I am retired and have seen a lot. I've seen most american industry disappear. I believe that this country cannot be great without a strong manufacturing base. We have lost so many jobs, we are fighting about how to pay our bills with what we have left. I have a couple of questions.

1. Who can I talk to about the economy besides a polititian?
2. What if nafta was declared unconstitutional? It did not represent the will of the people. From what I have read, this 900 page document that allowed american industry to move offshore, was not read or fully understood by most legislators who voted for it.
3. Why can't we have laws that punish companies that move offshore? Some countries have an impact fee to discourage that. Ex: Holland.
4. Why can't we reduce the size of congress? We can send a message and get gridlock for a lot less money.
5. What happened to "For the people and by the people"