Tips on finding a lost mouse!
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Adelaide, Australia

#82 Jun 17, 2012
There are several things that you could do, but since you don't want to just put out food and leave it at that, then here's a suggestion that you could try. I've lost tons of mice at my pet shop and they run wild and frighten the customers!
1. Simply get a flat-based tube (mice love those!) and put it half over a counter-top bench.
2. Put peanut butter, some mixed seeds in soy sauce and maybe a tiny bit of carrot (carrot = for wild mice and rats only!) at the end of it.
3. Put a small container directly underneath if it's a low counter-top bench, but if it's a high kitchen bench, then a general washing bucket will do fine.
4. Pad the bottom with tissues so that it doesn't hurt itself when it falls. Also try to pad the tube in case it gets hurt in there, too!
5. Wait for a while. The mouse will soon scurry through the tube to the treat!
I hope this helps!
Please email me with your results.^^

Sallisaw, OK

#83 Jun 19, 2012
Put out a humane catch and release trap.
With cheese or fruit inside. You can find these traps at walmart: then just put the mouse back in its cage. Look your cage over good for any small openings, loose tunnels, chewed parts if it's plastic. And either fix or replace the cage ! Hope this helps- works for me :)

Caulfield North, Australia

#84 Jul 14, 2012
I have lost my pet mouse Dusty. She as only been missing for a few hours we are going to try some of these tricks you guys have suggested. We hope this works!! She has a sister called Mickey mouse who we still have. We will keep you updated to see if any of your tips work.

Leichhardt, Australia

#85 Jul 14, 2012
hi ive never had a pet mouse before i might get 1 soon. but ill try to help.
if you find its fav food and leave some in its cage on ground if poss and some in same safe mouse traps (try at pet store) in places like food cupord ur room if u have bird seed somewere near there (wild mice at my house love bird seed and hiding under the kitchen sink!)anywere ur little buddy likes to go in its ball if you have 1.
when in lounge room/tv room anywere with couches check down the sides under them and on them before sitting down.
i really hope this helps and u find him soon


Beverly Hills, CA

#86 Jul 18, 2012
My new white mouse escaped twice, I found her both times... she has escaped AGAIN! I haven't found her and it's been a while. She is a new BABY white mouse.[ She can fit through anything, she's sooooooo small!] I miss her soo much! The worst part is... I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, AND many WINDOWS! HELP ME! I miss her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I'm afraid she's dead or she escaped. PLEASE HHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna try the idea with putting your other mouse in a ball to help find the missing one.

Beverly Hills, CA

#87 Jul 18, 2012
My mouse escaped twice! She is new, and little. We found her the 1 and 2 time... but now she has escaped AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking frantically for her, sadly no luck. To make matters worst I have 2 dogs and 1 cat!:[ SOMEONE HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP PP ME!!!!!!!!!! I miss her so much! I am about to try the suggestion with the mouse ball.

Beverly Hills, CA

#88 Jul 18, 2012
sorry i commented twice i didnt mean to... i thought the 1 one didnt go through

Beverly Hills, CA

#89 Jul 18, 2012
I FOUND MY MOUSE!!!!!!! I suggest you look under your bed THATS WHERE I FOUND MINE!!!!!!!!

Vancouver, Canada

#90 Aug 1, 2012
omg when i woke up i went to my cage and hope was there but cocoa was not,i made a mess of my bed room she was fast,veery fast i ran like crazy wen she stoped i had her in my hand now she is in a bin with me -> i cryed =( but now i am happy =).hope has bran damige.

Brooklyn, NY

#91 Aug 18, 2012
I have a pet mouse that I recently brought... I have lost almost all my pataince in finding her. She runs a lot faster than my sister's mouse so it's harder to find her. I've seen her for the past few days but I was unable to catch her because my mom won't touch it and it runs really fast plus there's lots of tight places it hides in. I'm about to get a cat to catch it or a snake to find it. It's really skinny right now so I think it's about to kick the bucket soon so if I don't catch it by tomorrow it's snake/cat food. Help me please.

Brooklyn, NY

#92 Aug 18, 2012
Krisss wrote:
<quoted text>
When I first got mice, I used to keep them in wired/barred cages and they got out all the time. As soon as I noticed one was missing, I stopped what I was doing and searched diligently throughout the house, and my efforts payed off. I've never had to set up any kind of trap or food to find them. It's very hard to catch a mouse this way. You have to search for them yourself, looking under anything and everything, around every corner. Only set up any kind of trap as a last resort (of course, if you'd like to set up some food WHILE you search, that's fine). Even if you have to physically search for your mouse for hours, if you find him, it would have been well worth it.
Tips for you:
1. Go into a room you think the mouse could possibly be in. Then stand very still for a minute and just listen. I have found mice this way, from hearing their faint sounds of scurrying!
2. Mice like to hide under things, but mostly BEHIND things. Never assume that a space is too small for a mouse and decide not to look there.
3. It is very likely that the mouse is still in the room where you first lost him. Only move on to searching in other rooms when you have thoroughly searched the room he escaped in.
I wish you the best of luck!!
-Kris s.
Yes that sounds wonderful BUT if the mouse moves like lightning what then? I see the mouse running around but once i go after it just disappears and I block up the room so it can't escape and behind funiture so it can't crawl behind there and hide but! I just can't find it!


#93 Sep 25, 2012
I lost my little mouse Henry and I really miss him. He's been gone for like 4 days and I can't find him anywhere. How do u find a tiny mouse in a big house?? Please help :(

Denver, NC

#94 Nov 17, 2012
i need help to

Denver, NC

#95 Nov 17, 2012
my mouse got out about friday night and i put a tunnel out with peanut butter so he could run in and the door closes but i did not get him my mice is just a little baby please help

Hyderabad, India

#96 Nov 20, 2012
My mouse is also missing not sure who stole it and now i am finding it difficult to use the touch pad :(

Paterson, NJ

#97 Dec 2, 2012
Karin wrote:
wah! Everyone has lost their mouse! I'm trying the bucket thing now. I lost my cute mouse Caramell bc I forgot to close her cage door when I put her in! I'm so stupid! >_< I'm sooooooo sad!
That's exactly what happened to me. I am freaking out over it but i've set up lot's of different things suggested here to try to get my mouse pip back. I'm so worried about the little guy i just can't stand it.

Colorado Springs, CO

#98 Dec 16, 2012
Soooo my mice live at my boyfriends apartment and he was holding little Thor and put him back then left to the store and he was missing. Turns out the curtain fell partially in the cage and he climbed out and I was panicking and he couldn't find hi anywhere but he was just laying in bed with all the lights off with a flashlight and heard him at his feet and caught him. I'm soooo relieved cuz I would cry if he had died :D and the cat didn't eat him yay

Newberg, OR

#99 Dec 26, 2012
omg i lost a inch and a half mouse i cant find him anywear HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

High Point, NC

#100 Mar 11, 2013
I think I'm close to finding my mouse. He's been missing for three days. He's really used to my smell so I started looking around in my closet, which is huge. I have a wicker dresser in there and in my legging drawer I found a big ball of cotton with some poopie in it, which is definitely his. I put a saucer of water next to the dresser and my home-made mouse trap. I made it out of a plastic Taco Bell cup and a plastic lid and got the idea from a little kid on YouTube.
Aiden bob

Dulwich Hill, Australia

#101 Mar 12, 2013
Help! My cute Mice has jumped out of the and wentbehind the washing machine. Please help me I've been crying for 2 hours now whatdo I do?

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