Frenship coach resigns in wake of dru...

Frenship coach resigns in wake of drug charges

There are 33 comments on the Lubbock Avalanche story from Aug 2, 2008, titled Frenship coach resigns in wake of drug charges. In it, Lubbock Avalanche reports that:

A Frenship Middle School football coach resigned Friday after being arrested on drug charges.

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Dodge City, KS

#1 Aug 2, 2008
What a complete idiot. There are federal charges for using the mail and all the hard narcotics. I guess teaching was not enough pay to say away from drugs. Good luck getting a job at Burger King after you get out of prison, Mr. Glenn
Just So You Know

Lawrenceville, GA

#2 Aug 2, 2008
First of all, when you are insulting someone over a forum rather than in person, make sure to spell correctly - idiot! Secondly, the media, as usual, tends to leave out many of the facts in order to sensationalize a story - or didn't they teach you that either? Thirdly, marijuana is not a hard narcotic, and just because the media says they found heroin doesn't make it a fact. Also - when you are making a smart ass remark about someone's employment future, you should be careful not to alienate an entire segment of hardworking people -in this case, those who work at Burger King or in the fast food industry - as if it is an insult. Who elected you jugde anyway, dumbass?:)
JUST SAY NO wrote:
What a complete idiot. There are federal charges for using the mail and all the hard narcotics. I guess teaching was not enough pay to say away from drugs. Good luck getting a job at Burger King after you get out of prison, Mr. Glenn
Truth Hurts

Plainview, TX

#3 Aug 4, 2008
Unfortunately for "Just So You Know", I think most grown people will agree with the first poster. Mr. Glenn is, in fact, an idiot.

Additionally, "the media" didn't say police found heroin in this guy's apartment, the POLICE said they found heroin in his apartment. Read the article.

My suspicion is that you're a buddy of Mr. Glenn's, or a former pupil, or you're somehow related to the guy. I'm sure you think Mr. Glenn is a great guy despite his mongoloid moral relativism. Regardless, just being a "great guy" isn't enough when you're employed by a school district. These employees aren't hired because they're "great guys". They're hired because, among other things, they have to be impeccable role models. If you hope to defend him on these grounds, I'm sad for you and the deficiencies of your upbringing.

Personally, I'm glad to see Mr. Glenn taken down. I'm glad to see that a man dumb enough to A) try to mail illegal drugs using the FEDERAL mailing system, and B) dumb enough to get caught doing it, got exactly what he deserved. He won't be around anymore to influence other young people by way of pandering to many younger people's flexible sense of morality and legality. His idiocy won't be infectious, and his mouth-breathing disregard for both common sense and the law won't be the roles he's modeling to students in FISD. Good riddance.

The beautiful thing about living in a free society is that in arenas of free speech, like this one, nobody has to be elected judge. We're all judges, we're all judged. You judged the first poster to be an idiot, he judged Mr. Glenn to be an idiot, and I'm sure I could find reasons to judge you all as idiots. Don't get too sanctimonious about Constitutional theory when you don't quite understand it- judging people is the basis of a free speech.

And on the subject of alienating workers in the fast food industry, I think it's REALLY funny that it was actually YOU who inferred a job at Burger King was an insult, not the first poster. He said "Good luck getting a job at Burger King when you get out of prison." I agree with his statement. If I managed a Burger King, it would be hard to justify hiring an an ex-con with the intelligence of the burgers he's supposed to be flipping, and the morality of a spatula. Mr. Glenn will NEED good luck, as we all know Burger King is a fine establishment with great employee screening methods. "Just So You Know", perhaps YOU should consider an apology to all the fast food employees you offended.

Here's my advice to anyone in this town who would like to stand up for morons like Mr. Glenn- look for the balls to confront what's wrong, stupid and illegal, and call it what it is without trying to justify it or soften its impact. Live with your integrity.

Bolivar, MO

#4 Aug 4, 2008
Okay, "Truth Hurts" from Lubbock. What do you think about a high school principal that has a DWI? 5/29/08
Tahoka High School's Principal Arrested
Posted: May 29, 2008 05:16 PM CDT
Source: Nolan County Sheriff's Dept.
NewsChannel 11 has learned that Tahoka High School's Principal was recently arrested.
Mitchell Troy Hinds, 42, was arrested April 7th in Sweetwater for Driving While Intoxicated.
Right now, it is unclear if he was driving a vehicle owned by the school district
Truth Hurts

Plainview, TX

#5 Aug 4, 2008
Well, Joe from Abernathy, I think it sucks. In my mind, while school administrators and teachers are human and prone to error, they should also be willing, like cops and firemen and others, to take on a huge responsibility when they take lives and minds into their hands. This responsibility is hard work- which justifies much higher pay for a job well done, but that's another argument. It's obvious from a simple Google search on Mr. Hinds that he also seems to share a degree of moral ambivalence with Mr. Glenn, formerly of FISD. So at face value, there you have it. My opinion is that it sucks.

Bolivar, MO

#6 Aug 4, 2008
I agree with you, but do you believe they renewed his contract and gave him a salary increase! What happened to leadership and integrity?
Truth Hurts

Plainview, TX

#7 Aug 4, 2008
Mind boggling. I need a beer.
I Agree with Just Say No

United States

#8 Aug 5, 2008
This is directed at Just So You Know. Hey my libertarian friend you forgot to do some watering for Mr. Glenn in Tech Terrace or don't you believe in those media reports as well. Just what type of job could you get if you were convicted anyway. I would not hire him to mow my yard. He might huff the gas.
Who Knows

Lubbock, TX

#9 Aug 7, 2008
Okay - I see that everyone here has never done anything illegal, nor have you ever "inhaled," and heaven forbid that if you did take off your little white gloves and did something "bad," you just didn't get busted and crucified! So - as they say, when you live in glass houses, don't throw stones.

I am not trying to ignore Mr. Glenn's wrongdoing, however, the fact is, he didn't hurt anyone. This is a victimless crime that has been highly sensationalized. It is called hype, people! Wake up! This is why people make fun of Lubbock. It is like we are all here with our heads in the sand! This "crime" wouldn't have even made the news in Dallas. We can all sit around glad-handing the next guy so we are all agreeable, and there is no trouble in Pleasantville, but where does that get us? If this is as vicious as it gets, we are lucky!

The media is just as guilty. They report the parts that make the story "hot" - its called spin. Does anyone here have an education beyond Sunday school? WAKE UP!!! You can sit here and point fingers all day and poke fun and make sarcastic comments. Trust me - there are people close to all of you who are just as guilty as Mr. Glenn. You may not know it, or they may not have been busted yet, but I can guarantee you know at least one person. So, drop the squeaky clean act, nobody believes you.

Please, people, don't rely solely on the media for your information, you will be (and apparently have been) mislead. There are several things the media "forgot" to mention. For instance - it wasn't heroin in the first place. There you go. There is a huge difference in heroin and pot, right? Would your little sheep brains be nearly as synical if you knew that it was only pot, and no heroin? Maybe. But the point is that if you get lead around by the nose and believe everything the media tells you - it is you that looks silly in the end. You people probably pay double for everything since the cool and shiny ads on TV tell you to.

Please, I beg of you, attack me and my thoughts all day long if you would like. It doesn't bother me one bit. After all, it is very entertaining to see what the blind have to say about the color red. ;)
Truth Hurts

Fayetteville, WV

#10 Aug 7, 2008
I'm glad to know you possess the magical ability to divinely interpret the impact this sort of "victimless crime" has on people. Ryan Glenn's crimes may not have created victims among your friends, family or other people with your, um... relaxed... lifestyle, but other types of people might disagree with your statements. For one, what about Mr. Glenn's crimes reflecting poorly on his parents, his siblings? Are they victims of circumstance? Will they suffer shame at his expense? I didn't ask if they SHOULD suffer, only if they will. Is that really for you to decide? I don't know either way, or care. But I DO know if there's a possibility that ONE person suffers in any way due to another's actions, that action should be considered wrong on some level. And I won't even get into the morality of selling an irresponsible person a mind-altering substance, which is wrong on several levels. This is where I believe Mr. Glenn began to go wrong. I'm almost positive that his intentions were not to sell people his product in hopes that it would ease their glaucoma, but instead to simply turn a buck. I could be wrong about that though.

I don't mind being misled (there's no A in that word, by the way), but I do mind being called uneducated, and I don't think it's nice to say people have "sheep brains". I am, however, pretty cynical (there's no S in that word, by the way). I don't want to attack your thoughts or character, mainly I guess because one thing you said is true- I do know people very close to me who have done some of these same things, have known and loved them for years. So I try to write my posts as if I were talking directly to those people. After all, you could be one of them. However, what I said in my first post is still true. I have the balls to stand up to what's wrong by my standards, which are high and idealistic, as everyone's should be. If you disagree, that's ok. Maybe someday you'll understand your error. Many of those friends I mentioned still disagree with me, some of them have come around. I hope that you'll come around sooner than later, hopefully BEFORE you find yourself cellmate to our buddy Ryan Glenn.

One more thing. You're right to say it's stuff like this that makes people want to poke fun at Lubbock, but consider also that it's stuff like this that, in its own way, make a lot more people want to move here. I'm proud to live in a community where I'll feel safe knowing I can eventually send my kids to a school district that takes this kind of irresponsible crap seriously. You, my young and impressionable friend, are in a minority.

By the way, where'd you hear that goofy "see what the blind have to say about the color red" phrase? Sounds like a hippie song to me.
bjr from Texas

United States

#11 Aug 7, 2008
Well, this thing could have happened at Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene (Yes, the religious capitol of Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston,) or anywhere else. It is not right and not good, but bad stuff happens, okay? Each of you parents who are all over this situation (How dare you do this stuff when my child is in your care? etc., etc.)need to wake up and say to yourself, "Could this possibly have happened to me, if I had gone into teaching instead of making big bucks in other fields?" I believe the answer will usually be, "Yes, it could have happened to me." Working with those little spoiled darlings of yours would put a saint to a test! And, no, I am not a teacher--I am just a parent and grandparent. Been there and done that. Get a grip, folks.
Truth Hurts

Plainview, TX

#12 Aug 8, 2008
I'm not a parent. And don't tell me to get a grip. And don't suggest I would do the same thing because, gramps, I would not.

Bolivar, MO

#13 Aug 8, 2008
What happened to Integrity and Leadership by example? The kids now days have no one to look up for a hero. This is what happens when there are no higher standards set for teachers, coaches, principals,or superintendants. The ones that are suffering are the youth under the authority of these morons! We desperately need prayer and patriotism in our schools again! It is the only way to save our kids from the evil that is being commmitted. I think that we should be concerned and make a stand for change even if we don't have children in school. Do it for the safety and future of our youth! They deserve better than this!
Another teacher

Lubbock, TX

#14 Aug 12, 2008
No one is perfect, but there are choices that can be made and Glenn made a poor, stupid choice. So he gets to suffer the consequences. Fortunately, not all educators are like Glenn, or the band director in LISD that was having inappropiate contact with young boys. But, sadly, they are the one ones the news picks up on. Hey Joe, let me allieviate some fears for you, there is more prayer in schools than you think. We still need it, but I can assure you, most teachers at my school believe in the power of prayer and practice it. We teach Character since we can't teach Bible. Most of us do lead by example and actually have children ask about our churches we attend. We would ask that you continue to pray for us and support us. Thank you.

Lubbock, TX

#15 Aug 22, 2008
This is for Truth Hurts. I respect your thoughts on what is right and good for you, but what does that have to do with what someone else thinks or believes? That isn't up to you. This is America, and you have the right to speak your mind, as do I. This forum is for the discussion of Mr. Glenn's resignation from Frenship ISD and the events surrounding it. If you want to take shots at anyone and everyone who opposes your thoughts, then you have then fallen from grace, your highness.

You spout off how all of us and everyone like Mr. Glenn should strive for the highest standards and idealistic being that you embody, yet you make vicious comments about people's upbringing (that is just like talking bad about someone's mother), judge their lifestyles, correct their spelling, and use sarcasm as if you were patting someone's head. These are very elementary defenses, so if you are going to argue a point, please familiarize yourself with the fallacies of argument, as you are guilty of most. I understand why Who Knows made the comment about how the blind talk about the color red. You attack it because you don't understand it. It applies perfectly to you.

Which is it? Are you holier than thou with pure thoughts and good intentions, or are you a vicious, mean-spirited person who blindly uses nasty remarks and pitifully sarcastic comments to fend off anyone who opposes you. You have exhibited both, so which do you want us to believe? Those are extremely different positions that can not exist together. When you claim to take the high road to clean living, then you should't have mud on your shoes. But that is beside the point.

We are here to discuss Mr. Glenn's situation, and most of us agree that it is very unfortunate that this happened. He broke several laws and disappointed a lot of people. Unfortunate is a word I have learned to use. Why? We simply do not have the divinity it would require (no - not even you, Truth Hurts) to JUDGE Mr. Glenn. We are all guilty of something. Whether or not you will admit it publicly, or whether or not it has been in the news an in the papers. We should hope only for the situation to bring about healing and good. Let us become stronger because of it. Let Mr. Glenn realize his errors, pay for his crimes, and redeem himself. This is not an end. It is a beginning. Allow a fellow human his own rite. And yes, I pray, but I do not claim to be a saint. Please take my thoughts into consideration as the way we can agree to disagree.

United States

#16 Aug 26, 2008
I was personally taught by ryan glenn a year prior to this event. I am SHOCKED that it is him. He was a very good teacher, a very good role model before. Noone at FISD expected that Coach Glenn would do this. He was a good man but i guess now he isnt.

“Bring it!”

Since: Aug 08


#17 Aug 26, 2008
Man I saw this guy around town, I didn't know he was a Low Key Balla? Naw just kidding. He just ruined his career.

Lubbock, TX

#18 Sep 8, 2008
I Agree with Just Say No wrote:
Just what type of job could you get if you were convicted anyway. I would not hire him to mow my yard. He might huff the gas.
There are employers that believe in giving ex-convicts another chance, but they are jobs that are physically demanding.
Concerned Citizen

Lubbock, TX

#19 Feb 11, 2010
What is the latest status on this case??? Does anyone know?????? He hasn't come to trial yet. Are they just going to forget this and let him off??????

Pflugerville, TX

#20 Apr 28, 2010
What's worse this or a police officer 'sexting' or whatever with minors? The good ol' citizens of Lubbock are blind when it comes to things going on in their own back yards anyway. Too many people turn their heads the other way and say 'It's much worse in other cities.'

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