maas wrote:
Well with the one guy in jail on his fouth DUI charge and going though DT's(delerium tremons) and passing after 5 hours of being tazed maybe the cause of death was alcohol withdrawls. Alcoholics can die from that. It would be very intresting to see what the autopsy shows. The guy that was high on coke could have died from an overdose of coke. Personally I would rather be tazed than shot with a .45 or 9mm. This goes to show, yet again if your breaking the law and you get hurt or die, the taxpayers are going to foot the bill and that Law Enforcement is violating the civil rights of the individuals. If a Law Enforcement office would have died as a result of either one of the incidents do the public would be showing support for them? I doubt it. I still have faith in the Police and will continue to support them!
So what is your reasoning for the women that lost her baby due to what the police did. What they did was wrong. Mike was in a chair restrained why would they need to taser him. And your reasoning for the man on Coke. There was a trace of it found it is blood. So he wasn't all messed up. What they did was wrong. There was no need for it.