Disgrace and Corruption for PA Attorn...

Disgrace and Corruption for PA Attorney General Tom Corbett

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Lower Merion Civic

Wynnewood, PA

#1 Apr 12, 2007

Since: Apr 07

Ardmore, PA

#2 Aug 11, 2007
Lower Merion Civic “On-Line” org
[email protected]

Mr. Jacuqin Byrd,

Thank-you for again writing me, as I am in receipt of your latest (2nd) letter, post marked July 31, 2007.

Jacuqin, both you and I share a common attribute of “life imprisonment” imposed by widespread public criminal corruption committed by law enforcement officials. Both you and Mrs. Sara Boone are also victims in that of being denied a fair and competent trial as the direct result of the premeditated attempted murder and subsequent felonies committed by the Lower Merion Police against me and my family under the supervision of Superintendent Joe Daly.

In my case, it is being done through the complete obstruction of justice and due process of law, you and Mrs. Boone have been denied a fair and competent trial solely to escape discovery of the same criminal actions committed by the Lower Merion Police and the widespread public corruption surrounding it.

The evidence against you at your trial was sourced from the same law enforcement officials that have committed the felony crimes against me and my family members including false police reports and fabrication of evidence, just to name a few.

As long as these felony charges against Lower Merion Police remain completely un-investigated by competent law enforcement officials the credibility and validity of any criminal trial remains in serious jeopardy of anyone receiving a fair trial.

As it stands today, any prosecution charges by the District Attorney now remain in serious disbelief to its credibility or validity of any criminal evidence. Defendants in every case will now site the un-investigated public corruption and fabrication of police evidence by felons employed within our law enforcement personnel. The very nature and magnitude of the crimes is in fact: felony crimes against the community in which it serves.

You can be assured that I and the community will demand nothing less than a full investigation of the felony municipal corruption being served against the community. In your current appeal before the PA Superior Court the competent judge can only rule for a new trial of competent jurisdiction.

Richard Liberatoscioli
Richard Liberatoscioli

West Chester, PA

#4 Jun 14, 2008
... cont:
Mr. Byrd,
Thank you!…. for writing your letter to me. I write you at this time to introduce myself to you and to share our common concern for fair and equal justice for all people of our community.
In following the events and submitted evidence of your case, it was blatantly evident you did not receive a fair and un-biased trial. I’m sure your father’s father and your father have handed down to you the knowledge of the cruel and unconscionable injustice to a community when criminal public corruption exists within our justice system. What you did receive was nothing less than a pre-meditated “lynching”.
What you were not told at your trial was that your trial judge was identified by Montgomery County Senior Norristown Detective as a felon directly involved of the felony crimes committed by the Lower Merion Police under the direct knowledge of Superintendent Joe Daly. This was affirmed by the staff of our local District Justice in Lower Merion.
State and Federal felony criminal charges filed against the Lower Merion Police include the fabrication of police evidence, fabrication of police reports, premeditated felony attack and attempted murder by the Lower Merion Police resulting in permanent disabilities. Resent threats to carry out this murder by Lower Merion Police Department remain un-investigated thru a long standing criminal collaboration throughout Montgomery County.
The Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners has long been served official notice of the felony crimes under their authority and sworn duty to enforce the laws of the commonwealth. The Lower Merion Township Board of commissioners promised “a full investigation of these crimes”… yet months later … was told there was no investigation by the board.
Richard Liberatoscioli

West Chester, PA

#5 Jun 14, 2008
The criminal municipal corruption is widespread in this matter. In short, evidence presented against you was sourced from felons within the Lower Merion Police Department and in criminal collaboration by other law enforcement employees including your trial judge. These felony criminal charges were made known to your “court appointed lawyer” from the District Attorneys office … yet he presented nothing of this criminal injustice in your behalf.
For the judge to have given you a fair trial he knew the charges of fabrication of police evidence, fabrication of police reports and many other felony crimes committed by the Lower Merion Police .......... would lead right back to him exposing his involvement in the felony crimes at Lower Merion Police.
Mr. Byrd, you were “lynched”….. to avoid discovery of the felony crimes of the Lower Merion Police and other “law enforcement” employees in criminal collaboration.
Emergency petitions for injunctions against this judge to make “judgments” in your case are being sought to afford you a fair and un-biased trial. A statewide special grand jury is being requested from the PA Attorney General, as the municipal corruption is dangerously widespread.
The felony crimes were committed during the height of the Lower Merion Police attempts to obtain “accreditation” of competent police work. Commissioner Maryam Phillips was directly involved as head of the “Police oversight committee” in the review of all the police reports in question. The PA Chiefs of Police gave accreditation to the LMPD Police Department …. making the PA Chiefs of Police “accreditation program” a dangerous and worthless accreditation program for proof of competent police work for any community.
In filing formal petition under their own by-laws to the PA Chiefs of Police to show cause for desertification of this “bogus accreditation”….. they will not even respond.
Formal charges of criminal municipal corruption against Lower Merion Police and the Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners have been filed with the PA Attorney General Office.
PA Attorney General Tom Corbett is also the commissioner of this PA Chiefs of Police “accreditation program” where he was featured on the top of the list of commission members at the PA Chiefs of Police website. If you look today at their website PA Attorney General Tom Corbett was removed from the website and replaced by a front man from the PA Attorney Generals office. He told me PA Attorney General Tom Corbett is still an active member of the commission.
This will be the true test of PA Attorney General Tom Corbett …. of how well he does in cleaning out “his own house” of public criminal corruption.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”– MLK Jr.

Justice William T. Nicholas 38th Judicial District (Montgomery County, PA)
Justice Kathleen M. Valentine 38-1-07 (District Justice)
Superintendent Joseph Daly Lower Merion Police

I respectfully ask the Honorable Supreme Court Justices of Pennsylvania to intervene by order of formal criminal investigation of the deeply entwined facts and circumstances of these crimes.


Richard Liberatoscioli

Stroudsburg, PA

#6 Aug 11, 2009
Hi, my husband and I know all to well about corruption and conspiracy in the government, Monroe, Carbon Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties are great for it. My husband has been imprisoned since June 1, 2009 for an incident involving a very high profile official. This person was 100% at fault but because of his name and high power the brotherhood of officials are doing every for cover ups, conspiracy and corruption to protect his great name. This man is deceased but the guilty one. I have also been tarnished by officials, they have made us out to be Bonnie and Clyde. I was involved in a matter in which I was charged yet I was the one that was assaulted. The officials turned my entire situation around so I was the guilty one.
This was all in plan as they felt free to talk about it in front of me. I have the physical evidence that they can not change and have sent it to the highest authorities as well as spread it throughout the U.S. I will not let it slip through any cracks. They also know our lives are at stack here.
When injustices are being plagued upon "We The People" should all be knowledgeable of such information.“ We The People” vote and put into offices individuals we trust, expect to be honest, true to their words and to protect all with fairness and equality. It seems these days the brotherhood of government employees protects each other to any extent and at any cost to “We The People”. These individuals feel that because they are appointed to protect the law, they are the law. They do what ever it takes to protect each other from having their great names tarnished and keep each other out of the troubles they are in. Only, they are building a pyramid of conspirators, a work of art called "Government Corruption" something we have been hearing a lot lately. Sooner than later this pyramid will tumble and “We The People” will be responsible to re-build the government. Hopefully it will be built with true, good, honest people. Until this time we, must stand together and not participate in their cover-ups, letting them know, we are not blind but in fact our eyes are wide open.

United States

#7 Feb 21, 2010
Hello, I just wanted to say that the Lower Merion Police go out of they're way to be a-holes and I don't doubt the corruption cases. Thanks.

Newtown Square, PA

#8 Jun 8, 2010
Yea corruption,corruption,corrupti on...
I tried to tell the WHite House, the FBI of Newtown Square, the FBI of Philadelphia, the S.S, the ATF, the DEA, the Attorney General, just about everyone i could. So i sued for a billion $'s. LoL not that its gonna solve anything.... But DA Green is being probed for forgeries, and after arsons rapes robberies in or about W-Chester and Coatesville enough is enough... I took em how many years to investigate. I told em in 2008 its now 2010, so 2 years. Then to shut me up they tried to say i was mentally insane, tried to shove emds down my throat and instiutionalize me. I managed to pass my psych eval in 24 minutes. No meds needed. SLANDER and Defamation when you stand up for yourself around here. Yea i took out some cocaine ex crack dealers starting in 2007, it was a puerto rican, columbian, and mexican thing back then, but thats neither here nor there, i had to do what i did after one dealer told me he "KILLED A KID VIA GIVING TOO MUCH EX TO EM".... Told em retaliation was coming after rapes started in WChester but, nobody did anything. So the gang came back to WC after i was exposed and harassed me on West Chester University Campus and caused a big time scene.
Now its all JMC31337's fault.

Since: Jun 10

Jersey City, NJ

#9 Jun 19, 2010

Newtown Square, PA

#10 Jul 12, 2010
Well now the FED US MARSHALS tried to 302 me, they rolled into my house without an arrest warrant. I knew they were coming, and they like the SS NAZI's wanted to hide from something. And me like Anne Frank, hid in the attic while they went through the house looking for me. They later called my cell and met me outside in a public place. Then when i called em up for their badge numbers, thats when they slandered me and and said some crap about Narcissism. Yea, right! Heres what they are hiding from........ Here's the letter i wrote before all the shit went down around here....
Washington DC 20053
I start this investigational letter with the fact that 3 years ago i came across a group of guys at KMART. Prior to my involving myself with this coke group i met 2 people Sid, and Ray. Sid was arrested at KMART for stealing and also, explained to me he had stolen a PS2 and got away with it. Ray and i met up at the mall in Exton and i found out i was working at the same place (KMART). i became involved with these guys after Trooper Jenkinson and Kat Copeland had me become a confidential informant. Trpr Jenkinson told me to call him later on when i found some drug dealers. So i threw myself to the wolves with no support and no help. i started hearing about how they were doing cocaine and took upon myself to gather as much info as i could. i tried to get into contact with the PSP but the number was disconnected (and/or when i called from a different phone i had no answer) and the # has been this way till a few weeks ago on this date (10-24-08). I went to West Whiteland police over Ecstasy because of the fact that the PSP never read me my rights while i was in the interrogation room over the pot field we found, also, their was blood on the door while i was being interrogated, but i'll get to the Ecstasy later. i remember several times at 7 oaks in West Chester a bunch of cocaine parties with counterfeit bills. i have no idea where the counterfeits came from, but i remember them laughing about them. They had made several deals each about 1/2 ounce of cocaine at a time. Several deals came from a guy Kevin AKA "KAV". i also remember several deals going down, and people getting picked up out in the neighborhood behind Uwchlan police station it was Rwanda i believe. Also, there were deals going down near the off campus housing apartments near the firehouse near West Chester University hereinafter, WCU. On one occasion at Sid and Rays house during a cocaine party the gangs 6-12 people were wearing all red. A white male approx 6 ft tall pulled out a glock and showed me how it had an L.A.M. Shortly thereafter, they started smoking chronic blunts (cocaine mixed with weed) and also, started making crack. These were the same people who robbed KAV for his cocaine. Sid was a part of that whole robbery. Also, in 7-Oaks and the bottom floor was a guy by the name of George AKA "JORGE hooor heyyy" who also sold cocaine and he received his cocaine from people over at Cheyney by a black male approx 6-4 with tattoo's that i dont remember at this point in time. Sid and George made several cocaine deals. During this time a high school kid was involved in these cocaine deals and his name was Shawn Kraf. He had other friends with him during these times and he became a big cocaine seller and Sid and Ray started getting their cocaine from him. He mentioned to me that he met several guys and they explained to him that ONCE YOU GET IN THIS GAME YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT, and he also, told me about how they pressed cocaine with special pistons utilizing the physics of pressure. Krapf did tell me that he was a little bit scared and that he couldn't get out because of what they said.

Newtown Square, PA

#11 Jul 12, 2010
On one occasion i rode along with Sid and Ray and met up with Shawn Krapf over near the Clemens grocery store in Lionville and the dealers had at least a 1/2 pound coke at this time. i also noticed that this particular kind of cocaine may have been cut with something weird, as when Sid got back to his apartment they laid it out on the mirror and it instantaneously started melting at room temperature. The gangs during several parties always joked about how they picked up prostitutes underneath the "EL" train in Philadelphia and very briefly mentioned how the police in this area never bothered them nor did they care about them. Calling the police crooked and stupid. I remember having a conversation with a lady who worked at a storage place talking about how she smoked weed and did cocaine with the police chief of west chester but never thought anything of it dismissing it as just hearsay. In addition to the counterfeit bills, i remember a 100$ counterfeit bill at KMart and a 50$ counterfeit bill at 7-11. Also, at the Clemens grocery store it was a black pickup truck i couldn't get the tags as it was dark. I also, had dealing with a Rob and a guy by the name of Matt. MAtt received his cocaine from an apartment over near the Turkey Hill in Thorndale. MAtt, Rob, and i believe a Kratz who lived near Old Horseshoe Pike were selling cocaine near the mall a few times. Matt drove a Saturn scion. I couldn't get the plates. Rob did sell cocaine to a Chuck Bryson. MAtt also lived in Rwanda. A black guy approx 6-3 approx 230 lbs who goes by an alias of Perk (Percocet) was traveling from New Jersey to also got involved in cocaine. MAtt on one occasion sold 1/8 balls to at least 4 people. All the people mentioned thus far(except Copeland and Jenkinson), have sold and do smoke weed. Now, i begin the Ecstasy dealings.

Newtown Square, PA

#12 Jul 12, 2010
I became aware of Ecstasy hereinafter, EX, traveling through the county via acquaintances of friends back when i worked at Regal Cinemas. The high school kid came to me crying about how he couldn't stand being addicted to EX any longer. He stated that Mike Tovar, hereinafter, Tovar, had came up to him wanting him to sell EX for a nominal fee. He told me that Tovar explained that he could keep 2 pills for every 10 that he was able to sell. At first he was able to make Tovar $$ and keep a few pills for himself until the addiction took over. On one occasion he owed Tovar 200-300$ and was unable to pay. He was living at an apartment complex right near 5 pts road. Tovar stayed up near a complex near a burger king in or about westtown. He owed Tovar $$ and Tovar came into his complex and stole his bass guitar for collateral until he paid off the $$. He finally paid off the $$ and thats when i had him connect me with Tovar. Upon learning of EX i went to the West Whiteland Police for the aforementioned reasons in the first few sentences above. The police were actually the only police i had contact with that paid attention and helped me. Until Copeland took over the investigation. My first deals were not with Tovar but with Justin Jamir AKA and hereinafter named Byrd. Byrd sold us 7 pills and thats when things started rolling "no pun intended". During this time NOBODY cared or said anything about me being an informant. Everything was smooth. I was handed off from Trpr Jenkinson to Trpr Parsons both in PSP VICE. I continued to get involved with other dealers. Another dealer outside of Tovar and Byrd (Justin Jamir) a Ben was a particularly interesting fellow. He was a big weed dealer. Picking up at least 1/2 pounds at a time. His connection came from a guy by the name Jason. I remember several high school kids coming into his house buying weed all the time. He lived right off of 5 pts rd. Ben mentioned that he had raped a girl by the name of Connie and had her sign a release form stating that he was able to do what he pleased with her while she was drunk. She signed it and he proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her in front of some of her friends. On another occasion we went to meet up with a dealer for 1/2 lb of weed. We met at Regal Cinemas, they played the waiting game. Then they had us drive to Coatesville to meet up with them in the Center of Coatesville during the day. 3 black guys came to the car with a plastic grocery bag filled with what looked like weed. Yet, it turned out to be gym shorts. Out came the gun. He pointed the gun at my face while i was in the passenger side, and then put it against Bens chest. He wanted the money. We couldnt escape. They had us surrounded. One on each side. Upon leaving the bag of shorts in the car they left. We left and started driving down 30 bypass to get back to West Chester. We received a call from the guys that robbed us. They explained that they left crack in a M&M bag. We found the bag and opened it up. In the bag was 200$ worth of crack. Ben wanted to throw it out the window but i came up with an excuse to keep it so i could hand it over to the PSP. I called the PSP and Trpr Parsons said put it in the park and tell them to go and get it. I tossed it out the window in front of the intersection of regal. I believe Ben had a hunch that i was an informant and things went south with him. We continued to make EX deals I made several EX deals and met up with Trpr Parsons at a Burger King outside of one of my classes. He told me that Copeland wanted Cocaine. Prior to entering his car i met Chuck Bryson at burger king while he was wearing an ankle monitoring system. And asked if he could get me coke. He said. yes.

Newtown Square, PA

#13 Jul 12, 2010

Trpr Parsons asked if i could get the ADA coke and i said i just did. So we continued to get coke weed and EX from Tovar and his friends Art and C.J. and Byrd. Tovar moved to C.J's house in west chester. Throughout this dealing with Tovar there were a lot of instances where Tovar called me up wondering why i wast getting more drugs from him. This would be because the PSP always told me they never had enough $$. Always the same excuse we dont have that kind of $$. Also, i can remember one time i was in C.J's room because they wanted to show me the next batch of coke and they left a butchers knife int he bedroom and it was the kind of butchers knife that would make you quinch (like a mini machete). Anyways, we needed to get Tovar out of C.J's house and they came up with an elaborate scheme where i would hand him 20$ and they would grab em and arrest em. Unfortunately things went wrong. And this is where the story starts taking a turn for the worse. I went to the house but Tovar wouldn't come out. I walked up to the door with a Tpr and C.J. answered the door. The trpr grabbed CJ and the other 2 troopers went around back. Finally WC police showed up and aided the arrest. Now after being sentenced to prison on the weekends even after ALL THIS INFORMATION, on my first weekend their i need to use the bathroom. While in a holding cell with 2 other inmates i was forced to urinate in a plastic bag because they told me to hold it. I yelled and knocked and held it for as long as i could.

Newtown Square, PA

#14 Jul 12, 2010
A woman guard called over and said i was pee'ing in a bag. Finally they opened the cell and had me empty the leaking bag in a cell with a toilet that had nobody in it, i had to dump it out in another cell because ours didnt have a bathroom. Also, about the 3rd weekend a Matt Gieger and 2 other people were trying to break into a prison guards office with a slim. Now, here the kicker, the people told my lawyer they didnt believe me. I know how to pick locks. I can tell you that lockpicking is an art, that seldom leaves any traces if done right, unless your "snake'ing" in which case shrapnel will be left behind. Their are marks on that door. They found out i went to the prison guard, and threatend me. They said that if i snitched it wouldnt be pretty and i would be hurt.
Now for the finale. I have been going through school through-out this entire trilogy. Passing courses with what i needed to gain credits. Except for Chemistry where i made a F and got it to a C in Chem 2 i did it i got into Organic chem. I got myself into Chem-Bio and passed Calc 2 with a D. I am attempting to test out of computer science next semester. But heres what bothers me. I was threatened by Tovar on the side of the street with him saying it is coming. The next few days Byrd was on campus and came running at me. Then the Pub Safety Chief Bicking had me kicked out of WCU for the semester by hiding by the Review board. Why now, why do this to me now after all this. Why wait till the end to hurt me like this. And i told them the drug dealers chased after me and still had time to call either the FEDS or Secret Service or DOj, i dont remember. They hurt me tremendously. I was given 2 options 1) fight the fact i have been giving the police the finger 2) resign for the semester. I resigned for the semester and now they renigged on the deal. Wanting me to fight. They violated a contract and i signed the withdraw form because of the crooked chief bicking. Who also asked me out for a cup of coffee for information about what was going on with my informant works.

Newtown Square, PA

#15 Jul 12, 2010
I told the DA numerous times i needed protection because they were going to come and get me. Nobody asked, cared or gave any opinions, except LISA MARANO she was the only person my Calculus teacher. Then i decided to go and look for a 250,000$ reward. I went looking for MYDOOM.B. Now prior to finding this puppy i was already accused of hacking via networking a networked shared printer by the WCU police. They came at me with papers with things circled about Linux Back|Track 3 Final. I found MYDOOM.A and TOLD EVERYONE ABOUT it!!! It was very curious that the time/date stamp was 1 day after its initial release. Then i found the elusive MYDOOM.B. I sent it to INTERPOL. I used Back|Track 3 Final with WINE (wine is not an emulator) so that the whole nation wouldnt get infected with this worm. Grabbing a few computer Tutorials, i started debugging this and found some interesting inconsistencies. Then upon arriving to the Secret Service website (they were very helpful and polite) i noticed the email hoaxes. I explained to them that you can send spoofed emails with embedded HTML making it look like it came from them. Easy to do with C# and a book ASP.NET Chapter 26 explains a lot on this topic. 1 key note is that not all email programs can handle certain HTML tags, which could help narrow the program that was used to send the mails. This concludes a lot of things that have happened to me. And, i could use some help. I just wanted to finish and get my Chemistry degree test out of computer science and get a Toxicology degree, make 10 grand and get my pilots license since i was a student pilot and want to finish what i started.
If ya'll looking for me, you can find me in or around West Chester University (WCU)

Newtown Square, PA

#16 Aug 5, 2010
here they are... these are the AGENTS that were sworn in to protect us from what transpired over the course of the last 3 years
Philadelphia PA FBI AGENTS
Mick Loemeyer, Steve Falco
Mike Baker's,Special Agent Darren Murphy
Donna Berry, Brian Geffin
Sean Norman,Linda Welshin, Kathy Gelespie
RJ Saterno, Patricia Currin
Kathy Carter, Kristen Janson Church
Matt Yeager,Jerry Clever
Terry Acarolla, Liam Nagle
Christie Clooney, Steve Salval
Detective Parrel, Aaron Cravin
Norman Bornovski, Chris Mutterelli
Mike Robinson, Shawn Brenin
Jay Claver, Judy Tyler
Michael Deroya, Chris Chesan
Brian Nichaloe, Erin Walls
Dave Carter, Chris Huston
James Milligan (C-2 DRUG SQUAD him and THOMAS ANSEL) Bob Slyder
Tom Mallina, Keith Riley
William Deetz, Rob Lockhart
Nathaniel Garr
Special Jack Marnelli, Ron Walk
Jeff Devonovsky, Chris Acrilino
Jeff Gray, Matt Middleton
Kelly Redrow,Dane Wilkins
Diane Callihan, Nancy O' Dowd
Jim Fitsgerald (P O S pissed because his daughter was at my house)
Joe Carpenter
Ray Carr, John Brosniff
Luke Church Brian Cosgriff
Tom Cortiz
Jennifer Morro
Dave Desi Bob, Daugherty
John Kirk, John Lyons
Nancy Natorrno, Bob Lisko
Joel Siscovik, Sandy Smith
Dave Tyler, Donnie Stilastics
Eric Young
Thomas Ansel (STRIKE FORCE DoJ P O S!!)

Newtown Square, PA

#17 Aug 9, 2010
Now lemme explain the how the Fed US Marshals work, i had been emailed by Tom Ansel we exchanged some words. Next thing about a week later i hear a knock at my door, this was last month mind you, and people started walking into my house. I got up into the attic like Anne Frank. I hid for awhile, then received a phone call, it was US MARSHAL Dave Sprague. Asking for me to come and meet up with him in a public (i demanded it be a public place) they said a few things. I called Sprague back, and asked him for his badge number and why he walked into my apt without a warrant. He gave no badge # or answer. A week later i was 302'd. And stiffed with a 3 thousand dollar bill. I beat that hearing and was released immediately, they tried keeping me there for 15-30 more days. I realized after getting the bill they were pulling $ in from the state. Health Care Fraud and Abuse. This was Brooke Glenn

Newtown Square, PA

#18 Aug 9, 2010
I also found out that HOLCOMB Health Services was receiving $ rom the state for ebvery lil thing they accused me of. 1st they said i was suicidal, then i had bi-polar, then i had a mood disorder, then i narcissistic. Holcomb as you may know has a state funded center in Media PA, along with their center in Exton. The psych shrink's name was Thereasa Trevesan. She stated (and she saw me 1 time!) that i had ideas that were delussional. Did those arsons appear like an iilusion, did that Martial Law appear that way? NO. Holcomb receives a nice chunk of $ for every person the state tries to screw over in this manner, also Health Care Fraud and Abuse. They also are about to have charges of Monroe vs Pape for using their colors of law (black colors) to abuse people who sue/stand up for their rights.

Newtown Square, PA

#19 Aug 13, 2010
While in that hearing with the US Marshals the Fed Marshal Sprague told us, that the attorney general of DC, that would be Eric Holder, had deleted a message that i had sent. This was a message of evidence. Our country deletes evidence. Doesnt come as a big surprise really, but what i had said was this (concerning the Chester shootings) "Are you going wait for 70 people to die, like you awaited for 70+ homes to burn down in Coatesville, before doing something?"

Now i voted for that lawyer president, worst mistake ever,

Newtown Square, PA

#20 Aug 13, 2010
lets turn the tides now, lets talk about those russian spies.
Why in the world would the United States send an impeached president to negotiaite with an ex KGB. Yea lets send little on the dress little on the desk bureaucratic Bill Clinton, thats real smart.

Newtown Square, PA

#22 Aug 14, 2010
Now we move onto Michael Greens Parole and Probation Dept.

1st i have been put into jail so many times for cussing out the FBI in Newtown Sq, for giving cops the finger, each time NO CRIMINAL CHARGES were placed on me. Spent upwards to 3-5 months each time in jail for stuff that i was never charged with criminally. Their way out of false accusations the MENTAL INCOMPETENCY GAME! 1st i was mentally incompetent by Russell Long and his friend Chris Pulowski (who was probably contacted by Chief Michael Bicking after i told WCU i was suing for their mistakes of not responding to incidents and trying to cover em up) and Supervisor Mark Murray. Yes each time i was released with no charges and each time it was another mental problem, 1st i was supposedly suicidal, def not! Im having too much fun setting these corrupt jerks up, then i was bipolar, then i wasnt bipolar, then i had a mood disorder according to Russell Long, then i needed medication, then i didnt need medication, i needed therapy, finally i said forget your games LETS GOTO COURT! So we'll see how Judge Edward Zetusky acts around all his corrupt confidants and lawyers.
Must be hard surrounded by corrupt cops and lawyers
You see I spent time in jail over slanderous and libelous attacks against my mental well being. Im'a hacker, they cant handle that truth. Lately, I was forced to walk 22 miles in 100 degree heat to my P O meeting. When Mark Murray found out i was walking he told me to come back a week later. Only to be told, come back in a month. Again no charges were filed. All for cussing out the govt. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Even Judge Stephanie Klein told me giving the finger HAS NEVER BEEN ILLEGAL. Yet i was arrested for it 3+ times. Funny how corrupt it really is around here, West Goshen Detectives told me NO CONTACT WITH SENATOR CASEY, which is illegal. Too bad their treasurer stole $$. Knew i was right when i read that in the paper. Michael Greens Probation Dept and his sinister FBI Squad love covering things up. Thats why we needed White House intervention back in those ARSON days, because they dont do **** about anything. All this corruption has been going on for years and nothing was done up until now. Obviously their is a corrupt FBI MOLE RAT somewhere. How many other people have been ruined by this "clan" how many other rights have been destroyed?
Quoted from the FBI site
"The FBI is the lead agency for investigating violations of federal civil rights laws…and we take that responsibility seriously. Why? Because as Director Mueller has said,“When just one of us loses just one of our rights, then the freedoms of all of us are diminished.” Find out here how we aggressively investigate and work to prevent hate crime, color of law abuses, human trafficking, and freedom of access to clinic entrances violations—the four top priorities of our civil rights program. And learn how you can report suspected abuses and obtain assistance if you have been victimized." Yea COLOR OF LAW, the FBI doesnt do crap but look good, and try to keep their egos from getting smudged with dirt. Yet, it's a dirty game.

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