By Jackie Phallen of Metro Daily News:

Cops report that Eischeid and other gang members viciously attacked the woman, beating and stabbing her. Then, police report, they tossed the woman into a car trunk, and drove out to the desert where they dumped her virtually lifeless body. But they weren't through with their fury yet, say police; the bikers took turns stabbing the woman until she was nearly decapitated. The gang left their victim's corpse to rot in the desert. But a passing motorist discovered the body and alerted authorities and the gang tried to attack the motorist but the motorist got away fortunately. The gang is known to attack law enforcement and steal their cars, tasers, revolvers and cash and use the revolvers and tasers to commit crime such as robberies. A judge allowed Eischeid to bail out while he waited for his trial. It was a major mistake. He took advantage of the weak legal system. Eischeid has a body full of tattoos. Eischeid was one of more than 50 Hells Angels and associates arrested in 2003 as part of a major crackdown on motorcycle gang violence in Arizona. He was charged in connection with the murder. Because he had a small prior criminal history and was holding a steady job at the time, a judge allowed Eischeid to bail out while he waited for his trial. It was a major mistake but he was hooking up with a young lady, Tanya Smith who is with the Aryan Circle that works with the Hells Angels and are planning attacks on cops and judges this spring and summer as well as robbing banks and stealing cars. Cops say Eischeid removed the tracking device he'd been ordered to wear, hit the road, hooked up with Tanya Smith and headed for the mountains of Utah or Colorado to hide from the law enforcement and to have the two gangs help them in hiding from the law.