Invasion of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner ...

Invasion of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

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Mr Neutron

Glenmoore, PA

#1 Aug 6, 2008
My neighborhood had dozens of these salesmen descend upon it over this past weekend. What a nightmare, they were in my house for 3 hours! We couldn't get rid of 'em.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Westerly, RI

#2 Nov 21, 2008
Kirby....haha. What a Joke. I worked for the company for 3 months. i got 300 bucks out of them. i was promised 2,000 a month if i did 15 appts a week. This is not possible working 8-5. youd have to work till 8. They dont pay at all. They make you drive to anywhere, and dont give you gas. they actually made me drive to nowhere mass. this is 2hours away. This is how kirby works. They hire new "kids" to get all excited on making 2,000 a month ans possibly a week!. so they get all excited and sell to there family for 1,500 pop yes 1500! then they realize there not getting paid like they said. So thats how they make athere money the stupid kids like myslef they hire get happy and really believe this scam and then they got about 15,000 grad off my selling kirbys...yes that much and i got shit. the commisiion is fake. they find any excuse to not pay in ohh there credit sucked. bull shit 1 week i should have made 1,700 yes 1 thousand and 700 dollars. i know what a rip off.
But the machine is very very very good. just the working for the company side of things suck!

Westerly, RI

#3 Nov 21, 2008
I worked for kirby in warwick RI. the gentleman there are verry nice. But they suck at keeping there word. i was told i would get 500 a week. yes 500 a week with potential to make as much as i want. i was told by one of the scam artist that he made 2200 his first week. so i got happy. thinking finally a real deal job. my parents are gunna be stoked im only 20 years old making 25,000 a year possibly 50,000 as i was told this is the average. BULLLSHIT. not happeing. Pete is right. They only make there money by recruting new kids to work for them. They get hired sell 5 kirbys at most then they quit and kirby made 5,000 minimum off them and paid the kids 50 bucks a week. telling them ohh it pays to pay for kirby. Bullshit.

They also scam you into a 1099 form which means no legal actions pretty much. your a self contractor you make what you can kinda thing.

I wasted more gas driving around and got maybe 30 bucks in a month and i would drive up to 1 hour away when gas was at 350 a gallon.

The machine is great like pete said. But there pushy people. they tried scamming an elderly woman in front of me saying she can afford it...she almost bought one...when she was making 800 month for income from her husband who dieds socal sec check...

But as for dirt nothing beats it i own one. just talk them down. really theyll sell you one for 600 bucks. haha theyere trying to get 2,000 off of you cause they say anything you sell it for over 1,200 is your in the ppocket. haha so tell them up front i want it for 600 dont lie and say no iv read you guys online.

please dont get scamed.

i have even gone as far as going to a meeting with over 150 people involved with kirby...the girls are beatuiful. dont fall into it. it blows. They are all brainwashed singing this song.: KIRBY KIRBY DONT BE BLUE WE ARE GOING TO FIND A HOME FOR YOU. WE HAVE A CASH AND CREDIT PLAN MAKES THE DIFFERENCE ASK THE KIRBY MAN> MONEY IS A FIRNED OF MINE I CAN MAKE IT ANYTIME>

haha everyone sang this dreadful song.

but the bacon was good.

Mount Juliet, TN

#4 Jan 16, 2009
Kirby is the future. It is the greatest vacuum ever made in the history of vacuum cleaners. I own 13 Kirby's, one for each room because i have a huge gorgious home from selling these beautiful machines. If you are dirty and trashy, obviously you wont buy a Kirby. If you have any pride or a shred of desency you would buy a Kirby because you deserve it. Thats what i have to say.

Mount Juliet, TN

#5 Jan 16, 2009
Kirby makes me horny
Greg Kingsley

Mount Juliet, TN

#6 Jan 16, 2009
I bought a Kirby for 2199 and i thought it was a little expensive but i actully am glad i did. I look forward to vacuuming. My home is so much cleaner, it's worth the money it realy is. The Kirby is a great product of quality
Barak Obama

Mount Juliet, TN

#7 Jan 16, 2009
The official vacuum of the White House.

Lewistown, PA

#8 Jan 18, 2009
Kirby sucks!


#9 Feb 15, 2009
Yesterday I had two sales person from this company in my home. They want to sale me a Kirby.The sale person started to do the demostration. He has question about the Kirby machine. If buy one If i like. Soddenly he stop. He ask me again if I buy one. I toll him my situation. I am a disable person. That went I had to purchase anything I want my whife present.She was working late. The sale person stop. He said can you invited me again to your home went your wife is present. I told him yes. To finished the conversation. He pack everything, he give me the telephone number and please call me on momday. I ask him. How much this machine cost. He replay I will tell you monday. But is under 3 dollars a day. One months is 30 days X by 3 = $90.00 dollars.I check in the internet. regular Kirby cost.under $1,396.00 dollars. Sale by internect service is only $856.00 dollars. If you see a customer had to pay at list $90 dollars for 15 months. This is a ripoff. To any one that try to get one. This is not fair. Dont get me wrong it a good product but with this economy, It to much money to spend special went one person work in a family of four. God Blees every person that can buy one. God Bless America.
Clifton IL

Bourbonnais, IL

#10 Feb 19, 2009
It started with a knock on the door. I answer it and cute young lady hands me a complementary container of pull up disinfectant wipes. I thought oh cool. Then she asks if She could show me a demonstration of her product. I thought maybe a questionnaire and about 5-10 min of my time. So I said sure. Next thing I see is a young man grabbing a lg box and case out of the back of a van. He is coming through my door with all this stuff. (I still don't know what the heck it was) and the lady thanks me and tells the guy that she would be back later to pick him up. They were from Lawrenceville Indiana and selling Hoover Vacuums. I told him that I could save him the trouble of the demonstration because I was not interested. He said that's Ok I get paid to do the demo. The guy was very arrogant, nosey and very unpleasant to be around. My family and I felt very uncomfortable in his presence. He was there for about an hour before his ride picked him up. I would not Ever buy a Kirby Vacuum just for the fact that this guy was a jerk. He made me feel like a terrible house keeper (which i am not). And that I was more or less Stupid if I did not buy a Kirby. If I had known that this was going to be a Vacuum demo and Last an hour I would not have even let them in the house. Im going to put a NO salesman/peddlers sign out front to keep them away.

Ridgefield, CT

#11 Mar 9, 2009
Kirby has become my life. I love the vac and I enjoy most of the job. It seems some of ur mad at them 4 being good at what they do. I have however heard that ppl who work for them get ripped off . They may or may not be doing so to me but I am getting a decient amount for 24hrs a week. I am happy to say the office I work for does not even do biz with ppl who r elderly . If u hate kirby cause of 1 person then thats like hating all white ppl cause u had an issue with 1 person. Give it another shot. I also know r company tries very hard to make thse wonderful vacs affordable to everyone. I believe in this home matiance mechaine thats is why I am there. I also did not sign a 1099 form.

Elizabethtown, KY

#12 Mar 15, 2009
Having a little experence with Kirby if your in the market for a Top of the line vacuum that will last a very long time here's how to skip a few hours and salemens BS!... If a kirby salesperson arrives at the door tell them you want the machine and to call there TEAM LEADER. Don't let the salesperson take the machine out of the box. When The team leader Arrives tell him you Want to inspect the machine make sure it hasn't been demoed.. Then tell the Teamleader you will write him a check for $800.00 Dollars TAX INC and they Can have a quick sale or no deal and leave my house. Put out your hand and welcome to the kirby Family.

North Scituate, RI

#13 Mar 28, 2009
Adyan wrote:
Kirby is the future. It is the greatest vacuum ever made in the history of vacuum cleaners. I own 13 Kirby's, one for each room because i have a huge gorgious home from selling these beautiful machines. If you are dirty and trashy, obviously you wont buy a Kirby. If you have any pride or a shred of desency you would buy a Kirby because you deserve it. Thats what i have to say.
I got sucked into buying a Kirby,and yes they are great but the business practices they use are very shady. I had just bought a vacuum and was still paying on it. The manager said he would pay the balance of what I owed(I spioke with him myself on the phone while the demonstarter was at my house. I even got it din writing. Trying to get the check to pay off the other vacuum was like pulling teeth. One excuse after the other. It was a terrible experiance and I'd never do it again. The demonstrater was only there a few weeks because like the others said,Kirby promices the moon but give the employees crumbs.I know this becausre I knoew the young man .He was a very hard worker and got a kick in the teeth for it.That's my two cents FYI just because someone can't afford a Kirby does not mean they're dirty. People who think that way needs theropy

Appleton, WI

#14 May 6, 2009
We grew up with a kirby in my house. If my parents paid even $400 for it, they got ripped off. Now that I'm older and out on my own I bought a cheap model Dyson for $300 and it works alot better than I ever remember that kirby running, and alot lighter.

Poughkeepsie, NY

#15 Jun 28, 2009
you guys are completely misinformed, the Kirby business is not out to rip people off, but show those of the quality it has to offer! It is the consumer's decision to buy, or not to buy!

Norcross, GA

#16 Aug 7, 2009
Guess what I work for Kirby and these are built for 300.00 dollars. I have a masters in sec teaching mathmatics and marketing. I am not stupid! They told me I would make 2000.00 a week and then they tell me that my three days of training is unpaid. Bullshit. Sign this contract! uhhhh NO ! Come on you'll be apart of the family! Guess what ? I record everything, You dumbasses. I have three days of tape that explain that people are stupid to buy our Vacumes. That our only entry is that their filters are clogged and ours are new. The suction is no differant. Guess what the local News station loves the footagfe I gave them for free. You are FUCKED you liars.

Columbia, MO

#17 Aug 13, 2009
Yeah if you say you're scammed you really weren't. Kirby doesn't pay for advertising never has. The money for the kirby is for the demonstrator and his manager. If you guys say you were never paid well that's because of people paying $600 for the vacuum. If you go to the store and see $4 for a box of cereal do you honestly believe that's how much exactly it cost to make it. Or does everyone realize that maybe the box is worth like a dollar and they charge you an extra $3 to pay for their employees and advertising.

Waterloo, Canada

#18 Apr 26, 2010
I work for Kirby. I know its the greatest home cleaner in the world. And I've made over 11,000 in 3 months I'm real good at selling them and making a friend with people. kirby is a simple buisness but a hard one. U have to really work hard and u will make a lot of money. My office is in greenville sc and they are the best people ever. We aren't high pressure at all. I guess different people have different experiences.
The Truth is here

Lawrenceville, GA

#19 May 31, 2010
So i just stopped working at a kirby office somewhere in Georgia. Ill be polite and not name what city. If you love working 6 days a week from 9am to 10 pm on average with pointless 2 hour staff meetings each morning, you'll love kirby. If you like being lied to about the 950$ you are suppose to get every 2 weeks you'll love kirby. You aint getting anything but played in a pyramid scheme where the owner of the office gets a ton of money per sale of his distributors sales who work like slaves and dont get what they deserve or anywhere close. They dont do background checks on the employees which is why your team leader who the dealers call in the demos and ride around with are felons, or druggies, or just unethical liars who sleep with each other, or a combination of these. You only get paid off commission and you wont even get what you think you will get. They use how the customer pays for the machine to justify stealing a dealers commission. The machine starts at 2200 bucks but they're so desperate they will sell kirby sentrias for as low as 1000 bucks. And the discounts the dealer or manager tells you about are cover up to bullshit the customer into thinking they are getting a great deal.
local guy

United States

#20 Jun 3, 2010
I'll take dirty and trashy for $13,000 PLEASE.
Adyan get psych help ASAP.
Adyan wrote:
Kirby is the future. It is the greatest vacuum ever made in the history of vacuum cleaners. I own 13 Kirby's, one for each room because i have a huge gorgious home from selling these beautiful machines. If you are dirty and trashy, obviously you wont buy a Kirby. If you have any pride or a shred of desency you would buy a Kirby because you deserve it. Thats what i have to say.

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