From prison, terror calls

From prison, terror calls

There are 37 comments on the The Chattanooga Times Free Press story from Jan 12, 2013, titled From prison, terror calls. In it, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that:

There are weapons in Hays State Prison that look like weapons: Lines of barbed wire.

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Concerned Mother

Columbus, GA

#1 Jan 13, 2013
We are being targeted as well. My son is an inmate at Hays and we have had threatening phone calls for money. My son is now in PC and the Unit Manager has assured me that he is safe. I have spoke with the councilor, the unit manager and left messages for the deputy warden to have my son transferred out of that hellhole and to no avail have I accomplished anything. The guards are afraid of certain inmates and allows them to dictate the rules in there dorm, they have a blind eye to the illegal activity going on inside. I don't think that someone with a lesser sentence should be housed with murderers that have a life sentence. The life sentence inmates have nothing to lose. What is it going to take to get this facility under control? Media attention please, we as concerned parents for our loved ones need HELP.
former_ bad_ass ga_ guard

Sheridan, AR

#2 Jan 19, 2013
i quit as a guard in 2009 from bostick state prison..the inmates run the show now and don't let anyone tell you different..pretty much the only guards left now to work the prisons are spineless cowards that are in cahoots with the convicts..the warden and govenor know this but they don't want to have the national guard man the prisoners..they could do searches every day to find these cell phones but they don't want to make the convicts mad..crap man this is prison..the convicts ain't supposed to do what they want to but they do..i'm calling on every guard to quit and walk out,forcing the govoner to call in the national guard to stop this non-sense..nothing is ever going to be done till all the guards turn in their badge and say screw it..lock these bastards down so that all they have time for is to mope around in their cells and make their time go by as slow as possible..that's what a inmate fears the e on govenor and about growing a pair and make doing time a hardship instead of letting the cons dictate how they are going to do their time..the first step still needs to be all the quards quitting..who in their right mind anyway would want to work in those conditions anyway.

United States

#3 Jan 22, 2013
Hey bad ass Georgia guard. If your so mighty and such a bad ass why did you quit? Sounds like you are the spineless coward. First off, we are Officer's not damn guards,second,we sacrifice ourselves everyday to keep the public safe. Despite the obstacles and hardship we accomplish the mission every day. We dont walk out,we dont quit. We are Peace OFFICER's of the state of Georgia and we do what we must to keep everyone else safe at night.
former_ bad_ass ga_ guard

Milledgeville, GA

#4 Jan 23, 2013
hay honor..yes you are a ain't even a correctional officer because you ain't corecting nobody..the inmates are correcting you.i bet you are scared shitless when you walk in those gates..and i bet 10 to 1 that you are in cahoots with the inmate scum,bringing in cell phones,chicken,gin,smokes and least i had the balls of an elephant and didn't take any shit off of any inmate and they sure stayed the fuck away from me or they got their ass whooped..i bet you are a prison bitch hanging out in the shower room getting your pink ass reamed everyday..i bet you think you are some kinda law enforcement hero but you ain't nothing but laughing stock fodder to a real cop are a laughing stock to a real lawman on the street and get no respect whatsoever from nobody,not even the warden and admin..all you are is a nobody that is a number that the prison has to by law to be at the prison to man a post and trust me,you don't control the post you work at and everybody knows it and you for sure ain't no bad ass guard that the inmates ,iare afraid of,i will bet my left nut on are nothing but a joke to the entire couldn't even carry my lunch bucket much less make 218 inmates conform to the rules like i did everyday.

Dalton, GA

#5 Jan 23, 2013
Your post ought to be's fowl, obscene and you are a disgrace to the human race and an affront to all those working in the prison systems across the United States trying to make a living. Your accusations against someone you don't know makes me think you were the one bringing in the contraband. And you must have been scared of the inmates quit didn't you? Want I really want to hear is how the victim's of the crimes committed by the deceased inmates feel...enough bashing innocent people.

Athens, GA

#6 Jan 24, 2013
I am the mother of a son that was incarcerated at Hays. My son was already troubled when they sent him 2 that God-forsakened place and let me tell you it changed him, didnt help, changed him and He looks so old and hard it is painful for me to look at him. I know for a fact that some of these c o's take bribes, take in drugs, taunt and abuse and or turn a blind eye to some of the things that go on in these prisons and jails in Georgia. I have contacted the governor about this stuff and he said its out of his hands and forwarded to GDOC! What? You the governor, aint you? They ALL need to be investigated! More needs to be done about rehabilitation early on and stopping the corruption in these systems. To the mothers and families of those killed, I have been praying for you and don't stop until the problems are addressed and changed! Inmates tried to extort money from my family too while he was at Hays and he was almost beat to death while there. He was then sent to Augusta medical prison where the c o's handcuffed him to bars and beat him! Governor Deal, U need to s@@t or get off the pot! The GDOC goes on with business as usual!
kin ga

Warner Robins, GA

#7 Jan 24, 2013
all of the staff t hayes make me sick,,they are the ones bringing in these cell phones,thats how they are getting the perks of the job,,they are also the ones turning these guys against each other,,they are trouble makers,they start alot of the trouble,,and they are afraid of the inmates,,they walk rite by them while they are talking on the cell phones
kin ga

Warner Robins, GA

#8 Jan 24, 2013
my family has sent money to these bastard inmates ,,over four hundred dollars since thanksgiving,,guess who i blame,,the GUARDS,,they are the ones making it happen for these animals to do what they do,,if the guards were doing there job ,,and not being scared and bullied by the inmates,,then the inmates like my son would be safe,,they are hired to do a job,,they are cowards,,

United States

#9 Jan 25, 2013
kin ga wrote:
my family has sent money to these bastard inmates ,,over four hundred dollars since thanksgiving,,guess who i blame,,the GUARDS,,they are the ones making it happen for these animals to do what they do,,if the guards were doing there job ,,and not being scared and bullied by the inmates,,then the inmates like my son would be safe,,they are hired to do a job,,they are cowards,,
I agree. The guards need to be locked up too. They are just as much as a criminal as the ones that are locked up. And why is the warden still there. I mean three deaths in a month. He needs removed. I understand it all can't be prevented but someone wasn't doing their job for three in a month. So start with the warden then deputy warden and go down till the warden gets these guards weeded out it not going to stop after all isn't the prison his responsibility.

Waleska, GA

#10 Jan 25, 2013
Wake up people, what do you mean it's the guards??? Maybe there are one or two crooked guards, but they are rare. The few ruin it for the many. That's like saying all black people are gang members or welfare recipiants...don't fall for that. A lot of inmates fake blackmail to get their families to send money. It's everyone's fault, you can't just blame it on guards...or inmates... but look at the guard's pay, unless you've been there 20 years, you make about 20,000 a year (after 200 to 400 a month out of your salary for insurance). The tax payers have 2 for better quality or save your own money and help your loved one when they get's up to you...what do you want to do????

Wellsville, NY

#11 Jan 26, 2013
I completely understand what you are saying about your son's change since arriving at this place. I have endured the same with mine. I cannot wrap my head around why they would mix non violent criminals with lifers and then turn a blind eye to the terrorism that results. I, too, have contributed money for the safety of my son, and have contacted the warden, deputy warden, governor, and "contact" person for the jail about transferring my son before he's another statistic. I was also told nothing could be done and to just keep praying for him it was the best I could do. I cannot believe this is what this country has resorted to instead of rehabilitate just treat them like animals and let the chips fall where they may. These people may deserve punishment for their crimes, but the are still PEOPLE and deserve to be treated as such. My heart goes out to the parents who are living my worst nightmare. I wish there were something more I could do, but you are in my prayers.
chain gang

Franklin, NC

#12 Jan 27, 2013
I feel for you mothers of sons that we have locked up here at hays, BUT ladies your sons put themselves in the situations that landed them here..We did not go to churches and kidnap men to fill a prison with...why would you even consider paying to keep your son safe ? Odds are great if he ever gets out , at best case he will leave with HIV !! Time to face the bitter truth , your sons stopped being human beings when they chose to rape,kill,hold hostage,or molest children , they made the decision that put them there so they get to reap the consequence of there own decision .
chain gang

Franklin, NC

#13 Jan 27, 2013
Just heard that two guards got stabbed today at hays !! Hope all of you concerned mothers of inmates are at ease hearing it was staff that got hurt and not your rapist son.

Centre, AL

#14 Jan 29, 2013
let me just say this.... We are being fed bull shit.... As for the guards screw them too... Quit complaining about ur job and be thankful I let ur ass walk by me everyday. Your life is in my hands everyday you walk by my cell and if you mess with me I'll kill you. So just remember stay ur place do ur job and quit trying to tell inmates what to do.
CS_for_Breakfast _D_Bldg

Chatsworth, GA

#15 Jan 30, 2013
To inmate, as a current CO I say, anytime you feel froggy father fucker c'mon and jump. I'll put you in the dirt, with "only the amount of force necessary to regain positive control." Uncle Sam spent a bunch of money teaching me to kill shit heads like you in the desert using just my hands, I'm sure it won't be any different here. I'll be more than happy to give you a "hands on" demonstration, you aren't the only killer at Hays, but I'm the one that has done it with the governments blessing. Until that time just go on being the little cell bitch that everyone knows you are and be glad that the TAC squad is here to protect you.
chain gang

Franklin, NC

#16 Jan 30, 2013
Go sux some more radiator hoses 1086. The only reson people like you are still alive is because the government will not let us do what should be done to you.. But hey just remember when your getting something in your a*s hole tonight, so will your girl friend lol.. she's probably getting it right now , while your getting your super trough a slot in the day we will once again be allowed to beat ass again without being thrown under the bus by the guys here in plain clothes... every dog will have his day..

Pikeville, KY

#17 Feb 8, 2013
It is true that when an officer walks through the gate he only leaves if the inmates decide to allow him to do so. If they got together they could take out every member of the staff. The question is which inmates are going to go out with them. Inmate I'm sure there's a C.O. that would be happy to ensure you took your last breath before he did.

As far as you "letting" someone live- complete and utter BS. Your tough guy act isn't fooling anyone that's been around dirty inmates. You're a child toucher. You lived in fear the entire time you were in that your cellie would decide he wasn't going to live with a cho-mo and slit your throat like you deserve.
Prison Employee

Hampton, GA

#18 Feb 19, 2013
I work for a State Prison. I want to paint a different perspective. For those that have inmates locked up, you only understand their perspective, if you were a former guard you only understand that point of view. I work in a prison with inmates and staff so I get to see another view. As a humanitarian the inmates are VERY MUCH SO MISTREATED AND ABUSED AND NEGLECTED. the prison I work for is tucked away in the middle of no where is an extremely racist community. Many of the employees, guards are racist and do not care about the well being of the inmates. Inmates receive disgusting food, i mean disgusting, and then not enough food. What inmate can survive on 2 meals a day 3 days a week, especially when the food is so poor you'd rather go without. The food is prepared amongst a rodent riddled kitchen. The guards enjoy beating the inmates just for pleasure.(conversations I've had or have overheard myself personally).

The inmates don't have anything to do but to think about how to make the best of the situation through positive and negative means. The guards truly do have it hard. Some inmates have nothing to lose. Many are gang affiliated. Many have cell phones. You're working in the prison, and you make the mistake of saying where you are from, the inmate has your last name. Searches your address on the cell they had smuggled in, now they have your address and that of your family, now you are being threatened. Or you have done something you should not have have and their is dirt on you? Or you are threatened to be killed in or out the prison. These inmates reach, reaches well beyond the prison in most cases. The guards have something to fear as do the inmates.

The problem is they need to offer rehabilitation, but b/c many inmates are life offenders where I work, they will not, they simply penalize, punish and abuse. How could this situation ever get better. We have to remember many of these inmates have mental health issues, if you are going to treat the issues, don't expect to find a resolution to the problem.
Prison Employee

Hampton, GA

#19 Feb 19, 2013
Inmates could definitely take out guards.. there are 1700 hundred inmates about about 350 guards... ijs
former_ bad_ass ga_ guard

United States

#20 Feb 19, 2013
there are 1700 inmates at all times at hays state prison..on a shift there are probably 50 or 60 guards at the prison..i wouldn't work at hays s.p. for any ammount of money..

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