Pet snake strangles toddler

Pet snake strangles toddler

There are 99 comments on the story from Jul 1, 2009, titled Pet snake strangles toddler . In it, reports that:

A Florida toddler was strangled this morning by her family's pet ... a 12-foot Burmese python.

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Huntington, NY

#90 Jul 6, 2009
A Perspective wrote:
I never understand how anyone can be attracted to a snake, or a lizard. Yech!
I'll have you know that planty of women have REALLY liked my snake. Many have even gone further than kissing him.

Go Blue

Lake Worth, FL

#91 Jul 6, 2009
Dilf, haven't laughed from you in's monte at football season, where have you been...haven't heard from you since

Tyler, TX

#92 Jul 12, 2009
my question is this.....what i read said the boyfriend was the only adult home at the time. What the hell was he doing the he didn't know what the TODDLER was doing?? Any PARENT knows that at that age if they're quiet....9 times out of 10 the outcome is going to be bad for all involved!!!!

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#93 Jul 12, 2009
I really have to comment on this. My husband has in the past had pet snakes. I do not care for them but he and the kids are crazy about them. We had a 14ft python that never tried to attack any of us.

FACT: Snakes kill their food.
Why was the snake not swallowing the child? Because This type of snake does not like human!!!!!!!!!
Investigate the boyfriend closely and see that he is not telling the truth.

New Almaden, CA

#94 Aug 4, 2009

Moultrie, GA

#95 Aug 4, 2009
Why would you have a big snake around a tddler?


“U missed the point and u still”

Since: Oct 08

don't no which way it went

#96 Aug 4, 2009
omg wrote:
Why would you have a big snake around a tddler?
hy would you have a snake?
Marcia Neil

United States

#97 Aug 4, 2009
Perhaps the scenarios was this: that people wanted to shoot the snake and also the man because having the constrictor with the toddler, so when the girl couldn't/wouldn't link up...pfft, the end. There's a lot of social pressure while having live snakes because zoos and wildlife shelters won't take them, and the imports perceive that their use as stock is the reason for both the travel and the possession. {Firefighters, however, will rescue them from burning buildings -- in Pittsburgh, PA, anyway. You just never know when a live snake will serve as a rescue rope.]
Smarty Pants

Pinetops, NC

#98 Aug 6, 2009
yernogood- wrote:
<quoted text>hy would you have a snake?
He likes to compare notes ! LOL!

Lukicevo, Serbia

#99 Mar 14, 2010
Maybe this help my man13

Columbus, KS

#100 Mar 22, 2010
Shoe wrote:
Reptiles cannot be pets. They have no feelings or emotions. You cannot train them. They react on instinct only. Hopefully these people will be prosecuted and the children removed from the home. The only people that I have ever seen with snakes as pets are the same people that have useless pit bulls as pets. The sad thing is that they almost always have children.
Actually bud, a lot of reptiles have frontal lobes and are quite capable of feelings and emotions. Snakes do usually only have cortex-brains (instinctive) but this is not true about many lizards/turtles.
Dung Beetle

Huntington, NY

#101 Mar 23, 2010
Buster wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually bud, a lot of reptiles have frontal lobes and are quite capable of feelings and emotions. Snakes do usually only have cortex-brains (instinctive) but this is not true about many lizards/turtles.
You're right. I've seen some turtle heads in my day and some do indeed show signs of emotion.

Since: Aug 09

Pinetops, NC

#102 Mar 23, 2010
Dung Beetle wrote:
<quoted text>
You're right. I've seen some turtle heads in my day and some do indeed show signs of emotion.
I think my turtle thinks it is a frog . Aren't turtles soppossed to be slow ? Every time I clean mine's tank it jumps all over the place , tries to run like hell , anything but calm !

Dayton, OH

#103 Mar 23, 2010
This shoe person sound messed up in the head, any one talks about yeppppeeeeeee & going to church ! well let me inlightin' you even snakes are gods creation!! Get a life and talk about things that matter in this world!!!

La Veta, CO

#104 Aug 2, 2010
laughingiris wrote:
What kind of ass...e has a snake/pet in the household capable of killing their child????
Cats when they get teed off they pee on your pillow or clothes. Dogs (pitbulls NOT included) whine and act like puppies...
Snakes??!! Just like Sharks-they eat, sleep, and make more baby snakes.
I am so sick and tired of everyone knocking pitbulls. Do you know why a pitbull will kill its self trying to kill another dog. Because its owner encourages it to. Pitbulls are one of the most loyal and eager to please dogs. They make excellent pets and are great around children if socialized properly just like any other dog. A pitbull will never flip out and turn on its owner unless its severely mistreated. It is not a problem with the breed its a problem with stupid ignorant cruel people who get a dog for illegal purposes such as fighting or for a gaurd dog that they chain up in the back yard and throw food to it every now and then. Stupid people are responsible for pitbull attacks and snake attacks not the animals themselves. I also have aburmese python In a very strong cage that i keep padlocked. I didnt get it to pet or to play with. I rescued it from a human society so i could have a good life because its not the snakes fault it was born in captivity and that its previous owners abused it by starving it and keeping it in too small of a cage. If I had a child I would not get rid of her. I would however put her in a seperate building behind at least two locks in a 100% secure cage. Frankly this childs parents should at least be charged with endagerment. If they could not adequately secure the snake the snake should have been rehomed. For goodness sake do not get a large pet snake. People dont realize how much money and care these cute little baby snakes require when they grow up. It may seem like a good idea when you see it in the pet store but are you prepared to care for a large snake for 30+ years because thats their life span. Don't kid your self if it gets out you will be liable for any damage it causes.

Huntington, NY

#105 Aug 2, 2010
Pitbulls suck as pets.

They should be outlawed.

Mohall, ND

#106 Aug 9, 2010
There's nothing wrong with getting a pet snake-such as a corn snake who are usually docile and not poisonous, are also not big enough to kill or really harm any human- even if you have children. Just as long as the children are old enough to be responsible and take proper cleanliness procautions like washing hands before and after handling. Many people have these kinda pet snakes and have no problems. But buying a snake such as a freaking python, that's so idiotic I can't even comprehend it. Especially with young kids in the house who are just as big as the pythons meals in the wild! Pythons are meant to eat things that big and are not exactly known to be nice, calm animals! I don't think pythons or any of those huge/mean/venemous snakes that are capable of killing a human should be for sale for people to have in their homes!

“Spay and neuter your pet”

Since: Jul 07

Burnt Hills

#107 Aug 9, 2010
Bitpull wrote:
Pitbulls suck as pets.
They should be outlawed.
No the idiots who have them that abused and neglect them ought to be outlawed.
Pharts Arise

Buffalo, NY

#109 Feb 26, 2017
Clueless parents pharts.

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