Philippine claim to North Borneo(Sabah)

Philippine claim to North Borneo(Sabah)

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“Return Sabah back to P.I.!”

Since: Jan 08

Quezon, Philippines

#1 Jan 8, 2008
i hope the next administration tackles and pursues this legal claim of ours!
Dugong Maharlika

Pueblo, CO

#2 Jun 7, 2008
The Lessor & The Tenant


Sabah or North Borneo and the island
of Palawan were bestowed as gifts to
the Sultan of Sulu by the Sultan of
Brunei in 1658 in gratitude for the
assistance of the Sultan of Sulu to
avert a civil war in Borneo. Thus,
since that time Sabah became a
property of the Sultan of Sulu and the
Sultanate of Sulu. Sabah’s problem is
that Tenant (Malaysia) is not paying
the right amount of rent to the Lessor
(Sultan of Sulu).

In 1878, HM Sultan Jamalul Ahlam Kiram
(Sultan of Sulu and Sabah) as the
legitimate owner leased Sabah to a
British company of Gustavus Baron de
Overbeck and Alfred Dent for their use
and their heirs or assigns but the
Lease prohibits the transfer of Sabah
to any nation, company or individual
without the consent of His Majesty’s
Government (“Government of the Sultan
of Sulu”). The transfer of Sabah by
Great Britain to Malaysia in 1963
constituted a breach of the provisions
of the 1878 Lease as the Government of
the Sultan of Sulu did not consent to
the transfer to Malaysia. As a point
in law, Sabah must and should be
returned to the Lessor as owners (the
Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of

In 1906 and 1920, the United States
formally reminded Great Britain that
Sabah did not belong to Great Britain
and was still part of the Sultanate of
Sulu but Great Britain ignored and did
not listen to the reminder of the USA
and transferred Sabah to Malaysia in
1963. This transfer is prohibited
under the Sabah Lease of 1878.

The continued occupation of Sabah by
Malaysia is illegal and it must end.
Malaysia pays the heirs of the Sultan
of Sulu an annual rent of PhP77,442.36
or US$1,500 for Sabah a real estate
property with land area of 73,711
square kilometers. This very small
yearly rent is unjust and unfair and
it is unacceptable and indefensible
how Malaysia can stay in Sabah by
paying so little amount of rent per

Sabah contributes US$100 billion GDP
to the Malaysian economy annually and
looking at fair commercial rental
property transactions the Lessor can
expect to receive rental payment of at
least 10% to 12% or US$10 billion to
US$12 billion per year from the
Tenant. But the Lessor only received a
measly US$1,500 so the Malaysian
payment needs to be discussed and re-
negotiated to the satisfaction of
everybody concerned.

Due to the unfair and unjust treatment
of Malaysia of the Sabah owners and
the lack of economic developments in
the Sultanate of Sulu many groups
advocated secession and independence
of Sulu and Sabah.

The Sultan of Sulu and Sultan of Sabah
HM Sultan Muhammad Fuad A. Kiram I
stated that if Malaysia wants to stay
in Sabah lawfully, then Malaysia must
pay the correct and proper amount of
rent per year. If the rental payment
is not acceptable, he proposes “Joint
Administration” between the Sultan of
Sulu and Sultan of Sabah and Malaysia
and/or the Royal Sultans of Malaysia
headed by the Sultan Agong (King of
Malaysia), to administer Sabah, and
all incomes are split co-equally,
similar to the joint administration
or “Condominium of France and Great
Britain in Vanuatu” prior to Vanuatu’s

Income to be derived from Sabah will
be used to develop Sulu to uplift the
welfare of the Sulu people such as
roads, hospitals, medicines,
education, peace and order, etc. The
payment of correct rent by Malaysia to
the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah and/or
the Joint Administration of Sabah will
be the solution to the Sabah issue.
Dugong Maharlika

Pueblo, CO

#3 Jun 7, 2008
Claim Sabah Now!

We need to claim Sabah because it’s rightfully belongs to us, to our children, to the Pilipinos. Malaysia has no right, what so ever to include Sabah to its federation. They have no right to exploit the natural resources of our territory. Time is running out and we have to act now! Let us be united and do our part and that is to help support and urge the Philippine government to pursue our claim to the International Court. Are we afraid of Malaysia? I don't think so! We should not! Malaysia knows that if we will pursue this to the International Court, justice will be on our side. History and all legal facts rests to the Philippine side. That is why Malaysia is trying to intimidate us. Pilipinos can not be intimidated by anyone, specially Malaysia. No way. The first thing that Pilipinos should do is to inite as one, and have one voice..."CLAIM SABAH NOW!"

Danilo Miranda
Utah, USA<<<

United States

#4 Jun 26, 2008

Danilo S.Miranda
Utah, USA

Aurora, IL

#5 Jul 12, 2008
I'm wth you!

Subic, Philippines

#7 Sep 6, 2008
,,we should continue our claim now,,because Malaysia is not paying the right amount of rent!!!!...There's a lot of Filipino victims there,,,...if we'll not face the problem what more in the future??????...the President (officials of the future) will also tell that thats a big problem,,,????? face it now for the Philippine future!!!!we're all brave from the kingdom of Sambali-pampanga-pangasinan,Bu tuan and Cotabato!!!!!...

“X-Pat in Asia”

Since: Sep 08

Palatine, IL

#8 Sep 10, 2008
Frankly, Sabah is a lost cause(Unless P.I. would want to do a Russia and invade it) but the Spratly's is something not to be neglected. It is well within the boundaries set forth within UNCLOS (law or the sea).


#9 Oct 27, 2008
Sabah is part of the Phil. Sabah is ours. TROOPS FALL IN, BAYONETS READY...... CHARGGGGGGE.
LT General


#11 Oct 29, 2008
If we attack it's going to be a bloody massacre. I pity the other side. CHARRRRRRRRGGGGGGEEEE AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT
Darth Vader


#12 Nov 13, 2008
May the force be with them.
Darth Vader


#13 Nov 13, 2008
In the Philippine community in Frankfurt, we notice about whats happening with Sabah.(Originally, I come from General Santos.) We are in fear that the whole thing could merge into real war.
There seems to be a plan to make an attack on Sabah.

Misuari is a comrade of a Sultan of Sulu, named Fuad Kiram, who is considered as unreal and being heavily involved with sellers of academic titles, nobility and knighthood from Europe, Australia andUSA.
Some members of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, being involved with Muedzul Lail Kiram, crown prince of Mahakutta, have given this note to me.
Fuad is very close to the Most Noble Order of Rizal in Australia. You can see him wearing their insignia and uniform on the pictures of his homepage. Any true knight of Rizal should stay away from these "Most Noble" guys giving out curious titles of knighthood and nobility!

Misuari was engaged in rebellion against the Philippines so many times. I do not wonder, if he truly attacks Sabah to strenghten his leadership position. But is he the one we want to conquer Sabah?



#14 Nov 22, 2008
sex me


#15 Nov 22, 2008
what are the six islands of sabah that are property of the philippines

Sandakan, Malaysia

#16 Nov 23, 2008
I dont think the Sabahan want to be a philipinos..
We are Malaysian..
TQ for your concern about Sabah but u guys better save ur country first..


#17 Feb 17, 2009
your government is the one responsible in the problems of mindanao, philippines.


#18 Feb 17, 2009
We Filipinos are Superior than Malaysians. You are pure Malays but we are mixed with Spanish Bloods. And we are more Handsome, Beautiful, Smart and Strong than you.
Sabahan Guy

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

#20 May 18, 2009
Sabahans do not want to be part of the Philippines Already we are swarmed with Muslim immigrants from the Philippines who gain citizenship via the backdoor. Not only that, the indigenous Christians of Sabah are losing out to these Muslim immigrants. The Malaya based federal government seems to care more about these Muslim immigrants, at least that is what the impression we get. We do not see how being part of the Philippines is going to help the true indigenous peoples of Sabah who happen to be Christians. Already the Christian majority of Sabah are slowly decreasing with the granting of citizenship to Muslim immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia. Christian Filipinos find it harder to gain Malaysian citizenship even if their grandfathers have been here since the 1940s.
Joshua Kong

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

#21 May 19, 2009
why my posting was deleted?

The claim is dead because there was no legal title given to Sultan Sulu hence it is a land scam.

The original document of the lease/cessation or whatever is not available.

The RM5,300 is illegal payment because it is compensation for the loss of seafood and bird nest collections, which is clearly now obsolete.

The Judge's decision in 1939 was about the distribution of the RM5,300 amongst the greedy claimants who are pretenders, scammers and losers- and nothing to do with lease/cessation or whatever.

So compensation Sabah and Sabahans for the tresspassing of illegal Filipinos in sabah since 1967 to the tune of at least RM40 billions.
Anti Malaysia

Jakarta, Indonesia

#22 May 19, 2009
I think Indonesia has a right to take over not only Sabah .. but also Sarawak as a part of Republic of Indonesia ..

Do you know why ? because Malaysia through his mater (UK) had stolen it from Indonesia ..

Do you know why we rename Malaysia to Malingsia or thief country .. because they have a behavior to steal everything from Indonesia ..

Malaysia is a True Thief of Asia
Joshua Kong

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

#23 May 19, 2009
Anti Malaysia wrote:
I think Indonesia has a right to take over not only Sabah .. but also Sarawak as a part of Republic of Indonesia ..
Do you know why ? because Malaysia through his mater (UK) had stolen it from Indonesia ..
Do you know why we rename Malaysia to Malingsia or thief country .. because they have a behavior to steal everything from Indonesia ..
Malaysia is a True Thief of Asia
History and destiny of any nation can change and sometimes naturally and inevitable.

It is bad news if Manila and Jakarta are tempted to be still involved with the 'turmoil' of Malaysia by what Anti Malaysia of Jakarta wrote above.

Turmoil occurs in all nations and if Manila and Jakarta start flexing their muscle over Sabah, Sarawak in Borneo, there may be more worries.

It is public knowledge that Sabah & Sarawak have not got its fair deal in M'sia since 1963. So we don't need any more intervention in Borneo from outsiders with whatever intention that maybe.

Manila and Jakarta for their internal problems have no better things to do except to intervene in Borneo. They should solve their own problems and not let their own illegal people to come over to Borneo especially Sabah.

So it timely that our regional problems be resolved by our own people in Borneo having a say in our destiny. Is it any good for this Borneo island as segregated as we are and ruled by sort of outsiders with their own agenda?

Would we ever have a chance to ponder over 1Borneo and this idea is not new but always in some people minds for a few decades already?

A way forward to resolve the regional conflict within Borneo vis-a-vas SEA.

Peace in Borneo and peace in South East Asia in globalisation for all common good.

It would be terrible days since 1963 scenarios can be revived by some people to divert home crisis into other people lands.

Sabahans should work hard on this.

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