Boycott Goodwill Stores During Holidays
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#695 Nov 11, 2011
Another Goodwill lawsuit. These are all over USA.

Court reinstates suit against Goodwill
Judges rule for plaintiff in sex harassment lawsuit
A state appeals court has reinstated
a sexual harassment lawsuit
filed by a fonner employee of
Goodwill Industries in Akron.
Sherri Cechowski had filed
suit in July 1994, charging that
she was wrongfully discharged
from her position as assistant
manager of Goodwill's store in
Brunswick in Medina County.
Cechowski, who was hired by
Goodwill in May 1990, had gone
on medical leave stemming from
the birth of a child and was infonned
in July 1992 that she
could not return to her old position.
Cechowski later amended her
complaint to include charges of
sexual harassment, alleging that
Terry McCarty, Goodwill's former
sales director, had sexually
harassed her and, as a result,
Goodwill "created and/or tolerated
a work environment hostile to
women in general,"
In May 1996, the complaint
was dismissed at Goodwill's request
by Summit County Common
Pleas Judge James R Williams.
In reinstating the case, the 9th
District Court of Appeals ruled
yesterday that Judge Williams'
dismissal conflicted with an Ohio
Supreme Court ruling issued two
months earlier. That decision requires
that defendants whorequest
dismissals provide evidence
showing that complaints
made in the suit are groundless.
In a divided opinion, the threejudge
appellate panel ruled that
Goodwill did not meet that requirement.
"Because Goodwill
failed to point to ... evidence to
support its motion, Goodwill was
not entitled to summary judgment,"
stated Judge William R
Baird in the ruling. Judge Daniel
B. Quillen concurred.
Judge Lynn Slaby, the third
member of the appellate panel,
argued in his dissent that the Supreme
Court ruling did not require
Goodwill to produce "any
affinnative evidence" and that
Cechowski "did not meet her reciprocal
burden" to produce evidence
supporting her claims.
Cechowski' s lawsuit is the second
case involving sexual harassment
reinstated this year by the
9th District Court. In January,
the court reversed Common
Pleas Judge Jane Bond's dismissal
of a suit filed by Richard
Thatcher, a fonner personnel director
for Goodwill Industries,
who claimed he was illegally
fired for complaining about the
sexual harassment of employees.
Thatcher said he learned dur-
. ing 1993 "exit interviews" with
several women who had quit
Goodwill about complaints that
McCarty had verbally abused and
harassed female employees.
Goodwill, a nonprofit social service
agency that provides employment
and training for the handicapped,
operates several retail
stores in Summit and neighboring
Thatcher, who had worked for
Goodwill since 1989, said his
complaints about McCarty were
ignored by his superiors and he
was fired in February 1994after
trying to take the issue to Goodwill's
governing board.
Goodwill officials denied the
allegations, arguing that the complaints
about McCarty were thoroughly
McCarty was fired in 1994for
reasons unrelated to the sexual
harassment complaints, according
to GoodwillPresident Frederick

Boo Hoo

Glendale, AZ

#696 Nov 12, 2011
Another touching Goodwill lawsuit.

Memphis Goodwill Agrees to Pay $105,000 to Settle EEOC Race Bias and Retaliation Lawsuit
Former Employee Fired for Complaining About Alleged Race Discrimination, Agency Charges

MEMPHIS – Memphis Goodwill Industries, Inc., a non-profit agency, will pay $105,000 to settle a race discrimination and retaliation lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today. The EEOC had charged in its suit (No. 2:08-cv-02621-BBD-cgc, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee) that Memphis Goodwill fired a transportation director in retaliation for reporting alleged race discrimination and because of her race, black.

In addition, the EEOC’s suit alleged that the vice president of operations chastised a group of African Americans by stating,“This is not the ghetto.” When the former transportation director complained to the vice president of operations, she received her first written reprimand from him within days and after receiving a second write-up less than 30 days later she was fired. After her termination, the EEOC said, a white male was hired as manager of transportation.

Under the terms of the two-year settlement agreement resolving the suit, signed by U.S. District Judge Bernice Bouie Donald, in addition to the monetary award, Memphis Goodwill agreed to provide employment discrimination training to management personnel at its Memphis facility and to report complaints of discrimination to the EEOC. The company will also purge the former employee's personnel file of negative disciplinary actions and provide her with a reference agreed to by the parties.

Faye A. Williams, EEOC regional attorney in Memphis, said, "It is a serious violation of federal law to discharge an employee based on race. Further, it is simply illegal to fire someone for reporting unlawful discrimination. Employees must be able to complain about practices which they believe violate the law without fear of retribution. We are pleased the parties were able to resolve the case prior to trial.”

Memphis Goodwill trains and employs workers. In the Memphis Area, Memphis Goodwill has over 200 employees.

The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. Further information about the EEOC is available on its web site at .
Boo Hoo

Glendale, AZ

#697 Nov 12, 2011
Here is another Goodwill of Arizona complaint.

Goodwill Industries of Central Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona
Posted: 2009-06-09 by concerned citizen

Unfair employee ethic

Complaint Rating:
Company information:
Goodwill Industries of Central Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

It seems that this company has very poor work ethic. This is especially true in the two charter schools they had. They intimidate their employees and never listen to the employees if there is a problem. At the beginning of the year the principal at the Woods campus was fired from what was said "budget cuts." In addition, there have been three heart attacks as a result of the stress the company puts on its employees.; two of which have resulted in death. The first employee complained to a coworker that something was wrong and could someone watch his class. His coworker assumed the teacher couldn't handle the class and ridiculed him for it. She then got the Superintendent who immediately did the same thing. However, the Superintendent then fired the employee for this. the employee immediately went to the hospital where he was told he was having a heart attack. This is only some of the issues. When the new principal died of a heart attack the counselor (who has no administrative credentials) immediately took it upon herself to do as she pleased. Teachers were sent home because the counselor couldn't do her jo
Boo Hoo

Glendale, AZ

#698 Nov 12, 2011
Bad Will?
Questions abound following Goodwill dismissals
Alexa Schirtzinger

Regina Hesch (Gina, to those who know her) has been a fixture at Santa Fe’s Goodwill retail store for more than 30 years. Her close-cropped hair has gone almost entirely gray since she started working here back in the 1970s, but the colorful ribbons she wears in it and her bright, genial smile make her look much younger.
Gina seems the embodiment of Goodwill Industries of New Mexico’s mission:“to provide skill development, work opportunities and career-building services to people with barriers to employment.” In Gina’s case, the barrier is a developmental disability that slows her mental processes. But in March, the other half of the mission fell apart: Goodwill unceremoniously cut Gina’s hours from 40 to 18, according to her sister and legal guardian, Susanna Hesch.

“She lost all her benefits and salary with no warning,” Hesch tells SFR.“It looks to me like they’re setting [her] up for failure.”

Gina wasn’t the only one. Matthew Dean, another disabled Goodwill employee, has worked at the Santa Fe resale store for 23 years. He has the use of only one arm; according to his brother, Dean was told he was being fired as a full-time employee because “according to them, he was not performing up to the standards.”

(SFR reached Dean’s brother at home but was unable to speak with Dean himself.)

After Gina’s hours were cut, Hesch says, Gina was enrolled in Goodwill’s Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP), an on-the-job training program geared toward “preparing individuals for eventual community employment,” according to Goodwill New Mexico’s website.

But Gina is doing the same work she did as a fulltime Goodwill employee—sorting clothes, receiving donations, manning the cash register. The only difference is that TOP receives state funding. To Hesch, that seems suspicious. Did Goodwill just want somebody else to pay Gina’s salary?
Boo Hoo

Glendale, AZ

#699 Nov 12, 2011
Here is the rest of Bad Will's injustices.

3114Mary Best, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of New Mexico, tells SFR in a written statement that Goodwill is “performance based” and that “individuals are expected to meet expectations based on their abilities, and not their disabilities.” While Best declines to discuss specific employee issues, she does indicate that TOP was created specifically for people like Gina and Matthew.

“For the first time ever these individuals will be asked what they want to do in regards to their career path,” Best adds.“Goodwill will be there every step of the way to train them and help them achieve their goals.” Last year in Santa Fe alone, she notes, Goodwill placed 63 people in jobs in the community.

But Hesch, who preferred that Gina not speak directly with a reporter, says her sister was perfectly happy in her Goodwill job. Besides, Hesch wonders,“Who’s going to hire her?” Carolyne Tomlin, the former manager of the Santa Fe Goodwill store, has been asking herself the same question.

Tomlin says she was fired without warning last October.

“I was at [a] manager meeting, and they pulled me out and terminated me,” Tomlin tells SFR.“I was just devastated.”

Tomlin says both Gina and Matthew were “excellent” employees and that she’s planning to file a lawsuit against Goodwill Industries of New Mexico for improperly terminating several other employees.

“I’m trying to bat for these guys because I think it’s so unfair,” Tomlin says.“This is what the Goodwill mission is all about, help[ing] people with barriers— and now they gave every single one of us a barrier to employment.”

Best acknowledges that Goodwill “did experience turnover” in the last six months but denies that it’s a part of any concerted effort:

“[M]any chose to leave on their own…and some were asked to leave because they were not meeting performance expectations.”

To Michelle Davis, a schoolteacher who frequents Goodwill to buy children’s books for her classroom, reduced hours aren’t the only problem. Gina and Matthew are a vital part of Santa Fe’s Goodwill store, not just as employees, Davis says, but also as people.

“With Matthew, when I’d go in, he’d always smile, and he remembered I was a schoolteacher and would say,‘Are you getting books for your class?’” Davis smiles.“Regina would be like, clear across the store,‘Hi, Michelle!’ Both of them were good at customer service.”

Hesch agrees.“We go out, and within an hour, people are like,‘Hey, Gina! How are they holding the store up without you?’” she says.“She’s immensely popular; they all love her.”

“I’m trying to bat for these guys because I think it’s so unfair.”
Boo Hoo

Glendale, AZ

#700 Nov 12, 2011
And here is another Goodwill lawsuit. There will be more coming.

Employee Sues Goodwill, Alleging Race Discrimination
By Laura Fishman on August 11, 2010 9:05 AM | No TrackBacks
An employee of Goodwill Industries has filed a lawsuit against the organization, claiming that the Caucasian janitorial workers are getting paid more than the janitorial workers of racial minorities. According to the Southeast Texas Record, the suit was filed on July 28 in the Jefferson County District court by Earnest Sennet, who was making just $6 an hour as a janitor at Goodwill.

In the lawsuit, Earnest Sennet alleges that he was supposed to be paid $11 an hour, as it reportedly says in his contract. However, the defendant in this case told the plaintiff that he would only be getting paid $6 per hour. The plaintiff is a minority male, but the lawsuit does not specify what his exact ethnicity is or when he started his employment at Goodwill.
The lawsuit accuses Goodwill of race discrimination and breach of contract, where the plaintiff is suing the agency for emotional distress and exemplary damages. Earnest Sennet has Texas employment lawyer Antoine Freeman representing him in the case.

According to FindLaw, racial discrimination is illegal in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Reducing an employee's compensation on the basis of race or color is indeed one form of discrimination. While it's not exactly clear of when the plaintiff had worked for Goodwill, it's currently illegal to pay an employee less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour as of July 24, 2009. Anybody who believes that their rights have been violated in the workplace, whether due to discrimination or unfair wages, should not hesitate to contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more information on filing a claim.
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#701 Nov 13, 2011
Here is another touching story for Goodwill.


EEOC Sues Goodwill Industries for Retaliation
Federal Agency Alleges Lawton, Okla., Non-Profit Organization Retaliated Against Long-Term Employee

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas, Inc. violated federal law by terminating a manager in retaliation for her providing deposition testimony in a co-worker’s discrimination lawsuit, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit it filed today.

The suit alleges that Goodwill fired Mary Goulet, who had worked for Goodwill for 13 years, on June 16, 2010, from her position at its Lawton, Okla., location because she gave testimony which was not favorable to Goodwill in a deposition taken during a federal age and sex discrimination lawsuit brought by another employee against the company.

Such alleged conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC filed suit (EEOC v. Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas, Inc., Case No. 5:11-cv-1043-D) in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma after first attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation process. The agency seeks back pay and compensatory and punitive damages. The EEOC also requests injunctive relief to prevent Goodwill from engaging in such discrimination and retaliation in the future.

“The EEOC will not allow an employer to unlawfully retaliate against an employee because the employer does not like what it hears in a court proceeding,” said Barbara A. Seely, regional attorney of the EEOC’s St. Louis District Office, which includes Oklahoma.“If one employee is fired for testifying about discrimination – just because a supervisor does not like what the employee said – the employer’s conduct can have a chilling effect and discourage other employees from coming forward as witnesses to discrimination or filing valid discrimination charges themselves. Retaliation is a roadblock to justice.”

The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws against employment discrimination. Further information is available at .
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#704 Nov 15, 2011
Another Theft by Goodwill's CEO and employees.

Sophisticated embezzlement network, possibly involving as many as six employees, has allegedly stolen millions of dollars from Santa Clara County Goodwill Industries, charity officials said yesterday.

According to court documents, the scam may have included as many as seven of the ten Goodwill stores in Santa Clara County and involved the recovery of $350,000 found in a home safe.

To recoup at least some the losses, charity President Hugh Barnett said the nonprofit organization has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit to hopefully recover cash and goods allegedly stolen by two former employees who are believed to be the ringleaders.

Meanwhile, five Goodwill store managers -- four of them sisters -- have been fired or have resigned in the wake of a criminal investigation by the district attorney's office.

Another former employee, Carol Marrs, the general manager of store operations, apparently committed suicide three days after law enforcement officials searched her home.

According to the lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court, Marrs and Linda Faye Marcil, manager of Goodwill's Willow Glen store in San Jose, were the masterminds of the scheme. They apparently told managers of other stores to report only a portion of their daily sales to Goodwill's accounting office, while the balance was bundled into envelopes and sent to Marcil on a daily basis.

The managers' compliance was rewarded with weekly cash payments of $650 to $1,000, according to court documents.

Three of Marcil's sisters -- Bonnie Marcil, Ellen Salas and Dale Rice -- were also Goodwill store managers, along with Linda Cervantez. All have resigned or have been fired for violating company policies, according to Barnett.

The alleged scheme came to light when Bonnie Marcil's husband, embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody dispute, approached police officials with information, Barnett said.

However, the true dimensions of the alleged eight-year scam may never be known, officials said, because most of the thefts were of hard-to-trace cash and donated goods.
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#705 Nov 16, 2011
another touching corrupt Goodwill executive

Goodwill sues exec accused of scam / Like criminal case, suit charges fraud, deceitJune 13, 2003|By Matthew B. Stannard, Chronicle Staff Writer

Prosecutors claim Andrew F. Liersch received at least $3,000 per week from the scheme.Goodwill Industries of Santa Clara County has sued its former president and CEO, seeking to recover some of the more than $16 million the charity lost to a wide-ranging scam that investigators say operated with the executive's assistance and consent.

Andrew F. Liersch already faces federal criminal charges of money laundering in what prosecutors describe as a scheme that thrived during most of Liersch's 17 years as head of the South Bay charity. Prosecutors claim the fraud involved a core group of managers and hundreds of illicit employees who siphoned money from duplicate registers and back-door sales, and that Liersch received at least $3,000 per week from the scheme. He has pleaded not guilty.

In its lawsuit, filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court on Wednesday, Goodwill of Santa Clara County charges fraud and deceit, breach of employment contract, and breach of duty of loyalty, among other things.

The suit essentially repeats the allegations of Liersch's criminal case, claiming that for most of the time he headed the charity -- from 1976 to 1993, Liersch and co-conspirators established a system to illicitly divert part of the organization's revenue stream into their own coffers.

The suit specifically asserts that Liersch arranged for the core store managers involved in the scheme to receive weekly stipends of up to $1,000, and for dozens of others to receive regular payoffs for their parts in the conspiracy.

The lawsuit charges that Liersch diverted his share of the illicit proceeds into overseas banks before moving to Guatemala, where he was living until recently expelled into federal custody.

Prosecutors have said they traced hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexplained income to accounts indirectly controlled by Liersch, whose lawyer has claimed the wealth is legitimate and independent.

The lawsuit also claims Liersch used his control and intimate knowledge of the charity's workings to hide the conspiracy, and regularly lied to the board of directors.

In a press release, Goodwill of Santa Clara County said the charity recovered about $2 million in 1999, partly from insurance and partly in settlement of a lawsuit against others involved in the scheme, who pleaded guilty and in most cases served prison time.

But with millions more unaccounted for, the lawsuit seeks additional recovery from Liersch, and requests a temporary restraining order preventing him from moving money out of his overseas accounts.

"We are seeking to recover all proceeds from the embezzled funds which rightfully belong to Goodwill of Santa Clara County," current Goodwill of Santa Clara County President Hugh Barnett said in the release.
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#706 Nov 17, 2011
R.Lee Waits is the highest-paid charity executive Among nonprofits, the CEO of Goodwill Industries-Suncoast Inc. makes more than most:$530,693 in 2003. That was 9 years ago. WHAT IS IT NOW?????????

Why doesn't our GOODWILL POST THEIR SALARIES. O'Neal was asked by someone what his salary was and his reply "it's none of your business." This should be investigated.
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#707 Nov 17, 2011
Fraud in the nonprofit sector? You bet
by Thomas Buckhoff, Abbie Gail Parham

A former president of Goodwill Industries was indicted on federal charges that he stole more than $800,000 from the charity by wiring money to overseas bank accounts. Since then, a financial controller of Goodwill Industries was charged with embezzling nearly $400,000.
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#708 Nov 17, 2011
In the list of crimes that follow introduction of a casino, the most common are
traffic violations, drunken driving, robbery and assault. None of these, however,
can match the individual business devastation of embezzlement. This crime
leads to prison time for the perpetrator, but often leaves the business is such
straits that bankruptcy follows. Nationwide “white collar crime” accounts for 4%
of all crime, with fraud, bribery, forgery and embezzlement the main forms of
these crimes.(Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Press Office, Press release, March 6,
2002.) The more important fact is that 65% of pathological gamblers commit
crimes to finance gambling: the leading cause is check forgery, followed by civil
loan fraud 31%, embezzlement 30%, forgery 20%, tax evasion 19%, and tax
fraud 12%. All of the top four are perpetrated against businesses.(From the web at )

Carol Braun, 63, a 27 year employee of Goodwill Industries admitted she
stole hundreds of thousands, and gambled it away in Wisconsin casinos.
(Ed Culhane,“Police Say Women Admits Embezzling from Goodwill,” Gannett
Wisconsin Newspapers, June 1, 2003)
Boo Hoo

Peoria, AZ

#709 Nov 19, 2011
I just left goodwill about 1 month ago. I worked there for 28 months. I loved the job but like someone had stated earlier, it's management and people at the top. Nothing but modern day slavery. I've seen it all there, stealing big time, break ins, and cover ups. People breaking everyone's confidentiality. I've heard manangers talking about other employees with other employees. I've seen a group of people, led by store managers ban together and got other employees fired. I'll tell it to anyone goodwill is the worst place to ever work or try to get a job. The only reason I hung in there for 28 months was because I was going to college and I finally finished and got up out of goodwill. Now they try to act like I got to finish school because of them, but I honestly finished school with no help to goodwill, because they didn't want me to go at first. They threatened to fire me if I attended school. One day someone is gonna sue goodwil and win big. If anyone out there is thinking about suing goodwill or taking them to court and need someone to help them explain how goodwill really is, just e-mail me at [email protected] It's nothing more than modern day slavery!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#710 Nov 20, 2011
What are you, stupid? Or just plain stupid? Maybe you should start an "occupy goodwill" movement? There must be others as stupid as you!
Boo Hoo

Phoenix, AZ

#711 Nov 21, 2011
AwReally wrote:
What are you, stupid? Or just plain stupid? Maybe you should start an "occupy goodwill" movement? There must be others as stupid as you!
You probably are correct. We should OCCUPY GOODWILL and FORCE THEM to bring down their prices on the FREE items that are donated to them. Lets'a ALL BOYCOTT THE GOODWILL STORES during the holidays and do our shopping at other thrift stores that really help the poor. Force the CORRUPTION that is going on in their corporate office TO STOP. They refuse to post their SALRIES which is a MAJOR CLUE to their corruption.
Boo Hoo

Phoenix, AZ

#712 Nov 23, 2011
Here is another Goodwill complaint AwReally.

I must be very careful, unfortunately I still need my job at Goodwill. I have never worked for a company that overall treats their employees so badly. I don't mind a company wanting to make money, but Goodwill hides behind a mask of being a 'charity' to justify they dishonest way. I'm not saying that they don't do some good (even a broken clock is right twice a day), but they are brutal and dishonest with their employees. I have SOLID evidence of cheating the customer, knowingly selling counterfeit goods etc. I can't say too much because it will give my position away, but yes, I know someone who was promoted because because there were 3 lawsuits against him from employees for inappropriateness, so Goodwill simply promoted hin to a new department, that's The Goodwill way. THEY ARE NOT GOOD!
Boo Hoo

Phoenix, AZ

#713 Nov 24, 2011
You said it ----GOODWILL IS NOT GOOD. St.Vincent de Paul are feeding OVER 4,000 hungy on Thansgiving. WHAT IS GOODWILL DOING???????. Salvation Army is giving the poor free turkeys,etc. WHAT IS GOODWILL DOING ????????. NOTHING. C'MON Goodwill stop opening new stores and put your money where it will do good instead of into CORPORATES POCKETS.

People of Phoenix stop donating to this money hungry so called non-profit and donate to those that help and do some good. It is now time to BOYCOTT GOODWILL.

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#714 Nov 24, 2011
I have just read all the BOO HOO posts above, whoever is posting them is a Public Hero. I feel for you all and can sense whats its like. You need to write to the TV stations. Far too many charities are wasting money and Goodwill Stores appear to have been taken over by rogues. Your reports are both alarming and sad.

Thanks a million for the lesson in real life. A Limey from England.
Boo Hoo

Phoenix, AZ

#715 Nov 24, 2011
BobEnglandYorkshire wrote:
I have just read all the BOO HOO posts above, whoever is posting them is a Public Hero. I feel for you all and can sense whats its like. You need to write to the TV stations. Far too many charities are wasting money and Goodwill Stores appear to have been taken over by rogues. Your reports are both alarming and sad.
Thanks a million for the lesson in real life. A Limey from England.
THANK YOU for your intelligence and your support. I agree Goodwill is definetly taken over by rogues.
Boo Hoo

Tempe, AZ

#716 Nov 25, 2011
More Goodwill complaints coming.

I know Goodwill is NOT good. They have a lot to answer for. They bully their employees and generally do not provide proper training but continue to expect more and more and more. They are after only one thing MONEY...for the upper management and executive team. I'm not saying they never do anything "good", but the BAD they do is very grievous and has hurt a lot of decent people. They pray on the the week and valuable. Let me say that again; they take advantage of people down on their luck, offer them jobs and then treat them poorly while asking them to produce what they are neither capable of or trained for. Goodwill is BAD NEWS! I know this first hand!

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