problems w. bits: peeing chewing ear/mange stool/buildup/at/anus droppings
when setting up a urinal keep it as level w. the floor as you can
they dont like to step over ridges...use a 1/8 in lucite protector (home depot) to protect the floor & wood ash to absorb pee
keep all chewables away from bun except for say a piece of firewood or old belt to chew on to keep teeth from getting too long
sulfur powder is best for ear mange but is hard to stores have ear powder if you dont mind using synthetic chems
daily examine anus for buildup of sticky stool which may be due to a diet w. too much protein...almost any protein is too much for a bun
theres nothing i know of to stop stool droppings on the floor...just clean them up as desired...the soft ones that look a bunch of grapes are cecotropes which the bun needs to eat...cows belch them up to chew but buns run them thru the aliment canal twice in order to digest...buns are able to digest cellulose & this is how they do it