Evidently, Obama used the Arab Spring revolution to expand the rule of the Mozlem brothers over Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and recently Morocco is using the Hamas terrorists to become the new Mozlem brothers of Palestine which is a Obama way to gave them the right to control Jerusalem. The American Jews of America are giving blind support and financing of Obama's effort to convert the Middle East and Northern Africa to be under the rule of the Mozlem Brotherhood that he supports for New World order. While the goal of the Hamas Mozlem brothers is to destroy the Jewish state and convert it to Mozlem brother Shariya law state, the liberal Jews of America continue their efforts to re-elect Obama and give him to tool to isolate the Jewish state by arming the Mozlem brother regimes of the Middle East with American top aircrafts such as F-15 and to Saudi Arabia that sponsors al Qaida and F-16 to UAE and Iraq that supports the Irananian regime nukes and his terrorist organizations. The liberal DM Barak and NYC Mayor Ed Koch are supporting the efforts of Obama to isolate and weaken Israel by arming its worst enemies with the best American weapons as they keep telling lies about Obama support of Israel, which is 10% of his support of Israeli enemies.