Masterbation a sin?
God is boss

Milwaukee, WI

#1791 May 14, 2012
sir galahad wrote:
well the koran doesn't say anything about masterbation just look how many islamic wankers there are
Islam isn't the correct religion....

Cincinnati, OH

#1792 Jun 6, 2012
ActiveForPeace wrote:
OMG! the bible is a joke, folks! its myth and folklore! Miscopied and misquoted over and over again for centures.... editted by corrupt popes for centuries! god is a myth and pretend.
So, without a ghost watching over your shoulder, go in the bathroom, lock the door, and Jack or Jill to year heart's content! Yippee!! No one will know!
Get ready to burn loser

Cincinnati, OH

#1793 Jun 6, 2012
God is boss wrote:
<quoted text> not true the Bible is correct. God is Savior and he died for us on the cross.
I agree. Get your faith now, and god will save u

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#1794 Jun 9, 2012
God is boss wrote:
<quoted text>Islam isn't the correct religion....
Actually, all religions are correct...when they say that all the other religions are wrong.
A random Christian

United States

#1795 Jul 16, 2012
God is boss wrote:
<quoted text> not true the Bible is correct. God is Savior and he died for us on the cross.
True that Brother
The Reverend Doctor

Dallas, TX

#1796 Jul 27, 2012
How is it a sin for a single man to masterbate? Ejaculation is a necessary bodily function, as men never cease to produce sperm or experience menopause though some men have mid life crisis. Of course Jesus said that if you look upon a woman to lust after her you have committed adultry in your heart and he is concerned with the condition of our heart. However if a single man is attracted to a single female, then this is simply the course of nature;and yes he should pursue to make her his wife, providing that they are equally yoked. Now if he fantasizes about her to relieve the tension and does not commit the act of fornication, which Paul talks about in I Corinthians chapter 7. Then it becomes a personal matter between that individual and God.
The Reverend Doctor:

Duvall, WA

#1797 Aug 14, 2012
Morisson wrote:
There's no use in discussing anything with a Christian. They can't be helped. It is simply impossible for them to change their opinion. Some people would say that is their strength. Others say we should feel sorry for them, because they have been indoctrinated so that they can no longer think for themselves. I say it makes them a threat to humanity.
Dude what the heck you didnt need to say that. First of that was just harsh and second of IM NOT LIKE THAT! You just made a complete idiot for saying that. For a matter of fact i was talking about lust, sex, and masturbating with some friends. We were talking about is it wrong to do all that is bad to think about sex! I was shocked you would say that to! I might not be very mature sence im 14 BUT COME ON!!! And a threat to humanity DUDE how are we HUH?! ALSO we can change are opinions!!!

Duvall, WA

#1798 Aug 14, 2012
Kat wrote:
<quoted text>
Get ready to burn loser
Active if you think god and jesus is a joke why join this chat and make fun of us i mean GET REAL!! there are some of us that beleive in them like me who worry if we are doing the wrong thing so why even join this chat is my question. Also Kat he doest deserve to go to hell nobody does god loves us all. I even have a freind who thinks god ans jesus is a myth but im there for him all steps of the way.

Memphis, TN

#1799 Aug 17, 2012
There are many ways to find Christ Jesus You just have to be willing to let him in to you`re heart.Its wrong for Christians to get mad at someone who doesnt believe because madness is a form of HATE and with all understanding that`s not very Christian if you ask me.GOD just wants you to love everyone and forgive them as his only begotten son did.Who`s to JUDGE you for what you believe in we are just as confused as anyone else and I believe that.I feel that many Christians do JUDGE others for the way they choose to live there lives because i have read that when you are baptized out of sin you are supposed to turn away from sin but we are ALL BORN INTO SIN so that`s why Christ Jesus died for us so we can have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness of our sins cause Jesus knows that we are cursed with ever lasting sin here on Earth.I have been a member to all different church`es in my time and have read a lot of different things,even Mormonism and they all mean the same thing.Please don`t take things out of the HOLY BIBLE and take them out of context cause we all don`t really know who`s telling the truth or who is lying so read for yourself and learn what you read day by day and Christ will bless you for that.When those around you get upset at you because they are Christians and you are not and they shame you for that,its not there place to JUDGE you anyways.Christians are supposed to except you the way you are regardless of what religion you are.I am Christian and I think its wrong for anyone to preach to you and force feed you the gospel,you will learn it if you want to.So many people in the world are feeling unaccepted because they choose to live there life in a different way then you do but its all so JUDGMENTAL don`t you think...
The one saved

Summit, MS

#1800 Sep 9, 2012
But if one didn't look up porn then masterbate or lust for a woman/man does that mean masterbate is still a sin I hate to disappoint my god I want to please him as much as I can but I need to know I believe it is but I need back up on the topic please answer the question. And saying that when you kill or waste your sperm your sperms reproduce quickly so you are never wasting your sperms so don't think that and abortion begins when a sperm attaches to the egg so that's called life when that happens
Itsawrap Mobley

Saint Paul, MN

#1801 Oct 14, 2012
I feel really bad. I KNOW I shouldn't do it but I did it anyway. I wont anymore's not worth the guilty feeling. I asked for forgiveness but since I did it anyway whilst knowing, should I still feel guilty now that I sinned and knew I did?

Richmond, VA

#1802 Oct 16, 2012
So what do you do??? Pray and ask God to take away the sexuality(Desire for sex) that he gave you???? My story is horrible. I discovered masterbation at an early age, off and on throughout my adult life, I do thru periods where I do and don't. One thing I found to be true- I was saved, sanctified, holy ghost and married. When my husband and I had sex, sometimes I couldn't have orgasm(according to the Bible y supposed to satisfy eachother). My point is my Desire for sexual satisfaction did not change with my being saved. That why I got married to avoid sleeping around, to do right and all of that, It didn't work. This is all about the built in sexual drive we have.

Lawndale, CA

#1803 Dec 4, 2012
I just need help guys I don't want to masterbait anymore I feel bad when I do it but its like something comes over me where I want to masterbait I have alot of time on my hands so hobbies don't work I don't know what to do

Mannford, OK

#1804 Dec 5, 2012
jeff wrote:
I just need help guys I don't want to masterbait anymore I feel bad when I do it but its like something comes over me where I want to masterbait I have alot of time on my hands so hobbies don't work I don't know what to do
Being an imperfect human, we all sin, no one if without sin.

If you want to do what is right and be righteous today or a true Christian you must pray to God before you sin, you need Almighty God Jehovah's holy spirit to conquer sin, then Almighty God Jehovah will bless your efforts to make Him happy.

Almighty God Jehovah want all of his earthly children to be happy, he loves us and wants us to be educated in the Truth of his word the Bible.
The Bible teaches that Satan the Devil is the god of this world, and the god people pray to, and Satan wants everyone to die at Armageddon the end of this world. 2Corinthians 4:4

If you would like to be among the meek who will inherit the new world of righteousness soon to be here, you must start your personal Bible study with Jehovah's witnesses, learn the truth about God and life, then make your decision whether to serve God or not.
Psalms 37:11
There is no burning hellfire punishment, that is a Roman Catholic false doctrine.

Chandler, AZ

#1805 Dec 10, 2012
Hi guys. My story is interesting to say the least. When I was in third grade I had ablanket that I always slept with. One night my...under carraige was itchy so I began to rub it with my blanket. I unknowingly got an erection and was scared to death. I thought that rubbing it would make it go away but it didn't work. I rubbed and rubbed until I prematurely ejaculated. It felt so good that I did it the next night and the next and so on. When I was older I was sheltered by my parents so masterbation didn't exist in my.mind yet. I only did it on fridays as an end of the school week thing. But when I turned 13 I had a sleep.over party. One of my friends was gay and told me to try something. He my pants off so he could give me a birthday blow job. I had always wanted one but from a girl of course. I was peer pressured into it by him and removed my pants and away we went. The orgasmic high was so great that I thought masterbation could take me there to. After that I masterbated every day at least once a day. I even got.into porn to enjoy with my masterbating. I am now 15 and am addicted to porn and masterbation. I dont know what to do or how to stop. Does this take away my salvation? Am I going to be dammed to hell? I love God with all of my heart and I am unworthy of his grace. Someone please answer my questions and talk to me....I'm falling and I cant get back up
Confused man in need -

Spring, TX

#1806 Dec 17, 2012
I madturbate alot, and i've always felt I was commiting a sin. Once you are "addicted" I guess you could say, it's REALLY hard to stop. I just want to know if masturbation is a sin?

Stephenville, TX

#1807 Jan 16, 2013
It's a form of sexual immorality, pretty sure it is.
Princess Mo

Saint Paul, MN

#1808 Jan 26, 2013
Morrison, I feel so sorry for you. I cam looking for some other's understanding on a controversial topic and I find your poo lost soul. You obviously don't believe or understand. And your cynicism is and lack of respect for the belief of So many other's here just shows your ignorance of the reality and power of The Almighty. I dare you to read the book A Case For Christ and still disbelieve the truth of His life, death and resurrection. Just like we can feel emotions and see the reactions to and results of, but cannot see, God is!

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#1809 Jan 29, 2013
I think if the church is watching me masterbate then it probably should find itself a real hobby.
Tt mohlosana

South Africa

#1810 Jan 30, 2013
i see it not to n sinful if u masterbate, ok then if all sins are equal b4 the Lord then it really matters not bcos either way, masterbating makes u equally guilty as the next man that lies to protect his family in good faith,eg my dad/father is still in town, a lil kid would say that so no one can some how hurt them. but now the kid lied, so until one can claim he/she dont sin no more, from all dimensions nd spheres, id say shut up for u lie, kill, masterbate, lust, we sin.

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