from The Telegraph:

"In July 2012, Maulvi Mustafa Raza of Delhi allegedly abetted the abduction of a minor girl by marrying her off to a man who was already married. The nikaah was performed without the girl’s consent and in the absence of her parents.

"Recently, additional sessions judge at Delhi’s Tees Hazari Court Kamini Lau issued a landmark judgment where she dismissed Raza’s argument that according to Sharia law, a Muslim man is allowed to have four wives at a time.'I may observe that even in countries governed by Sharia (Islamic) law, the second marriage is permitted under special circumstances such as an illness of the first wife or her inability to bear children. In these cases, with the first wife’s consent, a man may marry again and this is referred to as polygamy, a subset of polygamous marriages. The Holy Quran permits a Muslim man to marry more than one woman at a time (up to a maximum of four), but does not encourage such behaviour,' Lau stated while giving her verdict."

The qu'ran permits, yet doesn't encourage polygamy?