Cymbla’s Attack on Dan Nichols KJV Ad...

Cymbla’s Attack on Dan Nichols KJV Advocate

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Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#1 Mar 30, 2011
Thus, you now have the impression, that all the Jews control all the money, when in-fact, that’s only a partial truth, because it’s only a handful of Jews (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) working as contract agents fronting the Vatican bank and the world economic system, for the Vatican (IMF, WB, BIS, FED, UN, Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan Chase, etc.) that control all the money for the Vatican.

Of course they needed to straighten out the mess that was created by the Gutenberg press, so they got two occultists named Westcott and Hort to construct an English translation, based on the corrupted manuscripts from Alexandria Egypt (which by the way, were/are the same corrupted manuscripts used as the foundation of the Catholic Bible)

Anyway, these corrupt manuscripts are the ones used by all of the New Versions (like the NIV) except the King James Translation.

For what ever reason, Jim Cymbla, Chief Tyrant, Paymaster, Lead Actor (Hypocrite) Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Abuser, Two Faced Liar, at: the Brooklyn Tabernacle, has chosen to side with the Vatican and the devil against the True Word of God.

Perhaps it’s because he has a contract with Zondervan, the company owned by Rupert Murdock (who is in turn a Rothschild / Vatican Contract Agent) that sells all the New Version bibles, and who pays some guy to Ghost write all Cymbal’s books.
With that said, the following is a transcript of Jim Cymbal’s attack on Dan Nichols, King James Advocate.

For your information, Dan Nichols, was a history major (4 years) at Sheldon Collage (a Christian Collage in Northern New Jersey (now closed) he received his Masters of Education at Fairly Dickinson

University, NJ, and taught Social Studies / History, Jr. High and High School for 39 years in New Milford, New Jersey, and attended Brooklyn Tabernacle for 14 years and was a member for 7.

He is also a very nice Christian man, and had no knowledge of, or nothing to do with this posting.

And for all you who don’t like anonymous posts, this was transcribed and posted by Erick Frenke.

I can be reached at: [email protected]

If you would like me to e-mail you a Word Document of these transcripts just send me an e-mail.

If you would like an audio CD of the actual tapes, just send me an e-mail with your name and address and I will send you one free of charge.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#2 Mar 30, 2011
Transcript August 29, 2007

Jim Cymbla:

“Everyone turn to second Samuel.

Is pastor McDonald here?

Is he here?

Pastor McDonald.

If he could just walk up here for a second, Pastor Hammond come and stand with me for a second.

Hum… Is pastor McDonald here? I want to make ah… I wan’a… lets read something first I want pastor McDonald up on the platform, before I say what I need to say.

Second Samuel and what were reading is chapter 9.

[Cymbla reads 2 Samuel Chapter 9, from his New Version bible]

Ah.. Come up… Oh… Come on up… McDonnell (inaudible)

It’s very rare a trouble make comes in the church and somebody starts to cause ah… problems, we handle these things privately… and ah… ah… give warnings or caution or teach from the Bible…

Don’t listen… and then when we learn that their especially going after new converts to try to bring confusion it causes a concern to us… right.

Some years ago [14, to be exact] a man started visiting here [and became a member of Brooklyn Tabernacle in 2000] and ah… he has this thing that the only Bible translation that’s valid is the King James version.

He ah… if I remember correctly, approached me at the end of the service one time and started talking, to me about how could I mislead the people because I’m not preaching from the King James.

Well of course that would mean that 99% of all the ministers in America around the world are not ah… preaching from God’s Word.

And King James Version for those of you that have… that’s ah very valid translation... no translation is perfect… there’s differences there’s the New King James version… the New American Standard version… the NIV, the TNIV, all these versions.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#3 Mar 30, 2011
So he started to make a point of it, then write letters to me and all that and then we found out that he was going to people and fussing with them, and telling them:“Why are you not reading God’s true Word.” and all of that.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#4 Mar 30, 2011
So ah… we called him in and Pastor McDonald did the honors and Pastor McDonald told him in no uncertain terms… Look… Why do you come here if you think were misleading the people?

Is that a valid question?

In other words how can two walk together unless they be agreed.

If you are so firm about that, go to another church.

Or… start your own church, if you know so much, and make your own converts, but don’t mess with our congregation… and bring confusion.

We’ve explained reasons, and by the way, some time in the month of August or September I’m going to take a day… I was just asked to endorse a book… it’s a great book… written by the same man who wrote:“How to read the Bible for all it’s worth” ah… Gordon Fee, along with another writer, and he’s written a new book, which I have the manuscript of, which it will help me, to help you, it’s “ How to choose a Bible translation for all it’s worth.”

What are the rules of a Bible translation?

What are the differences?

Ah… Is the most literal translation the best?

What are the different philosophies of Bible translation?

What documents were different translations based on?

We going to cover all of that.

But suffice it to say this book, like any good book on translation is very objective, it doesn’t put down trans… one translation, it says here’s a weakness in one translation, here’s a strength in another, here’s the decisions that translators have to make.

Because the Greek language, some times has nine different meanings for one word, nine different English words, for one Greek word (in truth it’s actually the exact opposite, there are nine Greek words for one English word such as Agape, Fileo, Eros, etc. as equated to Love) so how do you pick the word?

It has to do with context, and a lot of other interesting things.

So anyway pastor McDonald laid down the law, and he brought out his NYPD background and he told, ah… this gentleman:“Don’t fool around.”

Now I have your word from you… da… da… I have your word… that you will not… uh… be hassling people, about the King James Version.

He gave him his word, am I correct?

So, I was appreciative that pastor McDonald ah… ah… handled that.

But it came to my attention in the last few weeks, ah… that ah… one of my associate pastors came and said:“Are you going to teach about Bible translations? and I said ahh… No, I’ve been thinking of it.

He says:“It might be a good thing to do… he said there’s some discussion about like what’s the best translation, and all that.

He didn’t go into any detail.

We’ll then it came to us, that this gentleman had been going to peoples houses from what I understand, and going to new converts especially, and not just confusing them, and saying:“Your not reading God’s Word, unless your reading the King James Bible.”

And of course one of the drawbacks of the King James Version, is the fact that a lot of the words that were used in 1611, are used… well differently now, and it can totally mislead people.

For example the Bible says… warns about putting on gay… excessive devotion to gay clothing.

Or what gay meant in 1611, gay does not mean today.

How many know what I’m talking about.

So when the Bible talks about gay clothing, someone today could say oh… well we won’t go there.

So anyway… on top of that… the question was asked of this gentlemen… well what do you think of a church or a pastor, that uses another version than the King James?

And he said:“That person, that church, is on purpose misleading the people.

Well that got me mad.

Okay, because that’s a dirty thing to do and say, behind someone’s back.

When you come to the church, when this person tries to get close to my mother as a friend, that gets me very upset.

But I have a right to be upset, because I don’t like people messing with the people that we love.

We love you.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#5 Mar 30, 2011
And God is not the author of confusion.

Can we all put our hands together on that?

So… we have told this gentlemen, pastor McDonald since he began…

I hate to talk about things like this on a Sunday [apparently this was being done at the memorial service for Pastor Bokestaff] but you understand why I’m doing it.

Do you all understand why I’m doing it?

Pastor McDonald called him back and confirmed, is it true.

I’m talking to you, I’m telling you, ah… you know what we’ve done.

He called him and said we just want to confirm.

Have you talked about the King James and gone into all of that?

Ah… Ah… and he said:“Yes.”

He finally admitted yes.

Didn’t I tell you not to do that?

Didn’t you agree not to do that?

“Yes, but people are questioning me” which I don’t believe.

Ah… And there’s a ground swell in the church… of… why are we reading the wrong version of the Bible.”

That is a bunch of hot air.

The… the only ground swell we have here, is we want to get closer to Jesus, Amen.

And we want to praise the Lord.

So… I’m not going to name him, but I’m go’na communicate with him… we’ve bared him from coming to this church.

We’ve tried to be polite.

Do you understand that.

We tried to be reasonable.

We let him come here and worship here; because we thought he would be mature and agreeable.

But, the Bible says:“Mark them that cause division amount you, and have nothing to do with such a person.”

The case is closed.

Lets all put our hands together.

Thank you sir.

Thank you.

Forgive me for having to talk about those things.

But… It takes extraordinary circumstances for us to interrupt the service, like that.

But you have to do those kinds of things.

And if you here any body running around, doing things selling things, that supposedly just causing trouble, or saying the leadership is behind it, be careful, we can’t control, there thousands of people, that come here every Sunday, we can’t control what everyone’s doing… and…

Listen, you’re the best people in the whole world.

I wouldn’t trade you for any body in the world.

I wouldn’t switch churches with the Po... whoever.

But at the same time we’ve got some crackpots coming in too, right.

Come on everybody, lift your hand if you know a crackpot.

If your in New York City a crack pot could come in, and the Bible warns us that wolves will come in.

Try… Trouble makes will come in… the Bible says that.

So… ah… we’re handling it as we see the Bible tell us to handle it.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#6 Mar 30, 2011
The following is Dan Nichol’s response, to Jim Cymbal’s trash talk.


Well I think it is only far that a “crackpot” be allowed to respond.

This is Dan Nichols and today is August 30, 2007.

Over a month has gone by, since I have suffered the hurt of Brooklyn Tabernacle’s leadership, maliciously, publicly, smear and banish this King James Bible guy from the Church.

Well the claim was made from the pulpit:“That we are handling this as the Bible tells us how.”

Scriptural guidelines were not followed.

Furthermore, frankly based on what Brooklyn Tabernacle eye witness’ have said, many in the congregation are stunned, dismayed and disappointed, regarding the malicious way, this situation has been handled by pastor Cymbla and McDonald.

The greatest hurt to me, was not so much that I was disbarred, though that hurt, but that pastors I had revered and I had highly respected had become so non-Christian, non-Biblical in their word and actions and their adamant refusal to be Berean, and go to the Bible, regarding the issues of the Bible Versions.

I believe the truth needs to be told.

More than twenty months ago, during an afternoon service sometime in the beginning of December 2005, pastor McDonald was able to signal to me, that he wanted to see me after the service.

This turned out to be a brief get-together of hardly 5 minuets or so.

It took place by the steps at the lower sanctuary, leading up to the Smith street exit doors.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#7 Mar 30, 2011
It was not a good place to meet, for there was the loud noise of the church music instruments, people on both sides of us exiting, talking and constant interruptions of parishioners, actually saying just saying hello to both of us.

It certainly did not qualify as a meeting, by any stretch of the imagination.

He was amiable.

Pastor Tyron McDonald said some complementary things to me.

This former New York police department officer, never laid down the law to me, despite what pastor Cymbla tried to later convey to the congregation.

He said that:“Pastor Cymbla was meeting recently with some of the members who had questions about the new versions, and the King James Bible, and that my name had come up.”

So pastor Cymbla sent Pastor McDonald to meet with me about the subject.

I wish there had been a tape of the conversation.

As best as I can recall, the brief time went something like this.

“Have I ever talked to people about the King James Bible issue?”

I believe I was asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

For I believe with all my heart that the present day scenario of multiplying differing Bible versions, not only is defiance of God’s Word, but is also the root cause of so much confusion and erosion and trust in the Bible.

And he went on to say:“Do you understand that the position of Brooklyn Tabernacle is not the King James only position?”

“Oh yes. I’m aware of that.” I replied.

Acknowledging that I knew Brooklyn Tabernacle’s unwritten stance regarding the New Versions.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#8 Mar 30, 2011
I believe he may have said something like:“Well then, with this difference of opinion, why do you come here?”

I replied that:“I believe that I believe God has called me here.

I love this church and it’s pastors, people choir, presence of the Holy Spirit, especially.”

And then I remembered saying something, which seemed to really get his attention, which was, this:“But the problem here is that their pastors have not done their homework.”

I mean it’s vitally important is the knowledge of what the Bible says about itself, coupled with the shocking facts, regarding the history of the men and manuscripts, behind all of these so-called Bibles.

The scripture never condones, that God’s Word may be subjected, to the massive corrupting of it, as today’s New Versions have done.

In my opinion, Brooklyn Tabernacle is waning, because it is waning in a way, butter knives are being substituted for the Sword of the Spirit, the true Word of God.

I remember asking him “If he thought Acts 8:37 was scripture or not?”

For the complete verse is missing in the NIV and the other New Versions.

I asked:“Doesn’t God warn about adding to, or taking away His precious words?”

I said that:“The new Versions having come from a different corrupted manuscript stream, therefore have missing verses.”

I got the impression that Tyron was unprepared for a discussion about the Bible standards or the New Version issue.

It was obvious though, to both of us that this was not a good time, or place, to talk about this because of the noise and the confusion around us.

We needed to have a good productive discussion and it would’ve been far more sense to have a meeting in Tyron’s office.

I then gave Tyron a tract on Satan’s attack on the Bible.

We parted as brothers in Christ, and I expected that soon I was to get a call from his secretary to setup an appointment.

In my mind, the only concrete thing agreed upon in that so-called brief after church discussion, was that we would meet in Tyron’s office in the future.

That is what I remember.

In no way, did I have the notion in my head, that I was given an order, that I’d agreed to, to keep my mouth shut, about the King James Bible issue.

Also from then on, I continued talking to people about the New Version deception, and then even made a Bible presentation to share with Tyron and others, as it turned out.

While doing this, I had no concern or guilt of being disobedient what so ever, to Brooklyn Tabernacle leadership.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#9 Mar 30, 2011
In fact, should I have been given such an order, it would have been ludicrous, for it would have been an attach upon the Rights of Freedom, of Free Speech, here in the United States and frankly hard to believe that a church would be so high handed with their members to deigning one the Right to talk about the Bible versions, a topic I’m sure all Christians have discussed or questioned at one time or another.
Since pastor Cymbla told Tyron to meet with me, not me to meet with him, I waited for him to contact me.
I felt it was the respectful thing to do anyway.
Knowing that the Brooklyn Tabernacle pastors had such busy schedules, I felt I had to patiently wait for him to initiate the appointment.
It never happened.
Many weeks went by though, until in the Smith Street lobby, we happened to bump into each other.
I said to him, that:“I’ve been waiting for you to contact me.”
His response was that “he was waiting on me to contact him.” which puzzled me.
But then I asked him, what he thought would be the purpose of this meeting.
And he basically replied:“That he thought it would be a time where I was going to present my beliefs, regarding the King James Bible issue.”
I said:“Well that’s good.”
An appointment time was finally setup for me to come in about a month later.
It was at this time, the old teacher part of me surfaced, emphasizing the need for a visual and hands on techniques when teaching well.
I began extensive work, on making a good presentation of the Bible versions issue.
Prior to this time, only in the setting of casual conversations with people, was the subject of the King James Bible brought up.
The Sunday before the scheduled meeting with Tyrone, I saw him in the lobby and I felt I should remind him of our approaching appointment.
It was a good thing I did, for I discovered that he was scheduled instead for doing a wedding; so now, more time elapsed, in setup for another appointment, which also ended up being canceled, due to a painful tooth problem on Tyron’s part… which of course is understandable.
I also share with him, that:“My presentation, which I’ve been working on, would take about two hours to see.”
But, that surprised him, and after thinking about it though, he said:“No, we’ll still see it.”
I was also told, that we would definitely get together in September 2006, but that never materialized either.
So once again, I got the impression that seeing the presentation he had promised to see, or just meeting with me, was being avoided.
I didn’t want to become a squeaky wheel.
I felt it was best to simply leave it in the Lords hands.
That meeting never transpired, nor did any meeting, with Pastor Cymbla as well.
I think the truth of the matter is, that neither one of them really wanted to talk with me, or to go by the scriptural guidelines of Matthew 18 should they be needed.
Surely, if a pastor cared for one of his flock, he would to have had to have met and discussed the matter in a civil manor.
Pastor Cymbla said incorrectly, that I had been called in, but no pastor had ever met with me.
No, instead it was already determined the week of July 2007, that I would be bared from Brooklyn Tabernacle, in an attack from the pulpit in front of thousands of people.
Is that the way a good shepherd would treat one of his members?
Mean while my new presentation had been getting more interesting and more comprehensive, as I was waiting on Tyron to call the meeting.
The postponements and delays not only gave me more time to enhance the presentation, but to also enable me to start sharing it with others.
I had shared it by now in about a dozen places, in New York, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and frankly the results were very positive.
Never one, did I think I was going against the command of the church, prohibiting me from such an activity.
And yet, 20 months later, July 23 2007, pastor Tyron called me up on the phone, having just had a meeting with Pastor Cymbla and pastor Petrey about me.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#10 Mar 30, 2011
Tyron wanted to know if I was promoting the King James Bible, and doing King James Bible classes, in which Brooklyn Tabernacle members were present.

“Yes” I readily replied.

Not the, not:“Finally admitted” as Pastor Cymbla said about me from the pulpit.

I also responded by clarifying that they are not really classes, but it’s more like a presentation.

In-fact I reminded Tyrone, that I had made this Bible presentation originally for him, although he had never seen it.

“Yes” I went on to say:“There were Brooklyn Tabernacle people there, but others too, for it was open to any believers, any age, whatever.

To that, pastor McDonald stated emphatically, that:“One Brooklyn Tabernacle member there, was one too many.”

Surprised at him being so upset that Brooklyn Tabernacle members had seen my Bible presentation, I asked him:“What he meant by that.”

Then Tyron sternly informed me, that:“Until I was checked out.”

(To their satisfaction, I guess, whatever that means)

“I was not allowed to come to Brooklyn Tabernacle again, nor was I to teach my presentation.”

So without even a meeting with me, or give me the courtesy of hopefully reviewing the presentation, by Tyron and Pastor Cymbla, I was given the heave-ho.

Even the world would have considered such actions as unprofessional.

He also said that back in out first meeting, back in December 2005, I was commanded to not present the King James Bible issue, which he claimed I agreed to obey.

And I had immediately responded then:“No way. I remember nothing like that.”

But pastor Cymbla never publicly mentioned my denial response, to Tyron’s question.

Mean while, I knew that my Bible presentation had been reaching several people by now.

I’m sure that people had been contacting Brooklyn Tabernacle pastors with good honest intentions, regarding the Versions issue.

If indeed he had given me this command, which he claims to have done… and the word had come to the pastors that I had been talking, then why didn’t he contact me immediately?

Why didn’t he do that instead of waiting until the 20th month?

Pastor Cymbla had instructed Tyron to have a meeting with me, but it had never materialized.

Indeed it had, I would not be surprised if this mess never would have had happened to begin with.

Instead of recognizing the possibility at least, that there should have been some dialogue and discussion, the leadership [or Dictatorship] of the Brooklyn Tabernacle took a page from the inquisition.

I was guilty as charged.

I had already been painted as disrespectful and disobedient to churches leadership, and Bam, I was given the Boot… even though I had been a member in good standing since 2000, seven years now… and had been tithing and coming faithfully for over 14 years, and doing other ministries in the church as well… in addition, to bringing many, many visitors to the church.

All of this is a far cry, from what I was portrayed to be to the congregation… even to the point of them saying that the last couple years this guy comes in from New Jersey or Pennsylvania and has been going around to the church, seeking new converts to confuse them with the King James Bible only-ism doctrine.

I’m hurt, pastor Cymbla said that I was even befriending his mother, as if I was trying to worm my way into favor.

Estelle Cymbla is a precious sister and friend.

She also reads the King James Bible.

I have never talked to her about the King James Bible issue, nor recently, about me being kicked out of Brooklyn Tabernacle, even though I think she would have easily understood the new Versions deception, I would never have brought it up to her for two reasons.

One, I would never attempt to get to pastor Cymbla by getting through her.

Two, I would never present a situation, that would cause an issue to come between her and her son… no matter what the issue was.

For 20 months I’ve been waiting to have a meeting promised by pastor McDonald to explain the King James position, but to no avail.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#11 Mar 30, 2011
Mean while, in-order to do a better job in explaining it, I had started developing 17 months ago, a poster presentation, which he promised to see.
The day I was thrown out of Brooklyn Tabernacle, July 23, 2007, by the phone call, I asked pastor McDonald on the phone if I could please show him this presentation.
I said:“I would be willing to do it at his convenience.
I would be willing to drive the two hours into New York that afternoon if so, he desired.”
I was shocked by his arrogance, when he said:“ We don’t want to see your presentation.”
Wow… I then quoted Proverbs 18:13 which says:“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and a shame unto him.”
Pastor Tyron had no response.
And then he went on to tell me that:“I was being divisive.”
And that Pastor Cymbla was going to be preaching on the subject of the King James Bible issue.
He threatened also that my name might be mentioned.
He also said:“All the Brooklyn Tabernacle pastors were in agreement regarding this issue.
I had no idea that in only 6 days I was going to be publicly smeared and disbarred from the church.
“Am I there fore you enemy, because I tell you the truth?” it says in Galatians 4:16.
If only pastor Tyron had the meeting with me back in 2005, as directed to do so by pastor Cymbla, I believe this mess never would have happened.
If only a meeting could have happened where the truth could be displayed, and based upon God’s Word.
And even if in dead I’d been told if I was to remain at Brooklyn Tabernacle I could not promote the King James Bible issue, then I would know that out of principle, I would have to leave.
But since I believe that command never took place back in December 2005, when pastor Tyron called me in on July 23, 2007, I thought he was finally calling to arrange the meeting that was promised, instead it seems he had been painting an image of me to the pastors that I was disrespectful and disobedient to his order.
Without hearing me out in a meeting with anyone, I was kicked out of Brooklyn Tabernacle.
To this day pastors Tyron and Cymbla have never met with me to discuss things.
And yet Sunday July 29th in both services preceding the funeral service for pastor Bokstaff, pastor Cymbla had pastor come up on the stage with him and proceeded to lash out and smear me for about ten minuets.
I was told it was quit a show, and totally unbecoming the role of a pastor shepherd.
I was given the three B’s.
I was Branded, Blasted and Banished… and throw-in smeared too.
About three weeks later a friend at Brooklyn Tabernacle sent me a copy of the 9 am sermon on July 29th.
I knew it was going to be bad, but I wasn’t prepared for how bad it was.
I counted no less than 6 flat-out lies, and about 8 negative innuendos and slurs, in addition to be called, to be called a “troublemaker”,“full of hot air” a “wolf”, a “crackpot”,“one who was fussing with people and confusing them”.
When I heard the CD I was saddened, for pastor Cymbla was saying things that was totally unbecoming a man of God.
I began comparing his actions to that of the Good Shepard of Matthew 18, which says:“For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.”
By the way incredibly that verse 11, is one of the verses stricken in the New Versions.
Verse 12:“How think ye, if a man have a hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the 90 and 9 and goeth into the mountains and seeketh that which is gone astray? And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you that he rejoiceth, more of that sheep than of the other 90 and 9 that went not astray. Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in Heaven that one of these little ones should perish. More over if thy brother should trespass against thee go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee thou has gained thy brother.
The following additional responses to what pastor Cymbla said about me in the service on July 29th 2007 are these.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#12 Mar 30, 2011
Pastor Cymbla suggested that years ago, I was the one who approached him after a service and questioned him by saying:“How could you mislead the people, because you are not preaching from the King James.”

Pastor, I never said that. I never did that. It must have been someone else.

My only communication with pastor Cymbla on the topic was to send him a few letters, which I had received no reply, except once there was a call from his secretary, telling me to read a book, which promoted the New Version scenario.

In doing research on the subject, I already read the book, called:“King James Onlyism “ by: James White… a very bias book.

Out of respect to pastor Cymbla, I reread the book, and forwarded to him a letter.

In the letter, I generally pointed out that Mr. White based opinion, was based upon man’s so called wisdom, and not the facts of scripture.

Pastor Cymbla never bothered to respond to my comments.

Pastor Cymbla went on to say:“That if I was correct, that 99% of all the ministers in America and around the world are not preaching from God’s Word.”

Well I think it would be better stated, that the majority of ministers in America do not use the New Versions.

But even if that number is very high, does that qualify it therefore to be the Word of God?

God’s truth is not based upon man’s wisdom or man’s numbers, no matter how high the number.

Something is not necessarily the truth, because of a majority opinion.

God’s truth is not subject to mere mortal’s opinions.

Interestingly, pastor Cymbal’s statement, that about 99% of the pastor are not preaching from the Word bears incredible likeness to Amos 8:11 and 12 which prophesied:“Behold the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord and shall not find it.”

Furthermore, without care or kindness, pastor Cymbla mocked me by saying, to me:“If you are so firm about that (meaning the King James position) than go to another church, or start your own church if you know so much.”

That hurt.

Pastor Cymbla said:“So anyway, on top of that the question was asked (by pastor McDonald he means) of this gentlemen (me) what do you think of a church or a pastor that uses and other version than the King James?

And then he said, that I said:“That person, or that Church, is on purpose, misleading the people.”

And pastor Cymbla went on to say:“Well that got me mad. Okay, because that is a dirty thing to do, and say behind someone’s back.”

Well guess what pastor Cymbla, when I heard that, it got me mad too.

Why? Because I never said that.

I have always defended you, because I believed you are since in what you are about in the versions issue.

If you don’t believe me, ask any person who attended my Bible presentations.

Frankly at one time, I was in your New Version shoes as well.

To accuse me of saying such a comment, that you are “on purpose misleading the people” is absolutely not true.

Don’t you think, that you should have come and met me before you publicly smeared and attacked me like that?
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#13 Mar 30, 2011
Pastor Cymbal’s statement, that quote:“No translation is perfect.”
Is simple a parroting of the wisdom of man and the anti King James crowd not the Word of God.
Find that concept in scripture. I dare you!
Many verses state God’s standard regarding his Word.
And in summary, God’s Word states that each and every Word of God, right down to the smallest jot and tittle is absolutely, without question, inspired, true, pure, precious, powerful, preserved, forever and God has grave warning about adding to, or taking away, His Words.
Without this foundation doctrine firmly in place, which is hardly ever preached any more, the true vibrant Christianity will erode from within, and eventually, cease to exist.
The credibility of God’s Word is at stake.
Satan has never ceased his war on discrediting and destroying God’s Word.
History resounds with the accounts of martyrs who died in preserving the Bible.
But today may are unaware of Satan’s deceptive attack from within the walls.
A flood of differing, changing, bible versions is increasingly affecting doctrine and subtly choking believers with confusion and doubt as to the trustworthiness and veracity of God’s Word.
Words may say the Holy Bible on the cover but if that book doesn’t measure up with all the standards God has for his Word, it has to be a counterfeit.
If counterfeits are accepted and promoted within the church walls, they are bound to cause confusion, and undermine confidence in our sure foundation.
As scripture warns:“…for God is not the author of confusion.” 1 Corinthians 14:13
I am not causing confusion, I’m just begging you to be Berean, in that searching the Word.
The Word of God will also be your final authority.
The confusion lies in the historical fact that Christianity back in 1881, was deceived Big Time, by Satan.
In effect, in a sense... fooled into thinking that God could speak out of two sides of His mouth, a major deception, promoted by apostates, claimed that there is another, better, different, manuscript stream.
This lie has spawned, hundreds of differing, changing, copyrighted, imitation bibles.
Actually believes had rejected these false manuscripts for about 1800 years.
The importance of having a true trustworthy Bible cannot be overstated.
“If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?” It says in Psalms 11:3
And in Roman’s 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”
If we don’t have an accurate Word of God, we’ve got nothing.
Furthermore, when pastor Cymbla talked about a portion of Tyron’s call to me, he claimed that pastor Tyron called me back, and confirmed:“Is it true, have you talked about King James and gone into all that?”
And He (or Me ) said:“Yes. He finally admitted, Yes.” Pastor Cymbla said.
The truth is, it wasn’t a case of finally admitted, but instead I readily admitted I had been talking about the King James Bible, simply because I was confident that there was nothing wrong with doing just that.
Pastor Cymbal’s story regarding Tyron’s question of me, continued by saying:“Didn’t I tell you not to do that?”
Didn’t you agree not to do that?
“Yes” I was quoted as saying.
But the truth is “Yes” is not true.
I never admitted to that, I said:“No.”
He then went on saying, I had excused my actions saying:“ But people are questioning me.”
“Which I don’t believe.” Remarked pastor Cymbla.
“And there is a ground swell in the church you say questioning why we are reading the wrong version of the Bible.”
Pastor Cymbla continued:“That is a bunch of hot air.
So not that I’m going to name him, but I’m going to communicate with his.”
Well folks, he hasn’t done this.
And it is now 4 weeks later, more than 4 weeks later.
Pastor Cymbla went on to say:“That we have bared him from coming to this church.
We have tried to be polite.
You understand that.
We tried to be reasonable.”
Polite and reasonable?
Your actions were not even professional, let alone polite and reasonable.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#14 Mar 30, 2011
Pastor Cymbla continued:“We have let him come here, and worship here, because we though he would be mature and agreeable.”

Well I had no idea, all this time, that I was being “allowed”, to come to Brooklyn tab.

Then it was time to play the unity card, which is often quoted by some New Version advocates, in their much quoted attack upon King James people.

Pastor Cymbla said:“But the Bible says to mark them that cause division among you, and to have nothing to do with such a person.”

Obviously he meant me, this King James Bible troublemaker.

Trouble is pastor, the Bible does not say that verse, you misquotes it.

You left out a very important phrase within the verse, which is:“Contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned.”

Roman’s 16:17 clearly says:“Now I beseech you brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences, contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned and avoid them.”

Well which position?

A. One true English Bible. or

B. A multitude of different English ones.

Which position is contrary to the doctrine of the Bible’s ultimate standards?

The New Version scenario is contrary to what the Bible clearly states about itself.

So therefore it is the New Version crowd that is causing division, that is contrary to the Bible’s doctrine, regarding it’s standards, and they should be Marked and Avoided, not the King James Bible Only crowd.

But the acceptance, of the New Versions deception, is not only causing division and confusion in the church, it is as well responsible for the cancer, of the subtle distrust, in the trustworthiness of the Word of God… in today’s anemic (spiritually speaking) Bride of Christ.

Folks, unity can never be achieved, when truth and deception are mixed together.

If truth gives into deception, because unity is more important, then who is the winner?

God or Satan?

Real Christianity, has true unity when everyone is walking in truth.

Jesus said:“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

The appearance of Jesus, brought division and the Sword… not peace and unity.

But if one goes by the way of the New Version anti King James Bible advocates, who misquote Romans 16:17, then Jesus should have been Marked and Avoided.

If only New Version advocates would be Berean and search the scripture to have as their final authority, the doctrine about what the Bible says about itself, they could not accept what is going on today.

The popular acceptance and promotion, and as well, the attacks upon the true Word of God, the New Version scenario is in defiance of the High defining standards of God’s Word.

New Version advocates have absolutely no verse in their defense.

But the King James only Bible side has multitudes.

In reality, New Versions users final authority is the so-called wisdom of man… or their pastor… and not the Bible.

Pastor concluded his statements by saying:“The case is closed.”

Well pastor, I don’t think so.

In-fact I know so.

I know God will have the final say.

You know someday in eternity, we are not going to give an account to a committee of mere mortals... even if it be famous ones, like the likes of Billy Gram or preachers or seminary professors, and writers.

We are going before the Lord Jesus Christ… the Word.

Please don’t say:“Jesus is your Lord.”

If you use these so-called bibles that degrade and mutilate him.

The scripture proclaims:“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;” Philippians 2:10

“For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, for it is written, as I live saith the Lord every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14: 10-12

I wonder if some day in eternity, before the thrown, Jesus will ask us believers of recent time especially:“How did you treat me… the Word ?”

Thank You.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#15 Mar 30, 2011
Dan Nichols was 63 years old at the time of this writing.

He was born and raised on a farm in Iowa.

He came East to attend Shelton Christian collage in Ringwood New Jersey, taking class’ in Greek, etc. and graduating with a Degree in History 4 years later.

After Shelton Collage he began teaching Elementary, Junior High and High School, History and Social Studies, for the next 39 years in West Milford, New Jersey; in the process, he earned a Masters Degree in History at: Fairly Dickinson University, and another Masters Degree in Education, at: William Patterson Collage.
Tyron McDonald is a liar and an incompetent thuglet.
Petry is a novas, Cymbala is hoping to pass the business on to him, now that “Holy Toledo” has proved to be such a jerk.

Hey… you can’t make this stuff up !

For a Word Document or an audio CD of the above two transcripts, that you can pass out or post in other forums, contact me:, Erick Frenke at: [email protected] with your name and address and I will send you one free.

Please repost this in other forums.
Erick Frenke

Far Rockaway, NY

#16 Mar 30, 2011
[The following should have been at the Beginning of this post]

Jim Cymbla’s Attack on: Dan Nichols, King James Advocate

This is an exact transcript made by: Erick Frenke, from a recording of an attack on: Dan Nichols, King James Advocate, by: Jim Cymbla, Chief Tyrant, Paymaster, Lead Actor (Hypocrite) Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Abuser, Two Faced Liar, at: the Brooklyn Tabernacle, on: August 29, 2007.

To understand the context of this transcript and the following answer / rebuttal, it is necessary to understand that there has been a long standing controversy, every since the Bible was Canonized in Antioch Syria in (app.) 90 AD.

Thereafter, copies of this original manuscript made its way down to Alexandria Egypt, which was, at the time, a high cultural and intellectual center.

There, the original manuscripts of the Bible were tampered-with (by spiritual and intellectual enemies of the Word of God) things were added and changed, and things were subtracted.

By 300 AD it had become obvious to the ruling Oligarchs (the people behind the throne) that the Roman Empire was on it’s last legs.
These ruling Oligarchs had seen countries rise and fall for centuries.
And they knew they were in need of a new form of governance.
It was observed that the most effective, long lasting and pervasive agency of the Empire was that under the direction of a man known as Pontiff Maximus.

This was the title held by the man who was in-charge of all the various religions throughout the Empire.

Sometimes, this was an additional title held by the Emperor.

Sometime around 320 AD, and after beginning the construction of “the Roman Empire’s, Phony, Catholic Church, Agency” the Roman Emperor, Constantine, ordered 50 copies of these corrupted manuscripts, to be printed and delivered from Alexandria, Egypt.

These corrupted manuscripts have been the foundational stock of:“the Roman Empire’s, Phony, Catholic Church, Agency’s” version of the Bible ever since.

Because of the extreme quantity of Satanic / Pagan elements, crafted and mixed into this newly formed “ Super Government ”
(masquerading as a form of Christianity) it became necessary to keep any copies” of the Bible (adulterated or not) out of the hands of the people (even the priests) because exposure to same would reveal the extent to which this “ Super Government ”, had deviated from true Christianity.

Subsequently,“the Roman Empire’s, Phony, Catholic Church, Agency’s” killed and persecuted anyone who dared to read the Bible or interpret it for themselves, even owning one could get you killed.

App 1449 Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press, and guess what he printed? That’s right, he printed Bibles.

And guess who read the Bibles? Well, of course… priests, such as Zwingli, Jerome, Huss, Wycliff, Calvin and Luther.

Well,“the Roman Empire’s, Phony, Catholic Church, Agency’s” killed Zwingli, Jerome, Huss for having the audacity to tell the Pope that there were more than a few mistakes in his theology.

But by the time Luther got around to doing his part, the princes of Germany were willing to protect him from “the Roman Empire’s, Phony, Catholic Church, Agency” and thus we had the Protestant Reformation.

Which lead to the majority of freedoms we enjoy today, including the American Revolution.

So now” the cat was out of the bag”, Rome was exposed as simply, a Phony, Catholic Church, Agency, and not at all Christian. So what to do?

Well the Jesuits (formed in 1535) had a plan, and in 1776 they formed the Illuminati, where-in they put a smart Jew in charge of the Vatican Bank, via contract, in exchange for blaming the Jews for everything, including having all the money.(before this, the pope said it was illegal for Jews to own banks)

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