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To the Obnoxious Neighbor

Moss Point, MS

#44 Dec 1, 2007
To Jar Head wrote:
You really do not know how to play with others, do you? Not only that, you are the most irritating fake I have ever encountered. This IS A FORUM, Einstein. Topix refers to it as a forum and if you have any doubt about that, try looking up the meaning of "forum" in the dictionary. You really enjoy telling everyone else they are wrong. It's just too bad you don't know what the hell you are talking about.
Also, I don't think you have fooled anyone. Clearly, you are THE ONLY PERSON from Bisbee who has contributed to this forum. You think the rest of us really believe all of these different "identities" you have created confirm there are others who agree with you? NO! We aren't that stupid. You are so transparent it is ridiculous. We all know you are just one, psychotic, paranoid person!
This forum is buried, because the rest of us have figured out there is nothing worthwhile to discuss here. All we will find is one lonely loser who cannot get along with their neighbors (no surprise) and cannot get the local police to support their accusations (no surprise) who wants to throw arrows at anyone whose opinion differs from their own. And if anyone disagrees with you, you call them a drunk.
Keep having arguments with yourself if that's what makes you happy. The rest of us have better things to do than waste our time with your pathetic loser ass!
Make all of the excuses in the world to justify your comments. I am NOT the only one who has posted here about the rude, obnoxious Phoenix weekend neighbors. It is really bizarre that you would attack me because I find it offensive that neighbors come down from Phoenix and are drunk and rude. Again, I am not the only one who has posted about these types of situations. What about the poster from Denver? I noticed that you deliberately ignored that poster because they understood where I was coming from. How do you get along with drunk, obnoxious neighbors? You are really dense and you dump all of the blame on myself and the other neighbors (there are two others who are posting). I find your twisted logic interesting. The only thing I can think of is that you are a rude and obnoxious neighbor and have had your share of neighbor problems. I can also tell that you think you are always right. By the way, the Forum consists of threads where each thread has a topic. The Topix refers to the entire Forum. What you are posting on right now is a thread with the topic of Etiquette for Phoenix...and that thread is one of many other threads which make up the Forum. How dense can you be? I was correct and you are plain old wrong as usual. Again, why are you so angry unless you are a drunk, rude, obnoxious neighbor and from your behavior I believe that is true.
To Matthew

Moss Point, MS

#45 Dec 1, 2007
Aren't you Matthew, Cappy, To Jar Head, Where is Bisbee, To Jar Head? Who is having conversations with themselves? I wouldn't be surprised if you are the Phoenix rotten neighbor. By the way, someone listed you on the rotten neighbor website.
Where is Bisbee

Las Cruces, NM

#46 Dec 1, 2007
To Matthew wrote:
Aren't you Matthew, Cappy, To Jar Head, Where is Bisbee, To Jar Head? Who is having conversations with themselves? I wouldn't be surprised if you are the Phoenix rotten neighbor. By the way, someone listed you on the rotten neighbor website.
Bisbee Sux


#47 Dec 1, 2007
Hey, "Sick of Phoenix People" from Bisbee.

If you hate Phoenix so much, why are you posting on a Phoenix forum?

Gilbert, AZ

#49 Dec 2, 2007
Sounds like mesicans to me... Average white folk don't sit out on a couch in their front yard and get drunk unless they're college kids.

Gilbert, AZ

#50 Dec 2, 2007
QUOTE: Hey, "Sick of Phoenix People" from Bisbee.

If you hate Phoenix so much, why are you posting on a Phoenix forum?

REPLY: DUH.... Have you read this topic....?
Miss H

Phoenix, AZ

#52 Jan 13, 2008
I know I'm getting in on this a little late, but I just have to say something: You know, I am 27 years old and a 5th generation PHOENIX, Arizona native. When I was a child my parents took my brother and I to bisbee for the weekend. It was such a beautiful old town. I remember taking the coolest tour of some old mining ruines. I haven't been back since and still tell all my friends how much I want to make a trip down there again. Well, my oppinion has changed a little after reading this. We all have our pet peaves and things we don't really like all that much, but to lable all of Phoenix as a bunch of loud drunk Iowa cornhuskers is just obsurd. YOU need to be socialized and should be ashamed or yourself. Do you still think that all african american people are hoods and should be working in your kitchen too? Do you still think that Asians belong in American holding camps? If you have a problem with these people, chances are you can talk to them and work it out yourselves. I happen to have a group of freinds (all from Iowa and DO happen to know how to party)but they are the NICEST people and would never do anything to purposely piss anybody off. Maybe you can try being a little nicer and see what that does. If I do happen to run into you one day down in Bisbee AT A BAR (because that's where I'll be after a day of spending my money at your shops and tourism sites, putting money in your town's pocket to pay for your street repairs - which you need considering that is your town's main source of revenue)I hope that I'm as nice to you as I am others, because right now, I'm not so sure you Phoenix hating posters really deserve niceness in your life. Just remember, what goes around comes around and I'm not so sure that anything good is going to be coming your way until you change your tudes a bit.

Scottsdale, AZ

#53 Feb 22, 2008
For those of you who haven't been to Bisbee you should check it out. It is in incredible little town, perfect weather, beautiful architecture. Ignore the guy complaining about visitors.

Hockley, TX

#54 Jun 12, 2008
Don't worry about the tiny minded little man who wrote the origianl post, Bisbee has it's share of bitter, bored locals who are so out of touch with the rest of the world they have no idea how to cope with anything out of their ordinary daily rituals( probly for the last 30 years or so ) it is a groovy little place to drop out for a weekend or even a week, but living here is challenging with some of the long timers still living in the 70's.

Tempe, AZ

#55 Oct 28, 2011
Our Corvette club is leaving this morning for Bisbee, and your comments take away my enthusiasm. Do you realize that these Phoenix people help keep your town alive by visiting and spending money? I also happen to be a Nebraska Cornhusker, but take offense that all Nebraskans are rude, loud, drunks. Hopefully, you are a minority and that we are greeted in a positive way.

Phoenix, AZ

#56 Jun 14, 2012
Wow. And we're going down to Bisbee Pride for THIS? Quit judging everyone from Phoenix just because of some idiots. We were there last year and had a great time. We aren't there to buy homes or be obnoxious. We are there to have a pleasant weekend. If all people in Bisbee feel the same way as most of the people on this post, then we will tell the Bisbee Pride Committee not to expect our money next year...
John Wayne

Glendale, AZ

#57 Jun 14, 2012
I gotta head down there to Bisbee and check out those partys. Nothing like a good 'ole bonfire and barbecue at 2am in the morning. And yes, I do invite my neighbors.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#59 Dec 2, 2012
Where is Bisbee wrote:
<quoted text>Sound like a place I wouldn't want to visit with people like you living there....
i was in bisbee 30 years ago. locals seemed like hippie's and should welcome the boost to the town or maybe you are the one that should consider leaving.
Music Festival

Dallas, TX

#60 Nov 14, 2013
GO TO BISBEE THIS WEEKEND! We have 71 Phoenix bands taking over the town 15th-17th!
Don't worry no one in any of these bands will be drunk…..
I might be a little drunk right now.
get ready for our music.

United States

#61 Nov 17, 2013
Matthew wrote:
<quoted text>
Mattpew? What are you 13 years old?
The police have told them? Told them what? If they have talked to them and it keeps happening, maybe it is time for you and your 30 neighbors to file a formal complaint. If you are not willing to do that, then it would seem to me that complaining is more your style that taking action. You can either take control of your life or let others control it for you.
All of your other complaints seem like hateful, irrational garbage. Not really worth responding to. Maybe if you take action you can get some sleep and become a nicer, more rational person.
im 13 and i complain way less than this mattew freak.
maris C

Gilbert, AZ

#62 Jul 7, 2015
Where is Bisbee wrote:
<quoted text>Sound like a place I wouldn't want to visit with people like you living there....
Dear jerk. I am currently a resident of phoenix who plans on moving to Bisbee in the next few years. There are assholes EVERYWHERE, and you are a prime example of that. Shouldn't be able to get a reasonably priced home there? BTW where did you come from? I think that perhaps YOU should move out of Bisbee and go find a place in the middle of the desert somewhere away from people altogether because I really don't want to live YOU. Who the hell made you an authority anyway?


Since: Jul 15

Quartzite Arizona

#63 Jul 7, 2015
Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals. The Phoenix Suns. A hockey team, somewhere, probably.
Baseball team? Who knows.... Water? Not enough.... Mountains, yeah...... A weird sheriff.... Nobody outside of Arizona cares about Arizona..... Beats California though.....

United States

#64 Jul 17, 2015
Where is Bisbee wrote:
<quoted text>Sound like a place I wouldn't want to visit with people like you living there....
Someone from Bisbee sounds a little angry and especially jealous of those of us from Phoenix... cry baby.
Travel bug

Scottsdale, AZ

#65 Dec 3, 2015
After reading the banter back and forth I was hesitant to visit Bisbee. One of my colleagues was a resident there and raved about the town and it's people. I am sometimes boisterous and occasionally loud, but never drunk and the local just seemed bitter and unpleasant. I am glad I actually know a few natives. I really do understand the need to be polite your your neighbors, but that individual just seems bitter and is clearly a poor reflection on the town of Bisbee.

Phoenix, AZ

#66 Dec 19, 2015
Just got back from Bisbee - hey, it's a nice place. Very liberal leaning town. Asked a local if there was a gun shop anywhere in town - he looked at me like I was satan! They don't like guns in Bisbee. Other than that - great town.

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