Kroger pulls weekly 'Rutherford Reade...

Kroger pulls weekly 'Rutherford Reader' over 'hate rhetoric'

There are 24 comments on the The Tennessean Nashville News story from Jun 19, 2010, titled Kroger pulls weekly 'Rutherford Reader' over 'hate rhetoric'. In it, The Tennessean Nashville News reports that:

Anthony Mijares is a retired international cargo expediter and the kind of man who worked so hard that he sometimes brought a sleeping bag to the office.

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Boycott Kroger

Loretto, TN

#1 Jun 19, 2010
Let the boycott begin! Kroger sucks!!

Since: Nov 07

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#2 Jun 19, 2010
The 'questions' offered up by the paper were intended to manipulate non Muslims and denigrate Muslims while trying to get them hated and feared. And this isn't government censorship, it is private choice as to whether or not to support an enterprise. No one here is forced to donate to the boy scouts or the Catholic church or the Democratic party. Why should a business be forced to support anything that they don't believe in?

United States

#3 Jun 20, 2010
Where can I subscribe?

United States

#4 Jun 20, 2010
RealGreenPerch wrote:
Where can I subscribe?
or Google: Rutherford Reader

Since: Jan 07

Phoenix AZ

#5 Jun 20, 2010
Free speech also means the Kroger is allowed to remove a publication from its racks if it considers it hate speech. From what the article says, I would agree that it was hate speech.

Mancelona, MI

#6 Jun 20, 2010
The article did not provide much information about the material published. The headlines it described contain valid opinions easily supported by relevant, verifiable facts.

The customer has a choice, he can take a reader or leave it on the shelf. He has a second choice: he can read any, all or none of the articles it contains.

Anthony Mijares is wrong in trying to decide what others can read. I stand with the Weekly Reader.
Newcomer 1

Bowling Green, KY

#7 Jun 20, 2010
I will continue to read the reader but not continue to shop at Kroger.

Nashville, TN

#8 Jun 27, 2010
The true belief of the muslim faith is if you do not convert or are of a different faith you must die. This is not a simple issue of freedom to worship as you choose as some are trying to portray this matter or simply freedom of speech. I will not support the decision to remove these papers or any business that chooses to do so nor will I support the belief of these people. It is a mockery of all that have and are fighting for this country and giving everything of themselves to support the idea this is simply freedom of religion. what the h--- are you people thinking.We are at war this very moment, our children are dying and you close your eyes and think you are doing the right thing. Stand up for something, stand up for them and your country. This is f------ ridiculious
Newcomer 1

Bowling Green, KY

#9 Jun 27, 2010
marmee wrote:
The true belief of the muslim faith is if you do not convert or are of a different faith you must die. This is not a simple issue of freedom to worship as you choose as some are trying to portray this matter or simply freedom of speech. I will not support the decision to remove these papers or any business that chooses to do so nor will I support the belief of these people. It is a mockery of all that have and are fighting for this country and giving everything of themselves to support the idea this is simply freedom of religion. what the h--- are you people thinking.We are at war this very moment, our children are dying and you close your eyes and think you are doing the right thing. Stand up for something, stand up for them and your country. This is f------ ridiculious

Murfreesboro, TN

#10 Jun 28, 2010
Of all the anger and debate what has come of this? NOTHING! The words written were of truth of the muslim religion, yes if you are not muslim you shall die,*sound familiar? If you do not follow the laws of Christ you are condemed to an eternity of hell. What's the difference? Kroger pulled "OUT & ABOUT" from nashville stores because we christians did not like that propoganda, yet we cringe when it is thrown in our face. TRUE democracy and first amendment speech is well shown here from what WE OURSELVES have established, maybe hindsight is 20/20!
Justin O Smith

Hendersonville, TN

#11 Jul 9, 2010
Can any of you define "hate speech" and who gets to determine what is "hate speech"? That is so much politically correct inane, asinine, tripe!
All speech is protected under the 1st Amend, and as much as I find racial slurs by the New Black Panther Party reprehensible, they still have the right to state them; until they advocate violence as Shamir Shabbazz did in 1999 when he said, "black men, if you wanna be free you gonna hafta kill some 'crackers' gonna hafta kill their babies." Now that's real "hate speech".
In my article, that called for a halt to Muslim immigration now, I addressed the backwardness of the violent fascist segments of Islam that truly believe they can bring the world under a caliphate & Sharia Law, the harshest form of law currently in existence across the globe. How many of you out there have read the actual article I wrote?
My article was not "hate speech" & only depicted the truth about terrorism, terrorists & radical fanatical fascists that currently hide behind the cloak of religion within Islam. If any of you disagree that an ideology that stones a woman to death for real or imagined sins or for being alone with a man who is not her brother or father and lops off body parts of criminals, including beheadings, depending on the crime is not a backward, defiling and dehumanizing ideology, then I would truly be interested in your definitions of these terms.
Until such time as all the Islamic nations can reconcile the turmoil & interrelated associated violence with the norms of peaceful and diplomatic principles based upon freedom and educate their own masses, as opposed to indoctrinating them with the fascist propaganda perpetuated through Sharia, and also create vibrant economies that provide jobs & hope for these same masses, then why should we continue to bring their political troubles, anger & misdirected violence into our nation?...The despots of Islam have used America for decades as a scapegoat as they have blamed the western world for all their ills & problems.
I full well understand that Kroger & Distributech have the right to distribute who they choose, however, they have a stated policy of not distributing any publication containing political or religious views; well, that just about excludes every newspaper in te U.S., and yet, while they continue to distribute 'The Tennessee Tribune' which regularly prints articles by the New Black Panther Party calling for the arming of black people "to prepare for war against the whites", they ban the conservative 'Rutherford Reader' for depicting the truth about radical Islam in an obvious overt & blatantly politically correct far left biased-based agenda preferencing liberal speech in an attempt to squash 'The Rutherford Reader's' 1st Amend rights. If you are going to have a policy, at least implement it fairly & even-handedly; the manner in which these CORPORATE TYRRANTS, Kroger & Distrbtch, have implemented this policy did in fact infringe upon not only Pete Doughtie & 'The Reader's' 1st Amend, but they have in essence violated the spirit of the 1st Amend, and in so doing, they have violated all of America's 1st Amend rights. Each and everyone of you should be quite concerned when corporations start joining forces to determine which newspapers get distributed & which don't!!
God Bless America and May God Condemn Her Enemies!!!-Justin O. Smith (an American patriot & a man who loves his family & country)
None of you

United States

#12 Aug 19, 2010
None of you understand the real Muslim faith! I am a Christian and my religion is my choice! Everyone has a choice! There are many Christian organizations that teach things I believe are false and bad! However I am still a Christian! My God wants to be the one who calls the shots in the end. It's not my place or anyone elses to pass judgement! Everyone deserves a place to practice their religion.....
Joe Friday

Nashville, TN

#13 Aug 21, 2010
Justin O Smith wrote:
In my article, that called for a halt to Muslim immigration now,....
Justin, I did read your article. And while I don't think I would go quite as far as calling it "hate speech" I would definitely label it "ignorant speech". But fortunately the First Amendment protects your right to that too. You're trying to excuse yourself here by saying you don't have a problem with the moderate Muslims, but then you go and stereotype ALL Muslims based on the actions of the extremists, who make up a small percentage of Muslims as a whole. And for you to advocate denying all Muslims entry into this country is just asinine. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding about true Islam. Muslims aren't the problem, Justin. Extremists are the problem. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and religions. There are a lot of people around the world who don't like us. Maybe we should just completely close down all of our borders and not let ANYONE in. Would that fix it? I can tell you right now, probably not.

Let me ask you this, Justin. As someone who's apparently concerned with the freedoms granted by our Constitution and who is willing to fight when those freedoms are infringed upon, do you support the rights of the Islamic Center in Murfreesboro? How about the rights of the proposed "Ground Zero" Islamic Center? Would it be different if they were Jewish or Buddhist or Hindu or Christian? After reading some of your other postings, I'm just going to go out on a limb and say you probably don't think they should be allowed to set up shop, considering your somewhat hostile tone to Muslims, do you? Do you see the hypocrisy there, Justin?
Justin O Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

#14 Jan 19, 2012
The Truth Will Set You Free
No apologies should ever be made for hating something, because certain people, activities and ideologies have full well earned any hatred directed towards them. The term "hate-speech" is the Progressive Democrats'/Communists' catch-phrase assault on the Truth, when the Truth exposes one of their nefarious agendas or allies. And I hate with a passion, and I love with a passion, as is my God-given right to think as I believe and feel about issues as I choose. It is a part of all human psyche to hate and to love, as well as to experience anger and joy. No thought police will ever keep me from speaking my mind through their own hypocrisy in the use of the term "hate-speech"!
This definition is from 'Websters New Collegiate Dictionary'(1977): hate 1a: intense hostility and aversion usually from fear, anger or a sense of injury 2a: extreme dislike or antipathy. I fear very little, so my hatred stems from anger, a sense of injury and an extreme dislike. The poet Maya Angelou shouts: "Be angry. It is right to be angry. It is healthy."
Do I hate?...Damn straight I hate! Psalms 97:10: You who love the Lord hate evil!
I hate the small-minded miniature Joe Stalins who are stealing 'The Rutherford Reader' from its racks, in order to prevent it from reaching the community, and I hate those others trying to persuade business owners to boycott it, because they do not like or agree with some of the opinion columns. These people exemplify the liberals' hypocrisy, because they are not interested in arriving at solutions through debate and free-flowing information, a free society or even a democratic society; they are of the same ilk as know-nothing Sen. John Kerry who recently suggested to MSNBC that the media should not report the "absurdities" from the Tea Party, even though the majority of Americans currently support Tea Party initiatives. These thieves and liars are symptomatic of a Leftist mindset that seeks to censor and completely squash conservative and Christian speech through intellectual terrorism.
I loathe those Muslims and Muslim sympathizers who advocate the spread of Sharia Law across the entire U.S., such as Dalia Mogahed (Advisor to the Pres.) and Harold Koh (Head of Legal Counsel-U.S. State Dept.). Sharia Law is evil; Islam is not a religion, because it has little to do with God and primarily promotes Mohammed's doctrines and policies. Psalms 119:104: I gain understanding from Your precepts; therefore I hate every false way.
Eric Bell, Anthony Mijares and Rick Bennett cannot cogently debate any topic truthfully, and they often omit and misrepresent the facts. Bell has accused Mr. Pete Doughtie ('Reader' editor/owner) of endangering Mijares by calling him a "terrorist"; Mijares was actually referred to as an "economic terrorist" due to his boycott efforts directed at 'The Rutherford Reader'. These misinformed, misguided "citizens" use a certain verbal nimbleness rather than actual evidence and logic in their assertions. They use this talent to hide from the reality of many impending crises rapidly descending upon the U.S., and they would not recognize the Truth if it was sitting in their laps! Romans 8:35: Who can separate us from the love of Christ (or keep us from loving America)...can affliction or anguish...persecution...or nakedness or danger or sword? Because of the Progressive Communists, the Muslim sympathizers and these men are we simply to await slaughter by the Islamic fascists entering America daily?
Justin O Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

#15 Jan 19, 2012
Due to the Obama Administration's refusal to name Islam and its Sharia Law doctrines as an ideology diametrically opposed to the U.S. Constitution and an enemy to America and freedom, and its further refusal to profile, Muslims live in the heart of America, for the most part and until just the past few years, without having their differences questioned, without checking their bad intentions, and without being penalized for their sullen fanaticism. When pointing out the fascism inherent in Islam to those like Bell, Mijares and Bennett, they are like the idiot in Mao Tse Tung's proverb: "If you point at the Moon with a finger, the idiot looks at the finger and sees the finger, not the Moon." If by chance they see the Moon, it's the same because not having the guts to oppose the intellectual terrorism of the liberals and their conformity, or agreeing with it, they pretend to see the finger. Point at Islamofascist threats to America and all the idiots see only a finger.

The Progressives, Muslims and Communists of the world can mock Christianity, the Virgin Mary or Jesus and nobody touches their right of thought or expression, but if myself or Pete Doughtie or anyone else simply states facts concerning Islam. the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed, we are called bigots, xenophobes and racists. Progressive Democrats/Communists and Code Pink can yell anti-American slogans, call our soldiers "murderers" and "baby-killers", fly the Mexican or any other nationality flag over the U.S. flag or even burn our beloved American flag and nothing happens; but if anyone does the identical thing against Islam, all Hell breaks loose! This conflict is ideological and has no racial quality whatsoever.

If we can condone Islamofascism and Sharia Law within the U.S. in the name of broadmindedness, understanding and pluralism, why did we fight Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin? Why did we organize the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Why did we go to Korea and Vietnam? Why does the U.S. send soldiers, such as Seal Team Six, to kill and die in wars declared against the enemies of freedom, of democracy and of civilization? Are these principles valid in certain cases only, with certain nations only? Aren't Islamic tyrranies as unacceptable as the communist and fascist ones? I've had enough of this Leftist duplicity, ambiguity and hypocrisy! I am a free spirit, a free individual, and I refuse any form of tyranny such as Islamic Sharia; I refuse to listen to the clamor for the Theocratic State.

The Leftists and the Muslim sympathizers would exterminate the right of dissent within our representative democratic Republic. They would see us punished and our admonishments against Islam made criminal, just as the case in Europe, where we witnessed numerous notable people, such as Bridgette Bardot and Geert Wilders, prosecuted for "hate-speech" against Muslims. They would silence America's children, hand them to the enemy and abandon them to a minority that swaggers and blackmails as it re-establishes heresy and burns the free minds on the stake. They would build a non-democracy...a deceit...a lie!

Upon their death, I full well suspect that all Progressive Democrat/Communists will plunge headlong into Hell and down Lucifer's throat due to multiple un-repented sins, but especially their intellectual terrorism. They presume and assume to hold the Truth in a dogmatic manner; if you do not think as they do, you are an idiot and an outcast. And now, Hollywood, public education, university professors and psuedo-intellectuals have poisoned the minds of two generations, as they work on the third. Let's state facts. The mendacious pacifists who dessiminate the most obtuse illiberalism and the most bullying fascism were spawned by the Left; anti-Americanism originated with the Democratic Party, and now they are engaging in an even more despicable sin, as they foster Islamism and Sharia Law in America!
Justin O Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

#16 Jan 19, 2012

What kind of freedom would allow us to be invaded or muzzled or prevented from thinking, speaking or rebelling? What kind of freedom would allow Americans to live in fear of being prosecuted and convicted as criminals for the fiction of "hate-speech"? What kind of freedom seeks to censor my thoughts and feelings, to decide whom I must love and whom I must hate, so that if I hate my country and my fellow Americans I go to Heaven and if I hate Muslims I go to Hell? A non-freedom, I say...a mockery...a farce!

Like love, hate belongs to human Life...and cannot be forbidden by some article of some penal code. It can be judged, adversed or condemned, but only on a moral basis. I have the right to love whom I want, and I also have the right to hate whom I want. Let's start with those who hate me. Yes, I hate the Bin Ladens, the Zawahiris and the kamikazes and suicide bombers who blow our people up; I do hate the bastards who smear the facades of churches and urinate on them. I do hate the Michael Moores, the ward Churchills, the Noam Chomskys, the George Soroses, Cloward and Pivens, the Barack Obamas, their accomplices and the domestic traitors who sell us to the enemy. I do hate them as much as I hate the Ayatollah Khomenei, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Hu and Chavez. I hate them as I always hated any murder of Freedom. It is my sacrosanct sacrosanct duty.

John 8:32: You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. Millions of American patriots, such as myself, Pete Doughtie, Kevin Fisher, Lou Ann Zelenik, Rebecca Bynum, Pam King, Sam Solomon, Bill Warner, Jerry Gordon, Frank Gaffney and Bill Ketron, have led the battle against the introduction of Sharia Law and Islamofascism within the U.S. through the use of honest facts. All of us are fulfilling a very difficult, a very grievous duty...the duty of speaking the Truth. And in speaking the Truth, giving voice to the voiceless!

by Justin O. Smith
Justin O Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

#18 Jan 20, 2012
For Joe Friday...The preceding note was added by Rebecca Bynum (Managing Editor/New English Review)...The Iconoclast
Sunday, 11 July 2010

Muslims’ First Amendment Rights Are Protected

Note:(Justin O. Smith, regular columnist for the Rutherford Reader and resident of Murfreesboro, TN., writes in response to an interview with Saleh Sbenaty, an MTSU engineering professor in the DNJ (the sister paper to the Tennessean). Mr. Sbenaty complains that his first amendment rights are being violated because people are misinformed about Islam. Mr. Smith doesn’t seem misinformed to me.)

The Qur’an states that a Muslim’s first loyalty is to the “umma”(worldwide Islamic community) and overrides any civic obligations to the “infidels”, non-Muslims. This explains why few Muslims speak up against the extremists among them; for every Zak Mohyuddin, an engineer, who calls America home and lives here honorably, there is a Nidal Hassan willing to kill in the name of Allah. Let us not forget, also, that one of al Qaeda’s top leaders, Ayman Zawahiri is a doctor.

No one is infringing on the Murfreesboro Muslims’ First Amendment rights. There is no question of their right to worship Allah through Islam; but do they have the right to expand if that expansion falls under auspices advocating Sharia Law or Wahhabi ideology, as it stands in direct contravention of our U.S. Constitution?

Too many Muslim immigrants are arriving here from nations sponsoring terrorism, such as Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. Their views on the principles of freedom are vastly different from your average American’s view or even third generation American Muslims’ views, and many try to advance and propagate Sharia Law upon their arrival. Rather than assimilate and teach their children about America, its principles of freedom and the rich history surrounding its inception, they steep them in Sharia and Wahhabi propaganda; the proof is readily apparent in literature at the Dar el-Hijrah Mosque (which housed three 9/11 terrorists) in Falls Church, VA and numerous others; the Farouq Mosque was used to plot and stage the World Trade Center bombing; and the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR have been working against U.S. interests from within the U.S. since 1962.

For too long I have watched as Sharia Law was implemented across Europe in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and numerous other nations. The destabilizing results of radical fascist Islamic machinations can readily be viewed through the historical context of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Lebanon which are simply a few among many nations very nearly destroyed, due to these radical jihadists returning from battle with the Soviets in Afghanistan. Wherever the Muslim population approaches 30% of the population in any region, local or national, an advocacy for Islamic separatist movements and Sharia Law soon follows. After France withdrew from Lebanon in 1942, a concerted effort to destabilize Lebanon and inundate it with Muslim immigrants was enjoined by Iran and Syria; Lebanon has seen the years 1958 to the present through a veil of blood due to Islamic machinations.

Sharia financing is currently being introduced into our economy through special banks and mortgage loans that utilize these Sharia financing principles, and even our U.S. Treasury is researching the possibility of allowing Sharia financing within its domain. Now the U.S. is witnessing the encroachment of Sharia-like policies across the nation in cities like Chicago, ILL, New York, NY and Dearborn, MI. Just two weeks ago, Police Chief Ron Haddad, from Dearborn and a Muslim, arrested four men for promoting Christianity near a Muslim festival; a court ruled this unconstitutional, but it should never have occurred in America in the first place!
Justin O Smith

Murfreesboro, TN

#19 Jan 20, 2012
-continued for Joe Friday... The Iconoclast
Sunday, 11 July 2010
Muslims’ First Amendment Rights Are Protected

As a young boy, I stood beside my father nearly every Saturday night, with my hand over my heart, as the television signed-off with a waving American flag and the Star Spangled Banner. Most Muslims cannot relate to this, and while I have heard Muslims state that this is their home, I have yet to see them show a love of America; I have, however, seen them burn American flags in NYC and protest in support of the terrorist group Hamas right in the center of Murfreesboro, TN.

Everyone’s First Amendment rights must be protected, which means Muslims too. I do not wish their rights to be infringed upon, however, it is not an infringement of anyone’s rights to call for a temporary halt to all future Muslim immigration, as I did in April. I simply wish to see America’s Muslims grow to love this nation every bit as much as I do and develop a protective instinct towards the U.S. Constitution, that is as strong as the protective feelings I hold for this magnificent document. This conclusion was not lightly reached, and it was not based in hate of Muslims or Islam, but rather from love for America. We simply must give current Islamic immigrants more time to assimilate and be drawn away from the radical sects of Islam. It does not state anywhere in the U.S. Constitution that we must allow unfettered and unrestrained immigration for anyone seeking our shores, especially our enemies. Only by repudiating political correctness does America stand a chance; we must realistically view the world’s sociopolitical reality and withdraw from supposedly more sophisticated ideas that have little or no connection to observable reality.

Liberty is not unbridled will or the freedom to do as one likes; a society which recognizes no checks upon its freedoms soon becomes a society where freedom is in the possession of only a savage few. The Murfreesboro Muslim community does, in fact, have their First Amendment rights, but they do not have the right to expand if that expansion enables any furtherance of Sharia or Wahhabi ideology in the U.S. Their constitutional rights end where mine begin!

Murfreesboro, TN

#20 Mar 28, 2012
Hey Justin, I'm fine with immigrants until the try and give me a blanket covered in small-pox. I would really hate if they went and set up a goverment that was hostile to my people and my way of life. Just think how angry we would all be if we were made to move from land that had been in our family for years. Then they made us walk half was across the country to live somewhere we didn't want to. Then they took that land from us also. If any of that were to happen I'd be really mad.
The Truth

Templeton, CA

#21 Apr 27, 2012
Christians live by Love.........Muslims live by the Sword

If you take time to look & educate yourself the answer is easy. The Muslim believes that anything can be done as long it is in the name of Alla.

The Qur'an states:
Thou shall not lie
Thou shall not steal
Thou shall not murder
Except in the name of Alla........Get It?

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