animals against islam wrote:
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The "worst of all crimes" I spoke of was becoming a Christian.
In a subsequent post I spoke of the missionaries causing this outrage to be drawn and quartered which was an English punishment.,_drawn_an...
Essentially the person is hanged until almost dead, then disemboweled, beheaded and the bodies limbs cut off.
So what if someone decides to become christian whats it got to do with you.How does it inpact on your life in any way and how would you feel if you were told you cant be muslim i bet you woulldnt like that would you.The only reasoni can see you being upset is the more muslims seeing it done the more muslims will also convert.That just too bad if islam is so beautiful and loving and peaceful and is not about compulsoin then why do people leave and why arent they allowed to.Leave them alone you believe in islam fi you want which you believe is your right but it is also theirs to believe in chrisitanity if they want.And drawing and quatering and the removal of libe was donr a long time ago we dont do that nay more but you do the relegion of peace and love but if you piss them off goodbye arms or legs or heads lol