"... and "a
HUNDRED mothers brothers and sisters." So, when the SECOND birth is
given the priority by the Maker of Life and Savior of souls, it's
pretty important that we embrace what HE said about it, and also
respond, of course, to lukewarmness and love of the world the way HE
does, if we are actually connected to the Head. I'm sure you know your
Bible well enough to know those Verses, even if you haven't actually
witnessed Acts 2:26-47 Jesus-Life yet.

Now, having said that, OF COURSE to be "worse than an infidel" by not
caring with ultimate responsibility for wife and offspring is NOT what
Jesus advocated. But, the Bible doesn't offer us "either-or" choices.
GOD wants BOTH because He SAID both.:)

Frankly, if we do it JESUS' WAY, we've actually had ZERO divorces in
25 years, though the religious world's statistical average means we
"should" have had TWENTY or THIRTY or more divorces. And, likewise
with the "christian youth group" average in the church world of losing
"75%" (according to Barna and Graham and Promise Keepers and other
researchers). Doing it GOD'S way ("a hundred mothers brothers sisters"
AND not being "worse than an infidel") results in 95% fewer "teen
tragedies" than christendom ADMITS to on average.

All of that to say, as JESUS did (not us :))-- "Seek FIRST the
Kingdom, and all these things shall be added to you as well." God's
ways are amazing, though they will (as the Rich Young Ruler and the
Pearl Merchant discovered) cost you EVERYTHING.:)

It's a great question, honestly. I just think you would LOVE to have
Ruth and Esther and Priscilla and Mary and Mary and Mary all involved
with your wife and your marriage and your children every day, as well
as Paul and Peter and John and David and Moses and Fred and Apollos
and Daniel and Oscar involved in your life and marriage and children
every day. Eph.4:11-17 isn't about SERMONS, it's about relationships.
Acts 2:42-47, 1Cor.12, Heb.3:13... SO many things ignored by
Christendom, thinking it won't matter. But, the benefits of those
relationships listed in Eph.4:11-17, Heb.3:12-14, 1Cor.12 etc are
STAGGERING. How could THAT list not help your marriage and child-
rearing?:) Much more could be said, but there's a start.:)

Grace and Kindness to you in the Lamb,

-mike, with the church here

On Oct 3, 2008, at 6:33 AM, Jake Siemens wrote:


Just a question concerning blood families. I realize you teach that we
have all been adopted into Kingdom of God and he is our Father and as
Jesus said we now have 100 brother, sisters, mothers and lands. My
question is how do you live this out in practicality? Being together
as much as you are, where do you find time to love your wife as
Christ loved the church? What about keeping the heart of your own
children if now instead of 3 children I have about 60 along with every
other father in our congregation. I am being very challenged and
blessed reading many of the books on your site and listening to many
of the teachings but I haven't seen this addressed very specifically
yet. It seems to me that God does put more emphasis on my relationship
with my one flesh wife and our own offspring?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

For His Names Sake,

Bro Jake Siemens
For His Names Sake,

Bro Jake Siemens

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#28 Aug 24, 2009
Amish people live in Ami, duh.
Roger R

Port Angeles, WA

#29 Aug 25, 2009
One of the things that I find so fascinating about the Amish is their practice of Rumspringa, literally "running around." The Amish believe that one can only join the church as an adult. So they permit their youngsters to check out the "English" world, the devil's playground, when the kids turn sixteen. Not all Amish youth participate, but of those that do, over ninety percent return to the safety and comfort of the rigid Amish way of life.

I learned carpentry from an Amish mentor when I was in high school. I went on to get a degree in psychology, and my first novel, "Amish Snow," is scheduled for a mid-September, 2009 release. It's about one of the kids that didn't make it back.

Roger Rheinheimer, Author, "Amish Snow"

Sevilla, Spain

#31 Nov 30, 2009
Juana wrote:
I am from Sevilla, Spain too...
Just happened to be looking for info about a future visit to an Amish community when I bumped into your comment. How appalling it must have been, but you know, here in Seville (I commute from Dos Hermanas to Alcala de Guadaira everyday and I witness scenes that match the one you mentioned, only this time it was gipsies) this is only too common. Still want to visit that community in Ontario for its social interest.
Well nice to read your comment,
happy browsing!

Dartmouth, Canada

#32 Jan 28, 2010
Sabs wrote:
You can find some in Massey, Ontario. just North of Sudbury, Ontario and up past Espanola, Ontario.
I'm looking for a farm in Massey... My gelding came from one around Massey, an Amish farm.
Bernard Hall

Manchester, UK

#33 Feb 24, 2010
Hello people, thank you the many interesting insights ........ does anyone know if "Melanie" (30/12/07)from Saint Lambert, Canada was ever answered? She was hoping to spend some time working/living within an Amish community and was seeking contacts.......
Well, so am I and would like to work for a month for a bed and daily food anywhere either in the US or Canada; am fit, strong, mentally and physically resourceful, former construction worker/financial services fraud investigator, industrious and responsible, respectful of the way of life of all others etc. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I am UK national residing in England but can move mountains when circumstances require it. Best wishes from Hampshire, England.
Bernard Hall

Manchester, UK

#34 Feb 24, 2010
Omitted to say my UK email address is "[email protected] " .......... have a good day, wherever/whoever you are, BH.
Bernard Hall

Manchester, UK

#35 Feb 24, 2010
Omitted to include my email address in my enquiry above .......... [email protected]

Thank you.

Mississauga, Canada

#36 Mar 7, 2010

AMISH community newspapers

I was told they have a newspaper and they are mailed to the communities Cananda and USA should not be hard to find just go to a Amish are Pennsylvania,?St Jacobs Ontario are a few
Bernard Hall

Manchester, UK

#37 Mar 8, 2010
Thank you, Joan, I'm very grateful for this information - am going to write to "The Budget" newspaper; best wishes, Bernard Hall
Joan wrote:
AMISH community newspapers
I was told they have a newspaper and they are mailed to the communities Cananda and USA should not be hard to find just go to a Amish are Pennsylvania,?St Jacobs Ontario are a few

Windsor, Canada

#38 Apr 22, 2010
Actually you can find the majority of Canadian Amish/Mennonites in the countryside outside of Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario, in towns such as Elmira, Linwood, Heidelburg, and especially West Montrose and Floradale.

Toronto, Canada

#40 May 30, 2010
It is evident that you need to read more about the basics of religion and its early age. If you read the news, there are a couple of of religions going through their transformation process in our present times - lots, lots and lots of violence.
All the best!
Juana wrote:
I am from Sevilla, Spain too. Before you go looking for the Amish in Canada please take the time to read my comment and please be careful out there:
I was appalled and sickened, as I believe anyone with an ounce of compassion would have been, at the scene that greeted me in the night of Sunday of September 2007 at about I was driving the back way of Pine Creek Rd. I saw an Amish buggy stopped alongside the road, the horse clearly in distress. An Amish man was beating the horse’s hindquarters forcefully with a large object like a pipe or something like it. The horse was terrified still attached to the buggy, finding it very difficult to move. I am a new resident of Penns Valley, so I am adjusting to Country leaving. I have never witness anything like this in my life. I was terrified, shaking and I got sick in my tummy. In the middle of nowhere in the dark I seemed to have little choice but to drive away. As I looked in the rear-view mirror the round of blows continued. Perhaps I should have tried to do more; perhaps making this incident public is the best I can do. As I said before I am new to Country leaving and I was told that the Amish are peaceful people of God. I don’t see how God would look down on this scene with approval.

Toronto, Canada

#41 May 30, 2010
Mihail wrote:
<quoted text>
Dude you no canadian...get back to your Iraqi page adn go to Saddams grave and cry if he was soo good
We all know about this...Mihail...enough. If you have any complains please contact your nearest American Embassy and file a complain form. I am more than certain they will immediately pull the American troops out.
Good Luck!

Miami, FL

#42 Jun 6, 2010
Matthew wrote:
hi maria i have amish friends near me in ontario, both of canadian and american origin

Miami, FL

#43 Jun 6, 2010


#44 Jun 21, 2010
Amish in Canada:

The largest area of them I have ever seen in the world (Including Ohio) is in St. Jacobs, Ontario. THat is just south of Waterloo.
The town is mainly Amish and is very tourist friendly. You can look for it on line 'St. Jacobs, Ontario).

Good Luck!


#45 Aug 8, 2010
We have mennonite's in massey Ontrio.They are very friendly people I enjoy having them here in my home town..

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