Pastor Quiboloy claims to be the son ...
romeo santos

Makati, Philippines

#31 Feb 13, 2007
Jesus told us the manner when he returns here.Quiboly is satan in a human body.he is lover of money,and himself.if you watch his programs,you'll notice that he always focussing on tithes and fact,one time, he spent the entire 3 hours scolding all his memebers who missed giving the tithes.and spent the entire closing prayer to tihes and offerings again.Is this a son of God?son of devil,I'm sure.
Reliq Ova

Limerick, Ireland

#32 Feb 14, 2007
russano wrote:
<quoted text>
People had no reason to doubt Jesus...all of his prophecies came to pass, he performed miracle after miracle. His accusers had all the PROOF and EVIDENCE they needed and then some but still chose to crucify him... BECAUSE IT WAS PROPHECY TOO. Quiboloy has NOT produced any valid credibility nor evidence. Quite the opposite in fact. What was the last miracle performed by Quiboloy? What was his last fulfilled prophecy (and I'm not talking about some stupid, obscure, "well-no-duh" kind of prophecy, either.)
And where is the proof of these so-called prophecies and miracles? Please don't say the Bible. It is naught but a gruesome book, parts of it thousands of years old, which was sorted and edited by the early Catholic Church. Such a book is by no means the word of a god.

Granada Hills, CA

#33 Mar 1, 2007
just like in the days of Noah the people were drinking and eating and marrying and given into marriage until Noah went into the ark and they knew it not. that was the sin of the people in Noah's day. the same is happening right now. remember that global warming is upon us. repent. dont commit the same mistake the people of Noah's time did. the kingdom is here and the modern Noah is here and that is Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. you may reject him or hate him but you will never avoid him. remember that when you face judgment. don't say he did'nt warn you!

United States

#34 Mar 1, 2007
Wang wrote:
<quoted text>
Me too, I don't see no reason that it is not possible. Jesus Christ did it, and why not this person... Anyone is capable of doing it when God is with Him.
There have been many claims through the centuries of people being Christ or the Messiah or the Son of God come back, but there was, is, and can be only one Christ.

Read what Steiner has to say on the subject:

The Mission of Christ

Granada Hills, CA

#35 Mar 11, 2007
just like in the times of noah so shall it be in the comming of the son of man... didn't all man kind laugh at noah so did every man kind laugh at pastor apollo quiboloy when he gave up his life to go up two mountains to heed the calling of the father, Jesus Christ, ive been listening to this pastor for awhile and if ur really interested he will surely make u see if u broaden ur mind and just pay respect upon his message.. his message has never been revealed b4 don't u ever wonder where he got it from???

Hyderabad, India

#36 Mar 11, 2007
Princess Reid Smith wrote:
<quoted text>
Jesus said:
Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.
Well said..

Makati, Philippines

#37 Mar 14, 2007
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
Well said..
very well said... and if you see this one (
) there will be now two that are now proclaiming that they are Jesus Christ... but don't worry there shall be more to come... BEWARE... the truth can only be determined through teachings and by the teachings of the word of GOD

Quezon City, Philippines

#38 Mar 16, 2007
ptr apollo is really the son of god in the gentile the first place jesus christ is the son of god in the jewish the bible says "He shall see his seed"..our Father Jesus Christ suffered because He knows that someday He shall see his appointed son trained and equipped for the master's use...

Bakersfield, CA

#39 Apr 12, 2007
hi pastor

I'ts me revie ako yung


#40 Apr 15, 2007
Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.
(Luke 21:8)

Christ claimed that He is the Son of God

Central District, Hong Kong

#42 Apr 25, 2007
Wow pray for the guy man...
i wouldn't want to be him...
sucks that he has
to be the false prophet
Let us all pray for the false prophet
and for all the people he has mislead.

In the name of Jesus.

Father I pray that you free the people of this cult of distorted teachings and views of your Word. And also pray for this man, who is doing something very wrong. Please show him and the members of his cult that Jesus really is the only way, truth and life. Father please make him realise the sins that he is commiting. Please show him that you have a great plan for his life even before he was born and that he is not created to be doing this kind of work that is preventing and taking away people from the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus' Name Amen.
happy man

Fairfield, CA

#43 Apr 25, 2007
russano wrote:
We are a hard-headed people...just like sheep. The fact that guy has followers is evidence of that.
Good job

Mchenry, IL

#44 May 2, 2007
If he is not true then i will challenge the GOD of all this religion to stop him. If his father is not the holy one GOD then he wont succeed.

The problem in some religion is just they are jealous,why not ask their god to do something about this Ministry and this pastor. Maybe if the God of this religion do something about it i will believe in them. So i challenge your god to do something.You are all just talkers but where is your gods action? Maybe your god is dead and have no match with the GOD of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Why dont you prophesy about this? Why dont you do miracle about this?

Maybe like what i have said your god has no match with their god, let your god answer this and i will believe him myself.

Mchenry, IL

#45 May 2, 2007
I will be waiting for all of your god to answer my challenge.

Remember i want a direct answer from your god, visible from everybodys eyes. I need the real God to prove it to me.Or maybe why not do a public prayer, call on to your god that we may see what's his answer.


Mchenry, IL

#46 May 3, 2007
Nobody answer me where is the god of all this religion. Why he let this ministry multiply and multiply. Dont they have power? Only the members talk and talk but cannot do something to stop this? where is the power of your god?

Why not your god versus the God of Pastor apollo c quiboloy?

Mchenry, IL

#47 May 3, 2007
Secret from cental district hongkong.

Whom you are praying? looks like your god dont hear you. Maybe he is a dead god or a no match god. How long you have been praying? when do you think your god will give you an answer? what did your god tell you? remember the real God answer's prayer.
franzmakati city


#48 May 7, 2007
why not pray to the Holy Father and ask Him sincerely who is Apollo C. Quiboloy. before u say something libelous to others, examine urself first...Are doing His will?
God answers only the prayer of the righteous.


#49 May 31, 2007

Taguig, Philippines

#51 Jun 14, 2007
Read revelation

Jesus will return with all His glory and splendor.Matthew described it like lightning n the east which is seen in the west.

When He returns, He no longer needs to convince people that He is the Son of God nor establish a new sect with followers bldg a mansion in Davao. But the very manner of His coming will be an undeniable testimony as to who He is. In fact, nations including the devil, who controls and deceives poor Mr. Quiboloy, will be aware that it really is Jesus and will gather his army to fight Him and keep Himn from descending from Heaven to the Mt. of Olives. Jesus said Himself that His return will be similar to His ascencion, only in reverse. But the manner will be glorious and great.

Did Quiboloy come in such a way?He did not fulfill a single iota of it. Why would Jesus still choose a body to live in when His body is already glorified.

Wake up...Quiboloy is driving many to poverty asking his members to give what they can no longer afford. Going as far as deceiving and lying to meet their quotas. I never knew that God would ask people to give what they can't afford. He never gives us burdens beyond what we can carry. Wake up! God is the one who is supposed to provide for you not you for Him.


#52 Jun 18, 2007
to all persecutors, blasphemers, & unbelievers...this is the day of the lord... april 13, 2005 was declared the day of the lord.. mercy and tolerance for mankind is over.. the completion of the father salvation works through the son has done.. so to all unbelievers, persecutors who made blasphemy to pastor apollo c quiboloy.. take heed.. the angel of judgement will visit u.. u can try it if u want 2.. but in the day of ur judgement you shall see the truth.. if u r unrepented.. n ur name was not written in the book of shall cast in to the lake of fire..matthew 12:36 every idle word shall man speak.. shall give credit on the day of judgement... take heed to all persecutors..

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