Mo. man charged with raping 9-year-ol...

Mo. man charged with raping 9-year-old girl

There are 106 comments on the The Leaf Chronicle story from Apr 9, 2009, titled Mo. man charged with raping 9-year-old girl. In it, The Leaf Chronicle reports that:

Timothy P. Guilfoy, 25, who gave a Kirkwood, Mo., address, is charged with one count of rape of a child.

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Tyler, TX

#21 Nov 8, 2011
Since facts seem to be absent from a lot of the arguments posted on here, let me give a little insight that maybe a lot of you don’t know or don’t care to grasp:

(1)Tim never confessed. The state even said that there was not a confession. Through a detective’s testimony, the state admitted that they did not get a confession once they listened to the phone call.
(2)90% of the dates the state and the Astle’s provided voluntarily in the first trial were proved to be insufficient. Tim was able to prove he was not in Tennessee (on four separate dates given Tim was in Maryland and on one date given, Tim and I were playing golf in Missouri). Funny how the prosecution decided not to bring that up in this last trial. Guess the truth is too inconvenient for their argument.
(3)The FBI and St. Louis County Police confiscated all computers from Tim’s house and their investigation concluded that there was not a trace of child pornography on any device. It’s kind of interesting that “MEE” who is from Nashville is commenting on this when it was a ‘separate’ investigation by the fed’s and by St. Louis County police. I think this was a ‘tip’ from Nashville that again was false. You just provided us with a lot of good information MEE. Thank you.
(4)When Tim was being transported from St. Louis to Clarksville, Det. Fittings elected to tell Tim voluntarily that (a) Jen has paid all money due to him and (b)‘Grandpa’ Brian died of a heart attack when hearing the news. Both story’s given by Det. Fittings were false. I guess she really does believe anything she hears from Jen.
(5)The children were supposedly abused in a time span of 4 years but never said anything to Jen or another adult figure until Jen was faced with eviction. And for the state and Jen to deny eviction, please look at one fact; what tenant (who voluntarily signed a lease) is allowed months of non-payment and is still allowed to stay on the property? Tim was actively pursuing an eviction when the charges came out. I was with him when he contacted lawyers and the sheriffs dept.
(6)The girls were not examined until 5 weeks from Tim’s arrest. And they were not taken to the ER but a child’s advocacy center. The results showed no signs of abuse. The interviews were vague. Any sort of an investigation was not conducted in a manner that would show that an assault did not occur. Resources that are allocated for real abuse victims were arbitrarily spent on a bogus investigation. Tell that to a real victim.
(7)The girl’s testimony changes four times from the time of their first interview to October 25th, 2011. Their stories were implausible and did not even suggest a crime occurred. Real abuse victim’s stories do not change and are not consistent with a child’s understanding of what sex is. I have heard real abuse victim’s stories and they can say what color the shirt of their attacker to the sounds of their abuse. These children answered “I don’t know.”
(8)I only saw three supporters on the Astle’s behalf in the courtroom. Before you all spew comments about how all of Tim’s supporters (which are in the hundreds) only hear from “little Timmy”, you have all been told only what JEN has told you. Meeting Tim one time when you were dropping off pills to Jen is not ‘knowing’ Tim. Jen has a history of using people to get what she needs to survive and you all are falling into the category of ‘the used.’ This is including the prosecution and the detectives on the case.

Tyler, TX

#22 Nov 8, 2011
(9)Jen acknowledges that Tim told her that he was sick of the girls jumping in bed with him on the phone call. Tim never crawled into bed with the girls and the state’s evidence proves that.
(10)If any of us were arrested for any crime, an investigation of the crime ensues. At least we would hope. An investigation entails many steps (which detective Fittings reported to the newspaper 7 days after Tim was arrested). You take the statement of the alleged victims. You take evidence at the crime scene. You would take the alleged victims immediately to be examined. You would investigate any motives. You would attempt to interview the accused. Detective Fittings did not collect any evidence. She did not take the victims to the ER. She did not attempt to interview Tim. She took the girls statements and decided Tim was guilty at that point. The phone call did not prove anything but that Jen was talking to a man in shock. Imagine for a minute that you all were accused of a heinous crime by a friend. How would you react? You would stutter. You would curse. You would likely say anything to satiate your friend’s inquiries. However, Tim did not admit to anything. He denied doing anything 67 times. SIXTY SEVEN TIMES! The phone call and the statement from the Astle’s was the states only ‘evidence.’ However, this evidence has faulty and implausible statements from the Astle’s and a phone call that shows that Tim denied the claims and showed Jen’s motive. If anything, I think the state of Tennessee and its citizens should ask Det. Fittings why she spent so many resources on claims that are unfounded and implausible.
(11)Jen impeached herself three times. The children also impeached themselves on the stand. The prosecutor said to not use their brains and look into their hearts for a guilty verdict. She said they had no evidence or confession but that their hearts would show them the answer. When a jury does not look at the evidence or the plausibility that a crime occurred, then the burden of proof from the State has not been met. They did not find Tim guilty beyond a reasonable doubt because your heart cannot decide what doubt is. Only your brain and intellect can decide doubt. May I add that in Tim’s first trial 6 people decided that they had to vote Tim not guilty because they didn’t believe Jen and the girls or that a crime ever occurred. The other 6 could not vote because they did not have enough information on Tim’s guilt or innocence. These 12 jurors from the first trial used their intellect and the 12 jurors from the last trial used their hearts, as requested from the prosecution.

I know it is hard for a lot of you, but look at all aspects of the case. Look at the evidence (or lack thereof). Look at the witnesses (who have many different stories about the same thing). Look at the plausibility. Take your associations and throw them away. Do not use your hearts. Use the brain that the good lord gave you. If you see yourself as a Christian person remember in Exodus (20:16)“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” Or Exodus (23:1)“Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.”

Cape Canaveral, FL

#23 Nov 8, 2011
Will make sure and do that ;)You are all disturbing real sore losers. I'd say you should just swallow it and move on. And Jennifer I believe there is such a thing called slander and it is against the law since these opinions are actually accusations and false. You however have facts. Very immature people. But, what's done is done and you can't go back and change any of it so deal with it. I wouldn't waste anymore of your pathetic lives trying to slander anyone on the internet though I'm sure it makes you feel better. Jennifer I wouldn't even give these sorry excuse for people the satisfaction of argument unless in court.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#24 Nov 8, 2011
@ Travesty all your smart know it all fact got you what? A guilty verdict.

Hinsdale, IL

#25 Nov 8, 2011
FACT being the main statement! Don't ever stop fighting for what is right!
nunya wrote:
@ Travesty all your smart know it all fact got you what? A guilty verdict.

Springfield, MO

#26 Nov 8, 2011
@ Travesty. Thank You! I could not have said it better myself.

A great man's life is being taken away from him because of someone that didn't want to take responsibility for her own life and decisions.

United States

#27 Nov 8, 2011
First off I want to say I dont know anyone involved in this case! Also I want to say to those little girls I am praying for you! No one really knows what happened to the girls! All I know is we are lucky to live in the USA! We have the best justice system in the world! Our Justice system says that when a jury of our peers says we are gulity! WE ARE GULITY! Unless they get it overturned have a new trial and are found NOT GULITY!

Tyler, TX

#28 Nov 8, 2011
To prove slander in civil court, one must provide indistinguishable evidence that what was said was to defame the victim thus resulting is a loss. Most slander cases are not even brought to trial because direct recourse of the slander has to be proven. Did Jen lose a job because of what was said? Did she lose money in a transaction? Did she not gain promotion from what was said? Before you go around saying ‘slander’ know what it is you are talking about.

Which is worse,(a) for someone to publicize information, that is common knowledge, of someone doing drugs and having less than honorable means of survival? A tendency to use people until the well has dried up? Who uses her kid’s child support in ways not approved by child courts? Or (b) charging someone you once called your best friend with one of the most heinous crimes because you were back on rent. Tim did lose a job. Tim did lose money. He did not profit from promotion. If anyone has grounds for slander it is Tim.

Nunya, you don’t know what we have. In fact, I am excited where we are. Obviously you were not in the court room or you were not paying attention. Your blind faith in Jen and the girls story really does make for a great case of ignorance. We all have studied the case. We have blasted questions off each other. After everyone reviewed the case, Tim’s innocence is more proven. The jury was swayed by emotion. That is a proven fact. They refused the evidence and logical thought. Your cheers for joy are short lived.
TimIsCompletelyI nnocent

Fenton, MO

#29 Nov 8, 2011
Travesty, while I know it might be tempting to give in to the bait these trolls (in every sense of the word) are leaving you, I would be careful to not give too much away. Jen and her detective are complete idiots; don't give them any warning about what you are bringing to the trial. Blindside them, the way they blindsided Tim with this awful accusation.

You know you're right, and so does everyone else involved (including the first jury!). Tim's trial is much more important than proving some morons wrong on the internet. Stay strong.

United States

#30 Nov 8, 2011
So if you believe so much in this woman and that she has never put here children in a similar situation.why don't you ask her exhusband. She accused him of a similar accusation, to get something out of him. Did she ever mention anything about that. Don't you see that this woman is the essence of evil. Not only is she willing to use her children but this is not the first time that she has done it. She will do and use whoever she can to get by with her meaningless existence. The people that give in to her sympathy card are just as ignorant if not even more than she is.Your case against this man is meaningless.the fact that people feel bad for this woman is wrong.

Madison, TN

#31 Nov 8, 2011
I dont know anyone involved in this case, but being that it went to trial twice, and neither jury found him not guilty, he was likely guilty. It seems that everyone on here is just bitter that their friend/family member lost in court. In this society we are innocent until proven guilty, so for there to be a guilty verdict, there had to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Juries are made up of our peers, and since both the prosecution and defense play a role in the selection of the jury, its neutral ground. Its not like the jury was a panel of uneducated fools who think only with emotion as implied above. Just because the prosecution asked the jury to think with their hearts doesnt mean they did. They arent idiots....they are our "peers" and equals. I understand that no one wants to believe that their friend or loved one would be capable of crimes such as raping a child. Thats what makes you a believe the best about that person. No one really knows what happens behind closed doors, and no matter how well you know someone, there may always be skeletons in their closet that you dont know about. Its not like in daily conversation a friend would say "hey, I like to rape little girls". So although its painful, and you swear by your friend's innocence, you may never REALLY just believe. And again, thats what makes you a friend. But that is also why we have a justice system to handle these situations, and sift through right from wrong and fact from fiction. Its easy to lash out on others and blame others for the current situation to try to make you feel better, but it doesnt change the outcome of this case. Take the higher road and move forward instead of stewing in hatred.

United States

#32 Nov 8, 2011
Due to you lack of knowledge kro. I have to say that your input in this is meaningless. You are not aware of what happened in the court room. And if you knew Tim you would agree that he is innocent. And the thing about "behind doors" is complete rubbish. And if you knew the Jen you would understand that this person is a user and a piece of trash. The whole "they are our equals" please don't tell me that you don't believe in people being below you. There are stupid, ignorant people out there. We are not sore losers that dont know Tim. We are friends and family to a man that would spend his spare time feeding and clothing the homeless. That would go out of his.way to help others and that would never lie to anyone, even if he could. We grew up with him and learned about eachother. So if anyone has skeletons in anyones closet is that of Jen Astel and her inconsistent stories among with her family.

Fenton, MO

#33 Nov 8, 2011
Kro, seeking justice is different than stewing in hatred. There is no evidence that he did it! At all! And did you read the comment above yours? That's something I had never even heard!

Madison, TN

#34 Nov 8, 2011
I never said this woman was a saint, or this man is the devil....again I dont know either of them so I can look at this with a different perspective than someone close to either party. All I am saying is that in our justice system 2 different juries did NOT think he was innocent. There were 2 different opportunities for the jury to vote not guilty, and there was enough evidence that they didnt feel that way. I dont care how awful this woman is or how bad of a mother she is - that is not what was on trial. What was being tried was what this man may or may not have done. Being that 2 juries didnt find him innocent says something (and the odds of a full jury being niave idiots are slim....not to mention the DEFENSE had a say so of who was on the jury). And saying that he gives clothes to the homeless doesnt make him innocent of rape. There are priests molesting little boys, Coaches touching their students inappropriately, teachers sleeping with students. Good people are perfectly capable of doing bad things. Im not insulting you for defending a friend - if it was my friend I would be doing the same thing... but I am saying that all the bashing on here isnt going to get him out of jail. Seek justice through the justice system, not from some random news article comment section.
TT is me

Brentwood, TN

#35 Nov 8, 2011
As for Bible quotes none says it better than this regarding rape of a child!! I believe that any man is so low to sleep with a child deserves to die, and any woman that defends a man such as this is no better than him!!
31:15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?
31:16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.
31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
31:18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.
Child advocate

Bethpage, TN

#36 Nov 8, 2011
I do not know "Jen" nor "Tim", and apparently his supporters do not know him either! Sex offenders don't frolic in the street caring a sign and a picture book to brag to their friends! As far as the steps in an investigation of this sort, you may want to look up laws and agency policies before ASSUMING you know what your talking about. The children were more than likely interviewed by a trained forensic interviewer at a CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER! In cases like this, the children are examined by OUR KIDS, which specialize in exams in che who have been sexually abused! There is no ER that has the appropriate equipment to exam a child and the ER sends chdren to Our Kids on a regular basis for exam! If you doubt this information, LOOK IT UP! Yep, it is there! It is VERY unusual for chdren to be interviewed more than 1 time, for many reasons!! While your at it, look that up also! I am certain that you will find that children are different than adults as far as timeframes and especially DATES! Would someone really remember what date they played golf with someone, was that jotted down on a calendar? You probably would not know the date unless you looked at a calendar! Children's time frames could be that they were jn a certain grade or where they lived at the time! Children DO NOT TELL UNTIL THEY ARE READY! Contrary to popular belief, druggies do own houses! Theine was definitely crossed when the children were called liars! That is harsh! What would they benefit by lying??? The worst thing about this entire situation is that we have children that were RAPED, by a pedophile that happened to have a friend and they are many people that STATE OUT LOUD, that they do not believe them! WOW, I hope you dont have a child, Niece or
Nephew, family friend with a child or anyone you know that has a child RAPED, because you are no better than the trash that committed the crime and actually condone the act!

Hinsdale, IL

#37 Nov 8, 2011
I love how people are saying they don't know either party! why would you even be on this if you didn't know one party or the other! I had to search pretty specificly to find this story and I doubt you all just randomly came upon this. if you don't know anything about it mind ur own business!

Fenton, MO

#38 Nov 8, 2011
Child advocate, yes the girls were examined ... and there was NO EVIDENCE that they had been raped. And the dates came from the mother, not the girls. She claimed that he raped the girls on dates when he wasn't even in the state. And while she claims this abuse went on for years, she failed to mention it until he was in the middle of evicting her for not paying rent for months. Also, did you skip over the part where she has accused someone before?

Tim's friends and family--I suggest avoiding this thread until the appeal. Keep your sanity and save your resources until you can get him out of jail and out of this backwards state.

Kansas City, MO

#39 Nov 8, 2011
Jennifer Astle will get what she is due. One day, her daughters are going to realize what she had them say and do, and what undeserved consequences came to an innocent man. She thinks she has won, but all she has won is a temporary victory, two more months free rent in exchange for her children's innocence. Was it worth it, Jen? When your girls had to get up on the stand and lie for you? When they tried to keep their stories straight but couldn't remember what you told them to say? When they had to show their naked bodies to strangers with cold medical instruments? You are going to spend your whole life having done nothing but spread evil in this world, especially to those confused and warped girls who think that this all means that you love them. One day, your children are going to leave you, and hate you, and spit on you for what you made them do, and you'll die a self-inflicted, lonely death, and your corpse might look slightly better than you look in real life right now. You're 32? God, you look at least 50. You are a pathetic piece of trash with nothing good to offer this world. Do your daughters just one favor in your entire life and leave it.

Hinsdale, IL

#41 Nov 9, 2011
Well u just validated what I said! U have to google his name! If u don't know him how could you google his name? Please think before u speak!

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