Candidate For Free Tummy Tuck

Candidate For Free Tummy Tuck

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Andrea Sanchez

United States

#1 Oct 2, 2011
Hi,Iam a 24 year old mother who has had four kids all c section my stomach is over laping and gross I feel like im letting my self go my last C section with my daughter was in 2009 and my scar is very uneven and very bumpy and I feel like im not attractive to my husband any more PLEASE consider me as one of your candidates it would change my life THANK YOU
Charlene Daschle

Clarksville, TN

#2 Oct 7, 2011
I am in Ft campbell. In 2007 i was injured in Iraq and suffered two knee injuries. It was already hard to get the weight off as it was with 2 c sections. I already have suffered PTSD issues from both Iraq and from being raped in Korea by my squad leader, but whats worse is I have sexually alienated myself from my husband who has been a special ops soldier of 20 years.We dont have the money to get the surgery and I hate the way i feel. I fight with him over this and he feels terrible cause there is nothing he can do:( It would be a amazing dream to just be able to wear jeans that fit my frame correctly and to wear a normal t shirt. I loved when I was a soldier cause I had so much confidence. If this is real it would be a airy tale any way thanks for listening and god bless!

Maldon, UK

#4 Oct 18, 2011
hi i am a mother of 3 i had to have a hysterectomy when i was 28 due to medical problems i have had cysts cut off my overies also 2 prolapse repairs 2 laparoscapys im 36 now and have a wonky lower stomache i hate it it show through my clothes i am not over weight i think the nhs should do a stomache tuck but its like getting blood from a stone i feel the drop in my stomache is from scar tissue

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Oct 19, 2011
Hello, I am a mother of five with diabetes and I also suffer from asthma. Over the past year I have picked up some extra pounds which caused me to have difficulty breathing as well as complicate my diabetes. I would love to have a tummy tuck to help me feel & look better, but I can't afford it. I am asking for your consideration in considering me for a candidate for this surgical procedure.

Thank You!

Lady Lake, FL

#6 Oct 25, 2011
I have tried dieting, exercising, basically everything, but I still have about 65 pounds of extra skin that I carry around and it make me look like and feel like I AM OVERWEIGHT when it really just extra skin I am packing around. My back kills me and I have problems with a bad back because of the weight. I would actually be very thin if it was gone. I have not been able to find work for over 3 years because of the economy and because of other medical reasons that I cannot get disability for so I have absolutlely no income what-so-ever and I am begging for help from someone to help me get rid of this extra skin once and for all and give me my life to be like a normal person again. Please Help Me!

Taylor, MI

#7 Oct 28, 2011
Where to start I am a stay at home mother to three beautiful daughters I had all my children c-sections I wored my booty off the last 7 months and have lost over 80lbs I. Have done cardio and weight training with a low cal low fat diet and I still am I recently see a surgeon but as u know the cost is crazy and being a stay at home mother I always have to think of the girls first and me last so please think of me and considered me for the surgery:-)

League City, TX

#8 Nov 5, 2011
I am a mom of seven. I have had numerous surgeries that were mostly for emergency reasons. I had an ovarian cyst rupture, which required emergency surgery, an etopic pregancy times two, a spleenectomy, an appendectomy, my gallbladder removed and a few exploratory surgeries and my tubes tied and untied. This past year I have been very depressed because I walk around looking four months pregnant. My lower abdomen sticks out further than my butt. I use to love dressing up, but now I just stay in and wear baggy tshirts. I surely don't feel sexy, and at forty seven I should still be feeling good. I work EMS so I am out in the public a lot and I hate getting up in the mornings and getting dressed, as it requires my shirt to be tucked in. Lately I have been scratching my scar so badly that I make it bleed. Nothing like having a large fat roll hanging over the weak muscles in the abdomen. My doctor says it can only be fixed with a tummy tuck, but I can't afford that and I don't have insurance. Pleasse consider me for this procedure. I would love to look good in a pair of jeans again.
Lisa Vega

United States

#9 Nov 9, 2011
I'm not sure if this contest is even real. Nevertheless, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisa Vega and I live in Colton California. I am a happy 33 year old wife and mother of two daughters, ages 14 and 4. I was a teenage runaway and young mother so my "young" body died early based on those poor decisions. My husband and I tried for years to conceive and just when we had given up, we had the youngest. The weight stuck to me like glue. I've recently discovered the Paleo lifestyle and diet, and have been living Paleo since September 1st, 2001. I have lost 15 pounds. I cant express to you enough how much it would bless me to have this baby tummy gone! I am living healthier and loosing pounds! This baby gut is cramping my style.:) Help if you see fit. Thanks for your time!
Tabatha Harris

United States

#10 Nov 10, 2011
My name is Tabatha Harris,

I am actually posting regarding my older sister, she is a wonderful, loving and selfless person who helps everybody.She cares for our 94 year old grandfather night and day and takes care of her two children. She has worked on losing her stomache ever since her last child seven years ago and results are always the same......cant lose it. I believe if she would dedicate herself to herself 24/7 like she does for everybody thats in her life that she could succeed, but thats not on her nature. I know that she veru irritated and depressed about the way she looks. She is a very beautiful, wonderful woman and deserves to feel about herself as we all do. I hope she could be considered for a free tummy tuck so I can help her for once.

Orlando, FL

#11 Nov 15, 2011
I'm giving this a shot, it almost seems to good to be true but if given this opportunity it would dramatically change my self esteem. I'm a young mom, 26, had 2 boys and no matter what I do I can't rid of my stubborn belly fat. I look in the mirror and see a beautiful person but my mid section is a disappointment and an insecurity problem for me. I just want to be able to walk outside in the summertime with confidence, or take a shower with my significant other without feeling like a two ton tilly, or just to be able to make love with my shirt off. If you choose me I will be most gracious.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#12 Nov 17, 2011
Well I don't think I should be considered but at least where thay have payment plans for low income people, I had 8 kids all c-sectioned and am only 25 I want to show some skin before My years get to me, and with this ugly stomache theres only sooo much I can show.

Tampa, FL

#13 Nov 19, 2011
well tummy tuck is very good very nice.
tummy tuck make me good.

San Diego, CA

#14 Dec 13, 2011
I would great-fully appreciate it if i was considered!!!!!!!!!!
My husband is deployed and i wish to look good for him. I had one kid but excessive stretch marks and sagging belly. I wish one day to be able to make love with the lights turned on.
Please consider me.

Syracuse, NY

#15 Jan 1, 2012
At under 5 ft tall, my close to 9.5 lb baby really stretched out my stomach. I exercise try but can't get rid of this extra skin. It is so disheartening because pre pregnancy, I once had a 6 pack. My husband was a victim to the downturned economy, lost his job for close to 2 years and we can't afford for me to do this.
I am a web writer, Blogger of a well-received mommy blog, Facebook page and would even exchange promotional write-ups and web/marketing assistance to any Dr that helps me. I thank you for your consideration!

Albert Lea, MN

#16 Jan 10, 2012
hi,iam a mother of 4 an grandmother of 12,i fell so fat i hate to go anywhere because i have alittle bit of a hang over on my tummy would love a tummy tuck.

Boiling Springs, SC

#17 Jan 10, 2012
Surely this can't be real? I will have a go at it either way. I really need a tummy tuck. I have beautiful 3 year old twin boys. I tried very hard to stay in shape while pregnant with the twins and I didn't gain too much weight, however I have soo much skin left over. I literally have to tuck my skin into my jeans. I have to buy three sizes too big just to be able to fit my tummy. It is mortifying and very uncomfortable. I dread seeing people look at my stomach and knowing what they are about to say, "Are you pregnant." My husband says one day we might be able to afford a tummy tuck, but I know better. Having read the entries above, my heart goes out to all them. As a woman, we all want to feel pretty, thin , and not have to wear elastic waist pants!! Having a tummy tuck done would literally change my life. If this is real, please consider me. [email protected]
Ana Avalos

San Leandro, CA

#18 Jan 11, 2012
Am not going to make up all these sad depressing stories I just wanted to feel better of my body! That's all

Chicago, IL

#19 Jan 12, 2012
Hello I'm a single mother of five and grandmother of two. I can't afford a tummy tuck,but really need one . please consider me for one it would really help with the weigh I have [email protected] m

Brainerd, MN

#20 Jan 12, 2012
I have stretch marks from above my belly button and down. I have them on my hips, thighs, even my calves! I was 16 when I had my first child. I am happily satisfied with my 4 children. I would love to have some self confidence back. Right now I have absolutly none. It is on my brain all day everyday. Our yearly income in around 35,000 to 40,000. There is no way we could ever afford to spend money on a tummy tuck for me, but if it were free, how could i turn that down. I would be most gratefull.
Quincy Jones

Redding, CA

#21 Jan 13, 2012
My fiance has to be one of the most amazing women i have met in my life. She has a 5 yo son that is autistic that she has taken on full responsibility for, even quitting her job in order to stay home and care for him and his 2 younger siblings (3 year old twins). She was abandoned by her ex husband (the children's father) after the twins stretched her abdominal area causing damage beyond repair. that of course didnt dampen her spirit and after we met she eagerly took on the responsibility of being a mommy to my child as well. for the past year she has sacrificed and gone without even the smallest things to give to all of our children and though she is not comfortable within her own skin afraid to bathe in the nude... she always keeps a smile on her face putting everyone before herself. i would love the opportunity to give something to her she so much deserves and that we could not otherwise afford. thank you

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