Inmate found dead at Lebanon Correcti...

Inmate found dead at Lebanon Correctional Institution

There are 61 comments on the Middletown Journal story from Apr 5, 2012, titled Inmate found dead at Lebanon Correctional Institution. In it, Middletown Journal reports that:

A male inmate was found dead today at the Lebanon Correctional Institution, according to the Warren County Coroner's Office.

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Marissa meredith

United States

#22 Feb 8, 2013
i studied psy for incarceratiom in my opinion even if you are a guard you shouldn't be allowed to do what ever you want a crime is a crime no what your job title is
wrong info

Hamilton, OH

#23 Feb 11, 2013
this was my ex that was found dead in his jail cell that this article is talking about. it was not at lebanon where he died, he had just been transfered to lucasville not even a month before which is why they prob got it messed up, he was only 26.

Dayton, OH

#24 Feb 12, 2013
Marissa meredith wrote:
i studied psy for incarceratiom in my opinion even if you are a guard you shouldn't be allowed to do what ever you want a crime is a crime no what your job title is
You didn't study spelling or grammar

Detroit, MI

#25 Feb 18, 2013
Hello again its been awhile, but i will never go away. first and formost thers only one judge in this world GOD GOD GOD. so everyone stop trying to do his job. Lebanon is a place that needs to be shut down. guards are the worst ones in side those walls,they hide behind there titles but because they our prisoners as well that enjoy looking at those men each and everyday.SHAME on you fellas for useing the system for your satisfaction of the prisoners that you donot recieve at home. your wives need to know the truth, so tell them.It is wrong to rape the prisoners because what does that make you A RAPEST AS WELL.whos going to punish you?
Interesting guy

New York, NY

#26 Feb 26, 2013
Marissa meredith wrote:
i studied psy for incarceratiom in my opinion even if you are a guard you shouldn't be allowed to do what ever you want a crime is a crime no what your job title is
I had a class for Correctional Psychology at John Jay College. My professor was very experienced as a Forensic psychologist in the prison systems.

I doubt you took such a class because if you recently attended college or is current, you would have the habit of using complete sentences and spell-checking your words.

There are prison advocate groups and civil rights organizations that will look into any constitutional mistreatment of imates. My suggestion is reach out to them with these assumptions instead of topix.

Good luck

Maineville, OH

#27 Apr 8, 2013
Chuck wrote:
people die in prison
That's right it happens. Inmates overdose on drugs brought in by thier loving families, inmates do things to get themselves in trouble with other inmates --- they kill themselves or get killed.
Inmates spit, piss & throw crap on staff.
COs don't do this. There r bullies at Leb but not only do they bully inmates they bully other staff. They r bad staff but there r only 7 that I can think of. And Karma gets them too. Bully staff make it hard on everyone there.
And there r bully family members who bring in drugs, tobacco, perform sexual acts in front of thier children & cuss staff & r totally disrespect.
Many of the staff at Leb bend over backwards for the visitors that come in.
Bottom line respect reaps respect; disrespect reaps disrespect

Zanesville, OH

#28 Apr 16, 2013
My son is at Lebanon right now. It was his first time in prison and they sent him from CRC. It has been hell for him since he got there. That prison is ran by corupt people. They let the prisoners extort other prisoners and to even make a phone call home. the prison is dirty from what i have seen. Ive been told that there is huge roaches and bed bugs there. Ohio needs to start arresting the officers who allow corruption in there. my son had a part in the crime but not enough to put him in there. the guy that actually did the crime may have got more time but he is still sitting at crc and been there for awhile. Lebanon is a prison for prisoners who dont care if they get out but my son didnt deserve to go to the worst prison in ohio. someone who murders 3 people by cutting one up and hiding their body and dumps the other two sits in lima ohio correctional. what is wrong with this picture? the ohio goverenment needs to step and change things. they have criminals running their prisons. my son is sitting in the hole right now and no one will tell me anything. my son better come out of the hole untouched and alive.

Cincinnati, OH

#30 Jul 31, 2013
I have a son that will transfer to the 'farm'. Any ideas or comments about the treatment of prisoners in the camp? Level 1.
Truth Facts

Chillicothe, OH

#31 Aug 2, 2013
LivinKentucky wrote:
I have a son that will transfer to the 'farm'. Any ideas or comments about the treatment of prisoners in the camp? Level 1.
Easy time compared to LECI.He wont have to worry about corrupt staff,and staff that are the "good old boys".There are some good officers there but there is a group of good old boys that get away with any and everything.They have a few Capt's that are right in the mix Capt Q and Capt T are bad apples and should have been fired along time ago.Scum of the earth these two.Other than that your son should be ok.
348791 skeet

Toledo, OH

#32 Mar 22, 2014
Skeet let me tell ya i did 12years in ohios prison system and lebanon is the dirtiest, and has the highest population of homosexuals and highest rate of hiv. The rollers c/os turn a blind eye to beating and rapes mostly out of fear. It is a real prison close as ur gna get to the movies but its needed it puts people in there place the weak no there roll and stay in there place and the strong survive u dont have to be mike tyson but u do have to be a man stand up for urself everytime and you will be ok. If ur weak get sum koolaid and use it like maybeline remember its prison u where a animal in society so take that animal instinct with u, or hold the big black jacobis hand and let him grease u up. Yeah u cant change the filithy conditions but u can stand up for urself as a man most likely your there for a reason and if ur innocent remember god dont give u more than u can handle.

Cincinnati, OH

#33 Apr 15, 2014
lets get a few things straight here. 1) not all inmates are scum 2) not all officers are dirty ...being in this kind of environment can be hard on inmates and staff alike. some inmates are disrespectful and get what they deserve, some staff are dirty and get snitched on and get their own number...i will also say that a lot of inmates make their time in the joint difficult because of their behavior, not all of them can be rehabilitated. if you have a family member in prison i feel for you, not that inmate. you didnt commit their crime, they did. however, when they are downright disrespectful and degrading to the staff (whom are (surprise!) are human too) how do you really expect them to be treated???? maybe the roaches and rats are due to the fact that the inmates throw their trash on the ranges and out the windows thus drawing these creatures in??? stop crying for the american inmate. chances are, if they had a chance to violate you or someone close to you they would. do the job of a corrections officer for just one week and then open your big friggin mouth! it sure is tough getting fed three free meals a day, getting free water for your shower, getting free electricity for your flat screen tv, watching free movies on that flat screen tv, and not having to work for any of it...nor pay taxes on any wages earned from an institutional job....lets not forget that the correction officers that deal with your convicted felon offspring are paying taxes that help pay for all this crap!! booo friggin hoo!!! write your inmate and tell him to behave himself mmmmkkkkkkayyyy?11?!!??

Detroit, MI

#34 Apr 25, 2014
Just did 5 years in there it's crazy I got rap 2 times I'm only 24 now don't go there
Ms L

Grove City, OH

#35 Jul 29, 2014
I have a son at Lebanon as well. He broke the rules at another prison and was shipped there. He is on lock down 23/24. The visiting is bullcrap because you do not get the full 2hours they take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour t0 process the visitor and get the prisoners into the visiting room. When you have little kids with you I is hard to keep them occupied for them to visit with on their daddy. It is a 2 hour drive for me. I take their mother and his 4 children. I drop her off at 12 with two kids then take the other 2 to a park or to a restaurant to wait out the two hour visit. I go back pick her up and drop her and the two girls off at a park or Mcdonald's and then I go back to the prison for my 2 hour visit with my son. It is a nasty dirty place. The play room set aside for kids is deplorable. chairs stacked on the tables no place for the kids to sit, Yet we are told that the 2 year old needs to sit still. Ok I get that they are there for breaking rules but the visitors should be treated with respect and since this is the only time these babies have to bond with their parents and they are supposed to be getting rehabilitated I think that it would not hurt to enhance the bonding process with their children to allow them to sit in a reading room with their kids and allow them to bond as much as possible with their babies during their short 2 hour visit. The guard at the visiting desk tries to be a hard nose but I tell him God Bless You every time and now he is sweet is punch to me and my grandsons when we come in. He jokes with them and teases them that if they don't behave he will get them. They are human and I get that but so am I and so is my son. His mistake was in my opinion minor but that is my opinion but I did not feel it warranted upping his security and moving him to Lebanon. I hope he will get his security lowered and moved back to where he was or to another one even closer to my home. Being disabled and trying to drive that far is very difficult. I do know if your loved one is in imminent danger you should call the warden personally as it is difficult for them to monitor that many people so we have to be proactive by listening to your loved one and raising up any concerns that you may have with regards to their safety. I want to know how the drugs are being brought in, I believe they were brought in by a CO when my son was at CCI. That was what got him shipped out. But who gave them to him that is what I want to know!! I pray for everyone who has to endure this horrible fate and for the inmates as well. God Bless You!
one love

Hickory, NC

#36 Jul 30, 2014
Its sad to hear/read this stuff. I have someone dear to me in there and when he told me it was like a third world country i didn't know what to think. I hope the gaurds who rape other men in there burn in hell. A city was burned down for that and so be it. The pearly gates will not welcome you ever even on your death bed of forgiveness . your job is to help and keep others safe and that's not what your doing . I pray my loved one dose not and has not endured this violation of his/there body. May god protect you and all others. amen.
concerned sister

United States

#37 Aug 9, 2014
A492738 look me up wrote:
I have been in that prison personnaly so let me the first to let u know off gun shot not everybody did wat they where accused of next no one should have to or deserves to live in and under such conditions that Lebanon reps roaches and rats everywhere and I mean every where. They play wit ur V.I.s mail and ur money the c.o.s are for the most part the majority r there to do their jobs her paid and to home others however have the game messed up we r ppl convection aside we deserve better the place is falling apart the food is hard garbage all these comentsfrom ppl talking crazy it would be a whole different game if it was family they found in that cell think on that or better yet judging from some of these comments it may have been u they found for talking crazy so before u pass judgment. Walk that mile first u dig to all my pplz still there keep ur head up stay focused they gotta let u go some time this life or the next u heard
my brother is going to be going to this prison, I am very concerned and stressed out and worried!!!! I am just wondering is this place as bad as I have heard?

Cincinnati, OH

#38 Sep 3, 2014
leci its a joke c.o's are all jokes

West Chester, OH

#39 Sep 15, 2014
jon doe wrote:
There is a simple solution for this. DON'T GO TO PRISON AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT! LeCI is the toughest institution in the state to do time for a reason and its going to stay that way no matter what you and your friends think. You don't go to Lebanon for fallowing the rules, you go there for breaking them.(While incarcerated)
You always have to remember that these inmates are still human that are put there for committing a crime . They should do there time without being abused by the people that are getting paid to watch and protect them. I think they should put in prison themselves for such abuse .

Oxford, OH

#40 Sep 19, 2014
Of course we want prisons to be hard on people but that doesn't make it right
for our guards to be acting in a criminal manner and throwing their authority
around, beating, intimidating people for sex and killing inmates. I know one
of the pieces of shit for a guard who just got arrested for selling steroids.
He is a big bully and is like I said a piece of shit. Guards are supposed to
uphold the law not break it.

Oxford, OH

#41 Sep 19, 2014
Disappointed wrote:
For those who agree that guards should rape prisoners think about the young man who is o his way to prison for vechilar homicide he was the only who lived out of four people. He had an accident he did not mean it. He will never stop paying for what he did. He killed people he loved. And he was a student with good grades. Now he is going to prison to learn how to be corrupt and raped.Now how would you feel if this where your son.
I agree..for all those who say its awful that you did something to go to prison..but okay for the guards to participate in criminal behavior ~ how does that make any sense at all? That is just
plain crazy to think that way. Guards are there to uphold the law not take drugs, have sex with the inmates, beat and intimidate the inmates...etc...The guards get paid a lot of money and should act professional. Not all prisoners have murdered people..some are doing time for things like vehicular homicide or lesser crimes. They should be able to do their time with respect and move on with their lives. People should be outraged ~ the bully guards get paid $60,000 a year & have great benefits to act like animals. Gee..most of us would get fired if we did the stuff they do on the job.

Oxford, OH

#42 Sep 19, 2014
Gregory58f wrote:
<quoted text>
You always have to remember that these inmates are still human that are put there for committing a crime . They should do there time without being abused by the people that are getting paid to watch and protect them. I think they should put in prison themselves for such abuse .
Perfect.. I agree..its not right to abuse the inmates. The guards get paid a lot and maybe they should but not if they act like animal, criminals and bullies.

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