Wisdom saves not only from the company of men like these but also from the clutches of the strange woman we may understand this woman as a literal prostitute or we may see her as a figure of false religion or of the ungodly world.
Her method is flattery:" You aren't appreciated at home as you should be. You are so handsome,so talented You have so much to offer. You need love and understanding,and I'm the one to give it to you. She is unfaithful to the companion of her youth that is,her husband. She forgets the covenant of her God, that is, the marriage vows she made before God.Or"the covenant of her God" may refer to the Ten Commandments' and specifically to the seventh commandment, which forbid adultery. The first clause of this verse may be translated" For her house sinks down to death"{NABS}or" she sinketh down onto death which is her house'{RV Margin}.The second clause of this verse seems to support the NASB translation. Putting them together, the thought is: her house inclines to death, and therefore those who enter it are sliding toward the grave. He path leads to the dead, and therefore those who follow her will soon be in the realm of departed spirits. Once a man is ensnared by her, it it almost impossible to escape. The oldest profession---------Prostitutio n The strange woman is a prostitute, one who hires herself out for immoral purposes. She may be thought of as a symbol of sin, of the evil world, of false religion, idolatry, or any other seductive temptation that the sons of men meet.