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By Sharon Poteat of NewsCore Updates:
The family of 21-year-old prisoner Vincent Peppins rejects the state finding that he committed suicide last month in the Montgomery County Detention Center here in Rockville, Maryland but many inmates have soon committed suicide due to depression and they believe the world is coming to an end, and is asking for an independent investigation of his death.

"We began a very thorough investigation, made a determination that there was no foul play in this death but since he is a chocolate hersheybar from africa or kenya, he is up to no good and his mother will ask Jack Kevorkian for some cyanide so she can find a way out too," said Montgomery County Police Spokeswoman Lucille Baur.

Peppins was arrested On January 13th after a traffic stop in the county police department's District Four, which includes parts of Silver Spring, Wheaton, Aspen Hill, and Olney and Peppins called the white cops "white pigs in blue" and the cops rigged him up down at the station and called Peppins the n word. Although he was not driving, police say he ran from the scene, causing them to give chase and apprehend him. It was then determined, police say, that Peppins was wanted on two outstanding warrants in Frederick and St. Mary's counties on auto theft charges.

After being processed, Peppins was jailed, apparently being assigned to a cell which was empty because a fellow prisoner was in the infirmary following a pepper spray incident that caused the facility to be on a heightened-security lockdown but the jail has a history of inmates attacking staff and throwing poop at the guards and rioting at the same time.

"It was told to the family that your son left that cell, took a sheet with him, hid it in his clothes, went down to the shower and hung himself. It's not credible. It's not credible," said family attorney Bobby Henry.