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San Francisco, CA

#42 Aug 2, 2010
@ Gaia

You are free to be atheist ONLY among the Christians.
Allah is Satan

Midway, GA

#43 Sep 18, 2010
mike wrote:
hi what you have said is not true i am muslim and in islam it talks about the bible and it all so talks about the stuff that is happening in this world and you may say that you dont belive in my religon and i realy dont care if you do and for ones allah is an arbic name for god in islam we belive in only 1 god and the only one who Rules the world what i am saying is that christians belive in jesus is the son of god we dont belive in that we dont add partners in god we say that jesus is the messianger of god to worn people in the comeing day of the world and to fear god and dont not do shirk what means is do not and parners to god that the only thing i am saying if you belive that we are rong get some infromations about islam befor you say something
Mike, it is true. Islam prays to Allah, who is self proclaimed "The God of this world". In Judaism and Christianity, "the God of this world" is Satan, the prince of Peace, the Deceiver. That is Allah, the god of Islam. Enjoy your time in hell for the terrible choice you have made.
Allah is Satan

Midway, GA

#44 Sep 18, 2010
Prince of Peace... meant to say prince of darkness = Satan.

Hamburg, Germany

#45 Aug 11, 2011
It's the "LORD OF THE WORLDS". If you are a christian, then you shall not lie according the commandment of your Lord. Who is deceived? Look at yourselves. Religion can't be spread by lies.

Christianity isn't peaceful. You forgot what was done in the name of JESUS and how many people were eredicated out of the world map. Islam at the borders of Europe forced Europe a new of thinking, called Renaissance. Otherwise there would be still bloodbaths between christians. The church lost it's supressive power as an institution, were Islam isn't centrally institutionized. The Pope is a land lord and nothing else. You forgot that the former Pope in WW2 supported the Right Wing Ultra Nationalists. So much to peaceful christian society. The so called peaceful society is a fade built up by agnostic financial money bakers.

The reason why muslims are in such a state is Exploitation of natural ressources by non-muslims and lacking of islamic education. Like Christianity, many peoples follow humans instead of the scripture.


#46 Mar 30, 2012
I am the lord of the worlds. none of you need religion. just open your eyes, your hearts, your minds, your other being

United States

#47 May 2, 2012
Goddess Gaia wrote:
I truly feel the more people in this world that expose's Islam for what it truly is' the more likely, and hopefully millions of Muslims world wide will wake up and see the light of the true GOD in heaven. And believe me, he's not Allah.
There are many names for Satan written in the Holy BIBLE... Here are just a few of Satan's names. "God of this world" "Ruler of this world" "Prince of this world" "He who deceives the whole world" and there are many other names for Satan. What I am getting at is' Islam calls their Allah "Lord of the World". The Holy Christian Bible calls Satan "The Lord of this world". So why would Islam call their Allah "Lord of this World, and two worlds. REMEMBER the Holy Bible was was written first.
I know for a fact that before the Quran was ever written' Mohammad and his followers had to have read the Jewish and Christian Bible.{Mohammad had the Bible read to him, because he couldn't read} One reason is "The Quran is full of twisted BIBLE stories, and Pagan stories. Which the Bible was written 1000s of years before the Quran.
READ WHAT IT SAYS In "2 Cor 4/4": "King James Bible"
In whom the "God of this world" hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
{Remember God cast Satan out of Heaven because Satan wanted to be as powerfull as GOD.}
John 12:31. Now is the judgment of this world; now the "Ruler of this world" will be cast out.
So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Revelation 12:9
Jesus calls Satan the "Ruler of this World". Satan offered Jesus the Kingdom of the Earth in
Luke 4:6. "And the Devil said to him "Jesus",“All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this "WORLD" has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.
Job 1:6-12. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them, And the Lord said to Satan,“From where do you come?” So Satan answered the Lord and said,“From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”
Also I would like to add: Satanic worshippers chant, and pray in their Satanic Mass's, that their Lord "Satan" is the "Lord of this world".
Wake up Islam/Muslims, you have been decieved by a man who sold his soul to Satan, according to the HOLY BIBLE.......OHHHHHH remember the BIBLE was thousands of years first written.
Allah is not lord of the world he is the lord of the worlds this one and hereafter as it says in the quran please read properly when you look at stuff and also if you read the stories in the Quran are agreeing and perfecting on the other scriptures and they where changed proof is do know what language the Bible was in Latin ,Greek or Hebrew nobody is sure Allah sent down a protected book memorized by hundreds or now hundred thousands of people now

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#48 Sep 17, 2012
Ahmed"... You just said what I have been saying for years now.:) Your Quran says "Allah is the Lord of the Worlds.. RIGHT? So isn't OUR planet EARTH a WORLD??????? You guys make me laugh.

After 4 long years I come back to this site, and I find a few on here that know what their talking about, and they know who I mean... Thanks guys, and ladies for keeping this thread going. It seems it was only educational to non-Muslims, but that's ok too!! I can understand that clearly.:)


Since: Sep 12

Traverse City, MI

#49 Oct 12, 2012
Allah is the same god as the Christian god. There is no such thing as "Satan".
a q for muslims

Dublin, Ireland

#50 Mar 3, 2013
you all say,that the quran is the perfect word of God and cannot be changed or tampered with, because the true word of god cannot be changed. you say that the torah (new testamnent wasn't written yet) was once the quran thousands of years ago and yet it was changed by the israelites(moses time), well if the torah was once the perfect word of God , then how come it was able to be changed back then and the quran can't, if the torah was once the true word and the true word cant be changed then that proves that the torah(old testament) is the perfect word of God and is unchanged as you(muslims) have stated ''the perfect word of God cannot be changed''
we know that the old testamennt(torah) is the perfect word of God and contains the prophecy of the coming messiah, as we see the gospels of jesus clearly fullfill the prophecy of messiah and therefore are relioable as they correspond with the old testamnet(torah0 prophecies
torah-prophecy gospels + rest of new testament-fullfillment of prophecy, where is your fullfilment of prophecy in your quran??????
a q for muslims

Dublin, Ireland

#51 Mar 3, 2013
you all hate christians for believing that jesus died on the cross and yet you state that allah put a substitution to die on cross and decieved the appostles into thinking it was jesus, so technically speaking its allahs fault for lieing to us that we believe in the crucifixion of jesus???? and now christianity is the biggest religion, if allah was all-knowing like the God of the bible, then wouldnt he know that his lie would make one of the biggest religions in the world and yet he hates us for believing his lie????? allah even calls himself,''the great deciever'', if he permits lieing then what makes you(muslims) think that you can trust him?
Paul Barret

Hamilton, Canada

#53 Mar 22, 2013
Paul wrote:
The Lord of this world is Satan
llah is also the lord of the worlds -
When the Jinn who the Prophet Mohammed said to be Jibrail appeared...Mohammed tried to commit suicide ...this happened several times
The Jinn...Jibrail always appeared in darkness in a cave...
The Jinn Jibrail...was not able to enter a house once where Mohammed was because of a dog....
Allah was a moon God worshipped by ancient peoples....similar to Beelzebub
Numerous passages in the Quran promote rape, murder and hatred to all non Islamic People
Allah promises men 72 virgins for their sexual pleasure and food and that something that is Godly ? or carnality ?
the Prophet Mohammed murdered and himself personally raped captives...what a role model for his followers...the Jehadis and terroists..
Oh followers of the Quran objectively and wonder why there is so much hate preached there to all and so much intolerence
learn about the man and the so called God you follow...start being Objective....Not submissive which Islam means....
the devil wants submision
God wants you to be a free agent to choose
God = love to all not hate, murder, rape and revenge.....
The God of the Jews and Christians cannot be the God of Islam who promotes hatred, evil and destruction...none of the names of God mentioned in the Torah or Bible are ever mentioned in the Quran. Allah is not mentioned in the Bible.
The Jews and the Christians do not follow the same God that the Muslims do
The Muslims follow the Lord of the Worlds....Allah
And what does Allah want...submission of all to Islam or death to all non believers....Islam the religion of peace...Of course peace when all non Muslims have been exterminated.
Your insane, Jews deny Jesus Christ (pbuh) completely, and Christian say muslims dont believe in the same God because they dont believe Jesus (pbuh) was God incarnate, so if you say Muslims dont believe in the same God then your also saying that the jews dont either, but thats impossible since judaism is earlier than Christianity. Do your research you fool and actually read the Bible, im sure you'll find all sorts of violence.
Day of Judgement

Indianapolis, IN

#54 Jan 16, 2014
Holy Qur'an read it objectively ... day of judgement is coming
mark giddens

Chicago, IL

#55 Jun 24, 2014
stop with all the BS. and get a dictionary you know Allah means one GOD so stop talking to all these people from other country about Islam and Allah. im American and my Family has been in this country before the united states constitution we came here a slaves from Africa 470 years ago so stop with it and my ancestors were muslin just like the 40% to 51%f the slave bought here so don't be damn fool all your life soo get your ass off facebook and put your face in a book.. peace

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#56 Dec 9, 2014
mark giddens wrote:
stop with all the BS. and get a dictionary you know Allah means one GOD so stop talking to all these people from other country about Islam and Allah. im American and my Family has been in this country before the united states constitution we came here a slaves from Africa 470 years ago so stop with it and my ancestors were muslin just like the 40% to 51%f the slave bought here so don't be damn fool all your life soo get your ass off facebook and put iyour face in a book.. peace
The first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. That's 395 years ago, not 470. Maybe you should put your face in a math book, and stop calling people damn fools.. You've only made yourself look like one.:)

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