No Muslim can think of profaning holy...

No Muslim can think of profaning holy Prophet (PBUH): Altaf

There are 54753 comments on the Daily Times story from Jan 11, 2011, titled No Muslim can think of profaning holy Prophet (PBUH): Altaf. In it, Daily Times reports that:

'Even minorities living in Pakistan cannot blaspheme against the holy Prophet , hence I appeal to religious leaders of every shade of religious persuasion to stop their demonstrations after clear assurances from Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani that no amendment is being made in the blasphemy law,' Altaf said while talking to an assembly of MQM ...

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Kundan, India

#37627 Feb 15, 2013
(Pagan religion of arab + Distorted Judaism and Christianity) x Terrorism = ISLAM

Since: Feb 13

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#37628 Feb 15, 2013
We had Mughal in India very very small vaginae of India.

They FORCEFULLY inserted their lunds in Hindu women and many many brave Tamil men.

Lucknow,the Muslim enclave has dozens of "kothas" where good women from decent Hindu families perform Mujras....

Now Dharmendra took fancy to a woman called Hela Malini from my upper caste community ..and asked the shivaji ganeshan to divorce his neighbour's wife Sri Devi..Shivaji refused and good ol' Dharmendra started his own the Eunuch club... for chudai and masti and that is what most all heroes belong to..they were not aggressive assfcukers as Muslims...Saudi Arabia discovered by the Mohammed and ruled by Iraqis is almost 100% Muslim.

Now Dharam ji, the man with a wandering eye, saved India from becoming gutless if he didn't defy his wife.

Irony huh?:):):)

As for my views on Hinduism- I am pro choice.

I have studied Embroidery on table cloth and I understand that life begins when contraception fails---but I have studied human lunds very well and bunds as well..I know that eunuchs can get very badly affected without proper droosh or anal support can become very badly affected-turn out to be very disturbed individuals....and so I would leave it to the fathers who should decide whether they can support the child or not.

I suggest that men be taught not to impregnate women with small dciks when they have no intention of climaxing their women...They should outsource the job of sexing up their women.

What is your view on my view?:):)

Kundan, India

#37629 Feb 15, 2013
SnarIing Chingis Khan wrote:
<quoted text>
Krishna was paap ki aulaad as Kans Maharaj fcuked Devki in doggy style and he was born. Vasudeo was a perv like you who watched his wife being fcuked by his b-i-l !
Randi tu aa gayi chut fadwane! Apni bahan IMI ko bhi bulale. Aaj dono ko ek saath chodunga.

Since: Feb 13

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#37630 Feb 15, 2013
Dabang wrote:
<quoted text>
Randi tu aa gayi chut fadwane! Apni bahan IMI ko bhi bulale. Aaj dono ko ek saath chodunga.
Chal tu lait or tange faad mei apna mastraam nikaal ke tere suppadde pein daalta hoo. Pajama utar dena nahin tou faadd dunga, chakke ! Samjha kya?

Since: Nov 10

United States

#37631 Feb 15, 2013
Dabang wrote:
<quoted text>
Randi tu aa gayi chut fadwane! Apni bahan IMI ko bhi bulale. Aaj dono ko ek saath chodunga.
Chodne ke naam pe moonfalli
chudwane ke liye gaand hei samandar

Kundan, India

#37632 Feb 15, 2013
Accodding to Mohammad Allah reveled him only when he slept with Ayesha.

Since: Nov 10

United States

#37633 Feb 15, 2013
Dabang wrote:
Accodding to Mohammad Allah reveled him only when he slept with Ayesha.
Le mera lund le ab chus mera lund meri naina mera lund muh se gale tak le ja aur aur mera pura lund muh me ghusa le randi haram ki le mera lund=====>

Kundan, India

#37634 Feb 15, 2013
SnarIing Chingis Khan wrote:
<quoted text>
Chal tu lait or tange faad mei apna mastraam nikaal ke tere suppadde pein daalta hoo. Pajama utar dena nahin tou faadd dunga, chakke ! Samjha kya?
katue ma ke laude, tere paas lund bhi to aadha hi hai. Adha to tune allah ko chadha diya hai. Tumhari bahno ka ji jab tumhare aadhe lund se nahi bharta to bichari muli ya kele se kaam chalati hai. Apni aapa ki chut ka bhi khatna karwale. Allah aur khus ho jayega aur jannat me use 72 launde chodenge.

Since: Nov 10

United States

#37635 Feb 15, 2013
Dabang wrote:
<quoted text>
Randi tu aa gayi chut fadwane! Apni bahan IMI ko bhi bulale. Aaj dono ko ek saath chodunga.
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Love your hard hitting posts
Sally makes us all feel high


Ashburn, VA

#37636 Feb 15, 2013
SaIIy wrote:
<quoted text>
So basically one doesn't need to be tough, tall and powerful to invade India.
well said sir

Ashburn, VA

#37637 Feb 15, 2013
SaIIy wrote:
<quoted text>
Le mera lund le ab chus mera lund meri naina mera lund muh se gale tak le ja aur aur mera pura lund muh me ghusa le randi haram ki le mera lund=====>
sari dunia ka lund ek jhopde mein aur wo jhopda hinduo ki maa k bhosde me

Mississauga, Canada

#37638 Feb 15, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
Translate that Article into Arabic and put it beside Chapter 112 and ask any one who knows even basic Arabic, how they compare.
We DO NOT SAY that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wrote chapter 112, how could he? He was unable to read or write!!
The "Writer" was God Almighty, AHAD, SAMAD, LAM YAID, LAM KUFU...!!
I can see how frustrated you are, some how you want to get out of this Chapter 112.!!
I am perfectly okay with that article in English. Learning Arabic is more of liablity than an asset.

You dont know for sure whether Mohammad was illeterate or not nor do you know for sure if Sura 112 was actually dictated by Mohammad.

The reason I keep asking you to come up with the orignal manuscript of Sura Baqarah is because it is in this sura that the Koran claims to be a book (Kitaab). It obviously must have been written down during the time of Mohammad, so where is the orignal transcript of Sura Baqarah?

London, UK

#37639 Feb 15, 2013
Ex- Pakistani wrote:
Holy Propeht- Who? That dude wasn't holy prophet. He was terrorist and pedophile.
The only thing holy about him was his ass.

“Free Speech in a Free World ”

Since: May 10


#37640 Feb 15, 2013
SnarIing Chingis Khan wrote:
<quoted text>
It is because Indians buy Quran for fashion and do all sorts of wrong things with it so to avoid any misunderstandings it is written in many languages.
It is written that it is only for Arabs only
Translating it violates Islam going on what was written.

Pune, India

#37641 Feb 15, 2013
SaIIy wrote:
<quoted text>
As an Indian you have been branded for being the national of one of the dumbest nations on this planet. Haraamzaade, apna status pehle check kar fir bol.
Dear Sali (adhi Garhwali)

I am swollen with pride when someone labels me as Indian.


It always make me laugh when I see in bred Idiots like you open their mouths.


Since: Aug 08


#37643 Feb 15, 2013
Dear Chaddi,

No response ? Chaddi gum ho gai kya ? You should be grateful to me that I have mentioned History is Maya, and depends on beholders grey matter !
There is a very thin line between Fiction & History. one groups history is other group's fiction and vise verse !

By your logic of written history ....Look closely and you will find Moses and Abraham never existed least they were never the personality they are being projected as.

Why ?

Egyptians were so fond of writing history that they have written everything possible on every thing available those days . You name any stone, tomb, palace walls , temple walls.....history is carved or painted on them. We even know that Pharaoh Royal practiced legal incest.....and Tutankhamen got Kaddu type shakal and scull due to that.

But where is Moses in those recorded history ? Where is Abraham in those written records ? Show me if you can . There is not an iota of reference. And then you and MUQ claim Moses pharoed Pharoah's (Ramsay II) gaand and pharoed Red sea also !
And then you chop you dk till date claiming that fictitious Abraham chopped he dk at age of 95 . It's ridiculous.

It is well known that Moses story is Krishna's story acclimatised to desert environment.....! You see - it's same to same - Child Moses floats and crosses the flooded river while other infants are being butchered , groomed up in Royalty.....rebels and migrates with his supporter (like Krishna from Mathura to Dwarka).

Then why this Drama set was set in Egypt ? Not difficult to fathom- there is no fkckng river around in desert (known to Baddus) other then Nile !

Then there is no written history of Mohammad (written in his time)...There is no witness to his revelations.....Even excavation doesn't reveal anything. Then why you and MUQ dance like monkey yelling Allah hou Akbar....Insha Allah ?

As a matter of fact is your frustration...Arabs are just little better than Africans who don't have any history.

I wonder in African School what they teach in name of History ?....Errrrr Goodluck Jonathan is first human on this planet ?

I think Arabs are little better as at least they have a cooked up history.

Muslims never ruled anywhere friend, your illusions are based on those cooked up books !


Mumbai, India

#37644 Feb 15, 2013
SaIIy wrote:
<quoted text>
So basically one doesn't need to be tough, tall and powerful to invade India.
inbred muslim (with a common muslim man as father and grandfather)

basically muslims are violent, ugly and murderous…..with even vicious mass murdering rapists liars and looters as their muslim leaders

u have a typical inbred muslim mind

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

#37645 Feb 15, 2013
DAKO wrote:
01. Your post which is a sheer affront to human intelligence has forced me to interject myself in your discussion with Observer. You make it sound as if muslims have unlimited freedom to debate, contemplate or speculate on the theological niceties of Islam. You make it sound that the lack of corrections or amendments to Koran is due to scholars not finding any flaws and arriving at a consensus about the correctness of Koran after marathon debates and discussions.

02. MUQ, how much more conceited you can become. Doesn't the second sura in the Koran begins by saying, "this book is not to be doubted." As if this was not ominous enough, Koran is littered with verses prohibiting muslims to stray from the so called revelations of Koran, prohibiting muslims to carry out any critical analysis of Mohammad and his times. Failing to do so comes with its own package of serious implications for those who are not discreet enough in their criticism of Koran or Mohammad.

03. MUQ, do you seriously think that any muslim would attempt to carry out a critical study of Koran or Mohammad, forget about bringing amendments to Koran, when the swords of shirk, blasphemy, apostasy are hanging above his head?

04. I will just give you a modern day analogy to show you how ridiculous the claim of Koran is when it asks its followers not to doubt it. Would you purchase a life saving medicine just on the basis of claims made by its manufacturer? Wouldn't it be more credible if that pharmaceutical product was certified by independent body of experts like FDA?

01. I do not know what was in my post that so agitated you that you could not control yourself and put on a “juicy rejoinder”.

I think you people are so much suffering with “inferiority complex” about Quran and Prophet of Islam, that none of your post is complete untill you add hundreds of words criticizing it.

You put conditions on Islam which no one ever puts on any other religions. Which religions in the world is based on “every one of its followers” having fully understood each line of its scripture and analyzing each and every one its directives?

It is for scholars on Islam to analyze and proof to any one that Islamic teachings are correct and reasonable and logical. Not each and every Muslim.

02. Quran does start with a claim “That this The Book, in which there is no doubt”….and this claim is justified by “challenging whole human kind to bring a book like it”.

So it is a claim along with the proof. If humans are unable to bring any thing like Quran (I already explained how a small chapter like 112 and its outstanding contribution).

Muslims believe in Quran and accept Prophet Mohammad as their prophet, for those who are Non Muslim, it is our duty to propagate them the message of Islam.

Now it is left to individuals to accept it or not. They have to be answerable to their Creator in the hereafter about the choice they made.

03. There is no Sword hanging on your head, you prove to me that Quranic teachings are wrong and unreasonable and harmful to development of human civilization.

04. If you want to buy a medicine after trying it, then I thing either you will not buy any medicine or will be dead before you buy anything.

You look at the label, the contents, the manufacturer and see how it affected other people.

In Islam you have all positive ingredients!!

It is from God Al Mighty, There is No Doubt in it and it brought a nomad people of Arabia into the World rulers in mere 30 odd years.

What else proves you need?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#37647 Feb 15, 2013
Dabang wrote:
<quoted text>
Nice post
Thank you for appreciation. Look what "Others" thought about the same verse.

The problem is not in the verse but in the mindset. Some people are molded like "If it is in Quran, it HAS to be false and we will NEVER appreciate it".

Since there is kink and blackness in their hearts, they see every thing black.

If you are of unbiased mind, you will appreciate, where you see the truth.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#37648 Feb 15, 2013
Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum,(THE SEALED NECTAR, Biography of the Noble Prophet [pbuh], by SAFI UL RAHMAN al-Mubarakpuri
Jamia Salafia - India Translated by Issam Diab Maktaba Dar-us-Salam Publishers and Distributors, Part- 67

The Battle of Uhud (Contd.)

The Most Awkward Hour in the Messenger’s Life
After the fall of Ibn Sakan, the Messenger of Allah [pbuh] remained alone with only those two Quraishites. In a version by Abu ‘Uthman — authorized in As-Sahihain— he said: "At that time, there were none with the Prophet [pbuh] except Talha bin ‘Ubaidullâh and Sa‘d bin Abi Waqqas.[Sahih Al-Bukhari 1/527, 2/581] That was the most awkward and dangerous hour for the Prophet [pbuh], but it was a golden opportunity for the idolaters who promptly took advantage of it. They concentrated their attack on the Prophet [pbuh] and looked forward to killing him….

At-Tabarani states that the Prophet [pbuh] said: "Allah’s Wrath is great on those who besmear the face of His Messenger," observed silence for a short while and then resumed saying:
"O Allah, forgive my people for they have no knowledge." [Fath Al-Bari 7/373]
In Sahih Muslim it is stated that the Messenger of Allah [pbuh] said:
"My Lord, forgive my people for they have no knowledge." [Sahih Muslim 2/108]
In Ash-Shifa — a book by ‘Ayad Al-Qadi — it is related that the Prophet [pbuh] said:
"O Allah, guide my people for they have no knowledge." [Ash-Shifa 1/81]..

In a version by ‘Aishah [R] recorded in Ibn Hibban’s Sahih, she narrated that Abu Bakr had said:

When it was Uhud Day and at the time that the Prophet [pbuh] was left behind, I was the first to go back and see him. Before him I saw a man fighting to shield him from the enemies. I said to myself:‘I wish he were Talha. Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you.(O Allah) Let him be Talha! Let my parents be sacrificed for you!’ On the way, I was overtaken by Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah, who was then moving as swiftly as a bird.

We both rushed to dress the Prophet [pbuh]’s wounds. There we found Talha suffering from serious wounds before the Messenger of Allah [pbuh]. The Prophet [pbuh] said:‘See to your brother. His deed entitled him for an abode in Paradise.’ I noticed that two rings of the iron-ringed helmet had penetrated his cheek. So I set out to take them out; but Abu ‘Ubaidah demanded:‘By Allah, O Abu Bakr — I beseech you, let me do it myself.’ Fearing to hurt the Prophet [pbuh] he started pulling one of the two rings out very slowly and carefully with his mouth. Then he pulled the arrow out by his mouth, too. Consequently, his front tooth fell.

Then I proceeded to pull the second out; but Abu ‘Ubaidah besought me to leave it:‘O, Abu Bakr, I adjure you by Allah to let me do it.’ He pulled the second ring very slowly and carefully with his mouth — till it came out. The Messenger of Allah [pbuh] said:‘See to your brother. He has proved to be worthy of being housed in Paradise.’ We approached Talha to cure him but found out that he had had some ten sword-strokes in his body.[Za'd Al-Ma'ad 2/95](This showed how efficiently Talha had fought and struggled on that day)."…

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