Thus says The Lord God of all creation:

Thus says The Lord God of all creation:

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#1 Oct 1, 2012
Thus says The Lord God of all creation: YaHuWaH, The God of Israel, is My name!...

I am risen up, as a mighty and terrible One, to punish the nations!... To the destruction of the cities, to the consuming of all flesh!



As a terrible storm, a mighty and horrible whirlwind,
The likes of which have never been seen!

I am calling forth wrath from the storehouses!
I am opening every treasury!...

Every vessel is filled and overflows!...


Satan, you are cast down!... O lucifer, persecute this people! Go forth and devour your prey! Call forth your servant, so he may stand up and speak... That he may open his mouth in great blasphemies against The God of Heaven, blaspheming My name and My tabernacle, speaking against all those who dwell in Heaven... Raging against The Holy Covenant.
Call him forth, O destroying angel!... YOUR TIME HAS COME!... Go to and fro, in all the earth, and gather together your people!... Hurry! Go now, and gather them together! For I declare the times, and I set the seasons! My face is set to punish and to consume!... IT IS TIME!
Set up your troops in battle array! Bring forth all your mighty men! Set your generals in their places!... Give the command, all you evil men in authority!... Yes, band together and rule the nations! I release them to you, O devouring cherub!
And of My people... WEAR THEM OUT! And of My nation, yes, bring all your weapons against it! Call forth a huge army, a great multitude, an astonishing company!... Darken the land!... Come as a devouring swarm, declares The Lord!...



If you are able, declares The Lord.

I am calling you out! Says The Mighty One of Jacob...
Bear fruit, in accordance with your every evil thought and intention! Reveal that which has entered into your hearts!... For I am eager to bring forth the slaughter! I am eager to lay My enemies waste!... To paint the mountains of Israel, in the blood of generals and kings and many mighty men!...
In My haste I shall humble the pride of man, bringing all their devices down! In great heaps shall they litter the landscape in all the open fields!... And they shall burn!... With the smoke of their destruction ascending forever, as a testament to My glory!...



The One, who dwells in the midst of His olive tree!

Am I not He who formed it?!...

Shall I not lay hold of My inheritance, and defend,
Rising up mightily in battle?!...


Do you hear it?!... Listen, I say! Do you hear?!... Do you perceive its sound? Do you feel the earth trembling?! Look!... Do you see the waves increasing in their height, at its approach?...
Have your hearts begun to beat faster? Have your spirits been shaken in anticipation?... Pulses racing! Blood boiling! Lo, the beasts of the earth hear and know already! The angels of Heaven have fallen on their faces!...
My beloved, do you hear the sound of My name echoing across the ages?... Building in its strength, increasing in its sound, about to break forth in all the earth?!...
Yea, the whole of creation shall bow down heavily!... At the sound of My voice shall all high places crumble! Before the brightness of My visage shall all darkness be utterly consumed!... For I am YaHuWaH!...
I shall sit upon the throne of My glory, with My face uncovered!... AND EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW TO ME, AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS, YAHUSHUA IS YAHUWAH!
[Excerpt from "I Am Risen Up, As a Mighty and Terrible One"]

~ TrumpetCallofGodOnline

“The Last Generation Of Mankind”

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#2 Oct 1, 2012
[TrumpetCallofGodOnline - The Lord's Rebuke - EVERY IDLE WORD]


8/2/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Who are these who speak dark counsel, without knowledge? Who are these who walk about in arrogant accord, with their foreheads wrinkled and their hearts hardened? Who are all these who speak with serpents’ tongues?!... I do not know them! From them My Spirit is far removed! Their houses shall be devastated, for they have brought swift destruction upon their own heads!

Yes, I am The Lord who is bringing swift destruction
Upon the houses of the wicked!...

Even upon every one who has come out to fight against Me!

The cleverest among them shall be made the fool,
And the most cunning shall be left to their own devices...

And who shall deliver them?!

Therefore, come out against Me, all you mockers! Says The Lord. For behold, this dying generation ceases not from mocking MY word and those sent to them. Come forward therefore, and secure yourself among their ranks, that you may share in their reward!
Be set apart in your unjust cause, set yourself hard against My will, until it consumes you! Increase your slander and continue in your false witnessing, that I may repay you!... Prepare yourself for death! For all those who rebel against Me, and seek harm against My messengers, have made themselves meet for destruction!

For I have prepared a fire! Behold, it is already kindled!...

Lo, within the mouths of My witnesses I have placed coals from the altar,
And I shall surely increase their flame, until every scoffer is put to shame,
And everyone who slanders is uncovered and sent away in their nakedness.

For the pride of the wicked is a hook by which they catch themselves, and their arrogance is a bridle by which they lead themselves into rebellion against The Lord. Therefore, because you have raged against Me and your tumult has come up into My ears, I will put MY hook in your nose and MY bridle in your lips, and I will turn you back by the way which you came... Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord to all those who call of themselves Christian, yet never cease from pushing out the lip against The Lord’s anointed: Your error is very grievous! Hold your tongue! Lest all I have spoken concerning the scoffer and the wicked come upon you, leaving your houses utterly devastated and your sanctuaries in ruinous heaps! For it shall surely be accounted to you, in accordance with your every idle word, says The Lord your God.


And turn back from this wicked way you have chosen...

And I may yet have mercy upon you.


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#3 Oct 1, 2012
Thus says The Lord: Behold, I have come down! Yes, I AM HERE! I have come down to dwell in My chosen and to deliver My elect, even every lamb! For I am The Lord! And My jealousy has come to the full!...

I shall no more tolerate all this injustice and murder! All these abominations! All this wickedness! I shall no more endure all this persecution!... Even by My own people, who pollute My name day and night, without ceasing! For I shall stand upon the earth in My fierce anger, and REPAY! And I shall defend My elect and protect the weak and the needy! And the cause of the widow shall be fulfilled in her deliverance! For I am Lord and God! THE DELIVERER!... Yes, I AM HE!

Behold! LOOK! For The Lord your God shall do a new thing!...

A new and terrible thing!

An astonishment!

A great wonder!...

The likes of which this world has never seen!

The faces of the multitudes shall pale! The hearts of many shall fail them for fear! Many shall collapse, gathering blackness, on account of that which is coming to pass before their eyes!... The mighty and awesome power of The Lord your God put on open display! For who can stand against His coming?! Who will not fall down at the sound of His voice?!

Thus says The Lord: It is time!... My hand shall reach down, lo it shall plunge into the earth! It shall pass through every tomb and every mausoleum, through every grave! Behold, My hand shall pass through the dust and sift the sands of the desert! Even unto the depths of the sea My hand shall grab hold, and the whole earth shall give up its dead!... Every child of God, every servant of The Most High, every sheep beloved of The Shepherd.

Then shall I turn to the multitudes and pass through! Behold, I shall pass through and steal them away!... Babes from every womb, children from every corner, and My elect from every nation! The world shall be left utterly desolate and in tears! Heavy sorrows shall overtake every land! Behold, an outcry shall rise up, such as has never been heard!... Much weeping and lamentation, anger and many raised fists, a great gnashing of teeth! Yes, among every tribe, people and nation, a great noise shall be heard! For three full days it shall not subside, and for three full nights it shall not lessen.

Thus shall their first reward be given,

For they have shown themselves fully worthy...

Then shall they know, I AM THE LORD!

And thus shall the great and terrible day of The Lord begin!...

Behold! The wrath of The Lamb!

[ A Testament Against The World... The Lord's Rebuke "Epilogue: A New and Terrible Thing"]

~ TrumpetCallofGodOnline
kefa in YahuShua

Highgate Hill, Australia

#4 Oct 1, 2012
Thus says The Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth: I am moved from My place! I am stirred up as the hornet’s nest!... And I shall sting. The noise of My voice shall be heard! The hotness of My anger shall be felt!... A scorching heat, singeing all these hardened foreheads! For they have forsaken Me!
Therefore fall down, all you wicked!
Be cast down, all you high-minded!
Grovel at the feet of your Creator, you double-minded hypocrites!...
And I shall visit upon this world great recompense,
For all its adulteries against God!
For all your murders and oppression shall I lay it waste,
O wicked peoples of the earth!
Behold, My hand is removed! Evil reigns!... Horsemen, go forth! Stir up the multitudes! And according to all they have sown, let it be done to them! Let them drink from their own vine of wickedness! Let them partake of their own supper, which they have prepared with contemptuous hands!... Let all the world revel! For the whole world shall be defiled, awash in blood and tears! Pestilences shall come forth and consume, and famine shall increase throughout the land!... Death shall fill every corner!
Then, when the transgressors come to the full, I SHALL VISIT! I shall pour out My anger! It shall be poured out upon them, without respite! The world shall wane, for the weight of My wrath! It shall be turned on its side, for the fury of My judgments!... Lightnings and thunderings, hail and blood, the shaking of all foundations!... Behold, the earth shall spew at My presence!
Peoples of the earth, woe to you! For The Lord God has come out of His sanctuary!... Behold, My arm is outstretched, and who shall stand?! And what evil is able to prevail against Me?!
Therefore, hear the word of The Lord, O perverse and conceited generation, deceitful peoples: The sow knows her place and wallows in it, yet you know no boundaries. Your sin proliferates as the pestilence, and spreads forth as the plague; and you, O modern peoples of this wicked age, love to have it so... Shall I not repay?! Did you think it was hidden from My eyes?! Did you think I, even I, your Maker, would not come and make a quick end?!
O deceived generation, I had sent to you Grace, yet you turn and spit at The King. And what shall I say to a people, the likes of which even those of Sodom and Gomorrah would have fled from, saying,“For this people and its ways are a terror unto us. Let us go into silence, and suffer not to know The Lord’s anger over that which a people such as this have committed. For our sins were great, and we received the due reward for our iniquities, yet these people have come out to fight against The King of Glory and do pervert His name without ceasing”?
Yet I know your thoughts and have heard your voices, O most wicked generation. Even now, I hear you saying,“Where have we sinned against The Lord? And by what means did we come to receive all this punishment, at His hand? Who is our king, and what king is appointed over us?”... O wicked and arrogant generation, there is a King who reigns and shall come. Yet He remains hidden from your eyes.
Therefore, thus says The Lord your God, of whom you have forsaken and not known, choosing rather to strike Me from all remembrance, that your consciences may be free: There is another king, and he have I appointed over you; and him you shall serve, until the time be changed. He shall be fierce, and his countenance shall be like no other man. Yet to you he will be like a savior, full of kind and smooth words, hissing softly as a serpent which hypnotizes its prey into submission... A serpent, a man understanding dark sentences, a man who serves the prince and the power of the air. He shall reign in all the earth for a short season, and you shall flock to him and bow down; and you shall bear in your foreheads, and upon your right hands, the mark and the number of his name.
(Excerpt - "Repent, For The Time is at Hand... And Judgment Must Now Reign" - Letters From God and His Christ-Volume 7)

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#5 Oct 3, 2012

Come Out From Among Them! Says The Lord

A Testament Against The World... The Lord's Rebuke

3/26/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord, against the churches of men: These people are foolish!... A very foolish people, dwelling in houses made of brick and wood. Look how they set their foundations and erect every beam and support, as they close the walls in around themselves. Brick by brick they build the walls, dollar by dollar they build up their high walls.
Lo, they have built a multitude of very fine houses for themselves. Look how they sit at ease in their new palaces, while the poor gather in the waste places, and the needy drift into silence.

These people of faith, as they are called among men, are a trapped people!...

A people whose wisdom shall bring them to shame,
Whose vanity shall bring upon them swift calamity!...

For I hate all their fine houses! I loathe the sight of them!...

They are cut off, an ensnared people,
Trapped behind the walls of their own houses!

Look how these people wear their churches as a garment! For they take much pride in their own names, they are puffed up. See how they walk about, with their heads held high, speaking proudly, taking no time to stop and listen... THEY REFUSE TO HEAR!
I tell you the truth, their faces are covered in shame! Their nakedness is uncovered, their rebellion is made plain! Their ears are full of their perverse doctrines, and their detestable traditions are always upon their lips! There is no light in them and darkness covers them... They are unable to see. The light has faded, dark days have come in, for the sun has already set upon this generation. I tell you, the sun has surely went down upon this age of men!
Behold, the day ends!... And still they refuse to be healed! They refuse Me at every opportunity! They deny Me day after day! And yet the people say,“Where have we refused You, and by what means have we denied Your name?”...

Foolish people, fallen houses!
You know neither Me nor My Father!

For if you truly knew Me, then you would have known The Father also...

To know Me is to know The Father, for I am your Father!

How is it then, you have not entreated Me?! And when I came to you, why did you not sit at My feet to listen?... You have hated both Me and My Father! For the way of The Lord is foreign to you, and The God of Israel is an offense in your eyes!
Therefore, return to your molded “god” and worship this other “jesus”, seeing as how you do revel in him! For I tell you the truth, though many of you have built no statue, nor have you bowed the knee to any graven image, you have surely sinned against Me! You have surely committed idolatry! For you have made for yourself another god, and recreated The Savior in your own image!... HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME! FOR I AM WHO I AM, AND I SHALL NOT BE MOLDED BY YOU! NOR SHALL MY WAYS BE CORRUPTED BY YOU, ANYMORE! NOR SHALL MY NAME BE POLLUTED BY YOU, ANYMORE!
For you have given the wicked cause to blaspheme, and your traditions bring forth laughter among the pagan and the heathen... And by your doctrines do you bring harm to My people everyday, O churches of men!

YOU have forsaken Me!
You want no part with Me as I truly am!...

You have turned to Me the back and not the front!

Your eyes are fixed straight ahead, gazing always upon that which is of men and this world... The way of God you have forgotten. And when I write to you, you will not look upon My words. Even My words from aforetime you segregate, embracing some while casting off others, reshaping it and molding it to your own liking... YOU SHALL NOT ADD TO, OR TAKE AWAY FROM, THE WORD OF THE LORD MOST HIGH!....

The Lord's Rebuke volume


Since: Jan 11

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#6 Oct 3, 2012
Thus says The Lord: In no wise shall this world prevail! In no wise shall these nations stand! All shall crumble! All shall be brought down! All shall be wiped away. I AM THE LORD... Only one nation shall be left, only one shall be left standing, even this same one, the apple of My eye. Yes, I shall surely do it, and it shall be done. And all these, who have received inheritance of the same, shall come from the east and the west, and stand with them, for they are grafted in and remain with Me, always at My right hand; even as those who had forsaken Me shall also return.
For the day is coming when I shall pour on the house of David, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and supplication, and they shall return as they look upon Me... As they look upon The One whom they pierced. Yes, they shall mourn and they shall grieve, even as one grieves for a firstborn son. And as it is written, there shall be great mourning among all the families that remain, every family by itself, says The Lord.
Yet do not think that I save Israel, and the sons and daughters thereof, for their own sakes. For I shall save them for My servant’s sake and to the glory of My own name... Lo, it shall resound in all the earth on that day! Behold, they shall all come to know God and many shall return, even from among those who pierced Me and spilled My blood, the blood which I shed to restore life to the world, life without end.

Therefore rejoice, and be not afraid, says The Lord your Redeemer...

For I am with you, and I shall surely deliver you
Out of all these troubles, out of all this madness...

Rejoice, I say, for the end of all things draws nigh!

For I had come with salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey. And behold, I am come again, and I shall surely fulfill even all that is written of Me! For the day has come and The Lion shall roar! Yea, I shall roar as a raging lion, and all My enemies shall be devoured!... ALL shall be put under My feet! And those who are Mine shall in no wise pass from My sight, for no one can steal them away from Me... No one is able to snatch them out of The Father’s hand!

Therefore, rejoice! Even in the midst of all this wickedness and sorrow, rejoice! Even when they come against you and persecute you, for My name’s sake, rejoice! Look up, for the beginning of the end has come! And when it is finished, I shall make a new beginning, which has no end... The restoration of all things... Peace... One thousand years... Rest.

Come now, and enter into My Father’s joy, which is in Me;
For behold, you shall soon enter in and our joy shall be made complete...

A return to the Garden and My joy...
My love holding My hand...
All tears wiped away...

The old order of things passed away...

All is made new...
My life, your life...

My presence in you and with you, forever.

And as it is written, so shall it be:

“The earth will be filled with the knowledge and glory of The Lord,
As the waters cover the sea.”

[Excerpt from Volume 7 "Look Up, For the Beginning of the End Has Come"]

~ TrumpetCallofGodOnline
kefa in YahuShua

Brisbane, Australia

#7 Oct 3, 2012

Lo, multitudes of idols fill every corner! Both the believer and unbeliever bow down and serve their gods! For ALL nations worship the works of their own hands! Lo, they have placed the creation and the love of their own ideas over their Creator! False deities abound, while science and corrupt religion rules over them! Mere theories become truth and doctrine, and lawlessness is widely accepted! The love of money has become their new taskmaster; and materialism, their god!... Behold, sins of every kind imaginable flow through every land! Yea, as a mighty river it flows into every nation, reaching unto new heights as the walls are broken down, overtopped by the quickly rising waters! The levees are eroded from beneath, undermined continually, widening the breach!...

Behold! A great flood of sin has ensued! A terrible deluge!

Covering the face of the whole Earth!...

And still, the fear of The Lord is all but forgotten!...


For My Kingdom comes! And MY will shall be done on Earth as in Heaven! Even as I had purposed it from the beginning, so shall it be done to this generation! For My throne is set high above the highest heavens, and the Earth is but a footstool set beneath My feet!... FOR I AM THE LORD! YAHUWAH IS MY NAME!

Therefore, let the enemies of The Lord be gathered; let them be gathered together in one place... Let the whole earth bow down! Let every high mountain be crushed beneath the weight of My indignation, until everything high and lofty is broken down, and every stronghold of man is brought down with a great crash!... Until every city is plowed like a field!... CUT DOWN THE TREES! Let neither stump nor root be left in it! Break off the branches and destroy every vine!

For the vine of man is wickedness, and the stronghold of man is a dwelling place of evil. For every pillar of man is a tree of abomination; his every branch bears rotten fruit to infect the masses. Lo, his root plunges ever deeper into darkness, that he might secure his place and gain strength in his rebellion against The Lord.

Therefore, I must remove My sheep and gather up every lamb...

And DESTROY all these kingdoms of men!

No more shall My beloved be subject to this threshing ground! No more shall My children be hurt upon your threshing floor, O most wicked generation!... I must call My children home, that they may be with Me where I am.

Yet many refuse My voice, and will not listen to the sound of this trumpet. They plug their ears and hide their faces. They ignore My call and loathe My messengers!... These obstinate children endeavor to grab hold of My robes with one hand, while pushing Me away with the other!

I reach down to them, with both hands I bend down to embrace them, yet they want no part with Me as I truly am. Behold, I have offered them bread, yea manna from Heaven has been sent down for them, and how do they repay Me?... They stomp upon My bread and refuse all manna provided them! Yea, they loathe My correction and break My Commandments!... Doing so in the name of The Holy One!

Yes, in MY OWN NAME they do all these things! By permission they claim they are free to do all these things!... By permission, under grace, they excuse themselves, that they might do all this evil in My name!... LAWLESS PEOPLE! PERVERSE AND DEGENERATE GENERATION! YOUR “FAITH” IS A LOATHSOME SORE UPON THE SKIN, A CANKER UPON THE LIP OF ALL WHO SING ME PRAISES IN YOUR COURTS! I never knew you! Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Declares The Lord...



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