EMS Healthcare Reform
An Alternate Way of Caring
Friday August 31st, 2012
Michael Shabkie, CEO of Priority One Ventures

As Emergency Medical Services and Hospitals struggle with an increasing demand for services, many EMS systems work in a constant state of "overload". We regularly see media stories on Emergency Department overcrowding and ambulance diversion throughout the United States.

As one EMS professional stated,“we are working a multi casualty incident- each and every day". With the introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the way EMS responds to 911 requests is going to change dramatically. Is your organization ready for that change?

All over the U.S., hospitals are working diligently to increase patient capacity by hiring more clinical staff, creating more beds and implementing operational changes. To some effect, these measures have provided temporary relief to an already stressed EMS system. By managing patient volume in the Emergency Department, it allows the EMS Agency to go back in service for the next call and the next patient. Good idea, but where does this cycle end?

The current EMS model places the most expensive equipment with the most expensive mode of transportation when taking a patient to the most expensive treatment option. The state of EMS and the healthcare system can be summed up with one EMS old-timer phrase "you call, we haul.”

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