Masterbation a sin?

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#1515 Nov 23, 2009
Im 14 yrs old and i masterbate and everytime i do i feel a horrible guilt inside of me, but i just cant stop.It's very addictin gand i wanna stop! I dont want to keep disapointing god. If anyone stoped plz share with me how u did.


#1517 Nov 24, 2009
well in the bible it says that if you do Gods will he will bring and give you the desires of your heart(inner peace and relaxtion from masterbation and much more) so and another verse says to respect your body since each one of us is part of jesus body(the holy spirit is insides us) so even though it might not say the word in the bible all masterbation is divern on is lust and a passion which enslaves us

Calgary, Canada

#1518 Nov 27, 2009
DGMagnolia wrote:
The act of saying that masturbation is a sin is a sin unto itself. How easily we forget that publicizing the shortcomings (no pun intended) of others is a sin. Many years ago a great philosopher warned us about the problem with noticing the splinter in an eye of another person while ignoring that there was a plank in our own.
The following bit of humor revolves around the philosophy that Mary the Mother of Jesus was sinless. The purpose of posting it here is not to offend anyone but to simply render a smile for the day. A former Catholic Archbishop shared it with me. If you don't have a bit of a chuckle after reading it, you do need help.
Jesus was about to witness the execution of a woman accused of adultery. His only instruction to the executioners was that the one among them who had no sin could cast the first stone. It was reported by some observers that his Mother proceeded to pick up and then throw a bolder.
Bad argument friend. Your logic has it that saying anything is a sin is a sin. When deciding whether or not an act in and of itself is a sin you are not addressing any particular individual hence your concern that I am "judging another person" is not founded. If we cannot decifer which acts are sinful and which are not then avoiding sin would become impossible.
Yes Jesus said its folly to point out the splinter in your brother's eye while ignoring the plank in your own, however the splinter is still bad even thoughit is not as bad as the plank. The whole idea of living according to the Lord's teaching is not just doing what you want or ignoring sin because you don't want to "judge" anybody but to see to it that ALL sin no matter how great or small is eradicated!
Now as to the story where Jesus was witnessing the execution of the woman accused of adultery, yes it is true that he asked who among them was without sin so that they could truly be justified in stoning the woman. yes all of her accusers dropped their stones and left. However when Jesus turned to the woman asking her where are your accusers, the woman said they are gone. Jesus then said to the woman, "GO AND SIN NO MORE!"
Part of the problem with you liberals is that you forget that God is opposed to ALL sin, not just great sin, but small sin too. God is opposed to the sin of one as much as He is opposed to the sins of many! Sin is sin and Jesus took ALL of our sins to hell when he was crucified, not just major sins like murder and corporate greed, but lies, adultery ... ALL sin!

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#1519 Dec 1, 2009
How about you pray to God about it instead of listening to people about it? if you think it's wrong and you do it, it's sin.( I'm a Christian, btw.)
King of jerk off

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#1520 Dec 7, 2009
The Bible Does say it is a sin to jerk off. When I find the correct book in the bible i will let you know. I know it Say's some thing along the line like, DO NOT SPILL YOUR SEED ON THE GROUND. You need to remember that if you do jerk off. That you need to repent your sin's to God,and ask him to forgive you for jerking off.God will forgive you , The Bible say's that your sins will be forgiving if you repent your sins.

Brisbane, Australia

#1521 Dec 8, 2009
I don't get it either...I'm female I was born with a clitorus...and when rubbed it gives me an orgasm unlike you would ever believe..and I particularly like a vibe to put on it makes the orgasm more explosive but now I just feel like I shouldn't :| cause its a sin but what annoys me is I am not sure wether it is or isn't and I am really hoping it helps me stave off the need to have unmarried sex with someone :| but not doing it makes it so much harder not to have unmarried sex with someone any thoughts??

Brisbane, Australia

#1522 Dec 8, 2009
patrick wrote:
How about you pray to God about it instead of listening to people about it? if you think it's wrong and you do it, it's sin.( I'm a Christian, btw.)

ok well I can see your point there...but on the same token it can feel wrong all of a sudden just because someone has condemned you even though really it isnt an issue to god like for instance...some one says to me...junk foods a sin cause its bad for the temple...and makes me feel condemned because of what I eat I do not see it in the bible as a sin could be under sexual immorality and its assumed we know what that means I dunno not making excuses for it or defending but no one ever seems to have a sure answer and thats what has always made me angry in the first place btw...I am also christian I just back slided a bit and now am repenting to god :| pray for me please that might help me

Dublin, Ireland

#1523 Dec 8, 2009
Well i don't think its a sin...
because i mean come on masturbation is a normal and natural thing almost all of us do it its just a way of releasing or sexual excitement. the fact is that most people actually don't admit to doing it so no i don't think its a sin...
Soul Truth

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#1524 Dec 11, 2009
My issue with masterbation is the impact on your soul. The urge to do it is so intense if you have been by yourself for a along time and not had a partner for a while for whatever reason. I am a very spiritual person and i feel that masterbation for some reason decreases your spiritual energy or lessons your spiritual vibration or if you want offends GOD, and thats what the guilt is about. It is very hard, if not impossible to stop the impulse of materbation and i hate to think that demons enjoy when you do it cause it offends GOD and lowers your ability to reach your next level, spiritually. The whole point in life is to have your soul reach its next level, whether you believe me or not, its the truth. I think once your in a relationship with someone the urges to masturbate really subside, cause you should be so comfortible with the other person you can do anything with each other, thats how it should be.
Faheem- UK

Edinburgh, UK

#1525 Dec 11, 2009
sir galahad wrote:
well the koran doesn't say anything about masterbation just look how many islamic wankers there are
you are Very very wrong. The Quran says a lot about masterbation, allowing it only to prohibit adultery (cheating on wife etc), mainly in a relationship. Moreover, i agree, there are many "islamic wankers", but they do this out of weakness-many muslims are already well informed that masterbation is a sin, many may not be informed about this, i do not know.
Masterbation is morally wrong, everybody knows it. Stealing may feel good, you may gain something from it, but is it right? In the same concept your "jerking off" over women forced to have sex for payment, who are sometimes very badly abused.
I pray to God he can help me stop too, its like going on cold turkey from drugs, yet ive stopped once before, and hope to in the near future.
The best advice i can give, is to stay with people you like who area good influence on you. Masterbating, i find, is derived from loneliness, obviously as well as lust. But if you are less lonely, you hardly think about it anyway.
Pray for me
Theonlytruththat matters

Minnetonka, MN

#1526 Dec 12, 2009
Yes masterbation is a sin. God has created sex to be between a man and a women under marriage for the porpuse of creation. Anyother sort of sexual action is wrong. God is forgiving, if you do masterbate, pray to God for strength to quit this degrading act and turn to the light of God, not toward the evils of sin. Praise be to God and God bless you all!

Athens, GA

#1528 Dec 15, 2009
I would say that it depends on who is defining what a sin is. We as men usually justify the "little" sins, when in all reality, if we internalize the scriptures (God's words) then we would recognize that they are sins; separating us from God. For example, God has commanded his children to not commit adultery or fornicate (Ten Commandments). Is masturbation a form of fornication? Yes, it is fornicating in your mind. Masturbation is the concept that if I think about actually having sex enough and touch my body parts in a certain way then I am able to have a very similar reaction to that of me fornicating. Though we as humans do not define masturbation as fornication directly, I believe that it is a type of fornication, because the same motions are made as sex.

In addition, God has commanded us to not be prideful or selfish. What aspect of masturbation is not prideful and/or selfish? Absolutely none! The entire process is a person focused on one's self. God gave us, man and woman, the divine ability to procreate. The implementation of that ability in any way outside that of a man and woman legally and lawfully bound is directly mocking God's gift.

In conclusion, I am not saying that those that masturbate will go to Hell. I believe that there are multiple degrees of Heaven that we can attain and based upon our righteousness and ability to have self-control we will be judged and assigned to the heaven that we earn. Those that master their bodies, while here on this earth, will be awarded the highest heaven to ultimately live with God and their eternal families. Others that do not master their bodies will be given a glory, but it will not be as high as those that have successfully followed the will of the Father.

I do not mean these things to be offensive, but rather a declaration of divine truth. If you would like more information then please contact me. [email protected]

Hyattsville, MD

#1529 Dec 16, 2009
masterbation for women with vibrators and dildos started out as a medical way to make women less depressed. it has been proved to help women live longer, happier lives. in a recent study, over 80% of women in america have one, therefore not having one is considered "not normal." i am christian and do not think i will be sent to hell for masterbating. if god did not want us to do it, why would we be happier after doing so and live longer?

Redmond, WA

#1530 Dec 16, 2009
Thanks man I always wanted an answer fo that

Plano, TX

#1531 Dec 23, 2009
masterbation is a sin if you lust. its not a sin if you can do it without looking at porn or lusting.

Janesville, WI

#1532 Dec 29, 2009
Yesenia wrote:
The reason why the Catholic Church declares masturbation to be sinful is because a this action is selfish and objectifying contrary to the way love should be. Masterbation allows for the objectification of whatever that person is getting aroused to, is directed by self indulgence in the act, and directs all the energy to him/herself resulting in a false feeling of satisfaction.
The truth is that masterbation is NOT natural. It's a person's own distruption of nature by coercing a feeling of joy that just degrades humanity. Natural ejaculation in the form of "wet dreams" is what nature designed for this excess sperm buildup, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. This is natural when masterbation is not.
Lust and temptations only increase one's want for masterbation... Be careful because it is very addicting and can lead to other more damaging sins. What happens when masterbation does not satisfy your "urges"? This can lead to more objectifications and selfish indulgences with real people, using a girlfriend for pleasure and not to share your equal selfless love with eachother, searching for prostitutes, strip clubs, porn, rape. It is dangerous to yourself because you are training your brain to want this satisfaction , which just introduces a battle between lust and love.
I urge you to find help. Don't listen to people that answer with the lies they tell themselves. Ask an expert in the church and ask WHY. Don't just ask if it is a sin, but really try to understand WHY. I recommend you read John Paul II's Theology of the Body or listen to Jason Everett and Christopher West speak on this dillema. You are not alone, but don't allow yourself to be fooled by ignorance and the bandwagon. We have all been desentisized to sin. Thank God you are asking this question, which means you feel at least a small drop of guilt. Check out this thread on masturbation as sin.
The good feeling you get from being abstinent is selfish, because you are getting something you like. So it is not a matter of selfishness.

Gresham, OR

#1533 Dec 30, 2009
I lol'd at this topic. On a serious note, would you rather a 15 year old girl or boy masturbate or have un-married sex, end up having a kid and then their whole lifes ruined? Or would you rather have someone masturbate, relieve sexual stress (that's what masturbating is for)and manage to abstain from sex until marriage? I wager that the people saying masturbation is a sin are the same people who are married. It's harder for teens who abstain to not masturbate (if not impossible) then it is for a married couple.

Santa Clara, CA

#1534 Jan 5, 2010
Its a sin, no doubt, in my view we should control the sex urge and its about how courageous u r. Its sumthin that gives pleasure bt it should not b practisd. In mid 20's or 30's most of us get married and we can have sex with our partners and enjoy lif . But b4re marrige u cant involve in such sins . My brothes and sisters its haram in islam and u all r believers of allah and his messenger SAW ,and its not rit to guide ur private parts, u r napak most of d tim, ur mind is always occupied wid dirty thoughts . Dear frinds quit dis habit for d love of allah and his messenger . U'll get d pleasure of everything bt in a proper way,
wacky wacky

Woods Cross, UT

#1535 Jan 7, 2010
Space1 wrote:
<quoted text>
I think some people are putting so much restrictions on everything. I don't blame anyone if they masterbate. They have urges,they are just trying to get over it. It is human nature and they can't help it. To those who think it is a sin, who are they to judge others who just want to release some stress of their own?
I agree with Space1. Masturbation is totally good for you. It relieves stress and keeps you calm. I say whack away whack away. It will take care of so much. Masturbation is the correct thing to do and I am a Christian too. Doesn't affect my relationship with God at all.
Sir tristenthe true

Virginia Beach, VA

#1536 Jan 8, 2010
your all wrong we wont know its a sin til god tells us when we reach heaven. or hell if you don't believe

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